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"Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
--A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond"

-by Wes Penre, 2016


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Chapter 7:
Holly Wood and the Music Industry


Hollywood, or Holly Wood, was set up for the entire purpose of feeding us with truths in plain sight and truth encoded in messages—most of it in the form of fiction and science fiction. This is called Revelation of the Method, and it is practiced so frequently that most of the public does not believe that what’s revealed to them under the guise of entertainment is anything but fictional. Its real intent is entrainment of their brain waves. Hollywood is the most successful center of magic and manipulation of the masses in the world, and the actors and producers are their mind-controlled and/or manipulated puppets. On the chessboard, they would perhaps be the Knights.

Jordan Maxwell is a well-known researcher into the symbolism that has been used by the Controllers and the Minions for thousands of years, and from his research, we have learned much about how symbolism, more or less, runs our lives, unbeknownst to the average person.

In a short video clip, Maxwell tells us the real story behind Hollywood and the origins of this name.[1] Back in time, there was a European Priesthood dominating the European Elite, and this Priesthood contained the religious leaders, the judges, and the political leaders, etc. This Priesthood was called the Druids (The Druids are still the top of the food chain in Europe—they have never dominated in numbers but in power). For example, the British Prime Minister during WW II, Sir Winston Churchill, was a Notable Member of the Ancient Order of the Druids, as was Byron Brainard, City Council Member of Los Angeles, California, in the early part of the 20th century.[2] It’s hardly a coincidence that Brainard was a council member in the midst of the rise of Hollywood. The Druids run America as well, says Maxwell; both Britain and America are “druidic countries.”

One of the symbols in the druidic system is the magic wand, Maxwell tells us. We can, for example, see this magic wand used by conductors, who decide how to play their music, when to play and when to stop playing; “…you’d better play the tune of the Master,” as Maxwell says. We are dancing to his music. The reader can further use his or her imagination to find more occasions where a “stick” or a magic wand is used in society. Real magic wands were always made out of the wood of the holly tree; i.e. holly wood, and Hollywood is a druidic establishment.[3] It has its own directors, conducting the actors how to play; usually not with a magic wand, except symbolically. Thus, Hollywood is a place of magic, stemming from druidism, which originates in Atlantis, before the Great Deluge. Hollywood’s purpose is not to entertain, but to conduct (pun intended) behavior modification, mind-control, and conformation of the masses; it doesn’t matter if it’s a “cute” children’s movie (such as The Lion King—fully packed with AIF symbolism), a love story, fantasy, an action movie, or science fiction.

If we look at the trend of the Hollywood movies, we can see that they more often than not go hand in hand with what happens in society at the time or what is bound to happen in the near future. Now, for example, Hollywood is packed with movies about Artificial Intelligence, robots, cyborgs, cloning, and genetic manipulation. As we can easily imagine, this is not by coincidence; it’s rather a successful attempt to prepare us for what is to come, presenting both sides of the story—pro and con—in order to make sure they have informed us properly before they hammer the final nail into the coffin. Again, we see the Revelation of the Method applied on us.

AI in the Film Industry

In this section, I am going to list for the reader a few good examples of movies that fit into the context of our discussion.

1)      Aurora from 2015. [4] This is a movie about robots and AI taking over the world, and humans fight desperately to survive.

1)      The Stepford Wives from 1975.[5] This is an old movie that was well ahead of its time. In this movie, the women in the small city of Stepford have been brainwashed by a men’s club, where innovative scientists are creating robots out of the women in town, in order to control them. In the end, the men who conspired against the women are being killed. This is an early example of AI. People thought this movie was quite terrifying at the time, so much so that the film industry in 1987 decided to make a sequel for television called The Stepford Children. Other versions were also made later.

2)     Automata from 2014,[6] starring Antonio Banderas. This is an interesting movie in the sense that in 2044 (one year before Dr. Kurzweil says the Singularity will become reality), robots can modify themselves and thus become a real threat to humankind. This is a film entirely about robots out of control.

3)     Ex Machina from 2015.[7] This is my own favorite on this subject because it gives many clues to what is going on today and what is quite likely to happen in the near future on the subject of creating machines that become sentient and infested with AI. From being a great asset to their creator, they eventually turn against him, being superior to him in intelligence, but without any emotions. Ex Machina is revealing the truth about the purpose of AI to replace man with machine.

