Beyond 2012 -- A Handbook for the New Era

E-Book by Wes Penre
[Released: June 12, 2013]
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Table of Contents
Introduction: Lost in a Labyrinth of Information
Chapter 1: The Universe Within
Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age
Chapter 3: Attributes of Soul and Mind

Chapter 4: Dream Musings
Chapter 5: Conscious Dreaming -- How to Connect with Your Multidimensional Self
Chapter 6: The Inner Journey
Chapter 7: Homo Nova -- The New Guardians of the Living Library


Chapter 2: Programming for the Second Golden Age 

How the Alien Invader Forces Counteract the Awakening

Something to keep in mind is that the AIF thinks that they own us—all of us. People often wonder why they let someone like me get away with what I’m doing, and the answer may not be obvious. The thing is that the AIF knows that we are evolving, and they knew all along that it would be inevitable for an intelligent species not to evolve. The AIF also knew that we would evolve at different rates because we are all individuals and learn at a different pace. The AIF understood that if they wanted to continue controlling us, they couldn’t kill off everybody who evolved past a certain point, or the AIF would soon stand on their own without a slave race. Hence, the AIF realized that they had to control both sides of the game as much as they could and make sure they were in charge of those who progress slowly and those who progress faster.

The AIF knew all along that the nano-second was coming up, and that would divide mankind. The majority would still be programmed deep enough not to wake up in any significant manner, but there would also be millions who would start seeing through the deception and the manipulation. Instead of killing all these quickly evolving biominds[1], a better way would be to control them as well, while making them believe that they are evolving freely. Therefore, the AIF decided to set up the Control System in the following manner:

The AIF members are all multidimensional and don’t perceive time like we do. To them, there is no such thing as linear time—that’s merely something they invented, again, to gain easier control over the masses. In their universe, all time exists simultaneously—past, present, and future. It’s all an ever-lasting present seen from different points of view, that’s all. Therefore, to a certain degree, the AIF can be in control over time and, thus, be ahead of the game—they can create time like a movie with a beginning, middle sequence, and an end. However, what they can’t predict is probabilities. We live in a Multiverse where each individual contributes every minute of their day to its general progression, so events can only be predicted by estimating probabilities and calculate which ones will be the most possible. Now, as it shows, humankind is much more unpredictable than the AIF and other star races thought, and this has never ceased to amaze them—we can change direction in the blink of an eye.

This has been a real chore for the Control System. After millennia of control, they have learned how to keep the masses in captivity, but there are always those who rise above the crowd, and especially now during the nano-second, we have been uncontrollable for them, and they have had to constantly counteract our gained knowledge with disinformation, or the masses would also find out what the minority already knows. This is something they still do, of course, and will continue doing. In this manner, they still keep the masses ignorant by making them think that the truth-seekers are conspiracy nuts, but the conspiracy nuts still continue finding out more and more what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s not so much about finding truths since truth is subjective, but more like shattering belief systems and replacing them with new ones that are more beneficial and pro-survival. In the process, the Control System gets exposed, something the Global Elite and the AIF that controls them want to avoid as much as possible. Usually they don’t kill those who raise their consciousness, unless they are getting threatening toward individuals in power or a specific project that needs to be secret under all circumstances. Instead, they have other ways to take care of the spiritual movement.

In the WPP’s “The Third Level of Learning,” the channeled material was exposed for what it is. We can’t put all channeled material under the same umbrella, but the majority is working directly or indirectly for the AIF—those who talk about the Harvest or Ascension to a higher density or dimension in particular—especially if there are star races who say we need their help to be able to succeed. What the AIF has done is to have certain psychic people being contacted by those who are supposedly beings from a higher dimension. A conversation—often in the form of Q&A sessions—takes place, and these channeled entities answer the questions to the best of their abilities. The information can sometimes be quite enlightening and is even helping people evolve and become more aware, which is exactly what is hooking the truth-seeker to these entities. When asked why these sources are contacting humanity, they often answer that they are here because of the Harvest. This means that a small majority of mankind (i.e. the truth-seekers) will be segregated from the crowd because they are vibrating on a higher frequency, and it’s time for them to ascend to the fourth-or fifth-dimension (or Density). This is exactly what the truth-seekers want to do, so when being told this, they feel special, honored, but also safe, thinking that their future is taken care of.

Moreover, the channeled entities tell them that they need their help in order to progress, and we at least need some form of technology to be able to ascend to the next dimension. Here is when it starts getting interesting. The entities say that the majority of the human population, who are not vibrating on a frequency high enough to ascend, will be transported to another location in space and time—often another planet in another solar system or another version of Earth—be struck by amnesia in the usual manner, and start a new 3-D cycle from the beginning again until they learn. It may take another 13,000-75,000 years before a new Harvest will take place, however, and the souls trapped in this time reset will have to begin from the ape stage again and go from there, still having a Global Elite and the AIF manipulating them. However, the truth-seekers, here and now, are the lucky ones because they don’t have to go through that cycle again, which is what they are told.

This, of course, also instigates fear in the truth-seekers, who can’t be sure if they’re chosen or not, so they become very dependent upon the particular channel of choice and very prone to manipulation. This is particularly noticeable when someone else tries to explain the above to them. Either they become very defensive or write the person off as someone who hasn’t understood what it’s all about, when in fact it’s the other way around, as we shall see. The whole thing becomes very cultish.

The channel tells the devotees one of three things—either the Harvest is going to happen in their lifetime, and they will either be beamed up or picked up in spaceships, or both. This sounds eerily similar to the biblical Rapture. Others say that the Harvest must include body death—for example, when the Harvest happens, the selected people will die and leave their bodies. Star beings will be waiting in the astral and help them cross over and then help them with the ascension. The third option is that the selection doesn’t take place until people die a normal death, from illness or old age. When they cross over, the aliens will wait on the other side and do the selection there. Those who qualify for ascension will be placed in one category and those who don’t will be led in another direction (which reminds me of the trains during World War II, which transported the oblivious Jews to the Concentration Camps where they were separated—those who were led to go one way were put in the gas chambers, while those who were led the other way were used as slave laborers). Those who qualify will then reincarnate on an Earth that vibrates on a higher frequency, and there they will enter bodies that have been specifically genetically engineered to fit the soul’s increased vibration. The selectee has now been reborn into a higher dimension.

