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"Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
--A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond"

-by Wes Penre, 2016


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Chapter 4:
Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity


Ray Kurzweil Monologue

As mentioned earlier, Raymond Kurzweil coined the term the Singularity—a metaphor he said he had borrowed from physics. He further says that, “physics dictates that in the gravity of a black hole, which also increases exponentially as it is approached, there is a threshold distance away from the center, the Event Horizon, past which nothing can return."[1]

In this chapter, we are going to delve into the Singularity concept, and we are mostly going to use sources that come from either its spokesperson, Dr. Kurzweil, or the mainstream media. It is very sobering information, and Kurzweil is convincing in the sense that he gives the impression that he believes his vision is in humankind’s best interest. If it were only the vision of one person, I would never have had a reason to write this book, but he shares his vision with the Administrators and, ultimately, the Alien Invader Force. In addition, mainstream media is all over it, and anybody, who is willing to do so, can see his vision unfolding all around us. It is up for debate how much Kurzweil knows about the ET connection. It may very well be that he is speaking the truth the way he sees it, when he says that AI is “not an alien invasion from Mars with machines coming to invade us…”[2] As a propagandist for the movement, he doesn’t need to know the whole picture, and it’s desirable for the Controllers that he doesn’t. Anybody who is not in the need to know is going to be filled in about the ET situation.

Kurzweil, who is also the co-founder and the Chancellor of the Singularity University and Director of Engineering at Google, said the following in a video monologue some years ago (my emphasis where indicated),

By 2020 we will have technology that will simulate the human brain but we still have to find out the methods. Many measures of IT double in every 11 months or so—it goes fast. These technologies will be a million times more powerful in 20 years from now. And the speed of exponential growth is itself speeding up so in 25 years the technologies will be a billion times more powerful.

We have already seen the incredible speed since the 1960s. Cellphones today are a million times cheaper and a thousand times more powerful. That's a billion-fold increase.

In 2029 [and he's been quite consistent with this, he says (my parenthesis)] we will have completed the reverse engineering of the human brain. We have already reverse engineered several regions of the brain. By 2029 we will have the "software" that can simulate the human brain. Computers at that time will be far more capable than the human brain. Then we can make machines that can be like humans. Machines are already superior to us.

It's not an alien invasion from Mars with machines coming to invade us; it's coming from within our civilization, and the whole point is to extend our reach [out in the universe]. SINGULARITY is not just that point when we achieve (combine) human intelligence and machine. Machines will be able to improve their own software design. 2045 we will have expanded the human intelligence with machines a billion fold. THAT will be SINGULARITY.[3]

It definitely does not sound as if he or the Controllers will go back on this for anything, regardless of public opinion. Speaking of public opinion, Kurzweil often, in his speeches, can’t emphasize enough how important it is that they get input from the public in order to get a “balanced debate,” as he usually puts it. We can hang our hats on the idea that he and his cohorts are thoroughly monitoring the Internet for public opinions on the Singularity.

To contribute to the “balanced debate” and to sound credible, Kurzweil also mentions the downsides and dangers of AI. For example, in his book, The Singularity is Near, he writes about the downsides and dangers of genetics nanotechnology robotics (GNR), and I paraphrase:

1)      Abuse of biotechnology in the military can potentially be an issue. The same technology that will empower us, e.g. by curing cancer and heart disease, can also become a potential danger to us if this technology gets into the wrong hands.

2)     A terrorist can program a biological virus to be more deadly. The good news is that we have the scientific tools to defend ourselves. The biological terrorist is what scares him the most, but he adds that we are building defenses against it, but we are not there yet. Moreover, it’s not accurate to say he has a utopian vision only—he emphasizes that he is looking at both sides of the coin.

3)     He admits that there are dangers with new technology, but he keeps repeating that he’s optimistic,[4] and that we will be more helped than hurt.[5]

It’s ironic that he mentions how these new technologies may fall into the wrong hands when they were in the wrong hands to begin with. He may seem very naïve, but he is just playing his part in the game. He is, nevertheless, a puppet with limited knowledge and with a scientific mind.

The Singularity is all about achieving the immortality of the gods—a today’s Tower of Babel. It seems obvious that Kurzweil fears death, and he admits to that in a YouTube video.[6] Regardless of how much Kurzweil knows, the emphasis on fear of dying triggers the same anxiety in the people he’s communicating with. This fits perfectly into the real agenda, which is to get people hooked on the idea of becoming immortal; an idea based on fear.

“The Singularity is Near”—Discussions Around the Book

Ray Kurzweil’s book hit the shelves back in 2005. This is eleven years ago as of this writing. Eleven years may seem as a long time ago, but one of the purposes with the book is to show that he can predict the future and therefore seem credible. Those interested in the AI movement are in awe over how eerily correct these “predictions” have been so far, but they fail to take into consideration that Kurzweil knows his stuff; the technology is already developed, so it’s just a matter of when certain parts of it will be released. He may or may not have that inside information, but for him, who is carefully monitoring the progress, it’s not very difficult to predict different changes to come.

Video Promotion

In one of several YouTube videos,[7] in which he is promoting his book, he makes some stunning revelations I now will bring up, one at the time. Of course, he defines the Singularity for the listener, and he summarizes it by saying that it is “when humans and machines are no longer two separate things.” This short definition should make even the most dedicated-to-the-Singularity-agenda person freeze in his or her chair, but unfortunately, that is usually not the case. While researching this, I’ve noticed that an increasing number of young people are embracing the entire idea of the Singularity, despite the fact that they will become part machines, which is not a secret. The “immortality button” is probably the movement’s most important key.

Also, those who have read The Wes Penre Papers—The Multiverse Series (WPP) may recall that I mentioned how many souls, now part of our younger generation, incarnated here solely to participate in the building of the Machine Kingdom.[8] Barbara Marciniak’s Pleiadians call them “Machine Riders,” which I think is a suitable name. Therefore, many parents will have children who seem to be geniuses with electronics. We hear about two-year-old toddlers, capable of only speaking a few words, comfortably navigate a smartphone or a tablet. Ignorant parents might be amazed at their toddler’s skills, and maybe even a little frightened, while the knowledgeable parents might be sad or devastated, understanding that they have one of these Machine Riders in front of them. Being aware where this is heading, the conscious parents might desperately try to distract the children’s attention away from the devices and into something more genuinely creative. However, when the children are by themselves, they will once again have a smartphone in their hand.