4)    Her from 2013,[8] starring Joaquin Phoenix. This movie is about a lonely writer who has problems with female relationships and falls in love with an Operating System (OS), which is AI. He gets involved with “her” on an emotional level and starts interacting with her seductive conversations. This movie is about it being easier to deal with a robot than to engage in a human relationship, which is exactly what is being discussed all over the media right now, when robotic sex dolls are widely distributed on the market. You can read more about robot sex in an upcoming chapter.

These five examples are of course only the tip of the iceberg; there are several new movies on the subject, and old ones, too—The Terminator, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger also needs to be mentioned in this context.[9]

Although, the Druids might be the top puppeteers in Hollywood, we also need to be aware that a secret branch of the U.S. Military, DARPA, which is an acronym for the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, runs Hollywood on a more direct level. DARPA appears to decide what movies are going to be produced, as well as which film manuscripts are to be approved.[10] This military organization orders the screenwriters to start writing per DARPA instructions, using their military guidelines. There is no such thing as a screenwriter coming up with ideas and then these ideas eventually develop into becoming a movie. All scripts need to have a purpose that aligns with the overall goal of the Military Industrial Complex, the same complex that President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech.[11]

Other movies contain examples of ancient prophecies being played out, while some are about alien invasions, and others promote excessive violence to feed off the fear and other negative emotions the audience expresses while watching the movies. Each movie has an ulterior agenda; there are no exceptions to that rule, or the movie would not be financed or released.

Actors are expensive; they get rewarded with millions of dollars for participating in blockbuster movies. Hence, Hollywood could gain from having android actors instead, who could be programmed to do exactly what the actors would do (and more), and they don’t get paid a single cent! In addition, it would be a perfect opportunity to present advanced versions of AI.

The progression will happen in the following order; we will go from actors to androids to virtual reality actors. The latter implies that Posthuman actors, working with Posthuman producers, will make a movie and project this movie into the virtual reality world of Posthumans. Thus, those who want to watch the movie can do so. Watching a movie from beginning to end in the post-Singularity world will be a much faster process than it is for us humans, who are only using our 3-D eyes and our limited “brain capacity.”

However, this is just science fiction; there will always be real actors.

Or will there?

Fig. 7-1: The world’s first android actress (left).

The above picture is a screenshot from the Japanese movie, Sayonara, in which the main character is a real android, looking and acting like a human. However, the idea of bringing real androids to the movie theaters is not new. Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg were the forerunners decades ago, and in November 2015, The Telegraph ran an article called, Meet the world’s first android actress.[12] The author of the article wrote,

But when Stanley Kubrick was first planning A.I. Artificial Intelligence in the Seventies and Eighties, the famously exacting film-maker wanted the central role of David to be played by what he is: a humanoid robot. Kubrick shot some test footage, but the technology wasn’t there yet and, in the end, when Steven Spielberg made the film in 2001 (Kubrick passed him the project shortly before his death), David was played – perfectly – by the then-11-year-old human Haley Joel Osment.

But 14 years on, something approaching Kubrick’s original vision has come to pass. Geminoid F [the Sayonara android above] is nothing but a metal skeleton, pneumatic actuators (far more responsive than motors), silicone and urethane. As synthetic humans go, she’s the real deal.[13] 

Geminoid F is the latest android project created at Osaka University’s Intelligent Robotics Laboratory in Japan. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of this university is very excited about Sayonara. The Telegraph wrote further,

After the first screening of Sayonara at Tokyo, Ishiguro is in high spirits. The film, he says, is proof that “androids can express as much humanity as human actors; this is an epoch-making event.” The ultimate aim of Ishiguro’s experiments is to isolate the elusive property of what’s known in Japan as sonzai-kan: the sense of being in the presence of another being. There needn’t be another human around for us to feel it – great cinema gives us intense feelings of sonzai-kan, so for Geminoid F, acting seemed like a worthwhile career.[14]

There should no longer be any doubt what the real purpose of Hollywood and the Film Industry is.  There will be more and more androids in the movies, and Hollywood will create androids that are so humanlike that we can’t distinguish them from real actors. It would be of no surprise if Hollywood presents androids as being real human actors, and never tells the public the truth. These actors/androids would then become heroes and sex symbols for people all over the world. The public would be clueless that their sexy hero is a robot. Eventually, if a certain android goes out of fashion, a fake drug overdose could be a way of getting rid of the android hero. Subsequently, it’s a piece of cake to call Insider doctors and coroners to “take care of the situation,” and the public would never know. Instead, they would deeply mourn their hero.