In the WPP, I also provided evidence that many of these channeled entities are future versions of us humans, who have come back in space and time to study us and our DNA. They are factions of the so-called Grays that we are seeing on occasion during abductions and sometimes on military bases. The Gray bodies are sometimes only space suits, where the real future human has, with help from technology, transferred their consciousness into this Gray space suit in order to be able to withstand the harsh conditions in space. These bodies are half biological and half machines, and ironically enough, that’s what their real human bodies in the future are as well[2]. Homo sapiens will lose their humanity in the near future when they enter the Machine Kingdom led by the AIF, where people will be hooked on technology to such an extent that in order to prolong their lives, they sacrifice their human bodies to become cyborgs. These future humans are Social Memory Complexes in different stages of development, depending on from when in the future they have returned. A Social Memory Complex can be compared to a hive community or a collective consciousness, where the whole species are mentally hooked up to a super computer, which is the Queen of the hive. Each person in the collective is still a unique individual, but everybody shares the same ideas for important issues but could differ slightly in opinion on minor issues. They are coming back to our time in an attempt to regain their humanity by abducting people and trying to figure out the DNA source code so they can reprogram themselves. Some of the channeled entities are Grays, often addressing themselves as we instead of I.

Above, we discussed the different stories the channeled entities told us about the Harvest and how it’s going to be done. Evidence shows that the Grays who come back from the future are a product of the Machine Kingdom—all of them are, from what I can see. Therefore, the majority of the population, seen from our perspective, will not be transported to another planet but will remain here on a version of Earth that has a lower vibration. Still, we can sense two categories here—the ones who are extremely technologically oriented and those who are a bit less so. Both these categories, however, honestly and seriously want us to evolve—there is no question about it. However, if they are products of the Machine Kingdom, why do they want us to evolve?

Once we’ve figured it out, it seems obvious. If we start with the Grays who are returning to study our DNA, they want us to develop because the more evolved we are, the easier it may be to find our DNA source code. Therefore, they may promote a Harvest because of that.

Then there are the truth-seekers, who are promised a new Golden Age in a higher dimension. It’s obvious that the fifth-dimensional bodies the beings behind the Harvest (the AIF) have programmed for the truth-seekers are programmed in a similar fashion that they have programmed the bodies of Homo sapiens. This would include a new type of holographic universe that relates more to how the truth-seekers see the next dimension—or rather—how they have been told what the next dimension is like. Therefore, when they reincarnate again on Earth, they will be able to perceive the astral plane as well as the regular three dimensions. They will be more psychic and to some degree more multidimensional. This is all done with nano technology, and it’s just as real for the oblivious soul as this 3-D is for the Homo sapiens’ mass consciousness. However, it is a deception because the truth-seeker who opted for the Harvest will still be under the control of the AIF.

Here is where they try to trick us. The AIF wants a work force in their new Machine Kingdom, and they want Super Soldiers. What they don’t want is evolved beings that can see through things. Therefore, they are most certainly going to place the truth-seekers somewhere separate from the third-dimensional beings who will walk gladly into the Machine Kingdom—perhaps even on a different Earth-like planet—contrary to what the AIF told them. The truth-seekers won’t be able to tell the difference, anyway, in their manipulated bodies. Now, in the long term, the AIF wants Social Memory Complexes and a super computer that I am sure is already setup and waiting. From here on, things will happen quite rapidly. Humanity will be programmed into becoming a hive community and a Thought Collective, just like we’re used to viewing the Grays, who in fact are us as the finished product.

Now, pay close attention, please! The truth-seekers have been told by channeled entities (who address themselves as we and not as I, meaning they are Social Memory Complexes) that we are all One and our goal is to work ourselves up the dimensions and merge with Source, which is All That Is or God. The RA Material is not the only channeled material that says that when we have reached the highest dimension we will merge with Source. This is something the truth-seekers are programmed to believe already. Therefore, when they are living their lives in their new fifth-dimensional bodies, there will be a program in the DNA of those bodies that will manipulate these souls to become One. Eventually the truth-seekers will go to the sixth-or seventh-dimension, and those bodies will have an even stronger program to become One. Behind the scenes, as usual, is the AIF, pulling the strings. Again, here we have the super computer, now ready to create a hive community out of the truth-seekers as well. Therefore, the AIF has managed to control both the Homo sapiens’ mass consciousness of oblivious humans and the higher-evolved truth-seekers through the Harvest. The channeled entities who are the most convincing ones are today’s truth-seekers in the far future, now coming back as a Social Memory Complex in order to Harvest more souls because they believe that the whole of mankind needs to evolve to their level in order for them to take the last step toward becoming One with Source. In reality, it seems as if they are stuck in a time loop trying to recruit themselves in the past. Why would they want to do that? Because they were deceived and programmed, they seem to believe (if we take the RA Material to heart) that they are the first ones reaching these higher dimensions, and they have learned as they’ve gone along. Now, they realize that they can’t go any further without the rest of humanity, including the version of themselves that evolved from our time and onward for everything to be whole. By harvesting themselves again, they can correct the mistakes they made on the way. In addition, for them, time is not a big issue because they say that time is not linear from the perspective where they are. Therefore, they are patiently waiting for all humanity to come together as One in a big, combined soul group, as a common Social Memory Complex. Then, and only then, can humanity merge with Source (or so they believe).

Here, we can clearly see that all these channeled entities who are humans in the future are stuck in what I’ve called the 4% universe—they are stuck in a boxed-in reality, even though they may be of the sixth-or seventh-dimension. These are not real dimensions as they should be perceived, but only fractions of the full dimensions (about 4% of them). If beings are free beings, they can travel freely between dimensions without using technology, and they will experience a universe so incredibly richer than the partial one they (and we as well so far) are experiencing.

I still need to find out exactly what the AIF is using the harvested truth-seekers for, if anything, but it’s very plausible that entities like RA, the Elohim, and such are truth-seekers in the future, while Bashar and Lyssa Royal’s Grays are products of the Machine Kingdom—i.e. the majority of mankind in the far future.

Now, the readers can see what it is we must avoid. The AIF and their Global Elite minions are very clever when it comes to manipulating mankind—they have had eons to learn that skill—and as you can imagine, it is easy to fall for their deceptions. Perhaps you are one of those who enthusiastically are following a movement around a channeled source, such as RA, the Cassiopaeans, etc., or perhaps, you are not. If you are, don’t feel embarrassed because I’ve been there too. I had a bad feeling when I heard the term Harvest of Souls the first time I read the RA Material/Law of One, and after then, I have been more cautious about RA—there came a point when I felt something was very wrong. Now, after having researched different channeled materials and compared them, I am certain that my body that gave me those uncomfortable signals was right. I have never felt stronger about our need to evolve on our own and create our own new branch on the Tree of Humanity. Only then, can we escape the trap and be able to enjoy a full universe and everything within it, instead of being stuck in a small part of it. The reader can probably see even clearer now why I need to write this book.