My point is that whatever the parents might try, their children will remain attracted to electronics as moths to the light. I am not saying that it is impossible to change these children, but realize that these little toddlers are just adult souls in a small body; they’ve come here for the Singularity! Most people have some kind of mission here on Earth—a goal we set before we were born here—and as little as you and I want our purposes in life tampered with, just as little as do these children want to have theirs tampered with. However, the difference between them and us is that they are extremely determined and seem addicted to electronics almost already from birth, while the rest of us can be distracted, away from our basic goals and purposes. This could be a tough thing to realize for parents. Some of these children’s passion is so strong that very little, if anything, can change their direction, nor are we entitled to. Regardless of whether we like it or not, we have no right to interfere with someone else’s life purpose. If we try to change them with force, their entire reason for being here is stolen from them. Albeit, the children might not be consciously aware of this, they will feel it, and they will protest against it.

The next thing I want to emphasize in the Kurzweil video above is when he says, “…we are the human machine civilization. It's really part of who we are." What he is really saying is that our biological form is imperfect and outdated, and in order to evolve, we need to integrate with the machine. In his mind, the machine era was bound to happen as a part of human evolution. However, because humans in general have become lazy and don’t want to work on their own spiritual development, it’s much easier and quicker to let the scientists do it for them, and the population just goes along for the ride.

Moreover, Kurzweil says in the same video, “You can change your body to fit in a particular environment.” This is particularly interesting for the reason that according to Kurzweil, one of the extended goals for the new humanity is to control (read conquer) space. The AIF will eventually give us cyborg bodies that can travel in space and withstand radiation and the general harsh conditions in space. Although we are discussing nano technology in this book, the Overlords have no intention (at least not in the near future) to let humankind nano-travel (travel by thought). That would be too close to becoming godlike.

 “People are mechanical,” Kurzweil says in the video. It seems as if they are not afraid to take any measures in order to program people’s minds. You can distinguish this phrase in the cacophony of voices, talking at once behind the background music at the end of the video, if you pay close attention. The many voices speaking at once is an old technique to program the subconscious mind. One of the traits of the subconscious mind is to take in data and make it literal. Once a phrase, programmed into our minds on an earlier occasion, is repeated by the media, or by someone else, this subconscious programming surfaces. The listener will take the message literally and as a matter-of-fact—especially if the statement is repeated often enough, which is the case, with the same “news” running over and over, twenty-four seven, in the media. This is not to inform us, but to program us and to trigger previous programming. If I had listened less carefully, I would have missed the programming in Kurzweil’s video.

The last statement in the video that I want to bring up is very revealing, "Do you think that just because it's in a movie, it can't be real?" Here they are giving us the truth about how they are using Hollywood to promote their agenda. For a long time I have said that all these Hollywood movies about space wars, artificial intelligence, and films on other related subjects, are made in order to prepare us for what is to come. To be blunt, Hollywood is set up for one major purpose—to indoctrinate and program the masses. This is mainly accomplished by programmed producers and actors, who are being told what kind of movies to make and which actors to choose for the roles. We call the technique to covertly giving things away truth in plain sight. The Overlords believe in informing us about their plans beforehand, so we can’t come afterwards, when the movies become real, and say that we had no idea about their plans. We were forewarned via Hollywood, but we didn’t pay attention. We thought it was all science fiction. I can’t repeat this often enough: they need our direct, or indirect, consent in order to fulfill their plans. This is not because they want an informed public, but to protect themselves against prosecution in the future for interfering with our free will.

Some Quotes

"Ray Kurzweil is the best person I know at predicting the future of artificial intelligence. His intriguing new book envisions a future in which information technologies have advanced so far and fast that they enable humanity to transcend its biological limitations-transforming our lives in ways we can't yet imagine."[9]BILL GATES

"Kurzweil links a projected ascendance of artificial intelligence to the future of the evolutionary process itself. The result is both frightening and enlightening....The Singularity Is Near is a kind of encyclopedic map of what Bill Gates once called 'the road ahead.' "[10]The Oregonian

"If the singularity is as likely and as globally, utterly transformative as many here believe, it would be profoundly unethical to make it happen without including all of the stakeholders in the process - and we are all stakeholders in the future."[11] –Ray Kurzweil

On Ray Kurzweil’s website, http://singularity.com/, he has an About the Book section, where he wrote the following (my emphasis),

…[the] merging is the essence of the Singularity, an era in which our intelligence will become increasingly nonbiological and trillions of times more powerful than it is today—the dawning of a new civilization that will enable us to transcend our biological limitations and amplify our creativity. In this new world, there will be no clear distinction between human and machine, real reality and virtual reality. We will be able to assume different bodies and take on a range of personae at will. In practical terms, human aging and illness will be reversed; pollution will be stopped; world hunger and poverty will be solved. Nanotechnology will make it possible to create virtually any physical product using inexpensive information processes and will ultimately turn even death into a soluble problem.[12]

Kurzweil claims that the new man (whom, henceforth, I will call Posthuman) will be billions of times more intelligent than the most brilliant genius who’s ever lived. The reason he can make such a claim is that the scientists, working for the Controllers, have already been able to clone the human brain into the smallest details and have figured out how to utilize 100% of the brain in an artificial way. This Super Brain Computer (SBC) will then become the central point and the super-mind of Posthumans, and any and all information contained in the SBC can then be “downloaded” into each individual connected to this “network” through nanobots. We can only imagine what implications this must have. We can also only imagine how it would be to live as an outcast in this new society. Those who would refuse to take the “Mark of the Beast” still live under the same umbrella as those who are a billion times more intelligent. It’s not a nice world to live in.

In Kurzweil’s utopia, “there will be no distinction between human and machine, real reality and virtual reality.” The Singularitarians, those who are for the Singularity, make comments that Anti-Singularitarians claim that the Singularity is the end of humanity, which is way off the mark. The Singularitarians say that there will be no cyborgs, only humans with individual access to almost endless information. Those who make these comments really need to research this subject without filtering things ; after all, this has to do with humankind’s immediate future. There are countless references in Kurzweil’s books alone that the merging of man and machine is literal. Regardless of what Kurzweil claims, all we need to do is to look around us. We see human body parts exchanged for machine parts. This will become so much more obvious in the next few years; indeed, we’re almost there, and the Singularity is near.

Also interesting is the last part of Kurzweil’s statement, where he claims that we are living in a virtual reality. Posthumans, with their vastly enhanced intelligence, will understand that they live in a hologram, where the spirit-mind-body complex can create anything that it is capable of imagining. Understand also that most of the technology involved in this is ET technology, of which we have a poor comprehension.

“We will be able to assume different bodies and take on a range of personae at will.” Doesn’t this remind the readers of what I wrote in the WPP? I mentioned quite a few times how some of the AIF have bodies in storage and how they can “jump bodies” at will. The enhanced human, who the AI Prophets call Human 2.0, is going to be able to do the same thing; it’s indeed the AIF giving us the Tree of Life, i.e. immortality—but in a contained way. Because Posthumans will be connected with the SBC, they are prevented from “escaping” in the process. Once a Posthuman, always a Posthuman; there is no escape; the soul splinter is trapped, being electronically connected with the notorious SBC.

