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Websites, Blogs & E-Books by Wes Penre

bullet Illuminati News
bullet News from Behind the Scenes
bullet The Myth Around Supriem David Rockefeller (E-Book)
bullet WesPenre.com

Other Websites and References of Interest

bullet Robert Morning Sky
bullet The WingMakers
bullet Montalk
bullet Gods of the Millennium -- The Shattering Truth of Human Origins
bullet Zacharia Sitchin's Website
bullet Life Physics Group California (LPG-C)
bullet Exopolitics: The Study of the Politics of Extraterrestrial Contact

Ancient Scriptures and Religious Doctrines

bullet King James Bible Online
bullet The Dead Sea Scrolls
bullet The Book of Enoch Online
bullet Enuma-Elish: The Seven Tablets of Creation
bullet OAHSPE Bible Online
bullet The Epic of Gilgamesh
bullet The Urantia Book Online


bullet L/L Research (The "Law of One" Website)
bullet Law of One Search Engine
bullet The Quo Material (Channeled by Carla Rueckert)
bullet The Cassiopaean Experiment
bullet The Pleiadians Book -- A Collection of Channelings
bullet The Pleiadians' Website (Barbara Marciniak)
bullet The Seth Material (Jane Roberts)
bullet Bashar (Channeled by Darryl Anka)