How to View Reality


Unfortunately, humanity has been programmed to believe that the five senses of the 3-D are all there are, and most people are afraid of the unknown. Before people have heard us out, they shake their heads and say we have no proof—they demand proof, which they are certain does not exist. I have long since passed the point where I argue with people who only accept proof that is limited to the five senses. Of course, you can’t prove what is not of the five senses within the five senses— that’s, by default, impossible. Instead, we need to learn to experience what can’t be physically proven, and that’s where the proof is. This is the main barrier for people in order to break through the prison walls. If all people said, “OK, I don’t know what to believe, but let’s give it a chance,” that would be an amazing breakthrough for human consciousness. What we need for that to happen is a unified event ten times bigger than 9/11, although such an event doesn’t have to be negative, but could be.

When I’m writing this, one of the Boston Bombers has been killed and one has been caught, and the Texas Plant Explosion killed 35 people and left an entire town in ruins. These are both very shocking events for all Americans, but also for people abroad, who react to such tragedies in a big way—they feel the trauma in the mass consciousness. Such events are often orchestrated by forces behind the scenes to create more fear in people that the forces can feed on, but these events are also unifying events. They are not big enough to make a radical change in the human soul group, but they contribute. Albeit, the events are negative events with people losing their lives and many end up severely injured, they also have a positive side because they get people together. Like the Mayor of Boston said regarding the Marathon Bombings and I paraphrase: During my 20 years as a Mayor, I have never seen the people of Boston coming together like this for a common cause. These are incredibly tragic events, but on the flip side, they caused people to wake up. The awakening is, of course, happening constantly in the mass consciousness, so it’s already there for those who want to tune into it, but incidents such as these make many people suddenly see things they didn’t see before, and their lives change. Therefore, these events both took and saved lives, which means that those who died didn’t do it in vain. Some people will end up being very grateful to them because they caused their own awakening.   

Much of what we learn still comes from channeled material, and that is okay, so long as we get better at distinguishing what is beneficial information and what is not. The following quote is from a lecture by Bashar, channeled by Darryl Anka:

"When we judge ourselves it takes longer [to learn], and when we invalidate ourselves. We need to go with the flow and take what comes before us and do something with it. To go with the flow, without anxiety or fear is the absolute fastest way to learn something. You change in the rate of who you are in a specific moment. If you change your view on who you are, you will change in a different rate".[3]

Even small things in life are non-coincidental. We live in a program, but within this program, we have endless freedom to create if we were in much better control over our own fears. Everything that happens to us and around us is a response to something else that happened in an endless cause-and-effect situation. It’s easy to understand if you, for example, hammer yourself on the thumb—it’s going to hurt (cause and effect). However, if you go into a store and suddenly meet your childhood friend there, whom you haven’t seen in 30 years, we tend to call that a rare coincidence when in fact it is not. You may have gone to that store only to buy one thing and rush out, and there she is! For that to happen, one or both of you must either have thought very strongly about each other recently, or you could have dreamed about each other. Either way, it would have been a cause-and-effect situation.

Even in small situations such as that, we invalidate our abilities and don’t think we can cause something like that to happen, but it wouldn’t happen if we couldn’t cause it to happen. There is absolutely nothing that happens that doesn’t have a cause—small or big. This is another thing we need to practice—to acknowledge ourselves as creators. An open-minded person usually doesn’t have a problem visualizing this when it’s pointed out to them, but when confronted that we actually also create negative effects on ourselves and our environment, many people don’t want to play anymore. Still, it’s so very important that we acknowledge ourselves as creators of both positive and negative effects without being judgmental about it. All the things we sweep under the carpet are the exact things that are going to stop us in the future from becoming multidimensional, and the sooner we confront them, the better.

Here is something very important I need to stress, and let’s again take the Boston Bombings as an example. Almost all people would see this event as something very negative because people died and many are crippled for life—not to mention the trauma involved. Most people would not see this as something positive, unless they think that killing and traumatizing people is something positive.

Still, when something as big as this happens, it’s important to step back from the situation and look at it with a clear and unbiased mind. The negative aspects of the event are obvious, but how can this situation benefit humanity? If we listen to the news and people who got very emotionally effected, nothing positive whatsoever is going to be mentioned. However, it is important that we, in every situation in life, step back to see how the situation can support our development as a person or as a species. In the case of the Boston Bombings, we already mentioned the positive aspect, but let’s go over it again from a new perspective. When something like this happens, it also works as a unifying event for people. Those who would never want to get close otherwise were now rubbing shoulders, helping the injured and the situation in general. Everything else was forgotten and forgiven. This has a big positive impact on the mass consciousness—particularly in times of increased energies like this. Therefore, this would be an appropriate way of looking at the Boston Bombings, 9/11, and other big, obviously, traumatizing events. It is not, however, only applicable to big events like these—I only used them as obvious examples to make my point. In life, we meet situations on an almost daily basis that we normally consider negative—for example, at first glance, some situations don’t seem to benefit us. However, let’s change our attitude and realize that nothing would come our way if there weren’t a learning lesson involved in the confrontation. Even if something looks like doom and gloom, you will find that in 100% of the times there is a learning lesson involved that will bring you forward—a small step forward or a big step forward, it’s beside the point. If you can’t find a learning lesson in it, you just haven’t looked deeply enough. Continue to look until you find the lesson to be learned. This is something we all need to do until it becomes second nature—it’s important. This doesn’t mean we should ignore that there also can be a negative side of a confrontation if we think it is necessary, but at least we must not stop there—foremost, we should spend our time figuring out where the learning lesson is.

Another thing we need to practice is compassion. Although people show this trait in the third-dimensional world as well, it’s not typically a third-dimensional trait—at least not in its full capacity. Compassion is understanding. It’s easy to feel compassion for a child who suffers, but much harder to feel compassion for someone who is consciously evil. Ask people on the street if they would feel compassion for a serial killer or someone such as Hitler. Most people would say no. Still, it’s important to feel compassion even for such extreme evil in order to let go from it and be sure not to pull something like that into our lives. Once a person is vibrating on a certain frequency, compassion more and more becomes a part of that person’s trait, like a part of the personality. People feel compassion where they previously did not because they now understand. Understanding comes from increased awareness and higher consciousness.