What people will be able to do, though, is to change bodies when they change environment, according the Kurzweil. Let’s pretend you are a super soldier here on Earth, being trained for space wars: once you go into space, you jump bodies into one that is more suitable for space travel (such as the Gray alien bodies). You can now endure the harsh conditions in space in a 3-D body because the Grays, who themselves are cyborgs, are constructed in a way they can endure space conditions.

Moreover, in the same quote it says that Human 2.0 will not only be able to assume different bodies, but also will be able to take on a range of personae at will. This means that Posthumans can change personality instantaneously; perhaps, a Posthuman would be able to go from being an average person one second and in the next second, he would become a raging super soldier. The question is, will Posthumans have any real sense of ethics and morals, or will he become so robotized that he no longer knows right from wrong? The almost obvious answer is the latter. If the SBC were to become the center of everything, and the SBC were controlled by the AIF, emotions, morals, and ethics would also be at the mercy of the Overlords.

It doesn’t matter, according to Kurzweil, if you are 80 years old when the Singularity happens; your age can be reversed with new technology and with help from the nanobots we already have in our system. I’m sure Kurzweil wants to speed up this entire process because he is in his sixties at the time I’m writing this, and without having achieved immortality before his body expires, he apparently thinks he is doomed. In his mind, there is no place for an afterlife. However, if he manages to stay alive for another decade or two, his aging can be reversed, and it’s quite apparent that this is what he’s aiming for. Or maybe, as a favor, they’ll take care of him and give him the reverse aging program earlier than that; after all, he could be one of the guinea pigs for the testing of AI technology, only to eventually go out in public and say, “Hey, look at me! I’m getting younger!” If Kurzweil can prove by example that he has reversed his own aging process, I’m sure that would excite people.

On top of everything else, he promises that pollution, world starvation, and poverty will be 100% resolved. Consequently, would that justify the continuous pollution and destruction of Planet Earth we see today? Certain people seem to think so.

Hopelessly Behind?

It's important for the AI movement (from now on I will interchangeably call it the Movement, with a capital M) that we all understand what the implications of the Singularity are. Dr. Kurzweil makes it clear that if we are not on the bandwagon, we’ll be an inferior species; indeed, a very inferior species, according to their norms. In a Q&A session, he writes the following:

Nonbiological intelligence will have access to its own design and will be able to improve itself in an increasingly rapid redesign cycle. We’ll get to a point where technical progress will be so fast that unenhanced human intelligence will be unable to follow it. That will mark the Singularity.[13] 

This will be shocking for people once this sinks into their minds; it will make them think that there is no choice. Do they want to live amongst cyborgs that can redesign and improve themselves in such unimaginable speed that those who are opting out of the Singularity can’t even fathom it? Most people will be scared, and after having thought it through a few times, many will voluntarily join the Movement, or otherwise be left behind.

People need to learn how to see through this silly propaganda and refuse to participate in the AIF programs. Contrary to what the Movement says, we are not mechanical, and we are not machines; we are spiritual beings, and the Singularity is not a natural process in our evolution—unless we are manipulated into believing that we are.

The evolution from being genetically manipulated slaves to becoming free spiritual beings again will only take as long as we let it. We are only trapped so long as we decide we want to remain trapped. On the other side of this entrapment is freedom—freedom of thought, freedom of imagination, freedom of intention, and freedom of action—no technology and no SBC needed! These freedoms are paramount in order for us to be able to explore the dimensions, using our free will. Once again, we will be aware that we are spirit/mind/body in unity, and there will be no death or separation between spirit/mind and the body—death does not exist outside En.ki’s trap because the spirit/mind/body is eternal! We are all capable of going from entrapment to freedom faster than the blink of an eye, but only if we wish to. I will expand on this in the end section of the book.

If we, on the other hand, buy into Kurzweil’s propaganda, we will never achieve individual freedom on any level; everything will be very physical (in the sense we usually perceive the word “physical” in this 3-D “reality”). In an artificial way, we will be able to do things that we can’t even dream of now, but under very strict control, and always on the AIF’s conditions. Eventually, we will end up as their foot soldiers in a galactic war (more about this later). We will be able to travel in space, but in a very mechanical way (through Einstein-Rosen Bridges, wormholes, and stargates, etc., in a very physical manner), and the spiritual part of the Universe will forever be excluded from us. Why would we want to do all that when we naturally can achieve the same thing and so much more?

As others and I have reported repeatedly, the answers lie within. Here in 3-D, we can go inside our bodies and minds to find answers and to explore the Multiverse. How can we possibly do so in an artificial, mechanical body? The more mechanical, the more difficult to access our real selves. Those with such bodies need to rely totally on the SBC to feed them censored ideas and thoughts. However, all the Movement is doing is cloning the brain, and you know as well as I do that the brain is not remotely the same thing as consciousness.

The late David Bowie showed us the potential future in his last few videos from the album he made while he was dying. If you decide to watch them, you will be able to see the symbolism after having read this book. The message is all in Bowie’s symbolism. He was quite knowledgeable on the subject from being a lifelong reader of Aleister Crowley’s material.

The Ra Material—the Law of One and AI

Perhaps some readers, who have read the Ra Material,[14] will notice some similarities between the RA entities and the Singularity. The Ra Material is, for those who haven’t heard about it, channeled material from the early 1980s. There are those who claim that this channeling is the best-channeled material humankind has ever received, containing the most accurate information of all channeling.

A tight-knit group of three people broadcasted these beings through one person in the group, the late Carla Rueckert (channeler). The two other members of this group were Don Elkins, PhD (questioner), and Jim McCarty (scribe). They channeled a group of entities who called themselves Ra (allegedly no connection with Amon Ra or Marduk). They said they were a social memory complex, which means, in their own words, that they were a collective, connected to a central super-intelligence, consisting of the combined knowledge of their species, and from this super-intelligence, they could, individually, draw information. Don Elkins’ questions were often brilliant, so the answers from this collective were very deep and detailed, but sometimes quite scientific in nature. Despite this, the material is still comprehensible to a large degree, once we get used to the RA entities’ complex and quite mechanical way of talking. Elkins understood most, but not all of it, being a scientist himself.

Something that strikes me with the Ra Material is the amazing similarities between their social memory complex and the Singularity. They both draw from a central point, and the individual is not as important; the individual is just a cog in the “machinery” and, hence, is expendable. First, it is the social memory complex that needs to be protected. The Ra beings try to give us good reasons why it’s preferable to become a Social Memory Complex, and they say that we humans are on our way to becoming the same. Similar to what the Movement says, Ra tell us, too, that it is a natural part of our evolution.

