Beyond 2012 -- A Handbook for the New Era

E-Book by Wes Penre
[Released: June 12, 2013]
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Lost in a Labyrinth of Information
Chapter 1: The Universe Within
Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age
Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

Chapter 4: Dream Musings
Chapter 5: Conscious Dreaming -- How to Connect with Your Multidimensional Self
Chapter 6: The Inner Journey
Chapter 7: Homo Nova -- The New Guardians of the Living Library


Chapter 4: Dream Musings 

Brainwave States

"Man has no body distinct from his Soul: for that called Body is a portion of Soul discern’d by the five senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age." ~ Robert Blake

Shamans have always known that the path of death and the path of rebirth are the same. Normally, we don’t fear life as much as we fear death—still the two are indistinguishable. When we die from this life, we are born into the afterlife and vice versa. The fear lies in the fact that there is a veil of amnesia between the two, and we know from reports by those who died in accidents or on the operation table that they could see the surgery or the place of accident from above. Then some of them went further and met with their spirit guides, dead relatives, or someone else that meant a lot to them. It was not yet their time to die, so they eventually returned to their bodies and continued the lifetime that was so close to being prematurely terminated.

Once the soul had returned to the body again and awakened, one thing the person almost always said was that never again would they be afraid of death, and in fact, many of them did not want to return to life here on Earth—it was much more pleasant on the other side. Interestingly enough, some of them are said to have spent what appeared to be the equivalent of a whole lifetime in the astral, more or less, before they returned to their body at the same time they left it.

This phenomenon, where we spend a different amount of time in the astral than we were gone in Earth-time, actually has a scientific explanation, which has to do with cycles per second. Researchers have, thus far, mapped out four main brain states:

1.     Beta. 14-100 cycles per second, normal alert waking state. Higher range associated with anxiety, disease, fight or flight conditions.

2.    Alpha. 8-13.9 cycles per second, just below the normal state of alertness. Associated with light-relaxation, daydreaming, and self-reflection. A non-drowsy, yet relaxed, tranquil state of inward awareness that occurs before sleep. Beginning access to the subconscious mind[1].

3.    Theta. 4-7.9 cycles per second, deep relaxation, reverie, lucid dreaming, mental imagery, meditation, increased memory and focus, deep-rooted memories, and inspiration. Characterized mainly by light sleep, REM dreams, hallucinations, hypnogogic imagery, deep meditation, and access to the subconscious mind.

4.    Delta. 1-3.9 cycles per second, the deepest, most rejuvenating stage of dreamless, non-REM sleep and deep meditation. It also produces stress reduction, which can promote healing of the body. Human growth hormones are released and loss of body awareness.[2]

Paul Helfrich, who is the author of the article from which I borrowed the explanations of the four brain states, has, in turn, borrowed them from mainstream research. Channeled sources, however, refer to dream state as being mainly the Delta State, which is 1-3.9 cycles/sec. I don’t want to contradict researchers who have actually tested those brain wave cycles on subjects, but I have this strong feeling that Delta is the state of very deep dreaming in conjunction with dreamless sleep (1-? c/s [cycles per second]), while Theta is more shallow dreaming, like that which we have closer to when it’s time to wake up. The Theta State is also all of the remainder that Helfrich is listing. In this book, we are going to refer to Delta State when we experience deep levels of dreaming, and Theta State when the dreaming is shallower.

The Four Brain Wave Cycles

Figure 2. The Four Different Main Brain Waves

The true 3-D mind is basically operating in the Beta State, while the other three are more or less multidimensional in an ascending order, where the Delta State is most multidimensional. However, everything that does not refer to the five senses is multidimensional, beginning with Alpha State.

A very long time ago when we got trapped in matter, we noticed there were things that were pleasant and other things that were not so pleasant, and we got the sense of good and evil. We can now only imagine the feeling we had when we noticed that the bodies that we were to try out were manipulated by the AIF and were traps that our souls could not easily escape from. We were glued to the bodies! Shortly after that, the AIF closed down a lot of our chakras and turned off certain strands in our DNA so that the connection with our multidimensional selves was lost. It must have been a great shock to notice that all that remained of reality was a short bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum where everything is solid and can’t easily change form. Still, this is what happened. The only time we could connect with our multidimensional selves was in dream state! However, if some of us thought we could escape then, we were in for a surprise. Imagine the relief when we noticed that we could leave our bodies while we were sleeping and the disappointment when we found out that we were unable to escape due to a Grid surrounding our planet. As if that weren’t enough, we were also attached to our bodies via our souls even when we were astral traveling and didn’t have much choice but to eventually return to the body. In fact, as soon as the body woke up, the soul returned into it. Thus, the hologram was constructed!