A good saying, which originates from Native Americans, is that before you judge somebody you must walk in that person’s moccasins. It means that we need to see things from the other person’s perspective in order to better understand why he or she acts in a certain way. Compassion always brings peace, which is something someone with higher consciousness always strives for. The reason why people go to war and kill their fellow man in battle is because they lack compassion, which is a lack of understanding. You may say that those who instigate war understand what they are doing and that they are just evil, but even evil is ignorance on its highest level. I wrote 1,500 pages worth of papers in order to create an understanding of the situation we humans are experiencing, and what it was that led up to it. We now understand why the Sirian Alliance, whom I herein call the Alien Invader Forces(AIF), does what it does. It’s because of power, control, and ultimately revenge. We consider negative power as being evil. Evil can be a method used to control others and an obsession to achieve and maintain power, but power over others is based on fear, and fear is based on ignorance. Therefore, what is it the AIF are ignorant about that makes them feel fear and makes them want to control and conquer others? First, it’s fear of being attacked, which originally is based on a fear of not being good enough. Even Lucifer’s Rebellion was based on fear. Lucifer was afraid of losing his position to somebody else—therefore, he needed to show that he not only could hold his position but also could conquer the position of someone who is considered superior to him—in this case his Mother, the Goddess herself. Even if we understand all this, that doesn’t mean we agree with what certain people do, and we don’t have to. We still can feel compassion for their situation and stop feeling hatred and anger toward those whom we consider being evil. When we can do that, we are using our heart chakra rather than our brain, and it’s through our hearts we connect with the Divine inside of us, which is the same as the All That Is—the Divine Feminine. Being able to feel compassion where others feel anger and hatred is a tremendous achievement, which alone will raise your frequency quite considerably. Something to keep in mind because without compassion we can’t make room for the New Human inside of us. Nothing can be resolved on a global level without first resolving it on a personal level. When more people start feeling compassion, even toward what would be considered their adversaries, this trait is placing itself in the mass consciousness of others for them to pick up on.

When we find compassion for something, we release the energetic charge from it. An energetic charge between two people in this sense is like a chain that keeps them together, and on that chain, the other person’s charge can travel and affect the other. This often happens subconsciously, and the person is usually not aware of this energetic connection. It’s therefore important to handle situations in life that affects us negatively or emotionally to a point where it’s unpleasant. If someone has done something bad to us in the past that has affected our lives negatively and repeatedly, we need to forgive that person and also ourselves, who didn’t handle the situation there and then. Sometimes it’s enough to send forgiveness in that person’s direction with a smile and forgiving ourselves, but the chain could occasionally be thicker and harder to just cut off. We may actually need to contact that person on the phone or write him or her a letter explaining how we have felt about it, but without blame, and that it has affected our lives. However, we now write because we want to make things right, and forgiveness is a good way to do that. We also should mention that we are forgiving ourselves as well for our part in the situation. We may, or may not get an answer, but that’s not what’s most important. Just writing the letter releases the charge and helps us get a better understanding of the situation. Writing things down always releases the charge. How other people takes it is their problem to face, but at least, we did our part, and that’s what’s critical. Writing a letter is often more successful because the other person has a charge, too, in order for this chain to exist, and a phone call may stir up things that are unnecessary and sometimes makes things worse. Still, it’s a judgment call.

I don’t mean we need to write hundreds of letters to different people, but there may be a few we need to consider writing. The rest of the chains may be so thin that we can blow them off just by sending the other person good energies and forgiveness. The relief after doing something such as this is quite substantial. After all, forgiveness is a shifting in awareness to the divine state of things.

We often hear about and see people endlessly trying to connect with the right partner. They tell us that finally they have found a partner they love. Everything goes well for a while and they seem happy, but one day the woman, for example, comes to work with a bruise on her arm. Eventually she admits that her boyfriend is abusing her. There is a lot of drama, and they finally split up (hopefully). She is lonely for a while, but then finds a new boyfriend who is similarly abusive, and the same cycle repeats itself. She says to her friends that she never seems to be able to find the right man. The reason she doesn’t is because there is something in her energy field that attracts this kind of men, and she never seems to be able to break the cycle. The first thing for her to admit is that the problem lies within herself and not outside herself. She may have had an abusive childhood, and many times women like this have been molested, but not always. My point is that in a case like that, she needs professional help to find the source to her problem, which always is a basic abusive situation somewhere back in time. When that situation is indicated and turned from fear and agony into compassion and forgiveness, she can change her energy field, and like magic, she stops attracting abusive men.

Often the charge is not related to a specific person. We may see something on TV or read something in the news and get extremely upset—more than is normal for the circumstance. This means we have an underlying charge on the subject. It may even be something like a war going on somewhere in the world that we get upset about. We could of course write to the President of the United States and forgive him for sending troops, but that wouldn’t do much good. In a situation like that, I would suggest to stop reading about it and watching it on TV. Why read about it in the first place? Is it because we want to keep ourselves informed? Well, with a news media that is bringing us lies and half-truths, I wouldn’t call that being informed, and by reading about it in the paper, it only adds to the charge because there is no real truth in there, which can blow the charge. Therefore, a simple rule is as follows: become multidimensional, stop reading the newspapers! If something were going on that we need to know about, we would hear about it anyway. I have personally not taken up a newspaper in 12 years, and I can’t say I’m not informed. I don’t watch TV either, and I don’t go to CNN-type sites on the Internet, either. If you, personally, have a lot of charge on all the negative things happening in the world, the only way to blow the charge is to educate yourself in the alternative media. Hopefully, if you read this, that’s the route that you have chosen to take. To become an adult Homo Nova, we need to understand that taking action against something will never solve a problem—it will only create more of the same. We may fight for a good cause—let’s say we are a peace-movement person who fights against war. We will never gain peace because as long as we fight against something—regardless of what it is—we stir up more turmoil and charge and in the long term, the situation becomes worse. If we want peace, we need to peace for peace, like researcher David Icke once said, and with that he means we need to become on the inside what we want to create on the outside. If we want peace, we must become peaceful inside. That’s the only way to make changes in the outside world because it’s just a projection of our inner world.

