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The Wes Penre Papers
(A Journey Through the Multiverse)
The Third Level of Learning

The Third Level of Learning
Paper #1: In the Aftermath of the Nano-Second

by Wes Penre, Sunday, November 4, 2012

Table of Contents:

1. What Are We Really Seeing in the Skies?


1. What Are We Really Seeing in the Skies?

I don’t know how many times I have used the quote above, but it’s one of my absolute favorites, so the reader must excuse me for using it again. Gandhi was actually telling us the entire path to freedom in just one sentence, and I am going to start this book by discussing exactly what he meant by this quote.

Life is not always easy to live. We get up in the morning and think we are doing just fine. We take a shower, perhaps, eat our breakfast, and get ready for work, and we’re still in quite a good mood. Then, when we come home in the evening and sit down at the table, we think, “What a terrible day!” Everything just seemed to go wrong—the boss yelled at us, we tried to talk nicely to our coworkers, but they misunderstood our communication and took offense, and with all that, we made one or two embarrassing mistakes. Therefore, we ask ourselves, how come? After all, we were in a good mood in the morning and didn’t expect all this to happen. Don’t we create our own reality?

Yes, we do! The trick is that we need to put the right energies behind our thoughts. We woke up in the morning and were in a good mood, and that’s a very good start. However, maybe we didn’t think more about it than that we were feeling good and that’s it. Sometimes that’s not enough—we need to be specific with what we want. Few people are aware of how many thoughts are going through their heads every day, and in fact, for most people, the majority of these thoughts are what I call sloppy thoughts or junk thoughts. How many times during a day have we thought something like, “I can’t do this,” “this is a pain in the butt,” or even worse: “This particular task will kill me,” or “I am always messing up.” All these thoughts are typical examples of thoughts that go through most people’s heads during a normal day, and I’ll tell you—these thoughts are very powerful—especially if they become a pattern in people, which is very often the case. I had a coworker once who always used the expression, “It’s a pain in the neck” because she thought it was better and more polite than to use the word “butt,” I guess. More polite, perhaps, but certainly not better because what do you know—she developed neck problems and had no idea where they came from. I told her how this all works, but who knows if she believed me—she left for another job eventually. Anyway, it’s important that we are aware of what we think because we may end up getting what we’re thinking and saying, and it’s not always what we want. The body has a tendency to take you literally. Whatever you do, never think or say that something is going to kill you—you understand why now!

Negative thoughts like these can make our days a living hell, and we don’t understand why. I do now, and it’s interesting because I hear people saying these phrases all day long to each other, and no one is reacting because they have no idea about the consequences of using such repetitive phrases. We need to change these patterns, and now when you are becoming aware of it, I can’t stress enough how helpful it is to tell others who use these automated phrases how this all works. Be prepared that most of the time you will be met by skepticism and even laughter because they won’t believe you, but do your best not to be effected by that. Even if people seem to laugh it off, they may very well think about it afterward without telling you about it because they don’t want to admit that they were doing something destructive to themselves. Remember that anything you’re saying, if there is truth in it, will at least remain in the thoughts of the other person, and one day, he or she may actually start taking your advice.

Instead, if you want to have a good day, I can suggest a formula for you. When you wake up in the morning, whether you feel good or not, tell yourself, “This is going to be a fantastic day! Everything is going to go my way, and my day will be better than fine!” If you’re in a bad mood already when you wake up, repeat it a few times to make sure you are putting some energy behind it. If you notice that junk thoughts, such as “I don’t believe that” or “Yea, we’ll see about that” when you’re saying your formula, add a “Cancel that!” after you’ve thought it, not to put any power to the negative. Then repeat the formula. Right there, you’re setting the guidelines for your day. By doing this every morning when you get up, it will change your days dramatically. Don’t linger on the phrase, though—just give it a light thought, and let it go. Even better would be if you also can say it with a smile—that puts some extra positive energies to the intention. Then just forget about it and go on with your day. Repeat this every morning and you will notice a difference.

Step 2 will be to become aware of your negative thoughts and your automatic thought patterns. For many people who read this book, it is the first time they have even heard about junk thoughts, but there is no doubt that being aware of our patterns and changing them will make a huge difference. If this were the only thing I wrote about in this book, it would still be well worth reading. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself having many thoughts such as this. If you do, so much more powerful the change will be. Every time you come upon a thought, such as “I’m like a magnet to negative people,” “I always have bad luck,” “I always choose the wrong partner,” “I never get what I want,” “I look awful,” “I’m not good enough,” and so on, immediately think, “Cancel that!” afterward. This is all you need to do, but the important thing is to continue finding these thoughts within yourself. Of course, you need to be aware of when you’re saying things like this as well, not just thinking them, but anything you say is preceded by a thought anyway. Eventually, you will get better and better in spotting these patterns, but you need to be persistent and never stop or give up. If you’re lucky, you don’t have too many of these thoughts (although I think we all have them to a certain degree), and this will not be too much of a process, but most people are quite loaded with them. In the beginning, you will probably find yourself forgetting to do this, so a good idea is to put sticky notes in good places, reminding you to be aware of your thoughts. The notes don’t need to say exactly what you need to do if you don’t want others to know what you’re doing, but just write something down that will remind you. In addition, it’s a very good idea to actually let others know what you’re up to because it may inspire them to do the same thing—especially if they see results in you. At first, you may have to say, “Cancel that!” to the same pattern over and over again, but eventually you will notice that the thought is not coming up anymore! Then, after having done this process x amount of days/weeks/months, you will be very conscious about what you’re thinking, and your thought process will be much more positive and to the point. You will notice that negative things that may have happened to you earlier stop happening because you are no longer creating that reality with your thoughts.

Why are we creating all these negative thoughts in the first place? Even otherwise positive individuals have them, so why are we doing this to ourselves? Well, it’s usually due to failures and disappointments in the past, which, in turn, happened because we created them by making bad decisions, either from lack of knowledge or earlier junk thoughts. It’s often repetitive failures that create the automated patterns, so this is something to be aware of. If something unpredicted happens that we think is not in our favor, be conscious of your thoughts after the incident, and if something similar to what I gave an example of above happens, such as a voice in your head telling you something negative about yourself, be sure to cancel it. It is okay to make mistakes—that’s how we learn, but we save ourselves a lot of hardship and unnecessary suffering by just changing our thinking patterns. Moreover, this is absolutely necessary in order to become multidimensional—therefore, let’s start practicing! I am suggesting that this is the first step to take toward multidimensionality if you’ve come to the point in your spiritual development that it’s time to read a book like this. Being multidimensional means, as one of its basic tenets, that we are steadfast, have clear thoughts, and know what we want and where we’re heading. It’s a difficult task, but a whole lot of fun. However, failure is not an option! We all need to practice what I am suggesting in this book, or we will be stuck where we are for a much longer time than we need to. Even if some of these practices will take some time, it’s still a very effective shortcut to become multidimensional.

Your Own Version of the Multiverse

All of us live in our own, personal Multiverse. Your Multiverse is quite different from your neighbor’s, but there are also a lot of similarities. I know that this is something that is quite difficult for many people to understand, especially for those who think we all live in only one universe. However, I think it’s because no one has cared to explain this simple concept in simple terms. I have noticed that many writers and researchers want to add a lot of quantum physics and advanced metaphysics into their writing, and then the whole purpose for explaining it to the reader is lost—how many of us are educated in quantum physics and quantum mechanics? It’s like one Elite member is communicating with another, leaving the majority of the population to hopelessly try to figure it out.