Another alleged Hollywood secret, which I believe to be true, is that clones are taking certain original actors’ place (this would also be the case in the political world and the business world). The same procedure would apply to those clones as it would to the androids when it comes to conveniently getting rid of them—a drug overdose, or something similar, would do. Insider doctors are then being used to examine the body, and no one would suspect anything. Does that remind you of something (or someone)?

The above is not something created from my lively imagination; projects, such as those mentioned above, are something that DARPA definitely would want to test on the public. Sayonara is just the Film Industry’s way of telling us that this is what they have already been doing for a while, and as usual, they want and need our approval.

AI in the Music Industry

We don’t have to look far before we find robots and preparation for the Singularity in the Music Industry as well. In a tribute to the late David Bowie at the Grammy Awards, Lady Gaga was using a robotic keyboard with swaying arms, moving its “body” to the rhythm. The article in Engadget says she even had help from NASA in this case. It was a success, and the audience loved it.

Engadget wrote (my emphasis),

To pull off that choreographed piano, team Gaga enlisted the help of Andy Robot, a Las Vegas-based roboticist and computer animator working with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Robot (yes, that's his name) repurposed some software he had built to program and animate two industrial bots for the performance. He followed Gaga's vision for an instrument that had a new dimension – it was alive. But the process that made it possible hadn't been tried in this context before. So when the robotic team ran into a problem during rehearsals, Robot's association with Brian Lim, head of JPL's Planetary Landing Testbed initiative, led to a solution that involved a small piece of rubber.[15]

There is no limit what these game-changing artists have at their convenience: when needed, even the head of JPL’s Planetary Landing Testbed Initiative gets personally involved. Scientists and musicians work as a team to usher in the Singularity, and the audience, as the story goes, is saluting their own doom.

To be honest, I didn’t plan on writing about Lady Gaga. A few minutes ago, when I started this section, I decided to Google her, and the Engadget article immediately came up. It’s certainly not hard to find artists working toward the Singularity.

The late David Bowie was one of the forerunners using robot imagery in his music and art, something Lady Gaga apparently wants to copycat and develop further.

Not only did Bowie look androgynous; he was making a career out of it (we will discuss AI and androgyny later). After Bowie’s death, many said that he was always true to his art and a visionary who was way before his time. He was famous for not compromising with his art and his visions, but it depends on what exactly that means in the Music Industry. Does it mean that he was not compromising with his own visions, or does it mean that he wasn’t compromising with the visions of the Music Industry? Are they creating the artists’ personae and decide what roles the artists should play? Is that partly what it means to sell one’s soul to drugs, sex, and rock & roll?

Fig. 7-2: Lady Gaga at the Grammy Award, playing on her robotic keyboard.

Look at the two following pictures of David Bowie from his early career and decide what you think. Is this a coincidence, or was it planned that Bowie should be the forerunner of the AI movement? Was his purpose to reach our subconscious mind with images of robotics, cyborgism, and androgyny?  

Fig. 7-3a: David Bowie in a robotic pose.

Fig. 7-3b: David Bowie in another robotic pose.

Perhaps most of the artists in the Music Industry are still genuine humans, but that is about to change. Let’s peek into the near future, when listening to music is going to be a very personal experience, according to Wall Street Journal,[16] amongst other sources.

THE YEAR IS 2040, and as you wait for a drone to deliver your pizza, you decide to throw on some tunes. Once a commodity bought and sold in stores, music is now an omnipresent utility invoked via spoken word commands. In response to a simple “play,” an algorithmic DJ opens a blended set of songs, incorporating information about your location, your recent activities and your historical preferences—complemented by biofeedback from your implanted SmartChip.[17]

This is another example of why Google, Facebook, and other companies want to track our habits and get our consent to do so. Our behavior patterns and our private history will be crucial when feeding our minds with the music we like.