When we feel compassion about something, we are in a neutral state—it’s not negative and it’s not positive, it just is. That’s when we tap into the Goddess energy, the All That Is, which is the tap into thoughts. Wendy Kennedy is another person who is normally channeling ninth-to twelfth-dimensional Pleiadian life forms in the non-physical plane. Some of her material is quite profound. Here, the Ninth-Dimensional Pleiadian Collective speaks on compassion:

 With the movement of intent you are unplugging from the wall socket (Source energy) and running on backup power (your personal energetic field). When in a neutral state you are once again plugged into the wall. Too often humans fail to find a quiet place within themselves and allow their own “backup generator” to run out of fuel. This causes extreme illness within the human form.[4]

This allegory explains well what it’s all about. If we follow the Pleiadians’ advice, we need to plug ourselves into the wall frequently to stay in touch with the Source energy, or we’ll run out of fuel. We can also compare it with those battery-driven cars some people use when they only drive in town. After a while, they run out of battery and need to be recharged by sticking the plug into a socket in the wall—the same principle. As humans in the current society, we see it as a normal condition to run out of fuel, but even if we live busy lives, we don’t have to run out. Taking negatively charged energy and turning it into compassion is a great way of building more energy and tuning into the Source field, which is the Goddess energy. Meditation and breathing exercises are other ways to do it, and we are coming to that later in the book.

By just following the simple guidelines in this book, you will see that both your outer and inner world will change drastically.. In fact, nothing is happening in the outside world—the changes all occur inside of you. You are the one who manifests the inner world in the outer world, and when you think, things around you change. Still, it’s just your perspective on things that have changed, and it looks like it’s the outside world that’s changing. Again, there’s your definition of the Multiverse. The prefix “uni” in universe is defined as uniform or united, and that means that it’s something we all can see and perceive. The Multiverse, however, is our individual uni-verses—i.e. our personal version of the universe, which differs slightly from everybody else’s because everybody creates his or her own reality in it, which becomes the Multiverse. Please keep this in mind: The reality you experience occurs through the interaction between your strongest beliefs, emotions, intentions, and actions. It’s only when we understand what it is we are doing that we can do it consciously.

Foods and Diets


I just want to discuss this subject briefly because sometimes people have a tendency to over-dramatize this issue. I like what the young girl Anastasia says in the book with the same title, written by Vladimir Megré. She is brought up in the Russian taiga, far from civilization, is in telepathic communication with all the animals, and is in total harmony with nature. The author, who is used to city life, meets her in the mid-1990s when Anastasia is in her mid-20s, and he becomes extremely fascinated by her apparent innocence and pure way of living. This is supposedly a true story. When the author asks Anastasia what she eats to be so healthy-looking, she tells him that the problem with mankind is that we concentrate too much on food. Food should be like breathing—you do it automatically while you go on with life. Of course, she is living in nature, so while she is busy doing whatever she is doing, she is picking a berry here and a mushroom there and just eats them, without placing any special attention on them.

When we lead city lives, or even when we live in the countryside, it’s hard to follow her advice literally, although I think there is a lot of wisdom in what she’s saying. Anastasia is not concerned with what she’s eating as long as she’s eating. Or, if she doesn’t feel like eating, she simply doesn’t eat, perhaps for days. In the Western world, in particular, we have become quite obsessed with food. Those who want us all to stay healthy promote more or less healthy diets, while huge fast-food signs can be seen everywhere. Society is full of contradictions. Common sense tells us we shouldn’t eat GM food, but it’s not easy to stay away from all temptations that are thrown at us left and right from the corporate world every minute of our day. Some people adjust easily to what the health experts say and go along with life without any problem concerning nutrition. Others can’t, for their lives, eat what they are supposed to, and they, consciously or subconsciously, feel bad about it. Again, it has to do with levels of consciousness. Unless we’re manipulated to eat certain things, we normally attract exactly what we need at the moment. If we are raising our frequency, after a while we start eating other kinds of food than what is promoted by the corporate world—lighter food and healthier food. When we do that, we show that we are ready to face new issues that will bring us further, into a more evolved state. When we start eating lighter, it gives room for suppressed issues to come to the surface so we can work on them. If we hang on to eating unhealthily, there are issues we are still hanging onto that we are not willing to face. The shamans of old knew that if they made their body as healthy as possible, it became lighter and more transparent, which also made it more psychic. The body, when given healthy food, vibrates on a higher frequency and can more easily tune into other realities.  

The solution is, as I see it, that we shouldn’t listen so much to experts of any kind—instead, we should listen to our bodies—they know more than all experts together. Throw out all GM food, eat organic, and then I believe Anastasia’s advice is valid. The body will tell you what it’s craving if you take the time to listen to it. As soon as it is used to not getting junk food anymore, it starts craving more healthy things, which we then would provide it with. I am aware that just because a package in the store says organic on it, it doesn’t mean it’s organic, so the best method to ensure that we get the food that will enhance the abilities of the body is finding local farmers with good reputations and buy from them, and them alone. If we listen to our bodies, we will soon notice a huge difference. We stop being sluggish—people who thought they weren’t sluggish will sometimes notice that they actually were to a certain degree—and our energy level will increase dramatically. Our thoughts become clearer, the fog inside our brains will dissolve, and we will think sharper and on a higher level. When we give the body what it needs, we will notice after a while that it becomes much easier to communicate with it.

I think it’s acceptable to eat meat. It has certain protein and minerals that our bodies need—at least in its current form. Who knows how that will work in the next lifetime, with new bodies, but so far, most of us probably need meat to some extent. It is important, however, that the meat comes from animals that have lived good lives and have not been stressed or fed with hormones. Before you start eating, be sure to bless the food and thank the animal for providing us with what we need. If you hunt and you stand next to the animal you just killed, thank the animal right there on the spot for providing you and your family with its meat. This will not only make the food taste better, but it’s also a confirmation to the animal that we are aware that it has given up its life to maintain ours.

The plants have a different frequency as well and can, therefore, be quite therapeutic and have excellent medicinal abilities. If people only knew what each plant’s medicinal value was, the human body would never have to be sick. There is medicine from plants for any disease we may have. The pharmaceutical industry knows this, and in fact, most medicine is based on plants, herbs, and other things that are growing in nature. They put a chemical substance with it in order to be able to patent it. This chemical substance is what creates the side effects. Not only do the plants, herbs, mushrooms, and other substances from nature have a healing effect, they also have other attributes that go far beyond that. This is why Earth is called a Living Library—it’s a storehouse for fauna and flora from different planets—many with codes embedded in them. One day, if we play our cards right, we may become aware of these codes and can help star beings from other parts of the cosmos by letting them explore the Living Library to receive what they’re after. More about this is explained in the last chapter.