Therefore, let’s keep it simple—as simple as we can ever keep it. As a starter, let’s explain what the Universe is and what the difference is between the Universe and the Multiverse. The universe is basically the physical existence of galaxies, nebulae, stars, planets, moons, and asteroids—i.e. more or less, the universe we can perceive as human 3-D beings. It’s a 3-D picture of the Creation as we know it—it’s the version of space and time our scientist have decided is All There Is. It’s a very physical view of the cosmos, where no spirits or souls are included in the equation—it’s either pure matter or it doesn’t exist. This is the version we all learn about in school. With the Multiverse, however, we add metaphysics into the picture, and it’s getting much more interesting. Suddenly, the universe gets a soul, and there is so much more to explore than just the physical. We can see that the Multiverse is teeming with life, but not only physical life—life exists in all dimensions and on almost all planets—it’s just that we can’t perceive it because it operates outside the range of the electromagnetic spectrum we here on Earth normally operate in—i.e. other dimensions. It’s just as simple as that—there is nothing magical or spooky with it. It all has to do with frequencies and how fast and how slow energy vibrates because in our essence, we are all just energy beings. A Pleiadian soul group, who dwells in the fifth-or sixth-dimension, said through its vehicle[1] that if it looks at Mother Earth from above and watches us humans here on the ground, it sees a dance of energy moving back and forth—beings vibrating on slightly different frequencies, but usually within the small range of the electromagnetic spectrum we call the third-dimension. Therefore, the main difference between the Universe and the Multiverse is that we add a new dimension to the equation—that of the spirit. In metaphysics, we prove that the whole universe is a living entity in itself and is aware and conscious—every part of it is aware. We claim that there is consciousness in everything, even planets, stars, nebulae, and galaxies. Even space is aware! In this Multiverse, billions upon billions of entities of all different types are living—each and every dimension is populated. All these beings have their own personality and their own thought patterns. Many believe that just because of the multi prefix in Multiverse, we mean many universes. This is not necessarily true—instead, we mean an almost endless different version of the same universe making up a Multiverse. Most of us agree that we all share the same universe with the same stars and galaxies, but more than that, we also have our own personal and very unique universe inside of us, which is built from our own thoughts, actions, and inactions. My Inner Universe is very different from your Inner Universe because I am not the same personality as you are, and I don’t think exactly like you do on all subjects. Hence, both our Inner Universes are unique. Then, add another 7 billion people to that, who all have their unique Inner Universes. If we want to continue, we have all these star beings out there who also have their Inner Universes. As you can see, it’s almost endless. Still, it is all living creatures combined that make up the ever-expanding Multiverse. The scientists have noticed that the universe is expanding and retracting in some kind of cycles, as if some giant being were breathing in and breathing out (which in fact is the case), but that is different from the Multiverse, which also includes the spirit and the non-physical. As long as there are thinking souls in the universe, we are expanding the metaphysical part with our thoughts and creations and, therefore, making the Multiverse bigger. The Multiverse, in other words, is our own personal Inner Universes added to a Universe we all agree on.

So let’s stay here on Earth for a while to make this easier to understand. Pretend that we could freeze this exact moment in time and space—nothing is moving right now and is just waiting for me to explain this. If you look at the Multiverse right now, you will see a Universe the way all people see it, with stars, planets, etc., and when you look around, you see your environment quite similar to everybody else who lives there. Maybe there are trees, houses, roads, a river, a mountain, and whatnot. Everybody agrees that all these things are there, including people in the neighborhood—you can all see each other. In your house, you are sitting with your family around the dinner table and eating dinner when we freeze this picture. This is your reality right now at this moment. You also have a job you are going to go to tomorrow morning. This sounds solid and predictable, but it’s far from it, as we shall see. Metaphysicists usually say that the Multiverse is fluid, meaning that nothing is set in stone, it is ever-changing, and nothing is predictable because it can hypothetically change in a microsecond. When we unfreeze the picture again and let you continue with your day, the phone rings. You answer it, and it is your best friend who wants you and your family to come with him or her on a trip to Europe in a month. You and your wife are considering it but decide at the last moment to stay home. Therefore, you had two options: go to Europe or stay at home. If you had chosen to go, your life would have been slightly different from that moment forward, and the two weeks you spent home would instead have been spent in Europe. How many decisions do you make in two weeks? More than you can imagine. However, the point is that you are making different decisions when you are at home than you would have made if you had gone to Europe. Now you add all these personal decisions to the already existing Multiverse and change it a little bit with every thought and every decision you make because every thought and action is creating a new version of the Multiverse, which is entirely your own. Most of your Multiverse is still the same as other people’s Multiverse, but they are not necessarily affected by the decisions you make, and that makes your Multiverse unique. This is what we mean when we say that the Multiverse is fluid and not static because it changes with every person’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. Some decisions we make also affect a few others and, therefore, change their Multiverse, too, in that same respect but, perhaps, do not affect a person on the other side of town. Does this start to make sense? We live in slightly different versions of the Multiverse because we make different decisions and solve different kinds of problems. We say that we don’t always agree with each other, and that is because we are different personalities who make different decisions in order for Source (the Godhead or the Goddess-head, rather, as we shall see later) to experience herself. This is true, but it’s also true that we see things differently because we live in slightly different Multiverses. You are creating your version inside of yourself and project that picture outward. If your version is not different from other people’s versions, they will see it too. However, because we are unique, you and I can stand and look at the same flowerbed and the flowers will look and smell slightly different to us. If you could magically become me for a minute, you would probably get a shock, and you would say that this is not the way you see the flowers, and vice versa. Still, it’s similar enough that we can agree and even think we see it exactly the same. There are scientific terms for all these phenomena, but I will not bother to go into that here because it’s outside the scope of this book. For those who are interested, I have a scientific section in the beginning of “The First Level of Learning” of my WPP. The important thing here to understand is that there is a big difference between mainstream science and its view of the universe from that of quantum physicists and metaphysicists. We are talking about a Multiverse, which is a combination of all beings’ Inner Universes plus the original, dimensional universe that was once created by God (I will call God All That Is for now, until we have established a gender). When we are talking about spiritual subjects, we are usually referring to the Multiverse rather than the Universe. Therefore, keep in mind that the Multiverse has nothing to do with parallel universes or other universes than the one we live in. I am not discarding that there are parallel universes and other universes before ours, after ours, and outside ours, but again, that is beyond the scope of this book.

Therefore, why is it important to understand at least the basics about the Multiverse? It is important because we need to know what happens when we are creating our own reality and how that affects our present and our future. Every day, we are standing at a crossroads wondering which way to go. Should I do this, or should I do that? Usually, these choices are not too hard to make, but sometimes they require some extra pondering and problem solving.

Now, we have learned how to get rid of our junk thoughts and understand how our thoughts not only create our reality but also change the version of the Multiverse we are living in. Once we get rid of our sloppy thoughts, we are ready to start creating a Multiverse that corresponds to our goals and visions. However, before we can do that successfully, we need to grasp the magnificence of the power of thought and how we can use it.

For example, at the crossroads, you have two choices that contradict each other. In your thought process, you may explore them both to see which one works best for you and then choose one. The one you put your energy, emotions, intentions, and actions toward will be the one that will affect your future. The other choice that you didn’t act upon will still be there, floating around in the Multiverse as a potential timeline but without any continuous energy added to it. However, when you’ve made your decision and start acting on it, perhaps with a goal in mind, the Multiverse is opening itself, making room for your decision to progress into action. The Multiverse is non-judgmental, so even if you make a decision that is non-survival, the Multiverse will still make room for you to create whatever you want to create. The only catch is that with each effort you make, you get something back—of course, if you create something positive, you generally get something positive as a result, and when you create something non-survival, you will get something non-survival as a result of that, exactly as you intended. In addition, we have a delayed effect as a result of our actions that we usually call karma, which means that positive actions often give you a positive reward, while non-survival actions give you negative rewards. This is usually true here in the physical realms and is not always true for other dimensions that don’t have reincarnation and amnesia as part of the process.

This is why it’s so important that you learn to analyze your thoughts and decisions. Just as there are junk thoughts and sloppy thoughts, there are sloppy decisions that we all make on occasion. Then we wonder why we get sloppy results. If people realized the incredible power they have just by using their thoughts and making constructive decisions and implementing them, this world would be a very different and better place to live in. Instead, not only do people make sloppy decisions, but most of the time, they don’t make their own decisions at all—they let others make them for them, although they believe they are making the decisions themselves. Allowing others to be our decision makers begins with our parents, then it’s our teachers in schools, then it is our managers at work, and perhaps, our partner in our marriage. Humans are used to being told what to do, and when they are not being told, many people feel lost. However, those who have come to that point in their spiritual development can change, hopefully, and begin to make their own decisions, and that’s when things can start happening.

Conscious thinking is the key to use when determining which kind of future we want to live in. Our goal, for now, is to act on only thoughts and ideas that enhance our lives and take us in the direction toward becoming multidimensional. This is a wonderful goal, but we need to realize that there are obstacles in the way. Most of us are still slave workers for the suppressive businesses and organizations, more or less dependent upon a monetary system. We are also in many other ways, some obvious and some more subtle, dependent upon Big Brother for our immediate survival. This will change in the future, but we don’t need to make it our first priority—there are other things we need and can do, which eventually will lead more naturally to a separation from the suppressive system we are currently supporting[2]. There are a number of changes we can make to increase our vibrations quite remarkably, and these changes will speed up the process of overcoming living in a world where oppression such as the one we’re used to living in can no longer exist. 

