Beyond 2012 -- A Handbook for the New Era

E-Book by Wes Penre
[Released: June 12, 2013]
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Lost in a Labyrinth of Information
Chapter 1: The Universe Within
Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age
Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

Chapter 4: Dream Musings
Chapter 5: Conscious Dreaming -- How to Connect with Your Multidimensional Self
Chapter 6: The Inner Journey
Chapter 7: Homo Nova -- The New Guardians of the Living Library


Chapter 6: The Inner Journey 

Forgive Yourself and Others

"You will not find yourself by running from teacher to teacher, from book to book. You will not meet yourself through following any particular specialized method of meditation. Only by looking quietly within the self that you know can your own reality be experienced, with those connections that exist between the present or immediate self and the inner identity that is multidimensional." – Seth[1]

There are so many people who, in their desperation, are running from guru to guru, meditation program to meditation program, and Internet site after Internet site, only to abandon it and search somewhere else after a short time . It was Mahu Nahi (James) of the WingMakers site who said that during a lifetime a seeking person changed belief system an incredible number of times, and when they die, they are still searching, not coming closer to the truth than before they started.

This is true if you look outside for answers when the answers are within, and this is what James means. It is okay to look outside for teachers up to the point when we think that we don’t need them anymore. A good teacher always tells you to look inside for your own answers, and all the teacher does is bring students to the point where they are able to start doing that all on their own. It does take time to reach that point, but once we do, life becomes extremely interesting because we notice that we are creators, and we understand that we can virtually create anything. However, we don’t do it in the outside world, but from the inside world.

There are two ways you can be multidimensional—with or without a body. If you’re in a body, you travel inside, still grounded in the physical manifestation of yourself—however, without a body, you create instantly what it is you want to experience. Which one a person prefers is a personal preference, and they both have their advantage. Albeit at first, it sounds as if being without a body and creating instantly sounds useful. Non-physicals apparently have a tendency to be bored and restless in the long term and start longing for a physical experience. I should add that it’s not always so, but it’s not too uncommon.

The soul, as we know it, is not a finished product. In fact, it’s not a product at all, but is always in the state of becoming. We are all miniature versions of All That Is, or the Mother Goddess, who created us in the first place. Does that mean that the Goddess is not perfect? No, it means that She just is, and She created this and other universes in order to experience Herself from a random perspective where things are not predictable. It means that even the Goddess is in a state of becoming. As I see it, perfect is not the best state to be in—I can imagine that it would be boring. This was the reason why She created the universes and the souls to inhabit it. This is why She let the souls forget about their origin so they could go out there in the universe and start exploring and creating in a Free Will space and time and then report back to the Mother. In this fashion, the Goddess constantly gets to know more about Herself.

With this in mind, is there anything such as right or wrong or good and evil? These are philosophical questions that our greatest minds have tried to solve for eons because if we live in a Free Will Universe, aren’t we then supposed to experience everything, and not just what we think is ethical and moral? Doesn’t the Goddess want to experience it all to know more about herself, or do we want to censor certain things?

There are those who say that we need catalysts in order to evolve—if we don’t have catalysts, we would get lazy and would stagnate. Hence, those who take on the role of being evil are doing the rest of us a favor.

This sounds very logical and agreeable, but is this how it is meant to be? Should we be grateful for being tortured by evil? No, as I’ve done research over the last few years, I now realize that pure evil does not need to exist and express itself for souls to evolve. If we look at the situation here on Earth, we humans would have evolved a long time ago if pure evil did not exist here. Evil has held us back and prevented us from evolving rather than the opposite. The reasons we are evolving now is no thanks to evildoers, but have other causes—for example, the alignment with the Galactic Center and bursts of gamma rays hitting us triggers codes inside of us.

Evil came to the universe in the same moment Lord ENKI, or Lucifer, entered the portal into this universe together with his followers. That changed the game. Before they came, everything here evolved just fine, so I am not buying into the theory that we need evil to evolve. Catalysts, on the other hand, can be a good thing, but I would rather call them obstacles. Obstacles make life interesting, and that’s where we learn to a large degree, not from being hit with pure evil.

The reason evil exists inside of us as it does is because we have Lucifer’s genes. However, we also have the genes of the Goddess—therefore, it’s up to us which side of ourselves we want to evolve. We will evolve the side that we feed.

However, isn’t Lucifer the son of the Goddess? If we have the Goddess’ genes, we still have the evil gene, don’t we? Well, the Goddess is All-That-Is, but it is my understanding from researching this, that she didn’t put the evil gene in humankind. It’s not that we didn’t have any of it, but it was in no way dominant and not a factor in the evolving species.

Now, the way things became, both good and evil dwell inside all of us, so if we are pointing fingers at someone we think is evil, we are actually pointing fingers at ourselves too. This means the evil that you see in the world is also inside yourself or you wouldn’t be able to see it.

The soul is beautiful and She prefers beauty before ugliness and good before evil as a general rule because the Multiverse supports beauty, compassion, knowledge (light), and love (ultimate understanding). Therefore, when a soul becomes more evolved, she doesn’t need to express those evil and ugly sides of herself, even if some of it still dwells inside of her. Instead, she looks at it from outside in, sees it for what it is, acknowledges it, and it stops being an issue. This is what many of us did during the nano-second.

In order to become multidimensional, we need to consider these issues and take them on as true philosophers so that we can understand who we are—love and beauty. If that is who we are, what are we then? In our pure state, we are Creators, and we can create anything and everything! We have endless potentials, just like the Goddess has endless potentials as well. Unbelievably—we humans also have the Fire of the Goddess. We are truly Divine and have the potential to become Creators in the KHAA—she made us her equals! How sad it is to see that most of us are either abusing this right or have no intention to use it at all. Instead, we are giving this power away to star beings that don’t possess it in the first place, but do now, as long as they can steal it from us and suck it out from us every minute of the day. Instead of being the extremely powerful entities we are, we become lethargic, lazy couch-sitters who have stopped caring and stopped being curious. Such a waste. If people only knew what they were missing. Many of them still have the chance to wake up, but it looks like only a small fraction of mankind can be saved.

After having come to this realization, we understand that everything we can perceive, and more, is inside all of us, and what we don’t support and what doesn’t support our growth has to go, or it will sit there as a big obstacle for our future development. This is the time when we need our ill feelings to go, see things for what they are, and let the last pieces of our timelines merge with our present selves. Imagine it as if you are standing in the middle of a circle with all these energy tentacles reaching out from your body in all different directions. Each tentacle is a timeline, or a fragment of a timeline, which you still haven’t taken full responsibility for. Therefore, close your eyes, imagine these energy tentacles, and pull them into yourself, one by one, until there are no more. If you feel any kind of discomfort, don’t be concerned. Just look at what it is that is bothering you, smile at it, give it love, and let it go. This will pull your full personality into the present, unless you did not work at all on yourself during the nano-second and all of your timelines are still wounded and not yet healed. This is highly unlikely, however, or you wouldn’t read this book now. If you still are uncertain whether you completed the task or not, just continue reading this chapter. If it still appeals to you as we move on here, there shouldn’t be any reason to be concerned.

I have mentioned this so many times before, but it’s so very important, and now it’s high time to take what I suggested into practice. I am talking about forgiveness. Are there still people in your present or in your past toward whom you feel anger, disappointment, or even hate and feelings of revenge? If so, I must stress very strongly that you need to handle these situations, or you’ll be stuck where you are right now and won’t be able to go any further. The remedy to all these emotions—mild or severe—is so simple that anyone, hypothetically, can apply it. The only reason why it would fail is if you refuse to realize that all these feelings will hold you back, and the purpose with this is not to heal the other person who wronged you, but to heal yourself from the influence of that other person. If you still have attention on them, it means there is an emotional energy connection that pulls your own energy and life force out to that person or persons, and you let it happen. The first thing to do is to forgive these people, one by one, and then forgive yourself for your part in what happened, and then you let it all go. When you do, and you mean it, you should feel a great relief or a minor relief if the situation was never too serious, but serious enough to hold you back. Now you have cut off the chain that kept you connected to these people, and on the other side of the chain, they have to do the same thing, or they will not evolve much further. They, too, need to come to the same realization you did, but that is not your responsibility. You can’t make them change—it’s up to them. You can only change yourself. The probability that they will let go as well is much bigger after you took the first step, however. Remember that, ultimately, all evil you experience, even if it’s from another person, it’s just another aspect of yourself, and it only exists because you let it. However, by letting go, you may have saved yourself from having a future heart attack or cancer—this is how serious such unresolved issues might be.

Finally, you ask for forgiveness from anyone you may have hurt in your life. The best way to do this is to address them one by one as far as you can remember, and then end it by asking for forgiveness from those you may have hurt and who you can’t recall at the moment, and those whom you were unaware that you actually hurt. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to call them all up, go visit them, or write letters to them. Just like in the previous paragraph, you do it with thoughts, emotions, and intentions, three important subjects. You simply reach out energetically toward these people and ask for forgiveness. You may or may not hear back from them ever again, but it’s not that important. What is important is that you take action. Once you’ve done that, it’s finished—you took care of it!

Entity Possession and How to Get Rid of It


The primary and immediate reason to cleanse yourself like this is, of course, to be able to stay grounded in the present in order to practice multidimensional exercises. If you have ties here and ties there, attachments here and attachments there, you won’t be able to focus in the sense that you need to. However, as I’ve hinted, there is a secondary reason as well, which is of no less importance. It is that of managing psychic attacks. I mentioned in the WPP that in a Pleiadian channeled session with an audience of 15 people (of evolved people), 11 of them had attachments, meaning spirits of some kind attached to them, according to the Pleiadians. Some of them had more than one. In other words, this is extremely common. Not all of these spirits are malevolent, but some of them are. Those who are not may be deceased relatives, generational spirits that go from family member to family member from generation to generation, or they can be attachments the person has had for hundreds of years, following the host even into the astral. Others are just lost spirits who don’t realize they are dead and attach to anyone who does not have enough boundaries. Even if the entities are not evil, all of them, without exception, pull from your energy like vampires and can make you exhausted and lethargic for no obvious reason. Then there are more vicious attachments, such as hitchhikers, who are too lazy to take bodies of their own and instead want to run yours. Others (and this is much more uncommon) could be a member of the AIF, who have decided to use your body for whatever purpose. This is quite unlikely, unless you are of a Global Elite bloodline in a relatively powerful position.

The first thing to do is not to run to an exorcist if you suspect you have attachments. Instead, you learn to set boundaries, and you started already by taking responsibility for your human connections (above). The next thing is to learn how to ground yourself—something of utmost importance!