Another curious thing with the Ra Material, and something that puzzled me already in the beginning when I read the material, is the mechanical answers they give to Elkins’ questions. They lack all sense of humor and emotionality—their replies and comments are very mechanical and complex. They claim to have evolved on Venus and to have visited our planet a few times. They also claim to be the Pyramid Builders (which means, if true, that they are a group tightly connected to the Overlords, who are the ones who actually built the pyramids, or at least restored them. Some say the pyramids are older than 450,000 years, which is the approximate time the AIF has been here, but Ra claims they built the pyramids in a much more recent time than that). Moreover, there are many similarities in their message and in the message of other channeled material, e.g. Ra says that they are us in the future.

From what I can see, there are three possibilities who Ra might be, and they are the following:

  1.    They are us in the future, post Singularity.

  2.    They are another civilization that also adopted the Singularity model.

  3.    They are AI, controlled and instructed by the AIF to feed Don Elkins with some answers so that we can adopt their version of reality as a step toward our own Singularity.

There might very well be civilizations out there that have preceded us in the Singularity; all controlled by the network belonging to the Luciferian Empire , but the bottom line is that the Ra collective has too many similarities with our own journey toward the Singularity to be just a coincidence. If you have read the material, you might relate to my argument, and if you haven’t read it and now start reading it, you will notice that the resemblance is remarkable. Unfortunately, many people in the alternative movement and New Age treat the Ra Material as a piece of gold. Personally, I see too many discrepancies in the material, and in addition, the late Carla Rueckert, who channeled Ra, was a Christian and remained so throughout her entire life. Why have so few people noticed this? If a person, who is a devoted Christian, is channeling, what is coming through him or her is severely distorted and biased toward that person’s religious belief. For people, who are quite knowledgeable about channeled material, not to recognize this fact in the sense of the Ra Material is just more filtering.

I am not sure how Carla justified the goodness of the “demonic” Ra entities (seen from a Christian perspective), but somehow she did.

It is my impression that the Ra Material is Artificial Intelligence, and as such, the AIF is ultimately behind this channeling. Many people think that entities that people channel must be what they say they are—after all, they think, the information being channeled is sometimes so comprehensive and coherent that only very advanced, higher dimensional beings can be behind it.

This is not true, however. Think again what the Singularity accomplishes. According to the spokespersons, connecting a soul group to an SBC would make each individual connected to everybody else, including everybody else’s knowledge. Someone can instantly get the information he or she needs. This means that AI could give Elkins, and others who are involved in channeling, instant answers to almost any question. The answers don’t necessarily need to be correct, but they can be made coherent.

The most important message in the Ra Material is something they call the Harvest. This word, in context of what Ra are telling us, gives me the creeps. The Harvest means harvest of souls, and supposedly has to do with our ascension from the third to the fourth density. People, who are more than 51% Service to others will be harvested and transmitted to the fourth dimension, and the Ra people will be here to assist us.

I hope that the reader of my material has understood that there is no such thing as ascension to a certain density or dimension. Either we are in En.ki’s trap, or we are not. If we are not, we automatically have access to the KHAA, i.e. as many dimensions and densities we wish. Ascension to a certain dimension or density is just more hogwash and entrapment.

The reader is of course free to come to different conclusions.

A Closer Look at the “Super Brain

For those who still think that the Super Brain Computer (SBC) is one more of those “conspiracy theories,” I want to show those readers that the SBC is actually well in progress, and this comes from the horse’s mouth. Kurzweil says in a Q&A interview,

To understand the principles of human intelligence we need to reverse-engineer the human brain. Here, progress is far greater than most people realize. The spatial and temporal (time) resolution of brain scanning is also progressing at an exponential rate, roughly doubling each year, like most everything else having to do with information. Just recently, scanning tools can see individual interneuronal connections, and watch them fire in real time. Already, we have mathematical models and simulations of a couple dozen regions of the brain, including the cerebellum, which comprises more than half the neurons in the brain. IBM is now creating a simulation of about 10,000 cortical neurons, including tens of millions of connections. The first version will simulate the electrical activity, and a future version will also simulate the relevant chemical activity. By the mid 2020s, it’s conservative to conclude that we will have effective models for all of the brain.

So at that point we’ll just copy a human brain into a supercomputer?

I would rather put it this way: At that point, we’ll have a full understanding of the methods of the human brain. One benefit will be a deep understanding of ourselves, but the key implication is that it will expand the toolkit of techniques we can apply to create artificial intelligence. We will then be able to create nonbiological systems that match human intelligence in the ways that humans are now superior, for example, our pattern- recognition abilities. These superintelligent computers will be able to do things we are not able to do, such as share knowledge and skills at electronic speeds.

By 2030, a thousand dollars of computation will be about a thousand times more powerful than a human brain. Keep in mind also that computers will not be organized as discrete objects as they are today. There will be a web of computing deeply integrated into the environment, our bodies and brains.[15]

Instead of how we experience things today, with people sitting before computers and letting the Internet find information for them, humanity is going to be connected directly to an AI Innernet, where they can share all humanity’s collective information and knowledge with each other. This collective information will originate from what is programmed and uploaded (by humans) into the huge database Kurzweil calls the Super Brain, and which I call the Super Brain Computer (SBC). The collective mass consciousness will then have access to everything that’s in the SBC (or so we are told).

Perhaps we can now better see what the Internet really is designed to do and why it was developed to begin with. It’s a network first tested in the military (just as everything else) and then released to the global population as a forerunner to the SBC. The Internet helps the AI scientists (and the Overlords) to collect information on us. They want to know how we think, how we react in relation to each other on a global scale and across different cultures, what the collective is most interested in and why, how many are “awake,” and how much we know about different subjects. Of course, these are just a few examples.

The purpose with the Internet is to study human behavior.

It doesn’t matter so much what it is we put on the Internet; in essence, the Controllers are closely monitoring it in order to learn more about us as a social complex. They are not monitoring us because they want to eliminate people who are figuring things out—usually they don’t care about that—they just want to know how much we know and how much we don’t know as a collective. This is why most people get away with what they’re publishing on the Internet, unless someone gets in possession of and is posting some classified material that can be used as evidence against the planners. They may also take actions if we do something else that means we’re stepping on their toes. The standard operating procedure in the first case is to eliminate the person, if possible, or threaten him or her by targeting the person’s family or friends. The solution in the latter case is to send in the trolls.

Ultimately, in a couple of decades or so, the data the Controllers have gathered on us will be included in the SBC as collective data from the human mass consciousness. Once the Controllers have finished this project and the Singularity is in place, the Internet will cease to exist, as well as most computers in general. They are no longer necessary because people will have all the Internet information available to them inside their brains. All they need to do is to download whatever information they want from the SBC, and this will happen instantly; no more slow or disrupted Internet connections. Anything can be accessed immediately and electronically from the SBC. In addition, each individual will then add to the SBC database with his or her knowledge on a regular basis as he or she continues learning new things in life. The learning process, by the way, will be unimaginably faster because each individual will download already existing information on any subject that is collected in the mass consciousness; everything from highly advanced scientific data and information to the most mundane thoughts and ideas. This is what Kurzweil means when he talks about us learning a billion times faster; we have access to everybody’s thoughts instantaneously.