Those who have the WPP relatively fresh in mind and remember the difference between the 4% universe and the 96% universe also recall that I am a skeptic of channeled material, in general. I showed the reader that most of them are either human in the future—half machine and half biological entities, who come back to Earth via time travel hoping to be able to regain their fertility by experimenting on us through abductions. Others are working for the AIF—trying to manipulate us into something they call The Harvest, where they promise a paradise on Earth when we die. In fact, what they want to accomplish is to have everybody on the same page and take the human soul group (the mass consciousness) and create a Collective One, which means we will become half machines and half human, but our minds are collective and centralized into a giant super computer. We see the result of this in much of the channeling today, such as the “RA Material,” the “Cassiopaeans,” and the “Elohim,” etc. These channeled sources will, together with the AIF, take care of us in the astral and guide us to the right place, where we can be introduced to fifth-dimensional bodies in which we will incarnate as the New Human during the next lifetime. As usual, when we are dealing with the AIF, we are dealing with very advanced technology, and as always, the AIF is not helping us for our benefit. They tell the evolved humans who fall for this that after death, the Harvesters of Souls will wait for them and help by inserting them in fifth-dimensional (5-D) bodies—thereafter, the ascended individual will incarnate in a 5-D version of Earth.

This sounds quite similar to what we are doing but without technology, doesn’t it? Before the AIF let these humans incarnate on a 5-D Earth, they will implant them so that they report back to their Masters, who are the same beings who promised them ascension. In other words, they want humans who are on the same spiritual level as we are to keep an eye on us and perhaps even manipulate us in 5-D. This is perhaps a good idea, but it won’t work, and it tells us how little the AIF knows about spirituality. To them, everything is technology—even Ascension is! The problem is that when the AIF start interfering with 5-D bodies by putting implants in them, they are already not vibrating on the same frequency as our bodies will—there is a distortion involved. When the AIF realize this, I don’t know what they’re going to do, but I think they will leave us alone. After all, we are not their main target—the Machine Riders are.

However, there are a few channeled sources that I have studied under the microscope, figuratively speaking, and still feel confident with, and there are particularly two of those I am going to introduce in this book. One source the reader is already familiar with from the WPP is the Pleiadians, channeled by Barbara Marciniak. The other source is Seth, channeled by Jane Roberts. There could be a couple of other sources I still find being outside the anti-human agenda, but they will not be presented here. I just want the reader to be aware that some of these channeled entities are even presenting themselves as Dragons and Reptilians, who were our original Creator Gods from Orion and elsewhere, but they are not the same entities who once created the early humans. They are fake, and I proved it in the WPP.[3]

The premise in this book is that we need to evolve without technology and more genetic manipulation from outside sources, regardless how seductive it all can be. I wouldn’t say this if it wasn’t only possible, but the way nature is supposed to do it, regardless of what channeled sources such as the Alpha Draconians (the Thubans) say. Who wants to end up in a new trap, anyway? Some are asking whether we need some kind of help from the good aliens. Here, the opinions are divided—some say we may need some advice, at least, while others say no to any intervention whatsoever. I would say that I understand both viewpoints, but at this point, I think we are knowledgeable enough to do it ourselves. We have already taken advice from some reliable sources, and the Pleiadians are one of them. I have had other sources, unique to me, who have helped me as well, and the rest I have found out by rolling up my sleeves and digging into hardcore research with joy, sweat, and tears. With this in mind and with the information I have been able to gather, I would say no to intervention at this time. A couple of years ago, I would not have been so sure because I didn’t know enough—now, I think I do. I am not a scientist, and I am certainly not a genetic engineer, but it’s not necessary to be either. However, I do have an open mind, and if we humans notice sometime in the future that we need some extra advice because we are stuck for any reason, I, for one, am willing to reconsider my decision. Albeit for now, it is important that Homo Nova is willing to stand on their own two feet and claim their sovereignty. Certain alien forces will not be very happy to hear this, but the majority of galactic citizens out there, counting those of the 96%, are happy to see us make such a decision. Groups, such as the former LPG-C (Life Physics Group California), are convinced that we need intervention from star races out there, so they can protect us from the wolves who can’t wait to put their claws in us and take over real estate Earth while we are in a vulnerable position all by ourselves, but I would say that this is not necessary. It is true that there are power-hungry star races out there who can’t wait to take over Earth from the current AIF, but groups like LPG-C (see WPP, “First Level of Learning”) forget one thing—Homo Nova is evolving side by side with the AIF for a few generations, and in that sense, they are protecting us, unwittingly, because they are protecting Earth from other invader forces—hence, we are protected too. Then, when the world is splitting, we should already vibrate on such a high frequency that it shouldn’t be an issue, especially as we know how to shield ourselves on a personal level and as a soul group (more about this later). We will be able to put up our own protective shield around Earth and only let those in whom we are welcoming. Remember, we are working on regaining our position as the Guardians of the Living Library and the Protectors of Mother Earth. This is not done by violent means, but by frequency. At that time, we were already highly multidimensional and had established allies and friends out there in the universe.

A chapter in this book will be dedicated to what it means to be the Guardians of the Living Library. We are still adolescents, but we are also like the nestlings who are sitting at the edge of the nest, flapping their wings, and ready to take the first step out of the nest to try the wings. We are the teenagers who can’t wait to leave our parents’ home and build a life on our own. We are on the brink of becoming adults, and as adults, we are on our own—we can’t hide behind our mother’s skirt anymore when it’s getting a little rough, and we know this. The difference between us and Homo sapiens is that we are brave enough to fly out of the nest. We are aware that there are dangers out there, but we are willing to undertake them and believe we are mature enough to do so. Star races out there in the universe are very concerned about humanity as a whole because of the destructive ways we use energy, and many do what they can to stop us from reaching out in the universe. Therefore, in that sense they are supporting the AIF that is already here: suppressing humanity. They’d rather see us suppressed and within quarantine than to let us loose. We, the new human, are going to show our brothers and sisters out there in the universe that we can do better. We can show them that we honor Mother Earth who supports us and helps us grow instead of destroying the only planet that can house our human body template. We are also going to advertise out in the universe when the day comes that we have reclaimed the title “Guardians of the Living Library,” and those star beings who are willing to come here and learn and grow from studying the Living Library are welcome to do so under our supervision. Beings of lower vibrations who have no intentions to come here to learn but only to steal and destroy may not bother to apply. Don’t worry—this is exactly what we are going to learn—how to read other beings’ energies. First, we must build our own energies because in our current condition we are not ready to meet beings from the cosmos face to face, whether it’s in a physical or spiritual form. Most humans today—even those who are more evolved—need to enhance their energy fields to be able to comfortably meet with those not-from-here.

Perhaps, the reader can see now that it is important for us to walk our own paths and develop our own strength and energy without intervention from outside.

People, especially those who may have married before or in the middle of the nano-second may have been the most wonderful couple who loved each other and told themselves that their marriage will last for the whole lifetime and maybe well into the next, and the next, and the next, never thought there would be problems they couldn’t solve. Now, years afterward, they may find that they have moved in different directions. This, of course, can happen in any marriage, but in the nano-second, there was a specific circumstance that sometimes led to the separation between partners. Both may have been truth-seekers when they met, but somewhere along the line, they chose different paths. In the beginning, one of them may have tried to convince the other that his or her path is the most beneficial for both of them. Then they enter the next phase in their relationship when they sit down and agree that it’s okay to feel different and that their marriage will probably work anyway. Full with new enthusiasm, they both continue on their separate paths, but they get further and further away from each other until they notice they have less and less in common. When they are together, there is mostly silence where there used to be lively, uplifting conversations, but now there is not much to talk about. Both feel miserable about this but don’t know what to do about it. They still love each other, but their different worldviews tear at both of them until one or both get sick. Perhaps, they even tried marriage counseling to no avail. A divorce became the traumatic solution.