Imagine a powerful pillar of light coming from the cosmos, hitting your Crown Chakra (the top of your head), and go right through your body and deep down underneath the Earth. At the end of this pillar of light, imagine yourself creating a big anchor, also made of light, and anchor yourself there, deep under the ground. Then follow the light pillar backward (but always with the anchor well hooked into the Earth) until it reaches your feet. Then let the light form an egg-shaped halo around your body from your feet to the top of your head and close it there. Make this light bright and golden. Then let your spirit go over the egg-shaped golden orb all around you to make sure there are no holes in it anywhere. If there is, seal them. If part of the orb is too close to the body (5-6 inches away from the body is the best), let your spirit hands push it out until it is in the right position all the way around. Then put a cloak around you, if you want to be invisible to the spirit world. If not, skip this last step (it’s mostly for people who are out there, like I am). You are now shielded and have set up your boundaries. Beings who come from outside and see your shield will not even attempt to break through it. In addition, they can see you are anchored, so there is no way in, and if they had malevolent intentions, they will leave. Imagine this pillar of light, the anchor, and the egg-shaped golden orb around you a few times a day to make sure you keep yourself protected. After a while, you only need to give it a quick thought, like pillar, and the whole image appears in your mind and you’re protected.[2] There are of course other ways you can protect yourself, and whatever works for you is good. This particular shield I just mentioned happens to work well for me. In my field of work, entities always try to enter and disturb and destroy, but after applying the above, it made a lot of difference

Symbols and their Meanings


Volumes could have been written about the following subjects—and it has! Not all of them are in public domain, however, but hidden within the vaults of secret society libraries. In this book, I’m just going to touch the very surface of it, and I need to study it more myself before I walk out on thin ice and try to teach too much about it.

Briefly, symbols are a part of sacred geometry (they are basically the same thing) and one of the building stones of the universe—you will find them everywhere if you have consciousness enough to be awake to see them. The Global Elite and the AIF are using them all the time as logos to represent their organizations and businesses, and they use them in rituals and in their secret language between each other in order to communicate above our heads. Symbols mean something because there is significance and energy put into them. When the universe was created, sacred geometry was a major building stone. The meaning of most of the symbols being used to build the universe have been forgotten by most beings in the cosmos, except the most skilled and advanced Creator Gods. Other symbols, I can imagine, have been interpreted to the best ability of such people as the Global Elite, philosophers, and others, while some have been invented later and new significance was put into them. Even those, however, can be ancient and the meaning behind them quite powerful. Many of them are used against us without our knowledge in an effort to further manipulate us—in fact, symbols are a major ingredient in the manipulation.

Symbols have many layers. Depending on your level of consciousness, a certain symbol can have different meanings. A lot of sacred geometry is also built into our RNA and DNA, and some say that the reason we have been able to develop different languages is because these languages are already embedded in our DNA, and we just needed to remember. In the ancient past, all mankind spoke the same language—the language of the gods, an older language that later turned into Sumerian. Then, with the symbolic Tower of Babel story, mankind was spread all over the globe and was made to forget the language of the old gods. Scientists in general are telling us that humans come from different tribes and, therefore, brought the language with them when they met with other tribes, and the languages became mixed, yet related to each other, until we got what we have today. Even now, the languages are changing. This version of history is partly correct, except that the scientists have no clue how it all began. When humans were spread out all over the planet and could no longer speak the language of the gods, they started using what was already in their DNA and built their own language. However, none of the words and terms they created were random and coincidental. For certain, it seemed as if it was random or coincidental to the tribes who created them, but the words, which are all symbols as well, because they have meanings, came from people’s subconscious minds and are multidimensional. This doesn’t mean that beings elsewhere in the universe speak our languages (they don’t have our DNA), but within our own soul group, all languages are connected. This is why some people supposedly can speak 30 languages fluently—once they have seen the structure and the symbolic meaning of languages, it becomes almost second nature to learn new languages, which are only variants of a previous one they learned. This is also why linguists can take an English word and compare it to a word back in time, even before old Sumer. Words are related.

Now, take a look at letters. They are all symbols, aren’t they? Each letter has a meaning, and if we put letters together, they mean something that is common to a whole population of people because it’s agreed upon. However, the letters always have to be put in a certain order to express significance. Then, if we have a symbol that looks like this: “?,” we know it symbolizes a question, something unknown to the person who wrote the symbol. In daily life, we don’t think about this—we take words for granted. Hypothetically, a group of people can take words, give them a different meaning, and then speak them with each other. To common people, these words either don’t mean anything to them anymore, or they mean something else than what is agreed upon. If you are a member of a Global Elite society, using tricks such as this is not as far-fetched as it may sound. The only thing they need to do is to make sure that the public doesn’t know what the altered meaning of certain words mean. As an example, the word nuclear, when used in the mainstream media usually makes us think about nuclear bombs, nuclear fallout, nuclear science, or nuclear power stations, such as those that blew up in Japan just recently. However, for the Global Elite, the same word has another meaning as well, which is not commonly known to the public and can’t be found in any dictionary in any corner of the world. To them the word nuclear can also mean UFO or aliens [3]. Therefore, when a Global Elitist picks up the newspaper one morning and reads something about nuclear, he or she needs to interpret it by reading it in context. Does it mean nuclear power or UFOs? Things like this are done behind the scenes all the time.

The reason I am bringing up symbols now is because they are a physical manifestation of the Language of Light that we are going to talk more about in the next section. It shows the reader how things are connected.

The Language of Light


Eventually, in the next section, there are two exercises we are going to do—something I started practicing after being inspired by reading the Seth Material. Seth was talking about one of them in his books but didn’t put together a true exercise around it, so I decided to do that, building it on his concepts. The second exercise is built around my own experiences, and I have found it to be quite interesting. The following is what inspired me to do the first practice:

"The feeling of joy changes the objects themselves, in that the perceiver sees them in a far brighter light. He creates the objects far more vividly and with greater clarity. In feedback fashion, the environment then seems to reinforce his joy. What he sees, however, is still physical, the objects of the material world. Pretend now that he begins to daydream and falls into a reverie[4]. Into his inner mind come pictures or symbols of material objects, people or events, from perhaps the past as well as present and future imaginings, the joy now being expressed with greater freedom mentally, but with symbols."[5]

I mentioned earlier that we have to recreate the universe every single moment of our existence, or it would cease to exist. This may be unreal to some people, but let’s see if we can make it better understood. Ultimately, of course, we are the creators of the universe because we are of the same essence as the Mother Goddess, but if you think that is too abstract, let’s ponder the following. Have you ever thought about that every single solid object is a symbol? Indeed, it is because it symbolizes something. Take a chair, for example, and you can see that it symbolizes something to sit in. A glass symbolizes something that the body can drink from, and a car symbolizes something a body/mind/soul complex can go from point A to point B with.

However, the most obvious symbol is still your body because it feels like it’s more a part of you than the table over there. A certain symbol in 3-D, such as we touched on previously, means something different on a higher level of consciousness. A body is no longer as solid an object in the astral as it is here on Earth and, instead, symbolizes something with which you can travel the astral plane with. In higher dimensions, your body will be exchanged for one that is even less solid and so on, until a body becomes obsolete. At that point, a body-symbol loses its significance.

It is the same with all symbols—they have different meanings at different levels of consciousness, until at one point, they are no longer needed, and you will create freely without using any symbols at all. This state of being is not comprehensible for us as 3-D entities.

When this concept is described to the readers, the majority probably perceive the symbols we are talking about—even those on non-physical levels—as something outside of themselves, while a small majority perceives them as being something that is being visualized within. If you are in the majority here, no problem—it’s natural at this point. However, in these exercises, we are going to confront symbols that are obviously inside ourselves, and after practicing them for some time, hopefully, the reader will start looking at reality differently and in a more multidimensional way. Keep in mind, though, that there is no right or wrong in this, and we are not becoming multidimensional because the 3-D is wrong and should be hammered out of existence. We are doing it because we should have moved on a long time ago, and even if it’s been very educating to be here in spite of (and some say because of) the slave society we’ve been living in, you who are reading this are probably overdue to move on, whether to continue your journey somewhere else or in a better probability of Earth.

Humanity, as a whole, has been manipulated not to understand the significance of symbols—we don’t even understand that what we perceive and use every day are symbols so that we can communicate with each other and experience the physical world. We also lack in understanding that we are the ones who are creating the environment we live in, and I am talking about our physical reality now. We build ourselves a house, which symbolizes that this is my space, and we often let others build something for us because we think we are not able to do it ourselves (or we have a lack of time). Then we have people in factories creating beds that we later buy from them, and after we’ve done that, it becomes our symbol that signifies a space where we spend our time sleeping and dreaming and to have sex. All this we take for granted, but we never think about what it is we are doing and why. I don’t mean that we should walk around all day long thinking, “Look, that house symbolizes John Jones’ and his family space!,” or “Over there is a car. It symbolizes Mary Smith’s space when she is moving from A to B, and I am not allowed to intrude in that space,” but it’s always good to understand the basics or things because when we do, it’s easier for us to create from a more mindful perspective.

The symbols the universe is built of travel with light. Different symbols travel within different electromagnetic spectra, and when light hits the body, there is a potential to learn, as light carries information in the form of geometric symbols. These symbols can most easily be termed The Language of Light. I wrote about this as well in “The First Level of Learning.”[6]

Artists love to work with form, regardless if it’s a fine art artist, a sculptress, a musician, or a writer. Those who are not as savvy in the arts don’t always realize what the artist is doing and what the thought process is when composing a piece of art, but they know there is something special with it—particularly if it’s good art—and they admire it because they feel something inside. However, form, whether it’s a physical form (the fine artist and the sculptress for example) or an abstract form (the writer and the composer/musician), is always based on symbols in one way or another. The writer is as successful as he or she is able to transfer his or her communication and feelings into a symbolic language that can communicate to the targeted public. A piece of art doesn’t have to be perfect—it just has to communicate. Therefore, many say that our future lies in the hands of artists, and I agree. The artist is the visionary, communicating the vision to the audience, and if he or she is successful, others will think that the vision is agreeable. A world without artists is a world without visionaries, is a world without visions, and is a society without a future. Therefore, a great responsibility is put on the artist to communicate well and have a vision that will bring mankind forward, not backward. Words are symbols, and as such, they are powerful. Skilled linguists can manipulate people in any direction they want by using words as symbols. This is the reason why humanity is so split in their quest for the truth—there are too many con artists who are leading humanity astray. There are pros and cons with the Internet.

One thing the nano-second did was to implant symbols on gamma rays into the human body. As light equals symbols, we have certain symbols that are more important to the human evolution in its current state than others. Such symbols are, for example, the pyramid, the spiral, the parallel lines, the cube, the circle, and the Merkaba vehicle. The last one is what has to do with nano-travel. In the WPP, I wrote about many subjects, and some of them I mentioned briefly in order to remind the mind of its existence, but without overwhelming the mind by going too deep with it. It’s only later, such as in this book that we need to go into detail on certain subjects that were more like afterthoughts at the time.