 Therefore, the purpose of the dream section of this book is to train the conscious mind to reconnect with the multidimensional mind while we are dreaming. Being able to do this consciously while in dream state will eventually, after some training, help the readers connect more easily with the multidimensional mind also in the awaking state. The same thing holds true when we train ourselves to remember our dreams, which is another thing we will practice—it keeps a connection open between the conscious and multidimensional minds. The results from the combined exercises in this book will train the conscious mind to get more used to a multidimensional reality.

Phone Calls from the Other Side


I was amused when I started researching Conscious Dreaming and looked into Robert Moss’ work on the subject. On his website, http://mossdreams.blogspot.com/, he writes blogs every now and then on things that are on his mind, and the following almost knocked me out of my chair.

One of the last papers I wrote before this book was about the upcoming Machine Kingdom, and it’s quite obvious that the AIF now have their minions, the Global Elite, using what they’ve received from the Technology Transfer Programs (TTP).[3] Little did I know, however, that dead people in the astral now also have started using our technology to communicate with the living. Moss writes about a woman, Anna, who dreamed that she was visited by a friend who just recently died. In her dream, she handed her deceased friend a mobile phone with only two buttons—a green and a red one. The green one was to speed dial Anna and the red one was to disconnect. Anna was very happy that her friend on the other side now had a phone so the departed could contact her.[4]

OK, if this was an isolated incident, one could just smile and think it was funny—just a dream, you know. However, if we are to believe Robert Moss, the dead using the technology of the living is not as uncommon as we may think. Since the invention of the telephone and the cell phone, phone calls from the dead have become quite common in people’s dreams. Apparently, one woman Moss had talked to said she just communicated with her mother on the other side, and the mother said, “I can’t talk for long since I just got here. I will have more phone privileges later on.”[5] Furthermore, according to Moss, who has researched this subject for decades, the dead also send e-mails and their voices bleed through on Blackberries and in podcasts.

Humorous perhaps, but on a deeper level it mirrors the reality we are living in. Furthermore, Moss also knows of people he’s come across through his research who get buried with their cell phones! Now, what is that all about? Is it because the cell phone was so dear to the deceased in this life that we start doing what the Egyptians did, put stuff in the coffin that we think the departed will need in the Afterlife? Yes, that’s exactly what it is about! Moss gives an example in the same article of how an attorney got buried with his cell phone, and his spouse continued paying the phone bill, so her husband could use the phone to call her from the other side. Moss doesn’t tell us about the mental state of the spouse, but apparently, this is not uncommon either. The name of the deceased criminal defense attorney was even mentioned in the article, John Jacobs from Manhattan, who died in 2005. His widow even had his phone number carved on the tombstone so other people can stay in touch too. If they call his number, they get a voicemail, saying that he’ll be in touch! I know, I know…this is a little extreme, but my point is that technology can do the weirdest things with us if we misuse it. Moss ends the article with saying, “Dream phones offer live conversation, and you don’t get a monthly bill.”

Aliens and Dreaming


Robert Moss also has a website at http://mossdreams.com/, and when I browsed it, I found another of his articles I thought I needed to bring to your attention because there may be people who share Moss’ conclusion, and if so, I want to give my own input on the subject.

Just like Christians write off everything that has to do with aliens as demons, others (including some Christians) may also write them off as entities that are just parts of our dreams but are not beings from other planets or other parts of the galaxy or beyond. Some occultists have a similar view. I got this undermined message from the article that aliens in general are actually just embodiments of our own fear[6]. Moss gives an example of a woman who was absolutely certain she had been abducted by aliens. She was abducted during the night and transported in her light-body to their mother ship, where they did horrific experiments on her. Moss then started asking her questions about her experience, and she said that these aliens were in their light-bodies just as she was, but they could take on bodies like we take on clothes, as she expressed it. However, after Moss had worked on her, this woman realized that these aliens were only projections of her inner fears that manifested in her dreams. Therefore, in reality, no abductions took place.

Naturally, the example is this woman’s experience, and I can’t judge that. Perhaps she was right in that no real abductions took place, and in her case, there were no aliens, or maybe Moss (who supposedly has past CIA, MI5, MI6 connections, and ties to different clubs and secret societies, such as the Pinay Circle[7], and was the Speech Writer for Great Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who recently passed away)[8] convinced her through manipulation that there were no star beings involved, when in fact there were—I don’t know. Either way, Moss makes it sound as if the only aliens that exist are manifestations of our own fear. Yes, that would be correct if we look at the much bigger picture, in that we would not attract negative alien experiences unless we had fear and ignorance that brought them on, but I don’t think that was what Moss was implying. In many ways, Moss’ research is very interesting and right to the point, but it makes sense for someone who has Intelligence connections to throw in a few manipulative conclusions in all the interesting stuff. This is also what I mean when I say that we have to be very careful when we sort out the wheat from the chaff—especially when we know, or highly suspect, that we are dealing with a secret government agent. Nevertheless, in cases such as this, we have a great opportunity to get some real insights into the subject because a potential disinformation agent often includes a lot of truth to hook a reader to the part that is the target for their attention—the disinformation part.