In other marriages, only one person is on a spiritual path—similar situations could arise in regular friendships. When this happens, there is no use in trying to convince the other person that what you are doing is important—and as sad as it is, at one point, these people need to go separate ways in order to be able to evolve any further, or they’ll get stuck, at best, or move backward and get very sick, at worst. Unfortunately, many cling onto each other anyway because they believe they need the other person or feel sorry for the partner, and they don’t want to hurt each other. I can empathize with that because I experienced how my spouse and I went in different directions back in the late 1990s, which led to a divorce. It was much harder emotionally than I’d ever thought it would be because we still loved each other—nevertheless, we had no choice. Now, after the fact, I know we both made the right decision, and since then, we have both been able to thrive on our respective paths. I am now remarried with a woman who is on the same path as I am, and I am very lucky and very happy. Therefore, it’s not the end of the world, and sometimes it can be a life saver. I needed to bring this up because I think it’s a very common problem when people are standing at the crossroads. It’s not just a matter of choosing between the Machine Kingdom and natural evolvement, but even if two people have both chosen the natural path without the machine technology, there are many branches on that tree as well, and one branch may be just fine to climb out on for one person but not for the other. That’s the charm of being unique beings, but also the tragedy of it. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t met my current wife 13 years ago at that exact point in my life, I would have chosen to continue alone. I would have accepted that I was not meant to have a love relationship or any children this lifetime, but instead concentrate on my task. However, I am fortunate enough to be able to have and do both, and in my case, it is possible to mix work and family life. However, if I’d never met her, I would have been perfectly fine with living alone.


The Genetically Modified Food Industry and the Machine Kingdom

The next step in order to be able to successfully look inside is to have as healthy a body as possible. In fact, this step fits in anywhere in the process because it is something we always need to be aware of. Don’t worry—I’m not going to suggest a diet of raw food with carrots and cauliflowers for the rest of your life. If you are able to live a vegetarian lifestyle (as long as you get protein as well) and your body feels great about that, congratulations! However, many people have a hard time adjusting to that, and I am one of them. I was very determined in the past to become a vegetarian for many reasons. I read everywhere how healthy it is, and I didn’t have to eat meat from our animal friends. I tried it in many different versions, and I was very careful to research it properly so I got a good balance of nutrition—especially as I had such a hard time adjusting. I thought that the answer must be somewhere so I could relatively comfortably change diets from a meat-oriented one to a vegetarian one. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. I quickly ran out of energy regardless of how I was doing it, and I was not feeling well at all. I still continued for a while, thinking it was just the body trying to adjust to a new diet, but it must have been more than that, and I actually haven’t figured out yet why my body reacted like it did. Eventually, I added some organic meat to my diet, and my strength and my energy came back. I know others who have had a similar problem, and I don’t know if bodies are just different, or if there is another reason for my hardship, but I admit that I am a meat eater to some degree still, although, in general, I don’t promote it to others.

Anyway, after that confession, I still want to mention here (because it is important) that we need to think about what we’re eating. If you think you must eat meat, eat it sparsely and keep to fowl, such as chicken and turkey, and make sure they are organic and have been well treated. I also suggest buying from local farmers, whether you buy meat, vegetables, or fruit. Eat seasonal fruits and veggies that have been treated with love, care, and respect, and before you eat, thank Mother Earth for providing the food for us. If you eat meat, thank the animal for providing food for you, and bless the food regardless of what you’re eating because there is consciousness in everything. This is important because it determines what kind of energies you let your body digest. In addition, be careful to feel what the body thinks about what you are giving it to eat. Does it become energetic and happy or stuffed and lethargic? Change your diet according to what the body is telling you. If you’re not already eating healthy and start following these simple suggestions, you will soon notice that your body will increase in frequency, feeling lighter and definitely happier and more in communication.    Speaking of communication—it is imminent to communicate with your body. Ask it how it feels, tell it that you love it and think it’s beautiful, and let it know that you trust it and rely on it to always help you by letting you know if there are any dangers in your environment or if something you are doing is not feeling right. In addition, work out a signal system that the body can work with and use when it wants your attention. The body knows more than you do—take that to the bank! The problem is that people listen way too little to their bodies—it’s even gone so far that there is no communication at all. When the body doesn’t get any attention, it feels purposeless and depressed and can easily get sick. A good way to boost the immune system is to start communicating with your body in a positive manner.

Here’s another very important consideration—we need to boost our immune system! I already mentioned one way to do it—communicate with your body—but there are many other ways. Breathing exercises, meditation, eating right, having a positive attitude, raising our consciousness, putting up a protective shield around us (more about this later), and stop being afraid of our bodies are good things to start with.

The next thing is to be aware of what we need to avoid, or our immune system will stop working rather fast. Perhaps, the most important thing is to stop eating genetically modified (GM) food! GM food was introduced on the food market sometime in the 1990s, I believe, and now it’s the main source of food. The Food Industry, led by Monsanto, is ruthless. Just recently, the government was trying to pass a law that requires that all GM food needs to be marked so that the consumer knows. This was furiously fought against by Monsanto, which is working on getting a monopoly within the Food Industry. Monsanto is willing to spend billions of dollars if necessary to prevent labeling GM food from happening, so in the long term, it will probably win that battle. Monsanto, which is a super-criminal organization, is literally attacking smaller farmers who are into organic food with the intention of eliminating them from the market. There is evidence that Monsanto has even secretly sprayed the famers’ crops so that everything dies and the farmers can’t afford to continue their business. Other farmers have been threatened (even with death) if they continue their business. They have been visited by well-dressed men in sunglasses who have spread their threatening message to the farmers—speaking about Men in Black! For those who think I exaggerate, there are many great YouTube videos: documentaries in which they interview farmers who show evidence of what has happened to them, thanks to Monsanto. Monsanto is definitely one of these businesses, together with General Electric and others that are run by the AIF, and their headquarters are not on Earth. Monsanto has a super agenda, which is not known to many people yet, but I’ll tell you the short version here.

What happens when you eat GM food? Of course, first, you increase the risk of getting cancer and many other serious anti-immune diseases because GM food decreases your immune system. However, that is just a convenient side effect for the Global Elite and the AIF. The real purpose for Monsanto (with its earthly headquarters in Missouri) is population control. We already discussed in the WPP that the world population will probably not exceed 7 billion, or if it does, it won’t be long before it will start decreasing drastically. Monsanto will have a big responsibility in the population control agenda. The AIF has a difficult time controlling 7 billion souls, so they have no choice other than to reduce the world population down to a more controllable level. It will be done in many different ways in the beginning—wars, famine, new laboratory-created serious diseases, weather control, and so on. However, the ace up their sleeve is Monsanto. The attitude is, if we’re going to reduce the population, why don’t we feed them to death? Studies on laboratory animals show that after a few generations with the animals being fed only GM food, many, if not most of them, become infertile. This is exactly the card they are going to play because it’s so simple, and it leaves no obvious traces because it is more of a long-term plan. First, Monsanto wants to make organic food illegal, and it is well on its way to succeeding to take over the entire Food Industry, first in America, but then worldwide. When that is done, Monsanto can start poisoning the entire world population. A few generations from now, most people will be unable to reproduce!

Why would Monsanto want to make the whole world population infertile? That means the end of humanity—we will be extinct! Exactly, and in a sense, this seems to be exactly what they are planning. The AIF is planning for the end of humanity, as we know it. If the AIF can’t figure out how our divine bodies work, they may just as well get rid of us. Now, it’s not that the AIF wants everybody to die—they still need an army for the future and a work force that can slave for them and their corporations. After all, that’s why they have their advanced technology. If people only knew how close we are to becoming cyborgs—it’s no longer science fiction or something that will happen in a near future—the time is almost here![4] Now, we must ask ourselves, who are these beings who can’t reproduce and have come back to our time from the future in order to regain their humanity, hoping to be able to reproduce again? Who are the time-jumpers who don’t have any genitals? Correct, it’s the Grays, who say they are us in the future![5] The Grays are the descendants of those who will choose to live in the Machine Kingdom and will become cyborgs[6]. One of the only ways for the future humans to reproduce will be to clone themselves, and that is exactly what will happen, which is another important reason not to eat GM food, don’t you think?

We will talk a little bit more about food in an upcoming chapter, but this gives us something to think about.