There is one last thing I want to add on food and diets. Because many people are on a spiritual path, they feel bad every time they eat their favorite candy. They know it’s not good for them and create a reach-and-withdraw phenomenon toward the candy. This is far more destructive than to actually eat the candy and let the body work out the toxin. Don’t deprive yourself from your favorite food or snack. Allow yourself to have it once in a while, and eat healthy the rest of the time. Eventually, the favorite candy will cease to be a favorite. Just don’t worry about it. You are not less spiritual because you had a few pieces of processed candy.

The Tree of Life is Found


A question I know many people who read information such as this will ask is if the new, enhanced Homo Nova will live longer than Homo sapiens, and if so, how long?

The short answer to that question is a definite yes—our lifespan will increase! The body you have now, after all the upgrades and information (light) you’ve been adding to it will already have the potential to live longer than those who didn’t pay attention during the nano-second. Some of us may also have noticed that we look younger and sometimes get compliments when people are guessing our age and think we are 10-15 years younger than we look. This is no coincidence (if this is not the case with you, the reader, it’s nothing to worry about. It doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to die earlier). The secret elixir to a long life is to raise our vibrations, and once we have managed to evolve out of the trap once and for all and live on an Earth free from oppression, we are all going to increase our longevity substantially. Then take away the Between Lives Area, where people go after they die, and you don’t even think about longevity anymore because you live forever.

In the beginning, when the benevolent gods created life on Earth, billions of years ago, they created the 3-D as a dimension of spirit and matter combined for souls to have that experience, but there was no amnesia. The first humans who lived here before the AIF came half a million years ago had more or less eternal life because the purpose was to experience 3-D in one go and then move on to something else. If a body was in an accident and couldn’t be salvaged, the soul could easily “jump bodies” and continue her experience where she left off. There was no amnesia involved. Again, to find something positive in our current situation where amnesia is an issue, we can say that in spite of the hardship it creates, we have to be more creative to survive, and the learning lessons are much greater than if we would have all memories intact. Some people have lived in a loop because they die without having accomplished much and have to start over again, which may seem as a waste of time and energy for that being, but for those who managed to learn something and move forward despite the oppression all around, they come out of this experience quite wise, procreative, and proactive—something other star beings can learn from.

Homo Nova’s bodies will be genetically structured to last much longer than that of Homo sapiens by default, but no one will any longer be worried about death because we all will know that it’s just another experience and just a minor one on the New Earth.

I need to tell you a very interesting story, however, which has to do with longevity. Once again, I will refer to the book Anastasia by Vladimir Megré. The author of the book was a Russian entrepreneur and travelled many times throughout Russia on business. In the taiga, a very special cedar tree grows, and it is fairly common in certain parts of Siberia. The same cedar tree also grows wild in Lebanon. Megré was stunned when he happened upon some elders in a small village in the middle of nowhere in Siberia. They were in their 120s and looked like they were 70 and still going strong. One of them was Anastasia’s great grandfather. The reason that they got so old was because of this special cedar tree. They carved out amulets that they kept on their chests, and they ate the nuts from the tree and the oil that they contained. This nut was supposedly increasing the lifespan of these people. Those who wore the amulet also emitted a very nice, attractive body odor, and the amulet alone made people look younger and made them healthier. A 119 year old man insisted that if you wear one of these amulets, you never get sick, or if you are sick and put it on, it cures your disease—even cancer.

The author was a very logical and analytical man with both feet on the ground and didn’t believe much of what the elder said. He treated it more like superstition. However, later when he was in an entrepreneur meeting with some businessmen, there was a person in that meeting that particularly drew Megré’s attention, and this man also kept looking at Megré during the meeting without saying anything. This man knew about the author’s encounter with the elders, and after the meeting, he approached Megré and told him that if Megré could deliver fresh nuts from the cedar tree to him in his home country on a regular basis, he would pay the author more than these nuts were worth on the market. To make a long story short, Megré put two and two together and realized that this businessman took the oil from the nuts and sold it as life-extending oil to rich people. Megré got very interested and wanted to build his own company that would do the same thing in Russia and wanted to find out what exactly was done with this oil—what was the process? He started researching and asking around, but when he came closer to the source, he was told to stay away from it all together, and the tone in which he was told was quite threatening. This was when he started to understand the corruption in this world. Apparently, only the super-rich had access to this life-extending elixir, and perhaps this is the secret to why certain people of the Global Elite are still very active even when they are in their 90s. Perhaps, those who are even higher up in the hierarchy than the Rockefellers and the Bush’s—the invisible few—are the ones who get the potent elixir?

The reason I am telling this story is because this cedar tree happens to grow in Siberia, which was also the physical place of the Garden of Edin (Eden). Could it be that the Tree of Life indeed was the cedar tree, and already in the most ancient times, mankind was told not to eat from its fruits (nuts) and become immortal like the gods? It certainly makes me wonder…

The Human Body as a Divine Vessel


In the WPP, I referred to our human bodies as Divine. I said that we originally, before the AIF came, were a very special experiment, instigated by the Mother Goddess herself. Indeed, She also manifested Herself in physical and metaphysical form as Mother Earth or Mother Gaia. I explained that the human soul consists of a multitude of super-tiny Fires, which come together and form a light-body, an Avatar, around the physical body. These fires light up every cell in our body, which makes the whole body Divine because our Fire is that of the Goddess herself! She invested a part of herself directly in the human creation, so indeed we are Royal with a capital “R” and Divine with a capital “D” at the same time—Royal because the Goddess is also the Queen of the Stars. We are thus very special to her, and we also have abilities that other star races don’t have. These abilities have made some of them quite jealous, while others think it was a great idea of the Goddess to create us, although in present time we are more like a liability to the star races out there because of how we misuse energy.

The Experiment was at least twofold. The first was for the original humans to be the Guardians of the Living Library, which I have been saying many times before. Homo sapiens are quite a watered-down version of earlier humans, who were much fitter for the task as they were multidimensional. Now, however, we are slowly but surely getting back to how we once were, and thanks to the nano-second and our own willingness to use the incoming energies intelligently, we have the potentials to become like our ancestors of millions of years back.