We hear about the Merkaba often when it comes to expanding consciousness, and much of it is disinformation. This is obvious because the AIF does not want us to be able to nano-travel and figure out who they are.  Be aware of this, and be aware that although the Internet is excellent to use in order to wake people up, it’s also a brilliant surveillance system. If you were the AIF, you would want to know where humanity is in their evolvement in consciousness—you would want to know how we think. What would be a better way to find out than to let our minds communicate freely within a global network that is highly monitored? People ask why truth-seekers are not taken out at a greater extent, but that’s not the purpose. They don’t fear individuals like me or others in the sense that they need to kill everyone who figures something out. No, they want to know how far we’ve come, so they can bombard us with counter-information. The Internet is an excellent tool to do so.

This is what the Pleiadians have to say about the Merkaba in the sense of nano-traveling:

"The five-sided figure represents the figure of the human being in its most unlimited state—the free human. Some of you know it as a symbolic structure called a Merkabah vehicle. It is the human design without any limitations. It is the human being able to fly, which is something that a large majority of you do not think you can do. This implant comes when you truly commit yourself to what was formerly not possible."


"Those of your who are willing to believe that there are truly no limitations will be able to take the Merkabah structure and move yourself off the planet with it while you are still living on the planet. The desire to do this must exist in you if you are to be implanted with the Merkabah. Already some of you have attempted to travel with it, and you know how it can be used in your being. When you truly call the Merkabah to yourself, and you are willing to get the feeling of what that truly means—to be unlimited consciousness that travels with your body, without your body leaving the planet—that is when implant will occur. The Merkabah is not the highest implanting, as there are no highest or lowest implantings. Implanting comes when it will best suit your personal development. Once you have become implanted, there will be an unending process of new forms coming into your being."[7]

The Pleiadians go on with explaining that we do not consciously choose which symbols we want to download—it is determined by our everyday choices in life. What we mainly have our focus on will determine which symbols we will have access to. In other words, the areas we focus on will attract the symbols we need at the moment to go further in our development.

We all agree that certain symbols mean certain things—for example, an airplane is a symbol for traveling through air. However, although we may agree so far, we do not always agree on the airplane’s safety. Some people think it’s a perfect vehicle to travel relatively quickly from one place to another, while someone else thinks it’s a deadly time bomb that can crash and kill you any time. Therefore, when two people look at the same object, what they think about it may be different. The other person may or may not know the other person’s thoughts toward the object. Therefore, one particular symbol is charged with many different emotions, which makes the object powerful and can accomplish anything a mind is capable of imagining. Being aware of this, we can measure our own increase in awareness and consciousness by monitoring our thoughts and perceptions regarding a certain object.

Before you are born into a physical body, you carry only your internal images—your inner symbols. These are the symbols you have carried with you through your lifetimes and have been stored inside. These symbols can be accessed anytime through thoughts and emotions, which will activate the symbols/images and bring forth the memory. However, at the time of birth, when you open your eyes for the first time in the new body, you transfer the inner images to the outer world and synchronize them with each other in a way that is appropriate for a 3-D reality. The rest of the symbols will not be activated and remain dormant. A baby who is born into the same nationality twice in a row will learn the language much faster than a baby who isn’t. As a baby, you often think in the language that you used in your past life until you learn the new language. This has everything to do with symbols.[8]

Sound is also a symbol, and thought is sound, although we humans can’t hear it on our level of reality. However, in other dimensions, thoughts are audial, and can be heard by that form of consciousness. Thoughts as well as spoken words are not private, and in the larger scheme of things, there is no privacy. This may sound scary to many people, but if you see this as a norm, your thoughts are not very different from other people’s thoughts. No one will point fingers and say, “Listen to that individual! Can you believe what he’s thinking about?” On that level of existence, manipulation and control over others is not a factor. This goes way beyond what we think of as telepathy. In a telepathic communication that is intended to be consciously shared between individuals, you will be able to control the access to your thoughts and only send off what you intend to communicate—not much different from using spoken words, except for the difference in speed and comprehension.

Using the Language of Light to Travel Within


As we now have a better understanding of what symbols, images, and the Language of Light are, there are some exercises related to this. I understand that we all lead busy lives, and it seems like we don’t have time to do all these exercises, but there are ways. It’s not that we need to do them all every day, but just pick the first one and practice it until you feel comfortable with it and then go to the next. Although everybody is different and there is no fixed order in which these exercises need to be done, for the majority of people, I have presented them in the correct order for optimal advancement. It’s up to you how often you want to practice, but of course, the more time you can spend on it, the faster the whole process goes. You don’t need to master each exercise before you go to the next, but the point is that you need to experience firsthand how your own multidimensional body works. If some exercises don’t seem to work for you, try the next one, but give each of them a fair chance because, optimally, they will all work and that’s when you get the best results.

The first exercise requires direct sunlight. If the season is not right and sunlight is very scarce, you can wait until you get an opportunity, and in the meantime skip to the next. Just be sure to go back to this one because it’s a very important one since you will be able to see some of these symbols for yourself.

For the optimal results, go outside for this exercise, but it also works if you’re inside and can see the Sun directly and not just the light that’s coming from her. Therefore, locate the Sun in the sky, say hello to her (she will literally know who you are—she is a sentient being) and thank her for bringing all her wonderful light and warmth to Earth in order to make life possible. Then, close your eyes and turn your head directly toward the Sun for approximately 10-15 seconds. Then turn your head in a slightly different direction to avoid direct sunlight in your eyes (which will happen even if your eyes are closed) and with your Third Eye [9], look at the inside of your eyelids (your head should still be turned toward the Sun, so that the sunlight hits the left or right side of your face. You need the brightness of the sunlight). You should now be able to see symbols floating around from side to side, while some of them may disappear outward and others are standing still. These symbols can have all different kinds of shapes and form, and it’s of no significance what shapes and forms you are seeing as long as you see something. Observe them as they appear and establish what they look like. Are there pyramids, lines, squares, rectangles, circles, black holes, or something else?

Sometimes you can continue observing symbols for quite a while before they eventually fade away. To avoid too much direct sunlight, doing this exercise once or twice in a row should be enough. If you want to do more, take a break and do something else for an hour or so and go back and do it again. After that, it’s probably enough for one day.

This exercise is observation only. You may notice how some of the symbols interact, while others seem to move away from each other. Work on seeing patterns, if any, and try to establish which symbol or symbols are the most dominant. When you’re quite sure which one, or which ones they are, research the Internet for Sacred Geometry sites and learn what your specific symbols signify. See how they can relate to you. The most dominant ones are probably the symbols that you downloaded to a large degree during the nano-second—your symbol or symbols of choice—albeit indirectly so—as we talked about earlier in this chapter. This is very interesting because these symbols can teach you a lot about yourself that you may not have been aware of, and if you are one of those who believe you are here on a mission but haven’t figured out what that mission is, the symbols might tell you.

The next exercise also works best in direct sunlight. It is done in exactly the same manner as the previous one—except that this time, you want to interact with the symbols. Here you may play around with them as you please and see what happens. Whatever happens is okay—there are no set rules for this. The highlight of this exercise—at least from my experience—is to locate black dots or circles in general, which will work as stargates or black holes into other realities. When you locate one of these amongst all the rest of the symbols, go inside of it with your Third Eye and follow it to wherever it will lead you. My own experience (which may or may not be the same as yours) is that this black hole often leads to a tunnel and a white hole on the other side. Depending on which dot or hole I choose to follow determines which reality I will land in. It has happened to me that I enter another part of the universe, and sometimes another planet that I can explore in spirit form. Other times it leads me to places that are beyond my comprehension at this time, but I do my best to explore them anyway. You can return back through the same hole whenever you want—all you need to do is to think yourself back into your head, if that’s how you want to visualize it. You never have to worry about being stuck on the other side of the hole—that would be impossible. If you have a bad experience, entering a place you don’t like, you can always go back and try another dot.

This exercise is extremely useful because what you are basically doing is that you nano-travel. Everything you experience inside is actually more real than what you experience outside because everything that’s apparently outside of yourself is first created on the inside, but when it reaches the outside, it is always distorted to a larger or lesser degree. Hence, strange as it sounds, what you experience on the inside is a more undistorted reality. Hypothetically, with some practice, you can see these black holes even without sunlight—even when sitting in your living room. If these experiences I’ve just described that happen to me on occasion are not happening to you, it’s of no consequence. The purpose of the exercise is to move within any objects that you see—regardless of the shape of the objects. What happens after that is beyond the scope of this exercise . However, the more often you repeat the exercise, the bigger are the chances to see the black holes and travel through them.

A more direct way to nano-travel is to just think yourself somewhere, and a part of your consciousness will go there immediately, taking the most direct route possible. Every time you think yourself somewhere, a part of yourself is actually going there. However, I believe that most readers think of nano-travel as being present at the other location in a similar manner as you are present here, and there are humans today, here on Earth, who are able to do this already. Many of them are working within the military. Remote Viewing also comes to mind, and that, too, is a form of nano-travel. The remote viewer travels in spirit to a place decided beforehand, be it on Earth, the moon, or on some other planet inside or outside the solar system. Because of the Quarantine, no one is supposed to be able to leave or enter the solar system without permission, but it still happens all the time, as the Quarantine, similar to the Grid, has holes in it. Therefore, not everything that enters and leaves will be caught. Of course, if you’re a remote viewer working for the military, you know how to pass both the Grid and the Quarantine, whether you have permission or not.

Anyway, there are more sophisticated ways to nano-travel than remote viewing. Many star beings and star races use nano-travel to go instantly  from place to place in time and space, but most of them use technology to be able to do so, unless they are non-physicals. In the case of non-physicals, nano-traveling is a way of living and no technology is necessary.  

Humans, however, who still possess bodies in 3-D, will use their bodies to nano-travel, and they will do so by going within. By splitting our Divine Fire, we can ride the Avatar anywhere in the universe. When you do it the way you were designed to, you will experience it being just as real as it is sitting there reading this book—you will feel like you are there in spirit and will be able to experience the time and space you are traveling to just like a non-physical would. Just like you do on the astral plane between lives, you can then use an Avatar to manifest in any shape or form you want, and you can choose whether you want to be seen by other beings or not. Your personality is basically choosing a probable timeline to travel the stars and can therefore create whatever you want. You can even possess an alien body if you so wish, but you need to stay within the boundaries of what Universal Laws teach you. At the same time, you are still on Earth, doing whatever you’re doing. I get the impression that it is like a light switch, where you can shift your attention between the two locations. Sounds like science-fiction, doesn’t it? Still, science fiction is just telling us what is already possible because if someone can think it up, it is possible. Anyway, how does this work in terms that are more scientific? How can you be in two or more places simultaneously and experience them all as if you were there with your whole presence?