One thing that may come to mind to the reader is that the “knowledge” and information most people possess is often far from accurate, and these inaccuracies, and all the “junk thoughts” we communicate to each other, will also be stored in the SBC database. This could potentially mean that these inaccuracies will also spread a billion times faster and act as a virus in a system that is designed to only keep accurate data and information accessible.

This is of no concern, if we ask the AI Prophets. No junk or disinformation will be stored in the SBC to begin with, and the individual brain, via nanobots, will simply download what the Controllers want us to consider being “accurate information,” i.e. the information that is stored in the SBC. Everything that’s considered inaccurate or pure nonsensical will be “erased” from the individual brain because it’s not part of what is programmed into the SBC. The SBC database will “take over” the brain in the sense that what is in the SBC will be what Posthumans will be able to think with—it will be the new human mass consciousness! The idea is that each individual, once connected to the SBC, will instantly be a billion times smarter. With this new way of thinking, Posthumans can then expand their thoughts and ideas and add them to the SBC database for everybody in the world to have access to.

The entire idea with the Super Brain is a way to wipe out individual thinking as we know it, and instead the Overlords will have us start all over with a storage of selective information that will replace what is now our individual personality. Individuals, connected to the SBC, will be a new person altogether. They might still be able to individually think (the same way the Ra entities are), but their thinking will be based on what the Overlords and their Administrators have decided should be included in the mass consciousness. This Super Brain can, of course, be modified by the AIF at any time. This, in conjunction with mankind becoming cyborgs, will send Homo sapiens sapiens (Human 1.0) to their extinction indefinitely, replacing them with Posthumans (Human 2.0). Human 1.0 was heavily controlled and manipulated, but we still had some abilities to think freely about the situation we are in, but by creating Human 2.0, the Overlords eliminate this option, and Posthumans will be the ultimate slaves, incapable of thinking in terms of breaking out of this new, indefinite control system. If someone would still be able to think outside this new, diminished-sized box, you can rest assured that this person’s thoughts would be erased remotely. We already know that this can be done because the AI Prophets have told us (see earlier sections and chapters in this book). Based on the above conclusions, a book such as this will not be included in the SBC and will probably only exist in human consciousness as long as the Internet is up and running and mankind is still not connected to the SBC.

The Internet is, of course, not the only system from which the Controllers are gathering information about us; other examples are smartphones, new cars, GPSs, and more.

Kurzweil states outright that in post Singularity we won’t be able to distinguish between different virtual realities. If this doesn’t sober people up, nothing will. All people need to do is to stand back and look at this scenario and ask themselves; is this what we want humanity to become? Do we want to become parts of an eternal video game where we are the characters, while those who run the SBC are the players? Would that not make it easy for the game masters to make us do anything they want us to do and place us in any dimension they wish in order to have us fight their cosmic wars?

Now the reader probably can probably see how video games get into the picture, as well. Aren’t those a preparation for the real virtual reality game that has been planned for us? Young people are addicted to video games. In those, they can get involved in virtual reality wars, space wars, and other extreme violent behavior and they love it. Wouldn’t many of these kids love to be able to do this in real life, thinking they can do it without even breaking any moral or ethics codes? After all, it’s all just a virtual reality, right? The deception and the manipulation go deep, and those who are most receptive to manipulation of this caliber are the children and the adolescents of today’s world. 

Those who have read Ender’s Game understand what I’m trying to convey; Ender is a teenager, who competes with other teenagers to become the top virtual reality player, trying to be the one who can shoot down most alien spaceships. Under strict military discipline, these boys and girls are being told that they are practicing for the real thing, in case we would be attacked by a certain alien species in the future. Ender is doing great on the “test runs,” and he is shooting down many enemy ships. However, as revealed later, these were not test runs—they were the real thing! Every time Ender and the other children shot down something on the screen, they actually, unbeknownst to them shot down real ships.

Could it be that the virtual realities Kurzweil is talking about are different dimensions? By having us under total control, they could send us through the dimensions and create havoc wherever we go; all under the supervision of the AIF. Wouldn’t that, from a metaphysical standpoint, be the perfect weapon for the AIF to expand their empire? If someone thinks this sounds far out, think again and think hard. Bring the video games up one level and there you have our future reality. When playing video games, we are the players, and the characters in the game are at our mercy; we decide how they should act. If we bring this up one level, we are the characters and the AIF are the players. We already have the technology to do this. Welcome to the Brave New World!  

Virtually everything that has to do with technology and artificial intelligence originates from the AIF—including AI!

What we call the “physical reality” is their domain, under their control. They are the masters of the reality we live in, but they don’t control the other dimensions. They control our physical reality from other dimensions, but these dimensions are not under their control. Their empire is located in the physical world, and the beings who live here are we humans and other soul groups elsewhere, who they have manipulated in a similar way that they manipulate us.

In a later chapter, we will address how they are presenting the SBC in the media, and you can read about what scientists have to say on this.

The Exponential Growth in Technology

Here is another remarkable statement from Ray Kurzweil:

My models show that we are doubling the paradigm-shift rate every decade. Thus, the 20th century was gradually speeding up to the rate of progress at the end of the century; its achievements, therefore, were equivalent to about twenty years of progress at the rate in 2000. We’ll make another twenty years of progress in just fourteen years (by 2014), and then do the same again in only seven years. To express this another way, we won’t experience one hundred years of technological advance in the 21st century; we will witness on the order of 20,000 years of progress (again, when measured by the rate of progress in 2000), or about 1,000 times greater than what was achieved in the 20th century.

The exponential growth of information technologies is even greater: we’re doubling the power of information technologies, as measured by price-performance, bandwidth, capacity and many other types of measures, about every year. That’s a factor of a thousand in ten years, a million in twenty years, and a billion in thirty years. This goes far beyond Moore’s law (the shrinking of transistors on an integrated circuit, allowing us to double the price-performance of electronics each year). Electronics is just one example of many. As another example, it took us 14 years to sequence HIV; we recently sequenced SARS in only 31 days.[16]

If Kurzweil is correct in his calculations (and after all, he has inside information that the public has no access to), we are indeed close to the Singularity.