The other part of the Experiment is something we haven’t talked much about, if at all. Not only are our bodies multidimensional by default and we only have to rediscover that and learn how to maneuver a multidimensional body, but there is another part to it too. “Our bodies can hold all states of consciousness, all the way up the dimensional chart, if you will, to that of Creator or Source!”[5] This is something I have become very convinced of during my research. Unfortunately, we have been dumbed down to such a degree that we think our bodies are only vessels for our souls at best, and at worst, we think the bodies are us, and we only live once. In both cases, we are treating the body way under its capacities, quite like if we would treat a very knowledgeable and intelligent adult as a two-year-old child. By misunderstanding our bodies to such a degree, we constantly invalidate them. There’s no wonder they get ill or protest in one way or another. In addition, we pump them full of toxins and destroy their essence, cell by cell, until the cells start multiplying abnormally and create cancers.

In reality, our body is much more intelligent than we (as in our personality) are. This is why I am not the only one to tell you to go within for answers. It doesn’t matter which question you want answered—the body knows! Within some cults and spiritual schools, a few decades ago, the body was neglected, and all the learning was concentrated on the soul, and we needed a teacher at all times to tell us how things are and what is the truth and what is not. Now, at least, we start understanding things a little better. In fact, the body must be the center of our learning process, whether it’s learning about the physical or the non-physical world. It is very true if I tell you that the whole universe exists within your body, and that, of course, includes all dimensions and everything else! This means that we can continue evolving into the next frequency band and then to the one after that and so on, but we continue to use our body as a ground and a stabilizer. By looking inwards to our body for answers, we discover more and more of the body’s mysteries and can use it for more and more purposes—even to travel the stars. Spaceships are Stone Age—we will not need them to travel through space and across the dimensions, as we shall see. Of course, we talked many times about nano-travel in the WPP, but we are going to delve into it on a little deeper level in this book.

Here is another misconception. In the New Age movement, but also elsewhere, people think that the Third Eye (the Pineal gland) is where our energies should be concentrated. I’m not saying it’s wrong to concentrate energies to that area—it’s another chakra we need to open—but where we must put our main attention right now is in the heart chakra. This is the place where we can reach all levels of consciousness.  

Our Current Life Situation


In the WPP, we talked about that we are trapped here in the 3-D because the AIF manipulated our DNA to such an extent that we got trapped here in this reincarnation cycle in order to work as a slave race for the gods. Now we’re going to change that perception. We are actually not trapped at all—not unless we decide that we are. It is true that the bodies of Homo sapiens have holograms embedded into them, which seemingly trap the soul in them and the soul can’t get out easily, but everything is perception and, more important—beliefs and agreements. What we need to do to free ourselves is to disagree 100% on what the AIF and the Global Elite want us to agree on. It’s easier said than done, you may say, and you are right! That’s why we need to do it step by step. However, keep in mind that disagreement is the key to freedom!

Life on Planet Earth is for everybody, no exceptions: you get born and you are immediately indoctrinated by your parents, who think they are doing and telling you what is absolute best for you. You go through school, and you learn thousands of things that you don’t need to know. Some of it is outright lies, some of it is half-truths, and some of it is true. If it’s true, it’s only because the Power Elite need you to know that in order to serve them better. What you learn from many years of education is not something they teach you because it’s meant to be valuable for you, but because it’s valuable for them. You are groomed and prepared for a life in slavery. In general, the more educated you are, the more indoctrinated and manipulated you become (unless you somewhere along the line wake up to this fact), and as a reward, you earn more money. However normally, the educated people have so many school loans that they are in debt for the rest of their lives, unless they are children from the super-rich Elite. These super-rich children don’t go to regular school, but to Harvard and Stanford, where they learn different things from what you and I learn. They are groomed, too, but for a life as members of the super-rich families, so they are also heavily manipulated. Anyway, without being mentally ready for it, we have children, and we teach them all we have learned from our parents and in school, and we think that we are doing the children a great favor. They grow up, go to school, and learn similar things that their parents learned, and so the cycle starts all over. The only purpose with this kind of life is to become good slaves. You are taught manners so that you respond properly to authority and are ready to take orders from those a step higher up in the hierarchy ladder than you are. These who are higher up than you have usually had a slightly different education, but they, too, have learned manners so they can take orders from those one rung higher up on the ladder. Sometimes people rebel and forget their manners, but they are immediately reprimanded, and if necessary, they get fired without pay or unemployment. The threat of losing everything can keep even the best rebel in check. They have seen the beggars on the street corners, whom the Elite don’t mind having there at all to remind people how it goes if they don’t conform. It’s successful! You give the beggar a few dollars every now and then because you hope that if you for any reason (God forbid) get in that situation, someone else will give a few dollars to you. Therefore, you live through your work life until you’re 65-67 and then you retire. However, by then, you’re normally already so exhausted from a life as a slave that you have no energy to rebel. Instead, you want to do things you haven’t been able to do that much before, such as travel (if your funds allow, which they usually don’t these days). At least you do no harm to the System. Then you die, go to the astral plane, and get groomed for the next life in slavery.

Does this sound depressing and horrible? It should. Still, this is the life we all live on Planet Earth under the Regime. Can you see how manipulated we are? The Regime doesn’t even have to police us because we are doing that so well ourselves. The hierarchy is set up so that everybody has their role to play, and they reprimand those who don’t follow the rules—thus we police ourselves. All the Regime needs to do is to every now and then change a little rule here and a little rule there when they see things getting a little out of hand, and usually, everything will be fine after that. If people still start to annoy the Regime, the Regime just orchestrates a big Event, such as 9/11 or the Boston Bombings. These kinds of events terrify the masses, the Regime gets a chance to feed on it, and they can then create tighter security rules and laws for us, based on events they themselves created. Their slaves will thank them for keeping them safe—cameras on every corner.

People who read this couldn’t possibly say it isn’t true, you think? However, they do! That’s how manipulated most of us are. It’s self-evident—nevertheless, the majority of the population can’t see that—instead, they find justifications by using their own belief systems as a base in order to convince themselves and others that the above is not true. Then they go on living in the slave society and comfort themselves with TV and computer games, which both will further indoctrinate them. It’s a sad story, but a brilliant setup by the AIF and their minions, the Global Elite. Then, our belief systems create the Grid, which surrounds the planet, holding our non-beneficial beliefs in a thick layer, stopping us from seeing the real universe. The Grid, you see, is based almost solely on our own twisted belief systems that color our lives. The holes in the Grid are due to explosions, depending on the people who are awakening and ripping holes in the Grid. However, the reason the Grid is there is because of our own set limitations. You see, instead of creating, perhaps, the biggest database on Earth on the Illuminati and the Global Elite (http://illuminati-news.com), I could have written one single article, only containing what I wrote here above. However, if I did, no one would have paid attention. People needed to look at the problem from a thousand different angles in order to find something there that they dared to agree on, perhaps, saying to themselves: “Well, this thing that he writes here I think is safe to agree with—it won’t do me any harm.” Then, they read another one, become braver and braver, started seeing things from another point of view, and slowly woke up. This is what was needed back in 1998. 