I have said many times how easy it is to accidentally choose the Machine Kingdom, not realizing what we’re doing. We don’t want Homo Nova to be extinct before we have even established ourselves. You see, this is exactly what the AIF is counting on—they will be able to outlaw organic food or non-GM food in general. This way, they can kill two birds with one stone—those who choose the Machine Kingdom and those who decide to evolve independently. Therefore, we have a few serious challenges ahead of us. Some ask why the AIF let us evolve on the side without them particularly interfering, but there are a few answers—they think they will get us with one of their poisonous programs or another. This is why we have to be smarter than the AIF is in certain ways. Those who fear the AIF would say that it’s impossible— the AIF are much smarter than we are, but those who understand the power in the awakening of consciousness will say that we are getting much smarter than the AIF thinks! We don’t even need to know what their programs are—we just need to recognize the pattern of the dictators. Eventually, the AIF becomes predictable because they do what has always worked. The AIF are involved in so many areas of life that they need to find patterns that work and stick with them as long as possible. Hence, the AIF has tried programs that work on humans. The AIF asked themselves, how do you manipulate a human? They studied our patterns, our strengths, and our weaknesses. Then they tried out some programs that seemed to work and developed those. One such program is to take something that is true and which the AIF does not want us to know, turn it into the opposite of what it is, and then present it to mankind as the truth—it almost always works. The most obvious example, perhaps, in relation to the AIF, is what was discussed in WPP about Lord ENKI in the Second Level of Learning. In mythology and in the Sumerian cuneiform, he is presented as a Savior, rescuing a small part of mankind from the Deluge. Since then, Lord ENKI has been looked upon as a good god. In fact, he saved the small part of mankind who had his own blood running through their veins to create a human Elite after the Deluge had subsided. This Elite was meant to control the rest of the slave workers (who later became us) and is doing so up to this day. Saving mankind from extinction elevated Lord ENKI to a hero and someone to worship, when the truth of the matter is that it was he who started the whole master-slave society we have had from after the Biblical Flood.

Another popular program is Problem-Reaction-Solution, where the AIF or the Global Elite is creating a problem, such as 9/11. Humankind protests worldwide and demands that the authorities do something about terrorism. Therefore, the same forces who created the problem in the first place will now present a solution that fits them and their agenda, so they created a War on Terror and cut back on our human rights in the name of National Security. Mankind, who has no idea how this formula works and that their own government would do something that evil, are now happy because they feel safer with more surveillance and restrictions and with more power to the government. These are merely two examples. Unfortunately for them, after a while, we learn how to recognize their modus operandi and learn how to avoid the traps. Thus, we’ll become more and more like excellent jujitsu masters, who just casually lift an arm when the enemy attacks, and the enemy falls on his head. It’s enough to read a newspaper article every now and then and we can quite clearly see how the AIF operates. We simply learn how not to fall for it. The next thing they may try is to create new programs designed particularly to manipulate us truth-seekers after they have studied us and our patterns for quite a while, and then they will start implementing them. This may be trickier for us, so now, in the beginning of the New Era, we need to be extra alert and make sure we are not falling for any new types of manipulation because that’s the only way they can get us—to have us agree with them!

Perhaps, we should get more realistic. The AIF already knows how truth-seekers work, I’m sure. They have had a relatively long time to study us. They have always tried to choose the path of least resistance when possible, and I have the feeling they will do that now as well. I need to explain what I mean by that in this particular case.

Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians explained already in 1992 what their own agenda is. They are here to help us because that’s the only way to help themselves. In a minute, I will explain exactly how they are planning to accomplish this. However, here is something I just heard on a brand new CD from the Pleiadians containing a lecture from the spring of this year. They say that in this time period that we live in, a Machine Kingdom is on the rise here on Earth, and without Pleiadian interference, almost the entire human population (except for a very low percentage) will be part of this kingdom. Sometime during 2030 to 2050, the AIF is apparently planning to show themselves to mankind—the final Disclosure. At least that is their current plan. How they will show themselves—whether it will be in human form or any other body form is anybody’s guess—the Pleiadians don’t know. My qualified guess is that the AIF come down in human form because that makes most sense. They have abducted humans for hundreds of years and stolen our DNA, mixed it with what they already had from thousands of years ago, and strengthened it so the AIF can comfortably use hybrid human bodies here on Earth, and we will notice no difference. I have heard that they have millions of human bodies in storage on Earth, Mars, and other planets and moons in the solar system. In the WPP, “The Third Level of Learning,” I explained that the AIF is going to invade us, and 200 million invaders are on their way back to Earth to occupy these human bodies, hidden in the storage locations. In 2012, a smaller group of these 200 million invaders came here as forerunners and have already established themselves on Earth.

Therefore, this is their plan: these forerunners, in conjunction with the Global Elite and the interdimensionals who are staying hidden in the background, are going to create some disasters and catastrophes—unifying events that will bring big segments of mankind together in an effort to survive. I personally think that destroying the economy is their safest card. They want to utterly destroy the dollar and have all other currency follow after. A new depression will follow, which will make the depression in the 1930s look like child’s play because this one will be global. People will be starving to death and no one will have a solution.

However, worry not because help is near! In times when humanity will do anything to survive, we will have visitors! Starships will land, and beings who look very human will meet with the governments of the world. This time, it will be in the newspapers all over the planet. Humans will probably be held in suspense for a few days—perhaps a week or two—while our authorities talk to these aliens behind locked doors. The meeting place will most probably be the United Nations.

Then, one day, the doors will burst open and an announcement will be made. Perhaps the United Nations Secretary is the person who will read the announcement, with the leader of the Extra Terrestrials (ETs) standing beside him. People are told that these star beings are, for example, the Ashtar Command, and they have observed mankind for a long time without interfering—hoping we would be able to bring ourselves out of the mess. Now, they see that we can’t, and they refuse to see us suffer anymore, so they have come to assist. People will wonder who the Ashtar Command is, of course, and many New Age people will tell others that they are the ones who have been channeled for decades already—all we need to do is to listen to these channeled messages, and we will know who they are—it’s all on the Internet! The media will also inform us, of course, and possibly refer to channeled material.

This will be a total shock for most people, but eventually it will turn into the ultimate unifying event, where mankind in their misery accept help from this alien civilization. Mankind will believe that they have no choice!

Therefore, how will this help come about? Well, if we assume it’s the Ashtar Command that’s coming (which is just a front for the AIF), they will say that they are from the Galactic Federation of Light, and eventually they would love to see humankind as members of this space organization, but first, we must take care of the global Earth crisis once and for all. Therefore, Ashtar promises that he and his people, in conjunction with the human world leaders and the United Nations, will restore the economy by creating a universal currency that doesn’t inflate or deflate. This can be done relatively quickly and easily, he says. After that, the next step will be to expand the Smart Cities. Smart Cities will be built all over the world with alien technology, and they will be huge, making New York and Tokyo look like suburbs. Furthermore, Ashtar will explain that it’s in these cities where all the jobs will be, so people need to move into any of them. He will also promise that everybody is going to have a job and a roof over their heads and enough money to be able to live a decent life! Most important—there has to be a One World Government for this to work. We can’t have any more conflicts and wars. The Ashtar Command is here to bring peace on Earth, and the only way to do it is to globalize things and governments in particular.

This will be like music to most people’s ears, but there will still be skeptics, who may ask what Ashtar Command’s agenda is. Why are they doing this for us? The answer will probably be that the Ashtar Command is part of a space organization that finds civilizations who have reached a certain level of consciousness, and their job is to help them evolve to a point where they can travel out in space and become part of the Galactic Organization and start trading with other star races. They will tell us that we have great resources here on Earth that we can sell, and in exchange, there are a lot of things that we need, such as technology! The Ashtar Command will help us rebuild Earth with its technology, but in the future, mankind will be able to trade with star beings. The Ashtar Command is only intermediaries, they may say. They will stay with us for a while after everything is rebuilt and make sure we have what we need to manage star travel, and then they will leave. Most people will buy into this propaganda.

Once things have been settled, treaties have been made, and contracts signed, the work will begin. The Smart Cities will be gridded, which means that those who doesn’t live and work in the city can’t just get in. If you have a job and live in another Smart City, you can probably travel from city to city, but those who decide to stay with nature and have nothing to do with this alien agenda are not welcome in the cities. We will be left on our own, with no help from any authority. Most people who choose not to be part of the Smart City Agenda will be happy with that and gladly move out in nature. However, in the end, it may be challenging for some, as we shall see.

People in the Smart Cities won’t believe their eyes once everything is established. The streets are always clean—everything is clean—and everybody has jobs and GM food as promised, and the technology they are now surrounded by is absolutely astonishing—far more advanced than anyone could ever imagine. People will be very thrilled and happy about their new situation. They will laugh at those who’d rather choose to live in nature: primitive living compared the Smart Cities. They must be crazy! Primitive people choose primitive options—something like this may be some kind of slogan.