It’s not as strange as it sounds, if we think about it. The reason why we may consider it impossible or mind-boggling is because we are thinking in linear time. When we’re multidimensional, there is no such thing as linear time, unless we decide there is. Even if we decide that there is linear time for some practical reason, we can change our minds anytime  and experience time differently. Therefore, if all time is simultaneous and non-linear, we can be in different locations at the same time and switch between them as we wish. Consequently, in 3-D thinking, some people may ponder whether time is standing still in the other location while they are experiencing life in one location. Again, we need to learn how not to think in terms of linear time. When we think multidimensional, it’s easy to understand the concept of nano-travel.

However (and of course there is a caveat), at this point we are still working on becoming our true multidimensional selves again, and we need to take things in the order they come. I just want to have the reader visualize what nano-travel means, and this is what we all are going to be capable of in the future. It makes remote viewing look like child’s play, doesn’t it? Therefore, it will take some increase in consciousness and awareness before we can take the step fully and use our Divine Fire to travel across the universe and perhaps beyond. We need to take baby steps to get there, but rather than telling somebody that “oh well, all we need to do is to disagree with the AIF and their control system and we’ll snap out of the trap,” which is true but seems rather unobtainable, we need to do it in a way that is more in people’s reality. This is where books such as this one are valuable because they explain the process from the beginning and can hopefully make the reader visualize the goal. Then, by doing the exercises, we learn how to go within and trust that our bodies take us where we want to go. Instead of pumping the body full of beer and greasy hamburgers, we take care of it and use it for what it’s meant to be used for. No one will be happier than the body itself—literally so.

Disclosure of the ET Phenomenon from a Multidimensional Perspective


[The universe says]: "Here are all the situations representing the beliefs you have.. These situations are given to you by the universe automatically to show you exactly what your beliefs are. They are not to prove you are stuck in anything, or to prove you have failed in anything, but to show you beyond the shadow of doubt that, ‘Look, this is the reality you get because that’s what you believe to be true. If you don’t prefer it, then change the beliefs.”’ – Bashar, channeled through Darryl Anka.

Many channeled entities and others say that the Multiverse is a friendly place, and that we don’t have to fear. I agree that we should not fear, unless it’s valid fear that can save your life or save you from something unpleasant. However, I’m more in line with Bashar in the quote above, that we create our own reality with our belief systems. The entities who say that the Multiverse is a friendly place—amen—simplify things, and a person may be shocked to see that it’s not as friendly as they thought. I would bluntly change the statement and instead be honest about it. The Multiverse is as friendly as you make it! Yes, it is as simple as that. The reader probably understands by now that we do create our own reality and our own belief systems, and optimally, they are now, as we’re getting more evolved, more fluid and changeable.

I’m not trying to sound pessimistic or negative, but it’s imminent that we create the belief system we want to live by because the one we create is the one we have to face. Therefore, instead of us complaining about our situation, we just start with changing our belief systems instead, and importantly—don’t get tricked into a belief system you don’t like or fool yourself into one because of other people around you. You are the one who is evolving you, and Mary and David are evolving themselves and have the right to their own belief systems. However, you don’t have to share theirs if they don’t benefit you.

I am repeating this occasionally from different angles and with different allegories because it is so important. There are so many people who are evolving right now, studying spiritual and conspiratorial material, meditating and working on themselves, but no one has asked the questions: why are we doing this? Why do we have to evolve? Can’t we just stay as 3-D beings forever? What are the benefits from evolving?

Well, you may say, one obvious reason is the trap we’re sitting in. We are slaves, and who wants to be a slave? Others may say, to increase our consciousness and awareness, while a third category perhaps states that it’s a normal part of the evolution—species do evolve! Yes, this is all true, and sitting in a trap is reason enough, but there are 3-D realities where the species are not trapped. Why do they evolve? The real answer is twofold: First, we need to be part of and aware of other cosmic beings and be able to communicate and interact with them, and second, we are here to explore the Multiverse, and if we don’t evolve, we will stagnate.

For some time in the development of a species, we are meant to be left alone and do our thing and evolve to become something unique for our specific species without influence from others, but eventually, evolution means that it’s time to interact with the cosmos—the time of isolation is over. This does not mean that saviors should come down from the skies and tell us how to evolve and how to make contact. The willingness to make contact must come from us humans! This is very important. We have now long since passed the point when we should have reached out in the cosmos as Homo sapiens, but due to the prison we’re sitting in, unbeknownst to most people, we haven’t done what we were meant to do. Instead, star races are bypassing us and trying to make contact with us, which is the wrong sequence. Although I just said that we should be ready by now, we’re not. Our governments have made treaties with the wrong aliens and have made our situation here unbearable. That only shows that mankind was not ready for contact then, and we’re not ready now. Most people are not even remotely close to becoming multidimensional, something that is required for ET contact.

Genetic engineering and manipulation of a species is one thing, and it can be done with good or bad intentions. Either way, we are designed to evolve—it is part of a universal code and common to all species in the cosmos.

Our situation is unique because of the hierarchal control system. We are like children who never were allowed to develop, so we are mentally and physically handicapped, compared to what we ought to be by now. Tell mentally or physically handicapped children to start troubleshooting computer networks or something of the sort. They would be overwhelmed. This is what now is required by mankind when UFOlogists and others scream for Disclosure. Some of us would love disclosure—open the files and confront all the crimes and treaties and what have been done to us in the name of National Security. However, it’s a very touchy subject. I think the world should know what is going on behind the scenes—in that sense I’m for disclosure—even when it comes to the ET phenomenon. However, we need to think more than twice here. What would happen if the X-files were opened and the truth came out over a short period of time? People would be in total shock, and many couldn’t handle it. Their belief systems would be shattered—many would go insane—others would be in denial—many would cry for justice and storm the government buildings and hang their representatives, one by one, whether they are guilty or not. We would see all kinds of chaos, and many, many people would die in the tumult that would follow. Of course, we can choose to go through that and have it over and done with. We should seriously consider that so we at least come out of it with the truth intact. However, would we?

Here is the dilemma. If the pressure on the governments would be so high that they believe they need to give us something (and we may come to that point soon), they will open certain files, but definitely not all of them. They would hang out some people and throw them to the wolves to make us satisfied, while the real criminals would get away with it. What the Disclosure supporters forget and sometimes are ignorant about is that we are controlled by the same ETs we want to expose. Do we think that they would give us more than what is absolutely necessary? When they give us some carrots, they also make sure they can gain from it as well.

Dr. Steven Greer just recently released a film, The Sirius Project, in which he demands a full disclosure with the emphasis on getting free energy. However, he presents all aliens as being friendly, which is a deadly deception. That makes the bad ones able to continue their work behind the scenes.

It’s shocking enough to let the world population know that the ETs are here, but how do you explain to people that they are interdimensional and multidimensional? It’s not even real to people—they have no idea what that is.

This is why I think it’s too early. Mankind is far from prepared, and even if humanity would take the bull by the horn and accept the fact that there are beings from other planets here, there is plenty of room for deception. It could very well be an introduction to the Machine Kingdom, which I covered in detail in the WPP. Dr. Greer is constantly mentioning technology and is promoting the newest android phones etc.—making them mandatory in order for interested people to be able to see some features that the Greer team is presenting. This is not a good sign.

Instead, we need to build our multidimensional abilities. The ET contact will come later, and most probably peer-to-peer —on a personal basis, or with a smaller group. The rest of mankind may fall for deceptive Disclosure programs, and there is not much we can do about it. The information is out there for everybody to learn the truth, and if you can do it, they should be able to as well, but they’re not doing it. Can you force them? No. Again, it’s a personal responsibility to find one’s own truth.

It’s in the light of what we’ve just discussed here that it’s even more imperative that we stick to what we know is the soulution and continue doing our thing. With everything we know, there is no other way, and best of all—it’s the way it’s supposed to be.

The Feminine Side of Men


In the WPP, “The Second Level of Learning,” I frequently referred to the Divine Feminine and that people need to balance themselves—the female needs to find her male side and the male his female side. This doesn’t mean that women suddenly should express excessive masculine manners and vice versa or that one sex should dominate the other—it has nothing to do with that. First, everything in this reality needs to be as much in balance as possible to work the best. We were born with a certain sex, so that’s the sex we have chosen for this lifetime, but it’s been proven that the female has more Fire than the male—or at least has easier access to it. On one level, balance is needed in order to understand the other sex better, but men need to develop the feminine side of themselves, which is always there, regardless of how macho a man considers himself to be.

The first religion on Earth was the religion of the Divine Feminine, and that religion came directly from the stars and the original Creator Gods, the so-called Builders and their Helpers, the Founders. These gods were actually not masculine but feminine, and they brought down their religion here and taught their creation, early mankind, their wisdom. They taught the females how they could get access to their inner Fire and use it to heal, control the weather, talk to animals, shapeshift, but most important—the Fire kept mankind connected to the stars—to their origins. Thus, the first shamans were women, and through certain rituals, they could connect directly with the Goddess Universe and the Orion Empire. At that time, males had powers developed too. There were so-called Men of Fire as well, although it was harder to develop enough of their female side to be able to do what the female shamans were capable of naturally.

The reason males have a harder time is because we live in a feminine universe, where the feminine energy is the driving force. The male energy came later. How that happened is too much to go into here and could be a subject for a whole new book, but at this point, let’s just say that the male energy eventually was required so that a species would not succumb. Before the male was present in the universe, the female was hermaphroditic, and her offspring was always female and a clone of the mother. This was billions of years ago. With time, it was noticed that to have more variety—a second sex was needed, and males were created. This created more randomness in the DNA, and the offspring were no longer a 100% copy of the mother. However, to be a male also meant that his DNA was altered from the original universal DNA, which contributed to him having more difficulty bringing about the female Fire strong enough to connect to the 96% Spirit Universe.

Unless a man is so fixated with being a man that he refuses to have anything feminine inside of him, most men know that they have a feminine side. However, in a male-dominated society, we men have learned to suppress this side of ourselves to a larger or lesser degree. Of course, the AIF, which is a male-dominated regime, wants the women with the strongest Fire for the AIF to take advantage of. These women become Priestesses in their secret societies. However, in society in general, women are usually degraded to a second-class citizen, whether it is overt, such as in the Middle East and Islamic countries, or covert, as it is here in the West.    

