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Wes Penre Productions Presents:

"Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
--A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond"

E-Book by Wes Penre, 2016


Table of Contents:
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Introduction: Is Artificial Intelligence a Concern?
(Important! Don't skip this Intro!)

Different terms used in this Book
   How References are used in this Book
   How to use Discernment
   What is Intuition?
   Fire, Avatar, and our Place in this Universe
   The Rapid Expansion of the AI Movement
   The Nazis and AI
   Disclosure of the ET Phenomenon


Chapter 1: Dr. Ray Kurzweil--A Short Introduction
Who is Ray Kurzweil?
    Bill Gates on AI and the Singularity 
    Vaccinations, Chemtrails, and Nanobots
    Insiders with Opposing Opinions

Chapter 2: Nanotechnology
Building Machines and Robots from Inside Out
   Nanotechnology in the Media 
   Nanotechnology and Fertility

Chapter 3: Transhumanism
Introduction to Transhumanism and the Singularity
    Patented Mind Control Technique
    The Breakdown of the Family Unit
    The United Nation's Role in Transhumanism
      The Second Coming from a New Perspective
    Population Control and Transhumanism
    How Transhumanism will Affect the Human Soul Group
    Smart Cities and the Venus Project
    From Transhumanism to the Singularity
      Chemtrails and Nanobots

Chapter 4: Dr. Kurzweil's Singularity
Ray Kurzweil Monologue
   "The Singularity is Near"--Discussions Around the Book
   Video Promotions
   Some Quotes
   Hopelessly Behind?
   The Ra Material--the Law of One and AI
   A Close Look at the "Super Brain"
   The Exponential Growth in Technology
   A Brave New World of Nanobots
   Kurzweil Admits to the Dangers of AI
   A Peek Inside Kurzweil's Book
      When do Humans cease to be Human?
      Machines and Intelligence

Chapter 5: The Race for Immortality
How Science is Going to Save us fro Ourselves
   Google and Immortality
   Artificial Consciousness
   How the Super-Rich Want to Buy Immortality
   Funding Immortality
   The Singularity from a "Bio-Human" Perspective
   Preparations for Sending Posthumans into Space

Chapter 6: AI and the Role of Corporations and the Media
Mother's Little Helpers
   Robots in the Medical Field
   Robots Assisting Humans in Daily Commuting
   Smart Apartments
   Smart Cities
   The Future of the Internet
   Technology and Children
      A Pledge to all Mothers!
      Rudolph the Reindeer becomes Rudolph the Artificial Braindeer

Chapter 7:
Holly Wood and the Music Industry
AI in the Film Industry
   AI in the Music Industry

Chapter 8: "Opposition" in Academia and Science
Voices against Jade Helm '15
   Other concerned Voices from Academia
   Stephen Hawking

Chapter 9: Humanity's War on Humanity
Humans and Electronics
   The Global Warzone

Chapter 10: AI: "I am Lucifer's Vessel"
Synthetic Intelligence--Google's AI
   AI is not the Future--It's Already Here!
   Next Step: Boosting Everybody's IQ
   Robo-Doctors and Virtual Reality Vacations on the Horizon
   Our Brains Converted into Binary Code
   Tirelessly Striving toward Super-Intelligence
   Robots with Five Senses on the Rise
   For Robots, Learning is a Group Activity
   Robots now Look like Humans
   Robots with an Attitude
   Killer Robots a Reality!

Chapter 11: Robot Sex and Marrying Robots Now Promoted in the Media
 Why Robot Sex?
   Experts Debate: Should we have Sex with Robots?
   Sex Robots that Look and Act More and More like Humans
   Virtual Reality Sex--A Taste of Posthuman Sex Life

Chapter 12: What will Happen to our Jobs?
Robots taking over the Job Industry
   A few Ideas how to solve Mass Unemployment

Chapter 13: Genetic Laboratories--Atlantis Revisited

   The Fall of the Old Atlantis--What Happened?
   The Rise of the Machine Kingdom--the New Atlantis
   Exisiting Technologies for Posthuman Space Travel
   Genetic Engineering--from the Horse's Mouth
   Science and Immortality
   How Cloning is used on Humans
   How Cloning is used on Animals
   More on Genetic Manipulation
   The AI Trend in 2016
      Humans with Artificial Consciousness
      Trends Verifying AI Prophet's Predictions
      Sir Francis Bacon and the New Atlantis
      Genetic Engineering in the Media
      3D Printing Revisited    

Chapter 14: Becoming Gods
   Famous Astrophysicist Michio Kaku on the Singularity
   The Super Brain will not be Digital--it will be Analog
   Will Destroying a Robot be considered Murder?
   Downloading Dead People's Personalities
   With Robots in our Brains, We will be Godlike!
   Information Upload Ready to Go

Chapter 15: Bring in the Universal Soldier
   The Future is not Peace--it's War!
   New War Strategies
      Smart Dust
      Smart Weapons and Nanoweapons
   DARPA, War Strategies, and Super Soldiers
   A Ban on "Killer Robots"
   Consciousness can never be Duplicated, says Scientist15
   Jade Helm '15 an AI Drill
   Future Warfare in Summary

Chapter 16: AI in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms
   Atlantean Genetic Experiments in Disguise
   The Future of Animals
      RoboBees Set an Example
   The Future of Plants

Chapter 17: When Robots Surpass us a Billion-Fold
   Telepathic Communication
   AI and Equality
   The End of Privacy--Once and for All


Chapter 18: Of Great ConCERN
   The Large Hydron Collider--The Official Version
   Occult Symbolism at Cern
   Principles of Prophecy
   Opening the Gates
   The Mandela Effect and Scientists Going Crazy!

Chapter 19: The Ancient Race
   The Builder Race
   Lucifer's Emissary
   Proof of Interdimensionals?
   A Fake Alien Invasion Before the "Real Deal?"
   The Second Coming is for all Religions
   ETs in our Solar System
   Briefly on Elon Musk's "SpaceX" Program

Chapter 20: Lucifer's Legion
   The Lord of Lords
   The Lord's Return and the Battle of Armageddon
   The Alien Invader Force in 3-D and Artificial Intelligence
   Dracos, Reptilians, Grays, Insectoids, and Nordics
   Is Time Travel Really Possible?
   The End Times
   Invading the Pleiades
   Teachers from the Future
   In Summary


Chapter 21: Are there Solutions?
   Current Na´vetÚ of Mankind
   Significantly Reduce Use of AIF Technology!
   The Nature of Man
   The Human Mind and our Personality
   Ending the Experiment
   How to stay Focused in these Difficult Times
   Humanity's Three Options
      Option #1: The Singularity
      Option #2: Assisting by Reincarnation
      Option #3: Leaving the Battlefield
   In Conclusion
   Some Final Words



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