Here is more from Kurzweil; this time it’s about upgrading “human body version 1.0” (our current biological bodies/computers) to “version 2.0,” as I wrote about earlier this is the same allegory Dr. Jamisson Neruda uses in the Fifth Interview, by the way, posted on the WingMakers’ website.[17]

In the book, I talk about three great overlapping revolutions that go by the letters “GNR,” which stands for genetics, nanotechnology, and robotics. Each will provide a dramatic increase to human longevity, among other profound impacts. We’re in the early stages of the genetics—also called biotechnology—revolution right now. Biotechnology is providing the means to actually change your genes: not just designer babies but designer baby boomers. We’ll also be able to rejuvenate all of your body’s tissues and organs by transforming your skin cells into youthful versions of every other cell type. Already, new drug development is precisely targeting key steps in the process of atherosclerosis (the cause of heart disease), cancerous tumor formation, and the metabolic processes underlying each major disease and aging process. The biotechnology revolution is already in its early stages and will reach its peak in the second decade of this century, at which point we’ll be able to overcome most major diseases and dramatically slow down the aging process.

That will bring us to the nanotechnology revolution, which will achieve maturity in the 2020s. With nanotechnology, we will be able to go beyond the limits of biology, and replace your current “human body version 1.0” with a dramatically upgraded version 2.0, providing radical life extension.


The “killer app” of nanotechnology is “nanobots,” which are blood-cell sized robots that can travel in the bloodstream destroying pathogens, removing debris, correcting DNA errors, and reversing aging processes.[18] 

According to Kurzweil, already less than ten years from now they will be able to reverse our aging process, and as he points out, it’s not just a matter of manipulating baby’s genes so that they won’t age after a certain number of years, but the baby boomers will also be able to reverse their genes and become younger. It soon gets obvious how the Movement is promoted; most people want to extend their lives because we have been indoctrinated to be afraid of death—the unknown—for many reasons. Immortality will be an incredible gift for many people, and they will probably not think twice about taking the Mark of the Beast. The AIF will use nanobots to replace the original cells in the body, and these nanobots will be able to reverse aging, or already aged bodies. Posthumans (Humans Version no. 2) will look as they did at their most desirable age; somewhere between 25-35 years old. Then they will supposedly stay that age for the rest of “eternity” in this very physical reality.

Posthumans will be electronically wired to the SBC and get access to a greater volume of their own brain. However, once hooked up, people can’t unhook themselves; hence, those who don’t want any part of this kind of future better act upon it now and begin the withdrawal process from having been involved in, and addicted to, electronics. There are those who say that electronics is more addictive than cocaine.

Are you addicted? One way to find out is if you can comfortably imagine a life without your smartphone, Internet, computers in general, and any other electronic devices you may possess. If the answer is yes, you are not addicted, but still need to be careful. If you’re uncertain, or if the answer is no, you’d better start working on yourself because the addiction will only get worse, and you will probably not even notice how you unwittingly step into the AI reality and the Singularity. It’s a good idea to use the Internet as little as possible and only look up information that is relevant to your progress—but only if absolutely necessary. From now on (if you haven’t started already), it’s the inside work, such as mediation, that will substitute the so-called information we get from the Internet. Probably more than 80% of what we read online is false. I suggest you read my e-book, “Beyond 2012—A Handbook for the New Era,”[19] where I include many helpful exercises that can very useful.

I still want the readers to understand that we all have free will, and anybody whose desire it is to hold onto all the electronics and ultimately become connected to an electronic super brain has all the right to follow that path; this book is only meant to give information so we all can make a conscious choice. I want my readers to at least consider an important part of the problem that has not yet been discussed. In essence, I am following Kurzweil’s advice that we need to be well informed before we make the final decision whether to become part of the Singularity or not.

Now, let’s discuss cyborgs for a moment. Why don’t we ask Kurzweil what he has to say about cyborgs and how and when we humans are supposed to experience this process? This is what he writes,

We’re already in the early stages of augmenting and replacing each of our organs, even portions of our brains with neural implants, the most recent versions of which allow patients to download new software to their neural implants from outside their bodies. In the book [“The Singularity is Near,” Wes’ comment], I describe how each of our organs will ultimately be replaced. For example, nanobots could deliver to our bloodstream an optimal set of all the nutrients, hormones, and other substances we need, as well as remove toxins and waste products. The gastrointestinal tract could be reserved for culinary pleasures rather than the tedious biological function of providing nutrients. After all, we’ve already in some ways separated the communication and pleasurable aspects of sex from its biological function.[20]

As I’ve written earlier, in the center of the transformation is the nanobots; they are essential for Transhumanism to work. Kurzweil continues [my emphases],

[The third revolution is] [t]he robotics revolution, which really refers to “strong” AI, that is, artificial intelligence at the human level, which we talked about earlier. We’ll have both the hardware and software to recreate human intelligence by the end of the 2020s. We’ll be able to improve these methods and harness the speed, memory capabilities, and knowledge-sharing ability of machines.

We’ll ultimately be able to scan all the salient details of our brains from inside, using billions of nanobots in the capillaries. We can then back up the information. Using nanotechnology-based manufacturing, we could recreate your brain, or better yet reinstantiate it in a more capable computing substrate.

Our biological brains use chemical signaling, which transmit information at only a few hundred feet per second. Electronics is already millions of times faster than this. In the book, I show how one cubic inch of nanotube circuitry would be about one hundred million times more powerful than the human brain. So we’ll have more powerful means of instantiating our intelligence than the extremely slow speeds of our interneuronal connections.

I see this starting with nanobots in our bodies and brains. The nanobots will keep us healthy, provide full-immersion virtual reality from within the nervous system, provide direct brain-to-brain communication over the Internet, and otherwise greatly expand human intelligence. But keep in mind that nonbiological intelligence is doubling in capability each year, whereas our biological intelligence is essentially fixed in capacity. As we get to the 2030s, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate.[21]

Kurzweil is really putting it out there for anyone to see what they have in planning for us. He is the perfect front person; he is enthusiastic and naturally positive about the agenda.

When I am writing this, it is 2016, so we don’t have much time to reject the AIF’s plan for humankind, and likewise we don’t have much time left to be human if we don’t act. Just as the smartphones were sneaking up on us, and most people have probably not even thought about how that could happen so quickly. The transformation from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0 will happen just as seamlessly. We won’t know that we’re there until we’re suddenly there. Today, many people might think that we are still only in the beginning of this entire AI process when indeed we will be almost at the end of it.

We have seen in the media how soldiers who come back from war with only one arm or one leg can get these replaced with sophisticated machine arms and machine legs, and after some practice, the soldier will be able to work the new body part nearly as well as the original body part; nerve sensitivity included. When they mentioned this in the news media, people were stunned over this amazing technology. The Administrators’ controlled scientists must have laughed behind the scenes, knowing that this was Stone Age technology compared to what they already had. Still an important question remains; how is the transformation from biological humans to cyborg going to happen? Are we going to be forced to have surgeries to remove and replace vital organs, such as heart, liver, and kidneys?