This brings us right into the next subsection.

Has Dream Research Become Militarized?


The obvious answer to the above question is a short yes. It has been for a very long time—at least as long as Industrialization, and most of it has, of course, been happening behind the scenes. Dream research is very lucrative if you want to know what the enemy is up to and how to change events in the dream state to your own favor. In a dream state, you explore different probabilities and then decide which probability will become reality—i.e. the timeline you choose to put your energy to.

We have seen a few movies lately, which bring up the subject of dreaming, where Christopher Nolan’s and Emma Thomas’, Inception[9] is perhaps the most interesting. It is very revealing and tells us in detail how dream research in the hands of the wrong people can affect us all. I highly recommend it if you still haven’t watched it, and as usual, Leonardo DiCaprio is doing a great job as the leading actor. The movie also asks the philosophical question whether we live in a dream or if there is such a thing as “reality,” and if so, is reality actually where we are now, or is me sitting here writing just a dream within a dream? A short answer would once again be yes to the latter, but we’re going to discuss that in more details later in this chapter.

The article, “Has Dream Research been Militarised?” by Cathi Morgan, herself with Intelligence connections via her family ties, points out some quite interesting mid-level Global Elite connections concerning Robert Moss. Ms. Morgan ends the article by saying that she hopes that Moss has simply retired from all his past secret government ties and has decided to dedicate his retirement to dream research and his commitment to his workshops at the Esalen Institute[10] in all innocence. Maybe, or maybe not, because we researchers into the New World Order and the Global Elite know that once an Intelligence Agent, always an Intelligence Agent, and that statement I believe holds true. Still, there is no contradiction in if a former Intelligence Officer in his retired years is picking up some old passion that he or she hasn’t had time to look into during his or her productive years. In addition, not all people who work in the Intelligence community are bad people. I think, however, that these connections are worth pointing out because I’m sure many people who are looking into the Conscious Dreaming phenomenon will run into Robert Moss sooner or later. Personally, when I find sources that quite obviously have ties such as Moss has, I’m quite eager to dig into their material because then I know that there is a lot a valuable information there. Understanding how these people work, they need to seduce us with a lot of real information to hide the disinformation inside of it all. The trick is to distinguish between the two, which can be much harder than anticipated.

Living in a Dream

"You would not exist if someone didn’t dream you up. –The Cassiopaeans".[11]


Was the universe dreamed up by a Divine Being, and do we all live in a dream? Well, there are certainly those who claim both. If the subconscious mind, connected to the Theta State, is where dreams happen, and Delta is the VOID, then indeed, the universe was dreamed up.

The idea that we live in a dream is ancient and even discussed by some of our ancient philosophers. In more modern times, it has been restated by some of our channeled sources as well, albeit, not all of them. Some of the channels seem to mean it in a literal way, while others, I believe, bring it up as a metaphor so that we humans can more easily understand certain concepts. Seth, for example, spends several chapters, and almost an entire book on the subject, and still, what he describes is how multidimensionality works. I think it’s brilliant when used in this concept because, after all, we could say that dreams and multidimensionality are one and the same. It belongs to our Inner World, which no one can form except ourselves. Some may instantly object and say that we humans, in particular, don’t form our own Inner World—it’s done by outside manipulators. Well, it doesn’t matter if we are manipulated, not in this sense—we are still the ones who create our own Inner World, even if it is a manipulated one.

Others compare the universe with a very complex hologram, and all realities, in all dimensions, are holographic in nature. Therefore, nothing exists outside ourselves. Just like when we’re comparing our existence with dreams, holograms will do as well—it’s just another way of looking at it. It all emanates from the same thing, anyway, which is that we’re all spirit. However, not even that is true because, ultimately, we are Nothingness—we are the VOID.

[1] The author calls dreamscape the “Subconscious Mind”, while I, on the other hand, find it more accurate and helpful to call it the “Subconscious Mind”, since the Subconscious Mind registers everything that happens whether awake or not. The Subconscious Mind, which consists of the Theta State and Delta State are the true multidimensional minds.

[2] Source: Paul M. Helfrich: “Seth on ‘The Origins of the Universe and of the Species’—An Integral Conscious Creation Myth”, pp.75-76, op. cit.

[3] Technology Transfer Programs are exchange programs that the AIF have with Earth governments. The AIF give us technology, which they know they need for us humans to have in the future for further control, while the star races in “exchange” are allowed to abduct humans and do genetic upgrades on them. So, with this program running, the AIF has a double-win and can kill two birds with one stone.

[5] Ibid, op. cit.

[7] I posted an article about this secret society back in 2004 on my “Illuminati News” website: http://illuminati-news.com/pinay-cercle.htm

[9] To read about the plot and some interesting details regarding this movie, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inception

[11] Cassiopaean Session, June 9, 1995, op. cit.

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