Once we men, on an individual basis (and later on a more collective basis), have been willing to let our female side come out from her hiding place deep within, we will not only feel better and more balanced in general, but we will also notice that we have more psychic power

A Comparison between Physical and Non-Physical Beings


big part of regaining our multidimensionality and reconnecting with the Spirit Universe is to practice Sacred Sex. Here on Earth everything is about sex—without sex, nothing would reproduce. This is the brilliance of the 3-D existence—no cloning needed and no constant genetic engineering or manipulation. Therefore, sex equals reproduction, but for us humans, it means more than that because we were given the Fire of the Goddess, which means that we can connect with Her universe via the female orgasm. However, before we go into that in some more details, let us first learn the difference between how it is to be a non-physical entity and a physical, third-dimensional being, such as ourselves. This helps us understand ourselves better as sexual beings. I’m going to take Seth as an example because he is giving us such wonderful comparisons, and I am going to paraphrase some of it. Some of it will be my personal thoughts as well.[10]

The body is only one of the differences between physical and non-physical entities. These entities have different experiences that are not shared between them. Seth, who once was a 3-D being, explains that as a non-physical he has more opportunities in many aspects, such as that of creativity. He says that his environment is more pleasurable (although he admits that his definition of pleasurable has changed since he walked the Earth) and provides opportunities for creative activities. He also says that his environment is at least as vivid, varied, and vital as the physical experience.

Being a non-physical is not a one-dimensional experience—you can travel between dimensions, similar to traveling from one country to another on Earth. Although Seth is not living in a city or on a planet, such as we do, he is not living in empty space either. In fact, he looks at space different than we do—space, for him, is an environment he can use to fill with something. Hence, he uses his creativity to surround himself with an environment he likes. Therefore, his environment is a reality of existence that is created by him and others who are similar to him, and this represents the manifestation of their development.

Non-physicals are often drawn to each other, just like we humans are—like attracts alike. They create structures as we do—therefore, that’s what they mean when they say that their dimensions are just as physical as ours. However, their structures are not permanent, and they can un-manifest them at-will in a matter of an instant. Similarly, 3-D beings are building structures that are first created in their minds, so in that sense it’s no different, except that in our reality everything appears much more solid and takes time to create, and once you have created something, it requires more work to undo it.   

The soul is feminine in nature, but of course, no sexual activity as we know it is possible in the non-physical world, so there is no offspring. Non-physicals can manifest as males or females, and they can have artificial sex, which remotely can be compared with the characters in a video game having sex. The non-physical can transfer some of her essence into the manifestation and experience some kind of sensation, but it is not nearly as pleasurable as on a 3-D planet. Hence, many of them, who have experienced 3-D realities in the past, where sex is the way to reproduce (in some worlds it’s cloning and genetic manipulation), often want to go back after having spent some time as non-physicals, and those who never have experienced sex are curious and also want to take a body, eventually, to see how it is.

Food is another issue. Non-physicals don’t need to eat like we do because they don’t have to feed a body to survive. This has advantages and disadvantages, according to the non-physicals themselves. It is nice not to think all the time about having to feed a body and instead being able to concentrate on other things, but then again, after a while, they miss the tastes and smell of good food. I can somehow relate to this as an American immigrant. If there is anything I miss at all from my old home country, it is the food—I miss the smell and the taste.

In addition, Seth says that non-physicals often manifest themselves in some kind of form to show their uniqueness to others. Most non-physicals change their form occasionally in order to be true to their inner experiences. We here in 3-D do the same, but it’s much more subtle. Often, if we are to look ourselves in the mirror every day, we don’t look exactly the same every day, and we comment on it. We may stand before the mirror in the morning and say, “I look old today,” “Today I look good,” “My eyes seem bluer today than they were yesterday,” and these observations are real. While we’re still talking about form, the non-physicals can create several forms of themselves and travel with them simultaneously to wherever they want to go, but we humans do the same thing. We may be sleeping on the couch, while a part of ourselves leaves the body and appears in a friend’s room on the other side of town. We usually don’t do this consciously—what we create is another thought form of ourselves that then can appear elsewhere. Therefore, we are not limited to creating one thought form at the time, something we’ve discussed before, and something essential in nano-traveling.

Non-physicals communicate telepathically because they of course don’t have vocal chords and don’t need any. However, the term telepathic still doesn’t give justice to the method of communication they are using. When we think about telepathy, we often think of thoughts being transferred between individuals instead of spoken words. This form of telepathy is quite primitive, and instead many non-physicals communicate with thermal and electromagnetic images, which can support much more data and meaning in one sequence of transmission. The speed of the transmission depends on the present emotions of the transmitter, although they don’t have emotions in the same way we humans do, something well worth mentioning because it’s very important.

My perception is that Seth is transmitting to his vehicle, Jane Roberts, from the KHAA (or the 96% Spirit Universe) because this is what he has to say about his own emotions and those of his friends:

"We do feel an equivalent of what you call emotions, though these are not the love or hate or anger that you know. Your feelings can best be described as the three-dimensional materializations of far greater psychological events and experiences that are related to the “inner senses”.

I will explain these inner senses to you later, at the end of this chapter. Suffice it here to say that we have strong emotional experience, although it differs in a large measure from your own. It is far less limited and far more expansive in that we are also aware and responsive to the emotional "climate" as a whole. We are much freer to feel and experience because we are not so afraid of being swept away by feeling.

Our identities do not feel threatened, for example, by the strong emotions of another. We are able to travel through emotions in a way that is not now natural to you, and to translate them into other facets of creativity than those with which you are familiar. We do not feel the need to conceal emotions, for we know it is basically impossible and undesirable. Within your system they can appear troublesome because you have not yet learned how to use them. We are only now learning their full potential, and the powers of creativity with which they are connected."[11]  

This statement may sound quite comforting and relieving for a human studying metaphysics in-depth because of the usual experiences we have—unfortunately, from our perspective, star beings are quite limited in the range of emotions. Of course, on Earth, we are often contacted by future versions of humans, who are choosing to become more like cyborgs than biological entities in our future, which can explain the lack of emotions, but I’ve personally heard from more than one independent source that the range of human emotions is quite unique. Star races don’t have those emotions because they don’t have the Fire of the Goddess in such a direct form as we do. Thus, star beings who contact us may seem more insensitive than we are and may express themselves in ways that are more direct, without having any second thoughts about whether the other person may be hurt because of their insensitivity. ETs are more to the point and not at all as emotional as we are. This can sometimes create a problem when the human doesn’t understand this concept. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the star being is rude or insensitive from their perspective, although they sometimes may come across as harsh. I think this is a learning lesson for us, which can be tough, especially if we are overly sensitive humans. I hear comments repeatedly from star beings that humans are unique with their range of emotions and that this is what makes us human in the first place.

When we leave our physical bodies and go to the astral plane between lives, we still keep our emotional body as well as our astral body and other metaphysical versions of it—therefore, we do keep our emotions in the astral and, most probably, if we go into higher dimensions as well. If we retain our emotions (and all indicators point in that direction), we have some adjustments to make because other species and non-physicals out there may not have our range of emotions, which can be a shock for us in the beginning. This, in my opinion, doesn’t mean that we should work on getting rid of our wide range of emotions or keep them under strict restraints because then we’re not human anymore, but I do suggest for those who believe that they are oversensitive to work on toughening up, or you will probably believe that you are run over by ETs with much stronger intentions and energies in general. Star beings don’t hold back, from what I have come to understand—it’s only humans who hold their emotions back. This means that we are indeed very powerful if we want to be, and this is probably the whole reason why we hold back in the first place—we don’t want to hurt others—and the fact that we never had the chance to develop on our own created something similar to a traumatized child, making it hard to come to terms with so many feelings.

The AIF, when they arrived here on Earth ½ million years ago and started creating Homo sapiens from what was left of earlier versions of humans after an alien war on our planet, also tried to restrict our emotions and especially eradicate our love emotions. All they wanted was obedient workers, and love had nothing to do with that. However, as it were, the love emotions were deeply embedded even in the previous versions of mankind, and were part of our essence, so the AIF didn’t manage to eradicate them, and this is the only reason we still can feel love.[12]

However, if we have a tendency to overreact and take things too personal occasionally, we need to work on that, or we’ll have problems. The reader may think that this can wait until later because we are not going to meet with aliens anytime soon, but I would say that we shouldn’t be so sure about that. In the next chapter, it will be evident that within a few years, many humans who never thought they would get in contact with star beings at all suddenly find themselves experiencing just that. Therefore, it’s never too early to start working on this. Suffice it to say, it’s never a bad idea to work on this because overreactions and oversensitivity always stem from trauma and need to be addressed anyway, with or without star beings involved.

Still, being a disembodied human in the 4% universe may be a challenge because we are different from other star beings. Not that other star beings are all the same—far from it because they have personalities just like we do—but no one is like us because we are a special experiment. We were meant to evolve on Earth, and once we are done evolving, we could choose whether we wanted to stay as Guardians of the Living Library or return to the 96% Spirit Universe, from which many of us basically came. Well, we do have a third option as well, which would be to leave Mother Earth and explore and find a home somewhere else in the 4% universe (the visible universe), but then we have to learn how to deal with our emotions while we’re out there.

The second option, which involved returning to the 96% universe, the Universe of Spirit, there is no such thing as solid bodies, however, but you can create freely whatever you want, including bodies that are more transparent, and you always have your Avatar. Regarding emotions, it is my understanding that the universe of Spirit is also the Universe of Love in its highest form, and emotions will blend with that.

Non-physicals, of course, don’t know the term death. They can move into many different environments and dimensions and follow the rules and physical laws applicable to the dimension they are in. However, regardless of where they reside, time as we know it doesn’t exist. There is of course nothing like 4 o’clock and 9 o’clock in the reality of non-physicals. They live in a never-ending present moment, and although they can create pasts and futures if they like, they always do so from the reference point of an everlasting present. In that present, all probabilities are explored, all thoughts are evaluated, and all feelings are entertained. Because time is irrelevant for such a being, doing so is not time consuming, as we think it would be. This can be very hard to comprehend for the human neurological system. For example, if a non-physical would think about me, she would not only think of me as I am in this present moment, but would perceive my entire past and my entire future instantaneously, just as natural as if you would think of me sitting here typing on my keyboard on an early Wednesday morning. Now, perhaps, the reader may understand why we need to evolve in sequence and not learn all at once—our neurological systems would be fried in no time, and we would be so overwhelmed that total insanity would be the only term we can describe it with. Schizophrenic people experience this to a certain degree but don’t come close to how well developed these attributes are in a non-physical being.

In our own, from the above perspective, limited abilities in the 3-D world, our physical reality constantly changes, although we do our best to ignore it. We are working very hard, without being aware of it, to maintain physicality, and it takes a lot of our energy to do it, while the non-physical being has an abundance of energy to play with. It is in our dream state that we humans get a break and are able to enjoy the freedom of limitless creation.