I would also want you to look at what I just wrote in the above paragraphs for another reason. Can you see that we are doing all this to ourselves? I am not saying that we are to blame, but we are so well conditioned into becoming obedient slave workers for the Regime that we are not hesitating to do what the Regime, and ultimately the AIF, wants us to do. We are even policing ourselves! We are manipulated—true—but we are still agreeing with our oppressors. Is it then so strange that we don’t get any help from star beings out there? How can they help us when we and the oppressors are rubbing shoulders? At least, that’s how it looks like to star beings. They can’t baby us and start throwing the intruders out while we’re still in this pitiful state because if they did, we are like children hanging onto our mother’s skirts, sucking our thumbs in pure fear, and not learning anything. Mom takes care of it! We’re supposed to go into adulthood now as a race, not back to early childhood. Therefore, please forget about saviors and Messiahs.

OK, some may say, all that makes sense, and we have to start to peacefully disagree to being manipulated slaves, but we still have the implanted holograms in our bodies and the afterlife to deal with, right? Well, yes, we do. However, again, only knowing about how the trap is setup is doing 50% of the work. If we would stop here and go no further, we would still have accomplished a whole lot. By understanding our situation, we have taken a step to the side and are now automatically looking at humankind and the dilemma they are in from outside. You are no longer like they are because this knowledge alone has made you a Homo Nova. You will never again be able to go back and be like the majority of the population—it’s impossible. Therefore, you have to go somewhere from here, and wherever you go, it can’t be back, and you know it. Do you want to move on? I do.

What to Do About It


So what do we do? Again, it’s just a hologram, albeit, a powerful one. Still, a hologram is a hologram whether it’s implanted into your body or if you are watching a movie on the TV screen. If you are watching a movie, you may be very intrigued, and if it’s well done, you may even leave your body and disappear into the movie. Afterwards, you tell your friends that the movie was so intriguing that it felt like you were there, inside the film. However, if you’re conscious about how movies work, you know it’s not real and you can walk away from it afterward and go on with life. After all, it was just a movie. That’s right, and your body hologram is just a movie too. Therefore, we need to disregard the fake pictures of the universe that the physical body and the light-body are programmed to see and do our Inner Work, having as little attention on these holograms as possible. A good start is the exercises I have included in this book. They don’t work just on some people, they work on everybody, no exception, if we are just willing to do them and persist. Hence, they are simple but powerful. Further into the book, the exercises are going to be even more mind-expanding.

Here is some good advice, by the way. Any time in life if you feel you are confused or depressed and you don’t know what to do, just make any choice and then do it—don’t just sit there and think about how confused or depressed you are. It doesn’t matter what it is, but do something. It will snap you out of your condition and make the energy start moving again. Do the dishes, go for a walk, but remove yourself from the space in which you sit and think about your confusion or depression. Remember this because it’s very powerful.

Life is supposed to be fun and thrilling. I know it’s set up not to be, but we can change that with the flip of a coin.


1. Train Your Intuition

Every time the phone rings, picture who the caller is. Often, the correct answer is what is coming to mind the exact moment we hear the ring, but we don’t always recall. If so, ask your body who it is, decide, and then answer the phone. In the beginning, it will probably not always be correct, but keep on training yourself.

2. Pay Attention

As you become more and more multidimensional, awake, and have raised your consciousness and vibrations, pay attention to numbers. It is likely that you will start seeing numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 33, 444, 777 etc. When this happens, communicate to the universe and acknowledge that you noticed. Say, or think, something to the affect: “Thank you! I paid attention and saw the number sequence. Is there something in particular you want me to look for?” Sometimes the universe communicates to us through number sequences to get our attention. Therefore, remember to put out a thought like the above to see if you get an answer. Keep your awareness open for signs that will tell you what to do. Other times it’s just you being able to pay attention—a sign that you are awake.

3. Look for Learning Lessons

When you experience rough times, or something people normally see as something negative, take a step back and look at the situation. What is there to learn from it? Rest assured that there is always something to learn when you clash into something. Once you’ve found what it is and have handled it from the point of view that it’s a learning lesson, you have already raised your frequency a bit. Every time you do this, it increases your vibrations and you become more stable and knowledgeable. Again, in the beginning, it may sometimes be hard to find the learning lesson in negative events that seem to make no sense, but train yourself to find them, knowing they are always there. Whatever it was, it happened for a reason, even if it was only you who dropped a glass on the floor so it broke.

4. Learn to Become More Compassionate

Instead of judging another person, put yourself in that person’s shoes. This may be easy to do when it comes to someone who is usually a good person whom you like, but much harder if we have to deal with criminals who destroy their own and other people’s lives. As we discussed before, compassion does not necessarily mean that you have to agree with the other being—it’s just a matter of understanding why he or she did what he or she did. Once we have the understanding, we can let it go from our own minds. Compassion may include helping another person when appropriate but sometimes requires no real action—just an understanding. You can’t change the criminals, but you can change your attitude toward them. This is very important, or we’ll get stuck in negative emotions that pull us back, consciously or unconsciously. We can’t expand our minds past a certain point if we don’t learn how to feel compassion. Therefore, every time you feel judgmental toward somebody, figure out what it is that makes him or her act that way. Once you’ve figured it out, let it go.

[1] A Biomind is a combination of a biological life form (physical body) and the mind. This is the combination that basically makes up a human being. The soul is the ultimate “I,” who collects the biomind’s learning experiences and is the higher link to the Mother Universe.

[2] The U.S. government is well aware that the aliens who crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, were half cyborgs and half biological beings—very human-like. They figured out that the “Gray” was only a “space-suit” used to enable traveling long distances in space. See Col. Philip J. Corso’s book, The Day After Roswell, http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/sociopolitica/dayafterroswell/dayafter.htm

[5] Fear of Choice – Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist/Universal Architect, channeled by Wendy Kennedy on July 5, 2009. This is only one of many references I have for this—and a couple of the sources must remain anonymous for their protection. Research into this area has convinced me that the following is the case: our human bodies are capable of anything we can imagine and more. They are truly Divine!

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