The One World Government will be run by ETs, and this time it will be in the open, although some ETs will still lurk in the background and not show themselves. There will be a new World Leader, who people will treat like he is the Messiah. After having lived in poverty, people are very grateful to have such a wonderful life, and all wars are stopping and there is Peace on Earth—finally!

Yes, everything will be fantastic, except for one crucial thing: there will be no critical thinking. The manipulation and mind control via the alien technology will be devastating! People will become like robots, immersed with virtual reality games and worse.

As promised, the AIF will eventually take humans to space, but before that happens, mankind has already turned into cyborgs. Due to GM food and other methods, people can no longer reproduce by themselves, and the world population will drop drastically (to a manageable level). Cloning will now be common, but eventually people, who notice they get sick easily (from GM food), become afraid of their bodies and need a solution to stay healthy but continue their wonderful lifestyle. Of course, those who instigated the problem know exactly how to solve it. They make humans into half-biological and half-machine entities. This process has already begun as a pilot on Earth as of this writing, and we find articles on how people can get new body parts fairly easily if one fails to work, such as an arm.[7] In the future, however, you can get artificial kidneys, livers, or whatever is failing in the body.

The Pleiadians tell us that machines have consciousness. Of course, they have to be built, but somewhere along the line, the cosmic machine consciousness, which is common in the universe, will establish itself in the machines, just like souls do in biological life forms. The late science fiction writer, Isaac Asimov, was one of the first who wrote about this problem in his book, I, Robot! This is what will happen with humans in the future. No one will even reflect on that the once so peaceful Ashtar Command, now in charge of Earth, will create and refine human super soldiers, who also are half machines and half human. No one will even ask why we need soldiers when there is no war because by that time, people in the Smart Cities will be too much under mind control and such dedicated Machine Riders that they will hardly notice what is going on, and even if some do, they won’t bother. Whatever happens, they will never consider living a life without machine technology. In addition, due to this incredible technology, their lifespan has now increased considerably. When people can have their body parts removed and exchanged with machine parts, they can hypothetically live more or less forever.

Eventually, the once biological human body, which now has developed to something that looks more like a Gray alien, is ready to go into space and explore other solar systems. Their new bodies can resist radiation and harsh conditions in space because the machine parts were deliberately created of material that can be used for space travel.

As the centuries and millennia go by, humans will be curious about their origins and travel both to Sirius and the Pleiades to meet those they believe are their makers.[8] When they come to the Pleiades, they will create havoc there and even decide to invade and conquer their old creators. A tyranny is growing in the Pleiades, and eventually, a group of renegades will meet in secret to find out how they can resolve this problem. They manage to find out that the problem started in the nano-second, when mankind became under even more influence from the AIF, and after the nano-second, the Machine Kingdom arose. Out of the Machine Kingdom came those cyborgs, who were almost indestructible (quite like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Terminator), and very hard to kill. Hence, this secret Pleiadian group decided to go back in time to the beginning of the nano-second and make contact with humanity via channeling. They realized that if they could talk some part of humanity into rejecting the machine world and instead evolve naturally by being with nature, this could change a lot in the Pleiades, and the visitors who will come to the Pleiades in the future may no longer be cyborgs, but evolved humans, who will nano-travel there instead.

In other words, the Pleiadians want to create a whole new timeline because if they would not have interfered, humankind as a biological species will not survive. Now at least a faction of us will, by creating this alternative timeline. This doesn’t mean that we are erasing the past—we just creating a new one.

Some people probably doubt the Pleiadians’ intentions and won’t trust them, and this I can understand. They have their agenda, and they admit that they would have done what’s necessary to save themselves and their species, which means they would probably have eradicated us if they had to. Now it just so happens that they realized that if we evolve the way we are supposed to, it will help them too. Therefore, it became a win-win situation. I have listened to them long enough to be sure that they are honest in what they’re saying because time has proven them right. Moreover, they can afford to be quite truthful because it fits with their agenda. However, I do not necessarily see them as our friends at this time, but I think our relationship so far has helped mankind, and now we are able to make it on our own.

The problem in the beginning of the Machine Kingdom is that many people who choose nature before the Smart Cities will be tempted to reconsider when they notice how wonderful it seems to be for those who live in the cities and how much struggle it is for those living with nature. This is the reason I am relaying this information, so we can prevail and continue doing what I consider to be the right thing to save mankind, knowing there will be severe temptations on the way.

Someone asked me if there is any way to live in the Smart Cities and still not agree with the AIF—i.e. we can take advantage of a roof over our heads and a job, yet have independent thoughts. I would say, no. If we look at this scenario, we can see it’s not possible. In addition, I am sure that the AIF will collect the Machine Riders’ souls in the afterlife and recycle them into the Smart Cities again. Then, in the long term, the Between Lives Area will probably be closed down because it’s obsolete and no longer needed. The cyborgs will live for a very long time, and those who still die for different reasons can easily be collected in the astral and shot down into a body again. We, who are evolving at our own pace, will eventually do so without first having to visit the Between Lives Area and, thus, be born with a full memory of whom we are. Therefore, the manipulation in the astral plane will no longer be an issue.

We have two agendas here—one is the AIF who wants to control mankind, letting us continue being a slave race and create super soldiers from many of us. Then we have the Pleiadians who want us to evolve naturally. Interestingly enough, the Pleiadians and the AIF are basically the same group of star beings if we go back long enough in time (see the WPP), but now their agendas clash. What it seems like is that the AIF doesn’t care too much whether the spiritual faction of the humans go their own way or not—perhaps it’s easier for the AIF if we do, so they don’t need to deal with us. The AIF understand that eventually the Earth will split, and they will get rid of the problem that way. In the meantime, we can live outside the Smart Cities and mind our own business—it’s easier than killing us and making martyrs out of us. In addition, if bodies disappear, it must be explained—too much effort when the AIF has more urgent matters to attend to. As long as we don’t bother the AIF, they won’t bother us will probably become the silent slogan. Therefore, the AIF will let the Pleiadians have their way and instead concentrate on the majority of mankind, who will choose to be Machine Riders anyway. The AIF still has a few cards up their sleeves in order to take care of us truth-seekers, as we have seen, but if these plans fail, it looks like the AIF will leave us alone after all.

However, why are the AIF creating super soldiers out of humans? Are they planning a future war? You can bet on that! The AIF, for the most part, are rebelling Orions, and their highest goal is not only to be the Masters of the 4% Universe (which they more or less already are), but they want to take over the 96% Spirit World as well, and if they succeed, it will be catastrophic. They want to take revenge on the Orion Queen and the Mother Goddess and take over as the Rulers of the Entire Creation. We humans are going to be used as foot soldiers and eradicated in the process. It’s a nightmare we can’t even comprehend in our current state of being.

We gain nothing by fighting the AIF in the outside world for two reasons. The first is that out there the AIF is stronger than us because they have the technology, and second, the problem is not out there but in here. We can solve any problem that appears to exist outside of ourselves by going inside. That is where the problem always originates


Beliefs and Belief Systems

What we’ve been sitting stuck in here on Earth is powerful because the AIF knows the power of imagination and the power of beliefs. This is what their whole manipulation strategy is all about. The world outside of you is only a mirror of yourself and your own beliefs, and that’s all. If we want to change this reflection, we need to change our beliefs and our emotions connected to them. When people see something that is not working, they are quick at going out there and trying to change it. It never works! It’s not until we go inside to fix it that it’s working. If you insist on fixing it on the outside, you only add to the problem. Here is a common example: your water tap is dripping and you decide to fix it. You go and get some tools and start tightening a little bit here and a little bit there, but nothing seems to help—the dripping may even increase the more you fumble around with your tools. You get more and more frustrated and don’t know what to do until you step back and look at it. Then you go inside yourself to look at the problem and you realize that there may be a filter in there somewhere that needs to be changed. Aha! Therefore, you open up the tip of the water tap and sure enough, there’s the filter! Now you can go to the hardware store, buy a new one, and replace it. It stops dripping! What you did was to go inside and change your perspective on the water tap and your belief on how it works and the problem could be resolved. If you, on the other hand, had refused to go inside, you either would have to give up at one point or call a plumber. Now, you did, however, go inside, and from that point, your beliefs regarding how a water tap works in the holographic universe changed forever, and the next time it will not even be a problem (unless you forget what you learned).