No, it’s much more sophisticated than that. This is how it’s going to be done:

Questioner: So we’re going to essentially reprogram our DNA.

Ray Kurzweil: That’s a good way to put it, but that’s only one broad approach. Another important line of attack is to regrow our own cells, tissues, and even whole organs, and introduce them into our bodies without surgery. One major benefit of this “therapeutic cloning” technique is that we will be able to create these new tissues and organs from versions of our cells that have also been made younger—the emerging field of rejuvenation medicine. For example, we will be able to create new heart cells from your skin cells and introduce them into your system through the bloodstream. Over time, your heart cells get replaced with these new cells, and the result is a rejuvenated “young” heart with your own DNA.[22]

Again, the nanobots are the center of this process. We are virtually going to have our organs replaced without surgery and without any particular noticing on our part. I mentioned earlier that the great majority of humankind already has nanobots implanted in their brains and their bloodstreams via chemtrails, medicines, and vaccines. These bots might be dormant for now, but just as the antennas that they are, they will be activated remotely, and the process will begin. Then, perhaps, the big news will come out, telling us that we are now all immortal and our cells are self-replicating in a manner to keep us alive and healthy. They will expose this fact with pompous and glamor and with a sense of exhilaration, as if it were one of the greatest gifts ever given to humankind. Maybe that day will be a day of annual celebration worldwide; the annual Immortality Celebration Day.

I do believe that population reduction is part of the agenda, but if we look at the world population now and compare it with two years ago, we will see that it has increased. Today, we have a world population of 7.4 billion people[23] and in 2014 we were at 7.2 billion people.[24] This means that the supposed goal to decrease the population to 500 million people does not seem to work.

If a world population of 500 million is still the goal, why are they not working more effectively on it? Not until recently did I realize how close we are to achieving the Singularity, and by then (one would think) the Administrators would like to have accomplished their 500 million goal. Now we should know that the population reduction down to 500 million people is mainly using the Georgia Guidestones as a reference, on which this number was written.[25] After all, this can be deliberate disinformation to create more fear amongst us.

Another option is that they actually want to keep the population about the current level, a goal which seems more obtainable, but even with AI coming into the picture, 7 billion people seems like too much to control (or perhaps not). Many die in wars and from disease around the world, but that’s the way it’s always been, and no wars have been able to hold population growth back. Fewer people die from diseases now than they did 150 years ago, and people live longer, so how do these facts fit into the equation of population reduction?

Moreover, the biggest reason for population growth in our world today is the mass reproduction of children in the Third World. People in these areas are often uneducated and not used to be organized enough to look at the consequences of having, let’s say, seven to ten children. These people already live in poverty and certainly can’t afford that many children, and society is not set up to take care of them either. It’s in these parts of the world where population growth is the largest, and thus far, it’s quite uncontrolled. The few pleasures the natives have is sex, which also relieves stress and makes people relax, unless you are a woman, always afraid to become pregnant. Researchers are alarmed because they can see that the population will grow exponentially, which means we will be 9 billion people on the planet in just a few years. If this happens, we can’t maintain the current societal structure, they say.

I have a hard time seeing that the population will increase much more than it already has, and we will soon begin to see a trend downward. There is, for example, a significant contributing factor that may reduce the population rapidly, and that is covert sterilization; again, mainly through nanobots. We know that people already have a hard time producing children in general, and perhaps more nanobots will be activated in the near future so that, eventually, a huge percentage of the population won’t be able to reproduce—particularly in the Third World. If this is the plan, it should very soon be put into effect. After all, their purpose is to keep the souls they trap in the SBC network and don’t let them leave their new “enhanced” bodies—ever! It’s easier to work with souls that don’t vacate and/or recycle. The “Afterlife Trap” will then be obsolete. Also, no more souls will be able to access this 3-D reality.

Vaccination is another major population reduction factor to consider. The Controllers introduce a virus on the “market” and tell people how extremely dangerous and contagious it is. Don’t have sex! Don’t touch each other! Don’t travel! This creates more fear, but of course, after the media have created a fearful population, the same instigators come up with the solution—an antidote, a vaccine! People will run for it, and the consequence of taking the vaccine against a more or less harmless virus, blown out of proportion by the media, is highly increased cancer risks and infertility in the majority of their children.

Only the Overlords know what size the population will be by the time they choose to replace our organs and our immune system. Involuntary sterilization seems to be a major part of the agenda and would probably be the less “invasive;” no violence is needed, and people would not be able to connect the dots, perhaps blaming it on the environment (which wouldn’t be completely incorrect, either, as the environment is programmed to contain new manmade viruses and poisons of different kinds).

A Brave New World of Nanobots

Wouldn’t it be nice to jump into a temperature-regulated pool when the Sun above emanates so much heat that you’re about to jump out of your skin? Wouldn’t it be double-nice if you, with some help from nanobots, could sink to the bottom and sit there for hours without drowning?

Sold yet?

Maybe not, but this is actually one of the sales techniques for us to accept AI. These are Kurzweil’s exact words [my emphasis],

Our interneuronal connections compute at about 200 transactions per second, at least a million times slower than electronics. As another example, a nanotechnology theorist, Rob Freitas, has a conceptual design for nanobots that replace our red blood cells. A conservative analysis shows that if you replaced 10 percent of your red blood cells with Freitas’ “respirocytes,” you could sit at the bottom of a pool for four hours without taking a breath.[26]

Thus, after the Singularity (and perhaps even before), humans will be capable of going back to being amphibians again; back to the element whence we came—water (although not in the sense Darwin misinformed us). Next step is space; interested in going into space without having to breathe? No, now my imagination is getting the better of me—or is it?

Kurzweil Admits to the Dangers of AI

Just to be “balanced,” Kurzweil is playing the “fair guy,” admitting that there are dangers with these new technologies. As I wrote earlier; with his lectures, interviews, and his books, he wants to welcome us all to debate these subjects, (he must love my book, then). This is how he presents a few of the dangers with the technology he so eagerly is promoting,

G, N, and R [GNR, “Genetics Nanotechnology Robotics,” Wes’ emphasis] each have their downsides. The existential threat from genetic technologies is already here: the same technology that will soon make major strides against cancer, heart disease, and other diseases could also be employed by a bioterrorist to create a bioengineered biological virus that combines ease of transmission, deadliness, and stealthiness, that is, a long incubation period. The tools and knowledge to do this are far more widespread than the tools and knowledge to create an atomic bomb, and the impact could be far worse.[27]

Elsewhere, Kurzweil tells us that his greatest fear with GNR is the risk of bioterrorists. He says he can see the danger of this technology falling into the wrong hands, but then he turns it around and “convincingly” reassures us that the positives “convincingly” outweigh the negatives. Kurzweil is not a dummy, and I don’t think he is as ignorant as he pretends to be; he must know our history and how inevitable it is that all technology that can be used for power over others is falling in the wrong hands; just look at what happened to Nikola Tesla. The Controllers promoted Thomas Edison at the expense of Tesla. They took Tesla’s inventions and used them against us in HAARP weather wars and more, resulting in Tesla dying as a poor man, while Edison got rich from his “inventions” that were most likely not even his to begin with, but that’s another story. The Administrators wanted to use energy that they could control and charge for instead of using free energy.