Albeit, non-physicals can travel between densities and dimensions, they are not able to experience everything there is within these dimensions. As Seth says, there is much more variety in the non-physical existence than there is in the physical, and there are many camouflaged systems where consciousness lives, to which Seth does not have access. He continues by saying that not all personalities have once been physical—some have developed along different lines, which would be very alien to us. Then he says something I find quite interesting. He is telling us that consciousness is, of course, not physical and must, therefore, present itself in a different form, and it can do so in many different ways. In some of the more extreme ways, from a human perspective, consciousness expresses itself as highly mathematical and musical patterns that are themselves stimuli for other universal systems.

If a non-physical on Seth’s level would visit our living room, the first thing he would see would not be material furniture, but instead a phosphorescent-like glow, the aura of electromagnetic structures that compose the molecules themselves. If he were in a play mode, he could shrink himself to the size thousands of times smaller than a molecule, land on it and pretend this molecule was your world, and thus see the living room as your cosmos—your universe. This is possible and not at all as strange as it sounds. After all, what is nano-travel? Some nano-travelers may be 100% aware of the mechanics around their travel, while others simply know how to do it.

Seth admits that he is experiencing some kind of time, but when he starts explaining how it works, it sounds strange to us humans. He says that their psychological time could be compared in terms of environments to the walls in a room, but in his case, the walls would constantly change their color, size, height, depth, and width. It sounds like a psychedelic trip! However, to them it’s normal. We may think now that we don’t want to live in an environment like that, but if we came to that point, we would simply experience it differently and see the beauty and the logic in it.

Our physical senses create the reality that they perceive. A tree is very different from a bird, a spider, or a microbe. It doesn’t only appear to be different—it is different. We humans have our highly developed senses through which we perceive the tree, and the molecular structure of the tree we can tell is different from that of the bird. However, our senses are very specialized to function within the human system, but if an ant or a bird would experience the same tree, they would see it different than you see it, even though you are all in the same reality in the sense that you can see each other. Still, the only validity with which you can perceive that tree is your own—it’s even different from other humans, but much more similar than compared with an ant. You would be able to see three dimensions of that tree, in general, while the ant, being so close to the tree if it climbs up its trunk, can explore many more dimensions and densities of that tree. We don’t think in those terms, but if you do, and you do it right, it should give you new insights. A tree is not just a tree seen from a human perspective—that tree can be perceived in millions upon millions of different ways, depending on whom or what is watching and experiencing it! When you are out in real nature next time, away from cars, pollution, and the city chaos, think about these things—experience nature close up. Study it, acknowledge its awesomeness, perceive its wonder, and then thank Mother Earth for having the grace to host us. Many of us have realized how privileged we are to be children of Nature. Once we have cleaned house and can experience it the way it was supposed to be, nothing in the universe could be more awesome!

I have many times asked the reader to aim for clarity of mind. Your thoughts need to be clear, and what comes out from your mouth needs to be well thought over. In a time where we are forced to multitask and the stress level is barely sustainable, it’s hard to keep our thoughts clear. Particularly during the nano-second, when time sped up a million times or more at the end of the cycle. Everything had to be done at super-speed. When this book was written it was early in 2013, and I think most people think that things (including time) are significantly slowing down, and we think we can catch our breath again. One of the tasks we had at hand during the nano-second was to be able to be clear even under those harsh circumstances. There was a very specific reason for this. Without clarity of mind, we cannot create the future we want. If our thoughts are spinning, wandering from subject to subject without being completed, we create unfinished timelines upon unfinished timelines that we then will catch our attention and confuse us, and we will eventually end up in the asylum. All of us have probably at one time or another met someone who is talking constantly, trying to tell you something, and then in the middle of a sentence starts talking about something else. Then they repeat this pattern over and over until you feel like you want to scream and run out of there. These people have a huge issue with clarity, and I advise you to stay away from such people until they have managed to pull themselves together—you don’t need that kind of confusion in your life.

The reason for having a super-clear mind is because you will need it in the New Era and the New World. If you don’t know what you want to create and stick to it, you will never get anywhere, and soon enough more and more of us will get ET contact, and they will not contact people who are confused—I can promise you that. If there is something they avoid, it’s exactly that. Communication with humans will more often than not be telepathic—at least in the beginning—and then it’s important that the human and the ET understand each other. Therefore, if you think that you have an issue in this department, start using breathing exercises, meditate, and reorganize your life so you don’t have to feel the stress and anxiety that leads to an unclear state of mind. Please don’t tell me it’s impossible for one reason or another because if that seems to be the case, you need to change your belief system that tells you it’s impossible. It’s important enough to take me seriously on this. The year 2012 is over, and now we live in a small window of peacefulness and a slowed down environment, compared to how it was. If we continue with the same speed now as we had during the nano-second, we will crash. The energies right now don’t support that kind of stress. Everything is slowly calming down. It will not last forever…

Now, let’s discuss the concepts of space and time. We humans think we have it all figured out—all we need to do is to look into these enormous telescopes in the observatories or look at NASA pictures in books and newspapers and we know what’s out there. Not so. No more than the table and chairs in your room are solid, no more real are our perceptions of the universe around Earth. As Seth explains it—there is no space between his own reality and ours. Our planetary systems exist at once—simultaneously—both in time and in space. What we see appears to consist of galaxies, stars, planets, nebulae, space, and time. These seem to be at certain distances from each other. This is an illusion! As third-dimensional beings, we are heavily programmed to see the universe this way, and nothing else would feel real to us. What we perceive is mental, however, and is not physical at all. This doesn’t mean that we can’t potentially travel between star systems, just like we can walk from house to house and travel from town to town here on Earth, but it doesn’t make the universe solid, and it doesn’t make the seemingly long distances real. Seth says that when he enters our system, he moves through a series of mental and psychic events. We humans would interpret these events as space and time, and Seth uses these terms when communicating with us because his own language, when describing the events, would make no sense to us at this moment.

We take for granted that our physical universe is there and will probably always be there. We look for some outside source who is creating it all the time or created it once upon a time, when in fact, we humans are primarily the ones who create the physical reality. If a star being from another dimension would travel our way (in our way of thinking), and wasn’t tuned into our frequency of matter, the star being would just travel right through it without even noticing there was something there. In their reality, there is indeed nothing there, and they can prove it. However, when they tune into our little tiny frequency that is 3-D, a reality of matter slowly starts being visible where there previously was nothing. Suddenly there is a whole universe of matter materializing before their very being! This is how it works!

Every second of the day, an enormous quantity of dark energy and matter travel through our bodies. All this dark matter and energy is the 96% universe, which we can’t perceive in our normal 3-D reality. Still, the 96%, just as the 4%, universe is teeming with life, and life forms of all kinds are passing through our planet and our physical bodies every second without us knowing it. These beings can, if they wish, tune into our frequency and, thus, perceive us. More likely, they would, in that case, go to a frequency very close to ours so as not to appear out of thin air and scare us all into heart attacks. Still, people constantly see bleed-throughs from these other dimensions where beings are purposely tuning in to a frequency very close to ours to observe us. That’s when we for example see UFOs appear and disappear, in and out of our reality.

However, we are the ones who create matter. Each of us humans acts as transformers, automatically transforming highly sophisticated, electromagnetic units into physical objects, and we are not even aware that we are doing it! In addition, we are surrounded by weaker matter—however, its vibration is not low enough to be materialized in 3-D. Therefore, our physical reality is only a reflection of our inner reality, which we keep alive as an illusion outside of ourselves by renewing it in every blink of an eye. At any time, we can decide to not renew it, if we all understood how we keep it in position in the first place. The 3-D universe would disappear for us. However, there are other beings on other worlds who keep this same frequency going, and for them 3-D would still exist, but not for us.

Sacred Sex and the Divine Blood of the Goddess


Sex is one of the most important gifts mankind received from the Goddess, and it has been grossly misunderstood over the eons. Of course, everybody understands that without sex, we can’t reproduce in a natural way, and the species would soon die out.

However, not only humankind uses sex to reproduce—sex is what keeps the Living Library going. Plants do it, too, and so do animals. It is quite brilliant if you think about it. No one needs to be here and overlook the Experiments 24 hours a day—the Experiment takes care of itself! No cloning, no constant genetic manipulation—well, theoretically, at least, because this is the way it was planned and supposed to be. No one had taken into consideration that an alien invader force would take over the planet and use us as slave labor. This is where sexuality went wrong as well. The invaders came here with a patriarchal mindset, where sex was nothing but pleasure and, perhaps, a reward for a successful male, who had won many battles and was strong and able to protect the weak female. That’s how they looked at it, although the female always is the strongest sex because she is the one who carries and gives birth to the child.

Before the AIF came into the picture, the early humans knew what Sacred Sex was and how important it was. Female shamans, who had learned their practices from the original Creator Gods, expressed their sexuality in their ritual, but not necessarily to have physical sex with a male during the shamanic process (although this happened in a later, slightly distorted version of shamanism). Instead, the shaman held on to her sexual energies and delegated them to the 12 different chakras—7 within the body and 5 outside the body. Her sexual energy and the intense rituals gave her maximal ecstasy, which would light the Flame of her Fire inside, and that could make her reach out to the cosmos and project the energy like a laser beam right into the 96% universe. This way, the tribe, via its shaman or shamans, could be in communication with the stars—particularly the stars of origin in the Orion Empire.

The earlier human experiments were multidimensional and could nano-travel through space. This applies to both the Neanderthals and Cro-Magnon[13], and other varieties of humans, such as the Namlú’u.[14] Many of these tribes could, via their shamans, travel the universe together during their rituals, as well as bring good energies to their crops and create conditions for a good hunt.

These days, most people think that the early humans, before Homo sapiens, were quite primitive, and all they were good for was to hunt and bring home meat to the family or the tribe. Indeed, before they were manipulated with, they were much more than this. The primitive humans were multidimensional and knew about sacred sex because they’ve learned it directly from the original Creator Goddesses, who were dragons, reptilians, and humanoid in nature[15]. When a male and a female had sex, it was not just to release sexual tension, but to connect with the stars and communicate with the Multiverse, including the 96% and the Spirit Energy therein. You could say that humanity was only an orgasm away from the Goddess.

Since the AIF came into the picture, shamanism has been ridiculed, discarded as something primitive and superstitious and even banned in many places. Still, the Elite have always used shamans for their own purposes behind the scenes, unknown to the rest of humanity. In modern times, sex has become very superficial, and mainly to release sexual energies. Often, it is pleasurable and feels very good, but not always afterward—especially if there is no love between the partners. Today, teenagers have sex with their friends just to do them a favor. Then the whole idea for sex has been lost.