A good measure and an excellent example that we have evolved is that despite whether the environment stays the same, we are changing regardless. Our approach to it constantly changes and therefore we change. Thus, because we change our approach to the environment that we no longer agree with, we need to create new belief systems to replace the old ones, and we will in that respect also change our frequency, and slowly but surely because our old belief systems are scattering, the Old World must disappear from our reality. Think about this for a moment and you will see how it works. This is all on a much bigger scale than the water tap. However, don’t try to get rid of all your belief systems—that’s not your goal. There is nothing wrong with belief systems—they help us explore the Multiverse. The only things we need to get rid of are old belief systems that no longer serve us. When we see that a different story emerges before our eyes and it serves us much better than the religious belief system we may have subscribed to earlier, it is not beneficial for our development as a being to keep hanging on to the old religion when we know it’s not in our best interest. Still, many people do just that—and again, it’s not only when it comes to religious beliefs—but if they don’t eventually let go, their own belief system will be their downfall. Life is going forward—it never stagnates, and it is not going backward. Thus, we need to change when we notice that change is needed for our progress. Still, in the big scheme of things, everything is belief systems. Hence, we live in a reality that is built around our belief systems. Change them and your reality changes. This is why I needed to present the WPP the way that I did. It took me 1,500 pages to do it, but it was the only way to achieve what I had in mind. My idea was that if I present our current reality and what builds up to it as carefully as possible, people will have to face their own belief systems, which are all similar when it comes to the Big Picture, but different to some degree on an individual basis. Once readers have seen the Big Picture and their own belief systems related to that, they can change the beliefs that don’t benefit them and don’t contribute to their survival. After that, we can start looking within and break our chains, one by one and once and for all.

It is very important that each person gets the chance to change his or her own belief systems without getting forced to do so by someone else. We all know how much we want other people and our near-and-dear to see what we have seen—therefore, it’s easy to overwhelm them with information and viewpoints that we think will help them evolve, when instead, we are halting their progress. What we are doing when we are forcing our reality upon somebody else is that we stop that person from looking within. Again, that person is told to look outside (at your viewpoint) for the answers and looking outside was what got them in the mess in the first place. It would be much better to be a good example—someone other people want to emulate—and wait for them to approach you. Those who are in need of change will come to you and ask questions or make comments. When that happens, you can answer the questions without forcing anything on the other person. You can do that by saying that this is your way of seeing it, and because of that, you are a happy, cheerful, loving, and non-judgmental person. However, those who don’t show any interest in learning more, you won’t bother with. If they feel inclined in the future, they will come—otherwise, you just know that some people need more time. Knowing what lies ahead, we may feel the urge to educate everybody to save as many as possible. This is not our task, however. We can’t force a frequency upon a person, and even if it is painful sometimes, we must let people develop on their own, in whatever direction it may lead them. Like we discussed earlier, the information is out there for those who want to start studying. I am aware that there isn’t much more time, but we still can’t force any viewpoints on anybody who doesn’t want to look, regardless of how much we love them. Sometime we have to let it go.

We often hear people say to each other, “It’s only in your imagination,” or to themselves, “It is only in my imagination.” You see, there are so many things we need to unlearn. We think that those who lived 500 years ago were much more primitive than we are today. This is only partially true. In fact, they were often more multidimensional than most people are today. Since the Industrial Revolution, we have become much more linear in our thinking. A few hundred years ago, people allowed themselves to be much more imaginative, and that was accepted. Many saw things that we today would write off as delusional or “only in their imagination.” When we look back at history and people who saw elves, goblins, fairies, and other strange creatures, most in today’s world think they were superstitious. Sometimes they probably were, but the fact remains that they actually were more psychic than we are now because they used their imagination. They didn’t have any TVs, computers, or CNN that gave you viewpoints and fed you with their enforced belief systems daily—they only had themselves and each other. In addition, they had something else that we don’t care that much about anymore as a species—they had nature! Even those who lived in the cities were psychic and could see and hear things because there were no neon lights that lit up the cities 24/7—instead, they had torches and oil lamps etc. When dusk came, the city lights were turned out and it was dark. My point is that people used their imagination more, and the imagination comes from inside and is indeed a creative force that is a realm of reality that is just as real as the physical 3-D reality. In the future when we have regained our multidimensional abilities, imagination will be our absolute best tool when it comes to creating realities—something we all will be busy doing to some degree or another. Eventually, we need to develop and enhance our abilities to use our imagination in our daily lives. I know it sounds like a lot we need to do, but we are not talking about chores here—as you will see, most of what we are going to do is fun, especially when we notice the results. However, don’t worry—I will summarize everything to make it as easy as I possibly can.

To take the subject of belief systems a little further and explain how it works on a quantum and subquantum level without getting technical, we need to understand that everything is connected on the smallest level. This is why the microcosm is more important than the macrocosm when it comes to creation and changing realities. We live in a holographic universe, so what happens to one cell in our body impacts the entire universe. This is why if you see a drama in the world and it affects you, and you now go inside to look at it from a personal level, your attitude to that drama will change and stop affecting you. This is also why there are no victims if you look at it from an objective standpoint. It’s not the outside universe that causes an effect upon you, it’s the inner universe that projects itself on the outside world and, therefore, seems to affect you. We are lucky to realize this so that we can change our circumstances from within with some training, but not everybody is that lucky. Hence, I don’t agree with those who say that people who starve in Africa or are being raped because they are easy targets are being subjected to those crimes because they project this to happen to themselves—therefore, we should just turn our backs and let things play out. I would like to see those who promote this philosophy do the same thing if someone in their own family got raped and abused. I’m sure they would see that differently and immediately interfere. You see, it’s easy to twist logic and turn a powerful truth into something negative in an attempt to discredit the truth. Instead, we need to use common sense. It may be true that the people being abused and raped pulled that in because of the energies they emit due to past experiences, including karma, but that doesn’t mean we should turn emotionally cold and leave people in their misery. Be aware that such attempts to distort the truth are used by those in power to discredit important truths that have been discovered and rediscovered. In addition, be aware that what seems to be one agenda is often multilayered. Another thing that the Power Elite would gain from taking the fact that there are no victims to its extreme is that they can go ahead and rape and abuse as much as they want without interference because, after all, there are no victims.

The Power Elite that the AIF has put in position to rule mankind and who has now been taken over by members of the AIF are often those who create the most powerful belief system for us, and they always make sure to include a good amount of fear and terror into it. Now, this is their belief that fear is what drives us, so we always need to be fearful to be able to do a good job. Then, when we’ve adopted their fearful belief systems, thinking that they were our own beliefs to begin with, we become afraid of our own belief systems and spread this fear within the human soul group. The media are the main instigators of creating common belief systems for the people in modern times, but the media are, of course, taking orders from higher-ups and just do what they are being told.

The controllers know how important and powerful belief systems are, and they wouldn’t be able to control us without them. Therefore, now it’s time to change those belief systems and create our own. To be able to do this successfully, first, we must learn how to clear our mind from junk thoughts and to be focused. We also need to know how to put a light thought into an idea or a belief and then let go. Here is an example of how powerful thoughts are. Let’s say that you decide to live in a world where you are always happy and cheerful. Therefore, you put out a thought with an emotion to it that you will always be cheerful and happy. Then something happens that goes against your decision and you get a little confused. Instead, you decide that you are always going to be happy and cheerful most of the time, and this is what you’ll get. Often, when something happens that makes it look like what you’ve decided doesn’t work, you think that you can’t be happy and cheerful all the time, and that is what you’ll get. In other words, soon you may be back where you started, and you think that the power of thought doesn’t work.

In reality, when you came upon your first few obstacles, they happened so you could overcome them in order to be happy and joyful all the time, but you thought they came in because your new belief system was too much to ask for. Therefore, you minimized it. Then you minimize it again. We do this subconsciously. Indeed, belief systems are very sophisticated programming because the last decision you make on something is what will stick. Some may say that this is inconvenient because it prevents you from achieving your first idea, but if you think about it, it gives us a chance to change our mind, which otherwise would be much harder to do. Therefore, the rule is as follows: The last decision always modifies an earlier one on the same thread of thoughts. Therefore, again, it comes down to practice—a lot of practice—so we can control our minds, and this is what we need to do to become multidimensional.

Our DNA: A Corridor of Light Switches

Did you know that the total length of DNA in one adult human body is 1013 meters? That is ten trillion (10,000,000,000,000) meters, which is the equivalent of almost 70 trips back and forth to the Sun![9] That is just in one human! Can you imagine how much information is stored in that, and I mean, exactly how much? The answer is that in one human, everything in the universe is stored—in fact, every human body has the universe and everything within it—it’s all there inside us. We live in a virtual reality within a virtual reality within a virtual reality, and on it goes. Our body is a program that projects a hologram to what we consider the mind, which projects this hologram so that it looks like that it is outside of ourselves, and what we learn is then picked up by the soul. Then we have all other people on this planet plus beings on other planets who transmit basically the same hologram. We are allowed to make changes to the program that controls the hologram, and when we do, we make changes in our own hologram. All these holograms together make up our Multiverse.