Maybe we should ask ourselves why we went from Internet music piracy toward a “free music concept” that now slowly is becoming legal. After all, the Music Industry can remain wealthy by having the Corporate World advertise on the free music download sites. However, it’s questionable if the artists will strike it as rich as they used to do in the “good old days.” Of course, the Music Industry also forces its artists to go out on tours that last several months up to a year (sometimes more) in order to bring in money. To some degree, the artists don’t mind too much under current circumstances because that’s how they earn the big bucks anyway. We still need to buy mp3s via iTunes or as separate songs or albums directly from the Internet, but we’re heading toward free music download anywhere, any time.

In order to demonstrate the point how artists do their best to make as much as they can out of their music, some of them, such as Led Zeppelin, do not allow their music to be distributed freely on the Internet. However, they usually don’t stop people from posting their music and concerts on YouTube. They know that the videos from these concerts will attract a new audience, and both the new and the old audience, who also watch the videos, will more likely buy more of their albums. The following does not apply to Led Zeppelin because they don’t exist anymore, but other existing bands will gain a new public from the video concerts, and that will make more people buy tickets the next time the band comes to town. However, rest assured that the music industry would never give away music for free if it wasn’t for some bigger plan.

Multimedia 7-1: Illuminati's "That Power"…
The Secret of KILROY: Styx, Mr. Roboto,
and Will I Am

While we’re discussing a “bigger plan,” the above video is a must-see! It is a little over seven minutes long but it speaks volumes. A video editor has mixed a song by the band Styx,’ Mr. Roboto, and Will I Am. These music videos are extremely up front about the entire AI business, and they are promoting it to their last breath. This is what the music industry is now teaching our young children and teenagers, and it’s quite disturbing.

I think that this video is the most direct example of how AI is being promoted by recording artists, who are selling their souls for an eternity of slavery with no chance of breaking free. Jesus’ supposed statement comes to mind, “Lord forgive them because they know not what they’re doing!”

Please take time to listen to the entire video—it will be worth it.

Now, I’ve saved the best (or the worst, depending on one’s perspective) for last. In the future, we no longer need to buy CD players or use smartphones to listen to our favorite artists. Instead, all we need to do is to “think” the music, and it’s there—it’s all a matter of technology, of course.

As usual, the following new technique appears to be very convenient and helpful at first, and the article that I am going to introduce to you begins in what might be interpreted as a positive manner, but if we read it to the end, we discover- the real agenda behind it.

The article was run by Euronews.com in October 2015 and is a report from the International Academy of Music and Art in Rome, Italy. Researchers are currently working on creating music in real time, using electric brain signals generated by the performer. This is particularly convenient for a composer, whose ideas can be transformed from his or her brain directly to musical notes. The composer’s emotions can then also be transformed and turned into a different velocity, signifying the composer’s mood at a particular moment.

This seems to be very helpful for musicians and composers, but then we are told what the real idea behind this invention is (my emphasis),

“Our goal is very ambitious. In fact, today, we have the means of reaching this goal. It subverts the idea of a composer or a performer related to a medium, a mechanical artifact. It would allow us to substantially get rid of mediation tools and move on to creating music simply by thought,” says Riccardo Santoboni.

Similar research is underway in other places like Plymouth University in the UK, where researchers are investigating techniques to generate music with a Brain-Computer Music Interface aimed at inducing specific emotions on listeners.[18]

This research is clearly a part of getting everything ready for the Singularity, where everything is virtual reality, and we are controlled by a super brain.

On the flipside, all that which the Overlords are creating with technology can be obtained without technology by just using our minds.

[3] This is also in line with what the Pleiadians tell us in miscellaneous lectures. They emphasize that Hollywood is an establishment that is very important to the Global Elite because moving pictures are like virtual realities, and the human subconscious mind absorbs all of it as if it were real (which much of it actually is or will be).

[10] The Pleiadians, Lecture Nov. 7, 2015.

[13] The Telegraph, Nov. 1, 2015, Meet the world's first android actress, Ibid. op. cit.

[14] Ibid. op. cit.

[16] Unfortunately, we now need to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal article (http://www.wsj.com/articles/is-the-future-of-music-a-chip-in-your-brain-1449505111), but there are other websites that have reposted the article, and I would instead use one of their versions.

[18] Euronews.com, Oct. 11, 2015 [updated Nov. 11, 2015], “Forget the instrument: “think” the music,” op. cit.


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