I am not going to go into too much about shamanism here, but rather, concentrate on the relationship between us humans in daily life and how we can reach higher realms by having Sacred Sex.  

I wrote about this in the WPP, “The Second Level of Learning,” but will repeat it here since it is very relevant and important to understand on our multidimensional journey. What we have (and which I have brought up several times in this book) that most other beings in the 4% universe don’t have is the Divine Fire, but there is another thing we are quite unique with as well, and that is our Divine Blood! Those who have researched black magic know that the magicians often drink human blood in order to accomplish the goals of the ritual. The most powerful blood is that of women (especially menstrual blood) and the blood of innocent children. It’s never been quite clear for people who are not High Priests or High Priestesses in the black magic secret society why it’s so important to use certain kinds of blood, but that is the answer.

The menstrual blood is a gift from the Goddess, and the menstrual periods were something She wanted the females to go through as something sacred. On the battlefield or when people are getting wounded, they bleed, but that blood is often associated with trauma and is, therefore, in that sense contaminated. The menstrual blood, however, is not. Though women may have cramps and different levels of menstrual pain connected with their periods, it is not, in general, connected with traumatic circumstances—hence, the menses are clean.

The Goddess gave us an incredible gift, which is the ability to have Sacred Sex, and thus eat the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge. However, it is through the blood that runs through our veins, combined with Sex Magic, that makes us able to connect to the Inner Sanctuaries of the KHAA. We humans can achieve this by having sex during the menstrual cycle.

All blood, in all beings, is the life force of the Goddess, but the Goddess can make the blood purer or more diluted as She wishes. Humans have the key to the Living Library, and through our pure blood connection with the Goddess, we can enter the KHAA unconditionally—no strings attached! Normally, this is something a star being (or soul group) accomplishes by showing their ability to express compassion and Divine Love.

Much has been written about Sacred Sex, and it has been made complicated, which is done on purpose. The AIF complicated the matter so that humans forgot how to accomplish the goal! Today, hardly anybody knows how to do it. However, if two people truly feel tremendous love for each other, they may do it correctly without even knowing anything about the story behind it. However, even if true, they normally don't know that they need to set distinct goals or their sexual energy will be hijacked. By hijacking these energies from two lovers, the AIF can accumulate it in their own system and potentially use it in a future attack on the Orion Empire and the Spirit Universe. Therefore, from their perspective, as usual, it's best to keep mankind ignorant.

For the goals of Sacred Sex to be achieved, two human beings must not only love each other, truly and honestly, but also know each other very well (Sacred Sex would work between two women as well). They also need to be very honest in their relationship. When this is accomplished, and these two people have sex (especially during the menstruation period) magical things can happen. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul, so both people will gain so much more if they keep eye contact during the act. By doing so, they can see the emotions and the ecstasy in each other's eyes, and the two lovers blend together and become as one. Although this works between two women as well, the male sperm has its own magic, which adds to the process. The woman giving away her most inner secrets by sharing her blood with her lover is the ultimate gift she can give a man. During the act, the man also has the opportunity to drink from the fountain of the Goddess, and both the male and the female get electrified.

When the orgasm comes, the explosion this creates in the 4% Universe as well as in the KHAA is a merge with the Goddess herself. The power in this, as well as in the sexual act all together, is enormous. Therefore, it is extremely important to set a goal before you have Sacred Sex. What do you want this powerful act to accomplish? It could be anything from empowering yourself so you can use this extended power to create good for yourself, your family, and your friends or to extend the effects to include the whole planet in a positive way. Anything in between is great as well. Sometimes, when something needs to be healed and repaired in one's own life, it is perfectly okay to let the energies go in that direction. What the goals are is your personal choice and something no one else has any say in, but it's very important to set the goals so that the energies are not hijacked by negative beings in the astral. Earth, seen from the astral, is a planet full of explosions, like erupting volcanoes shooting their lava up into the atmosphere or like lighthouses turning their lights on and off in a blinking manner. These are the energies of people having sex and orgasms down here on the planet. It's simple for the AIF, waiting in the astral, to suck these energies in as much as they want, and nothing (or very little) reaches the KHAA. Thus, the whole intention for having sex (besides making babies) is lost.

As I'm sure the reader understands, much has been done to suppress this knowledge, and the bleeding cycle of women has been degraded to something dirty and messy, when in fact it is the ultimate share. This doesn't mean, of course, that a man and a woman should only have sex during the menstruation periods. Sacred Sex can be done anytime if the right love connection is there between two people. They can still achieve goals that are very powerful without the blood connection by just sharing their emotions and by looking into each other's eyes during intercourse. This way, it's not only the second chakra that's involved in the sex act, but all the upper chakras as well, and it even opens up the eighth to twelfth chakras outside of the body, which are normally quite closed as long as we are imprisoned here in 3-D.

No ETs can accomplish what two humans in love can do, even if they seduce a woman to such a degree that she is fooled into loving him dearly (which happens—they can be extremely seductive). The problem is that he can't love her back the way that she loves him—it's not in their system to be able to feel that much love. The only true love they can feel is the love for power and technology. That's where they want humans to end up as well, and we will, unless we change our ways. As alarming as it sounds, we humans are the only beings in the 4% universe with our range of emotions! There are apparently no other beings out there who can feel as strongly as we do—there are even star races out there, as we know, who almost lack emotions.[16] [17] [18] [19]. We need to remember that the 4% universe is a universe of force. If we want to experience the real universe, which still is under the Goddess’ control, we need to aim for the 96%, which is the universe of love, compassion, knowledge, art, and creation.

A few hundred years ago, when a woman’s menses stopped, it was believed that she was to be feared because she could hold the blood and keep all the power to herself. In reality, when a woman goes through this period of less and less menses, or a longer period of time between them (although, it's not uncommon that women bleed more during menopause than they did before), she literally experiences a pause. If she is aware of this and doesn't feel guilt, shame, or sadness during this time period, she is actually transforming something inside, and she is landing in a place of more wisdom. Instead of absorbing this wisdom, most women are taught that they are less attractive and are getting closer to death, and they learn to hate and curse their bodies, and in other, perhaps less extreme ways, learn to dislike them. This puts the body off balance, and it can react in the most unpredictable ways, which then is being erroneously connected to menopause. Other women (who may not feel these negative emotions and instead continue loving their body) often don't have any particular problems during menopause. I know women (my mother included) who had their menses as usual, and one day they just stopped. They didn't feel anything unusual with their bodies during the whole menopause process. Now, I'm not saying that all women who have problems during menopause hate their bodies, but I am suggesting that if women washed away all these patriarchal ideas added to the menopause process, women in general would be able to go through the experience as something quite positive.

Our thoughts are recorded by our blood. They are imprinted together with our feelings and radiated outward so that everyone who wants to can read them. We are the sum of ourselves in the physical form because of our blood. This is why having a blood transfusion is a very critical thing to do, and this is also the reason why certain religious groups refuse to have one and prefer to die (they even let their children die rather than having them go through a transfusion). What happens when we get someone else's blood in our veins is that we also adopt that person's personality, emotions, and memories to a certain extent—i.e. our personality may change afterward. These same religious groups believe that their personality (and the reason for their lives) disappears during such interference.

The blood is produced within our bone caverns that serve as our skeletal structure. This is why shamans and others use the bones of their ancestors in their rituals—they believe that the memories of the deceased are stored in the bones. This is actually quite correct because the memories are stored in the blood, and the blood is created in our bones.

When we align our consciousness and become more aware, we also automatically purify our blood, and our blood becomes something very, very sacred.[20] The red blood cells are manufactured in the bone marrow, and when we realign the bone, the bone purifies the blood and sorts out the inner secrets of identity. This is why bodywork changes the structure of our blood.

What women have forgotten is that the blood is the source of their power.[21] The Pleiadians say:

"The blood carries the genetic code, and because the Mother Goddess is the source of all things, this is where the code comes from. It is where the story is hidden. Menstrual blood can be used to nurture plant life, to mark Earth, and to let Earth know that the Goddess lives again. In general, women don't bleed into Earth anymore. Doing so is a direct transference of the energy of the Goddess."[22]

By letting the menstrual blood touch the Earth, women nurture her. Therefore, in a society where we spend most of our time indoors and we have clothes on, I think it may be a good idea to let some of the menses be spread out over the property to nurture Mother Earth. The Pleiadians relay a message to all women so that you understand that your menstrual blood is the source of your power and your deepest inner knowledge. In the bleeding process lie many of the keys to bringing the Goddess back onto a planet, which is so energetically altered toward male dominance and negative power.

Furthermore, the Pleiadians tell us that if we are not interested in the Goddess energy and the mysteries of the blood, we miss out on an integral part of life and will not understand what is occurring on our planet. Men need to learn how to honor the blood (especially the pure menstrual blood), and women must do the same thing, and if these things turn us off, or we think it's not important, we are completely missing the point. The Pleiadians say that this is the most powerful teachings they can give us right now to help us understand what is coming. They emphasize that we need to honor the Goddess vibration that comes through our hearts and helps our hearts open.[23]

Menstrual blood is highly oxygenated, and the purest of all blood, and in humans, it carries the decoded DNA. The Pleiadians tell us it's the oxygen that decodes those strands and allows the restructuring of the data.

As an aside, perhaps, I keep stumbling upon information from everywhere about the moon. Even the Pleiadians in their material talk about it as a construct, and that it highly affects humans and all life on Earth (which is quite commonly known), and especially the menstruation cycles. The Pleiadians say the moon is a very powerful electromagnetic computer.[24]

As we know, men don't bleed. Therefore, the only way for men to, in an appropriate way, take the power of blood inside them is for a woman to gift him with her blood—to share her sacred elixir. It can be done through oral sex, or to eat fruit and vegetables that have been grown in the soil where a woman has spread her menses, or a man can be marked on the back of his neck or the soles of his feet with the blood from a woman. His body will absorb the knowledge.

Unfortunately, having sex during menstruation has had such a deep negative imprint on the human mind that many people think it's repelling. If the reader (whether a man or a woman) enjoys having sex during the bleeding period, you have overcome a deep imprint. This is a very ancient ritual that stems from the time when the Matriarchs were dominant on our planet, before the Patriarchal Regime took over. It was very powerful and kept the inhabitants in connection with the Goddess.

The men's equivalence to menstruation is the sperm. The sperm is the Goddess’ story encoded in the male vibration, and contains the interpretation of how the male remembers that story.[25]  Here is the interesting thing for us men: when we have sex with a woman during her period, our sperms can act as explorers and telepath back to us the power and knowledge of the woman. A man can, under these circumstances, get access to the woman's full identity. This is why it's so important that the partners are very honest with each other and don't mind sharing all the secrets because if the woman is willing to share her menses with a man during the sexual act, he will get access to her inner sanctum. Her inner sanctum is the heart of the KHAA.