As a human being so far, we have created our reality, more or less, unconsciously or let authorities or outside forces create our reality for us. As a percentage, the choices we make consciously and with a higher purpose in mind are very few compared with those who are influenced from something we perceive as being outside ourselves. Now, how would it be if we, right now and without any previous practice, could go into our DNA and change things consciously so that our behavior and abilities change with it? Doesn’t this sound like science fiction? Still, it’s a very easy thing to do, I’ve done it, and it works! I originally heard this on a Pleiadian CD, channeled by Barbara Marciniak[10], and thought it sounded so incredible and amazing that I had to test it. I strongly suggest you do too.

This is how it works. Because the human body is a program and the DNA is its building stones, we change things in our body and in the Multiverse by triggering something in the genome, which then responds. It’s all a hologram and the Multiverse is fluid, waiting for your input. Now, think of the DNA in your body as one extremely long corridor, almost like a corridor on one of the floors in a hotel, with doors on both sides, leading into different rooms. In your mind, put yourself at the beginning of this corridor and look down the corridor. You can see that some of the doors are closed, and no light comes out from the rooms on the other side of those closed door. Then you also see that some of the doors are open, and light, indeed, comes out from the rooms. Now imagine that this corridor is your DNA and the doors are light switches that are turned on and off. Walk down the hall and look at the doors. Many have something written on them, you notice. One door says “fear” and it’s almost closed. The next door says “courage” and it’s half-open. Another says “health” and it’s closed, while another one for example says “safety,” etc. Say that you don’t want any more fear in your life—therefore, in your mind, you go ahead and close the door of fear totally. You also want a wonderful partner relationship so you go to a door that says “Great Partner Relationship” and make it wide open, seeing how a tremendous amount of light and energy is coming toward you. These are just examples, of course, and you can imagine doors with anything you want written on them. This way you can close and open doors in your DNA as it suits you. You simply decide that by doing this, you activate things you want to activate and deactivate things you do not want in your life, and it helps you creating your new reality built on conscious thoughts, emotions, decisions, purposes, and goals. It can be very powerful!


Chapter 1 has described a number of exercises we need to practice to get into the more advanced material needed to be a multidimensional human. After having discussed the subjects in Chapter 1 at length, let us now summarize them so they will be easier to follow and practice.

1. Power of Thought

a.  Get rid of junk thoughts

Practice being aware of what you’re thinking and what you’re saying so that what you express to yourself and others is what you want. Catch yourself every time you have a sloppy thought, like “The way things are going, I will never get better.” When you catch yourself, either erase the sloppy thought by saying or thinking to yourself, “Cancel that,” and then change the sloppy thought, like in the above example, to “Although I’ve had a rough time so far, I am going to get well in no time and feel better than I’ve ever felt before.”

b.  Sloppy Decision Making

Sloppy decision making can cause severe consequences—we know that. Think through things before you make any major decision that will affect you for more than a very short time, without depriving yourself from spontaneity. Spontaneity and being impulsive can have their charm sometimes, but we still need to know what we’re doing. Don’t buy things you can’t afford--don’t buy anything on credit, and make sure, in general, that whatever you decide to do, it’s going to benefit you and those involved who you care for in the long term and not only for the moment if it has to do with an investment.

2. Create Your Own Local Universe

Make sure you create your own safe haven, which includes your entire Local Universe. By a Local Universe, I mean your environment from the immediate one around your body up to the farthest away place you commonly travel to. Not only do you want it safe but you also wish to create it exactly the way you want it for you to be happy in it. Practice by changing your thought patterns and use the results from the practice you’ve done under Exercise 1 above. Think of your own Local Universe as something separate from that which is outside of it. Hence, what you read in the news and hear stories from near and far are news from other universes. In reality, they are stories from other version of the Multiverse, as all people experience different things in different locations in space/time. For example, a war that is going on in another country or the War of Terror can be presented in the news as an immediate threat to your own safety, but condition your space in your own Local Universe and understand that what is happening somewhere else is someone else’s learning experience and happens on another version of Earth! This is extremely important to realize because there are almost infinite versions of Earth and, definitely, one version for each person on this planet. Therefore, don’t get involved, either physically or emotionally, in something that happens far away that you don’t want to participate in.

3. Maintain a Healthy Body

This is not so much an exercise as it is a decision, but I think we can call it an exercise, too, because we need to learn how to stay focused and determined. If you want to eat healthy, you may stick to fruits and vegetables, mainly, but make sure you get your protein intake. There are many good books that can help you get started. However, to become multidimensional, it’s not necessary to be a vegetarian, but the key is to eat organic! I can’t stress that enough because GM food is slowly killing the body and eventually making it infertile—especially over generations. A more immediate effect from GM food is that you will get a negative reaction from the body. I guess it would be truer to say that the body is sending signals to you—signals that you usually are not trained to understand. Instead, they work as distractions. The body is trying to tell you that it doesn’t feel well, and because it doesn’t feel well, it will diminish your abilities to become multidimensional, which will require you to be focused and have a body that is reliable, clear, and healthy. Therefore, Exercise 3 is very important! Buy food locally, if you can, from farmers whose reputation is good and who, evidently, are selling organic, first-class products. They will be more expensive than what you can buy in the store, probably, but the price paid in the long term for buying the cheaper food, in terms of destroying our body, is way too high. Eating healthy will also boost your immune system, and an excellent immune system is what is going to be needed more than ever in the near future, as long as we are still living in a highly polluted world.

4. Practice How to Activate and Deactivate Your Own DNA

When you notice something about yourself, let’s say an unwanted trait, imagine the DNA corridor, and in your mind, go to the door that says—for example, “Uncontrolled Anger,” which may be the trait you want to get rid of. Therefore, you simply close that door and keep that part of your genome latent and deactivated. If you want to become more compassionate, you imagine a shut or half-open door that has the sign “Compassion” on it. Then you just open the door and keep it wide open, letting a huge flood of compassion run through your DNA. This is an ongoing practice—something you can do as much as you want and whenever you want.

I hope that this chapter has been helpful and educative, and these exercises will assist you in getting the basics for achieving multidimensionality. These exercises are something we will need to carry over even when we get to the more advanced studies. In fact, all four exercises are extremely powerful when practiced correctly. If we don’t have our basics fairly in order, we will fall on our heads later on. I don’t mean that it’s dangerous, but we will get stuck and need to go back to the level where the cause to the halt is located and pick up from there again.

My advice is to read the whole book through from beginning to end in order to get the overall picture of the information I am giving you. While doing this, you can start practicing the exercises from this chapter. It’s not recommended to stop reading and do the exercises to perfection before continuing with the next chapter. It’s important to get the overall picture. Another thing that I think is important is that the exercises here must be understood as ongoing practices. Some of them are never-ending—they are something that will always benefit us. Therefore, I suggest you at least do them to a point where you notice that you are getting observant enough so that they become a natural part of your daily life before adding more of the upcoming exercises to these ones. I know that most people have a busy life, so I have made sure these exercises won’t take much of your time, and you can do most of them even during your day at work or wherever you are. Remember, there is no such thing as failure. Everybody is going to run into obstacles and moments when they say that they can’t make this work. When that happens to you, you are probably closer to a breakthrough than ever before, so just push through and you’ll beat the obstacle. In addition, remember to have fun with it. That’s the purpose!

[1] A “vehicle” is the human body through which channeled entities communicate with an audience on Earth. A medium has agreed to let certain entities use his or her body to spread the medium’s message to those who want to hear.

[2] I am aware that there are those who have already disconnected from everything that has to do with the System, and there are those who have almost done so but kept some technology to keep in touch with the System in order to see what’s going on. These two categories of people, often living in collectives, have already done what the rest of us eventually need to do, but I have not counted them into what we’re discussing here.

[5] See WPP “The Third Level of Learning” for reference

[6] Ibid.

[8] Pleiadian lecture, Spring 2013.

[10] Ref: The Pleiadians: “The Big Wake Up”, Lecture given on 6/22/12 & 6/23/12, CD set no. 4, CD 2, track no. 12.



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