The Fire of the Goddess, which we received as a gift from her, is in the human body directly connected with the blood.

The Tree of Knowledge has to do with Sacred Sex, and the Tree of Life has to do with blood. We know that blood is red and sperm is white. These two, mixed together, is the key to longevity and eternal life. In secret societies, this is well known (especially at the upper levels), and men, especially, who had this knowledge, went crazy about mixing semen and blood and drinking it. Conspiracy writers (more often so in earlier years than now, unless they are Christian) curse everything that has to do with mixing these fluids, when indeed it is something extremely important for us to understand and even practice. It’s the distorted aspect of it that has given it a bad reputation, plus the fact that the AIF and their Global Elite bloodlines have always wanted to keep us ignorant on this subject. It is therefore quite important that we stop having sex just for our own egotistical pleasure and start setting goals for our sexual acts. They can be the same goals repeatedly, and don’t have to be changed every time we have sex. However, we need to set them in our thoughts before we start being intimate, or our sexual energies will be hijacked. If you feel fatigue or extreme tiredness after you’ve had sex, when you’re otherwise healthy and energetic, it’s very possibly a sign that someone stole your energies during the intimacy.[26] 

The Six Heart Virtues—Making Use of the Fourth Body Chakra


The human body is made up of seven chakras, or body centers, from which energy flows in both directions. This is what most esoteric teachings are telling you and shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody. What most people don’t know, however (unless they have read my papers) is that there are also five chakras outside of the body, which make us connect with the Outer Universe.  For those who are not familiar with the chakra system, I will list the 12 chakras here:

1.   The Root Chakra (or the Red Chakra) is located at the base of the spine, in the coccygeal region (the 3-5 separate or fused vertebrae below the sacrum, which is the large, triangular bone at the base of the spine). The first three chakras are the “Survival Chakras,” and this particular one has to do with fight-or-flight, when survival of the body is threatened. It is related to instinct, security, and survival, but also to sexuality. It also has a relation to the sense of smell (something that usually diminishes with age—more so in men than in women).

2.   The Sacral Chakra (or the Orange Chakra) is located in the sacrum, which is the large, triangular bone at the base of the spine and the upper back part of the pelvic cavity. It corresponds with the testes and the ovaries that produce the various sex hormones involved in the reproduction cycle. It is also generally connected to the genitourinary system and the adrenals and is associated with relationships, violence, addictions, basic emotional needs, and pleasure. On a physical level, it corresponds to reproduction, on the mental level, it has to do with creativity, and on the spiritual level, it governs enthusiasm.

3.   The Solar Plexus Chakra (or the Yellow Chakra). This chakra is related to the metabolic and digestive systems. It plays a major role in converting food matter into energy, and digestive problems often stem from blockages in this chakra. It also governs issues of personal power, fear, anxiety, opinion-formation, and introversion.

4.   The Heart Chakra (or the Green Chakra, also sometimes the Pink Chakra) is the most important chakra for us humans now when we are evolving. Although we want to open all chakras eventually and be able to be in charge of them, the Fourth Chakra, The Heart Chakra is what we always need to pay attention to. One of its symbols is the hexagram, or the six-pointed star, which basically is two triangles, put together—one pointing up and the other pointing down. On this level, it signifies the male and the female polarities, and the union thereof.

The Heart Chakra is related to the thymus, located in the chest. It has to do with the immune system as well as being part of the endocrine system. This chakra is involved when fighting off disease and can be adversely affected by stress.  The Heart Chakra involves complex emotions, compassion, tenderness, unconditional love, equilibrium, rejection, and well-being. Physically, it governs circulation—emotionally, it governs unconditional love for the self and others—mentally, it governs passion—and spiritually it governs devotion.

5.   The Throat Chakra (or the Blue/Turquoise Chakra) is parallel to the thyroid and responsible for growth and maturation and clarity of speech, stemming from fluent thoughts and clarity of mind. It governs communication, independence, and security. In Dream Yoga, it plays a dominant role in lucid (conscious) dreaming.

6.   The Brow Chakra/The Third Eye corresponds to the colors violet, indigo, and deep blue and is linked to the pineal gland, which has to do with envisioning. The pineal gland produces melatonin, which regulates the sleep cycle and when to wake up. This chakra is balancing the Higher and Lower Selves and trusting inner guidance. It also has to do with intuition.

7.   The Crown Chakra (or the Multicolored Chakra) is generally considered the chakra of pure consciousness and is located either on the crown of the head or just above the crown of the head. It also symbolizes wisdom and the death of the body. Its inner aspect deals with the release of karma, the physical action with meditation, the mental action with universal consciousness and unity, and the emotional action with beingness. However because most teaching orders let the chakra system stop here, this chakra is thus the highest, but there are an additional 5 chakras, adding up to 12 chakras all together (we live in a universe of 12+1, where the number 13 is reserved for the Goddess). Hence, the Crown Chakra is also a connecting point to the upper, out of body chakras that follow. The ninth through twelfth chakras are relatively undeveloped in most humans at this point and are truly multidimensional. Not until we become more in tune with our own multidimensional selves will these chakras leave their cocoons, open like flowers in spring, and expand outward toward the point where they are supposed to be located.

8.   The 8th Chakra (color unknown) is within our realm of activity.  It hovers 12 inches or more above our heads. Most people keep their eighth chakra close to their physical body.

9.   The 9th Chakra (color unknown) is also quite close to the body, within a few feet from it. When these nine chakras are more developed, this chakra will move out into the atmosphere of Earth to become more of an Earth chakra, connecting into the gridwork. It's a link.

10.   The 10th Chakra (color unknown) is much further out, as are the 11th and 12th chakras. The 10th Chakra, once it is in line and plugged in, will be in your solar system.

11.   The 11th Chakra (color unknown) will move out into our galactic system.

12.   The 12th Chakra (color unknown) will be located and anchored some place in this universe.[27]

The chakra that we will automatically concentrate most on as we are evolving is the 4th—the Heart Chakra, which has a lot to do with compassion but also other emotions that are important for us in order for us to become multidimensional. Mahu Nahi, who wrote down the teaching from the WingMakers[28], talks about the Six Heart Virtues, which we would gain a lot from practicing in our everyday life. When something happens that we have some problems with handling—whether it has to do with people or situations in general—he suggests that we take a look at the following six virtues, see which one (or which ones) apply, and then simply apply them to the situation. The Six Heart Virtues are (in alphabetical order):







If we just memorize these six virtues so that we quickly can go through them in our heads, we can then easily see which ones apply to the situation we are in. In the beginning, if it’s easier, write them down on a sticky note that you bring with you in your pocket or in your purse. After a while, we’ll notice that we don’t need to dig into every situation deeply and thoroughly and get lost in the complexity of it. Instead, by applying the above, many otherwise seemingly unresolvable situations can be dealt with within seconds.

I have the free pdf file Mahu Nahi offers online, called “Living from the Heart” available for download on my website, so I suggest you click here, http://wespenre.com/pdf/living-from-the-heart.pdf, and read it through. It tells you more about how to use the Six Heart Virtues.

Our Breath—The Physical Body’s Connection with the Quantum Field


When people come to me and tell me that they are either fearful, anxious, depressed, or feeling powerless, I tell them to breathe. If they haven’t heard of this before, first, they look at me as if I were weird. Then I tell them, of course, what I mean by this—different explanations depending on how high their level of knowledge is—and to many, it at least makes sense enough for them to try it out.

In fact, breathing exercises connect us with the quantum and subquantum fields—the universe of the smallest particles known to man, where everything is connected and that also is the All That Is—the Spirit World and the Goddess. If we feel out of touch with ourselves, our fellow man, our work situation, or our love relationship etc., or if we feel fearful or have any other kind of unwanted emotion or condition to deal with, we have a tendency to try to deal with it in the physical universe and think we can solve it that way, when the source of the problem is not in the physical universe. The reason we have any of the above issues (or other issues not described here), is because we are disconnected from the quantum field, which gives the cells in our body life and energy and make them spark and ignite. The most common indicator that you need to plug yourself in is if you feel out of energy or fatigued.

We humans have a tendency to go on with life, trying to do the best we can to handle what we think we need to handle in a day.  We perceive it as if we have next to zero time to tune in to anything spiritual, so we even forget that we are spiritual beings. Instead, we make ourselves vulnerable for attacks—both from humans and the spirit world because we ourselves are disconnected. Then we wonder why we are not feeling good.

Another thing that seems typical for us humans is that even if we know the remedy to something, we don’t practice it when we need it the most. A depressed person, for example, doesn’t want any solutions as long as he or she is depressed. A friend may come up with ideas and solutions for the depressed person, who doesn’t want to hear about it and rejects every idea, regardless if the ideas are good or bad.

Breathing exercises are the remedy, and it’s so easy to prove. Do one and you’ll notice for yourself. Then, of course, it’s your responsibility to do it on a continuous basis and apply it when you feel disconnected from the Divine Feminine. I have mentioned the importance of breathing so many times in my writings that the reader who has read them all may be quite tired of hearing about it by now. However, sometimes I wish I could write a book with only one chapter, talking about breathing exercises, and then repeat that chapter seven or eight times to make it a whole book. No one would read more than the first chapter, but perhaps they would think that “Hmm, maybe Wes thinks this is important!” If true, the reader would have hit the nail on the head.

There are many different breathing exercises you can learn, but I want to once again recommend something from the WingMakers. You or I may think what we want about their teachings in general, but it’s always a matter of sorting out the wheat from the chaff, and both the Six Heart Virtues and the Quantum Pause, which I will now introduce to you, are exceptionally great stuff. Therefore, I advise you to explore the Quantum Pause for yourself and start practicing it—it will certainly pay off. I have that one as well on my website, and you can download the whole Quantum Pause section here, http://wespenre.com/pdf/Appendix-cognitive-section-quantum-pause-breathing-exercise.pdf.

This should conclude what I wanted to share in this book for practices that get us closer to our natural state of multidimensionality. If you do the exercises and consider taking what I’ve written here to heart, you will notice after a while that you will change drastically, and then, when you look back to whom you were before you started reading this handbook and compare it with whom you will be after have used it for a while, you will probably be quite amazed. You will possibly also notice that you will find your own versions of what I’ve taught you, and even new exercises that you can use on yourself.

The last chapter will discuss what it will be like when we once again become the Guardians of the Living Library as multidimensional beings in a human body, free from suppression and outside manipulation. We will discuss a Paradise on Earth—Homo Nova, the New Human!

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