Other dangers brought up in the same interview that I just quoted from is self-replicating nano-technology and super-intelligent AI being unfriendly, but Kurzweil defends his passion, saying that he is presenting remedies for this in his book, which we will come to soon.

Furthermore, he states that when all the energy sources in the solar system have been used up in order to support the ever-growing needs of AI, “[t]hen we’ll expand to the rest of the Universe.”[28] Thus, the story told by the Pleiadians, how we humans in the future, as cyborgs, will reach the Pleiades and create a tyranny there, seems to be underway. The reasoning behind Kurzweil’s statement is the Kardashev Scale,[29] which discusses a civilization’s technological development from planet-bound beings to spacefaring beings, who eventually will obtain the ability to control the energy of an entire galaxy. Kardashev postulated that all civilizations are developing around the same pattern by taming more and more energy and thus they will expand out in the Universe. He separated these different phases in a species’ development in three stages, Type I-III.

Type I is a civilization that can control the resources of an entire planet (including weather and earthquake control, but it also includes exploration of the solar system).

Type II is a civilization that can control the energy of their sun and begin to colonize other star systems.

Type III is a civilization that can control the energy of an entire galaxy.

On this scale, we are still a Civilization Type 0, but Kurzweil foresees that once we have the Singularity in place and have been able to use our collective brain power, downloaded into the SBC, we will quickly become a Type I Civilization. When this is accomplished, Human 2.0 will “ascend” to a Civilization Type II and eventually a Type III, which includes colonizing other star systems, the entire galaxy, and ultimately the rest of the Universe, which is beyond Type III (Type IV). This is, of course, possible, says Kurzweil, because after all, we’re alone in the Universe, and we will meet no resistance from other species elsewhere in cosmos. This may sound ludicrous, but the logic behind this is that if we conquer the entire Universe, despite the fact that we are alone, we can control it and its energies, and we will become God, as we shall see in the next section.

A Peek Inside Kurzweil’s Book

I will by no means go through Kurzweil’s 431 pages with a fine tooth comb, but I will pick and analyze some highlights, without taking anything out of context. It’s a book rich with ideas, predictions, but also with solid evidence of the progress of AI and the Singularity, which he envisions being the only logical future for mankind. During the interview that I quoted and commented on in the previous section, when asked if we should stop the progress of the Singularity because of potential severe dangers, he replies that it’s too late now, so we just need to advance our technology to a point when the Singularity is a reality, and all threats from bioterrorists and other downsides will be resolved once and for all.

Let us begin this section with presenting the goals of the Singularity from different angles, so we really understand what these forces want. Ray Kurzweil used the following quote in his book as a beginning of the section he also calls The Singularity is Near…

Let an ultraintelligent machine be defined as a machine that can far surpass all the intellectual activities of any man however clever. Since the design of machines is one of these intellectual activities, an ultraintelligent machine could design even better machines; there would then unquestionably be an "intelligence explosion," and the intelligence of man would be left far behind. Thus the first ultraintelligent machine is the last invention that man need ever make. —IRVING JOHN GOOD, "SPECULATIONS CONCERNING THE FIRST ULTRAINTELLIGENT MACHINE," 1965[30]

…and immediately before that same section, Kurzweil predicts [emphasis added in italic and bold],

We currently understand the speed of light as a bounding factor on the transfer of information. Circumventing this limit has to be regarded as highly speculative, but there are hints that this constraint may be able to be superseded. 15 If there are even subtle deviations, we will ultimately harness this superluminal ability. Whether our civilization infuses the rest of the universe with its creativity and intelligence quickly or slowly depends on its immutability. In any event the "dumb" matter and mechanisms of the universe will be transformed into exquisitely sublime forms of intelligence, which will constitute the sixth epoch in the evolution of patterns of information. This is the ultimate destiny of the Singularity and of the universe.[31]

This seems to be right to the point. Most of the time, when Kurzweil talks or writes about the Singularity, he mentions that its goal is to merge man and machine to create a super-intelligent form of human; a cyborg, connected to the Super Brain Computer. In his book, however, he takes the Singularity even further, and he actually writes, albeit in an indirect way (but it’s easy to read between the lines) that humanity’s destiny is to conquer the Universe and fill it with our “superior intelligence.”

Not only is this concept extremely arrogant, but also ignorant (possibly deliberately so) because it assumes that humanity is the only intelligent life form in the Universe, as I brought up earlier. From what I know, he has not said straight out that he believes we are (he may want to keep the door cracked open), but he is intuiting it repeatedly, and sometimes he contradicts himself, which I will show you in a moment.

It wouldn’t matter, however, if we were the only intelligent species in the Universe; Kurzweil would still see it as our alchemical ultimate destiny to rule the Universe and to be as God; in other words, he and his masters are building a new Tower of Babel—history repeating itself. For him, it would ultimately be inevitable. Because he is relying on that when the Singularity is here and just not near, our IQ as a hybrid species will increase a billion-fold, if not a trillion-fold, and this will safeguard our superiority over any other species in the Universe, which is still arrogant.

In the WPP, I wrote that I highly suspected that Zecharia Sitchin (1920-2010) was another front man for the AIF. If this were the case, could his “translations” of the old Sumerian scriptures (presenting the Tree of Life being related to the AIF and their longevity and immortality) be intended to function as a carrot for his readers; preparing them for the near future, i.e. merging man and machine into a singularity? Were we to be so intrigued by the immortality of the gods that the subconscious mind would absorb this desire like a sponge, so that when Kurzweil and others began their exposé, Sitchin’s readers would respond positively to the Movement? We can only speculate, but Sitchin’s work is certainly part of the entire Overlord agenda. Sitchin certainly took great liberties when he translated the Sumerian and Babylonian texts, and he presented them in a way that probably made the gods very happy.

Fig. 4-1: Zecharia Sitchin

When Do Humans Cease to be Human?

As described in the WPP, and by other researchers and authors, humankind has been genetically engineered and manipulated quite often during the course of time, but the changes have always been in the biological body. Now, we’re facing something totally different—an entirely new species, built as a biomechanical merge, where consciousness will be more or less substituted by super-intelligent brain-power. Every time these cyborgs think a thought or try to solve a problem, they will get different options and probabilities available to them, directly from the SBC, in a personal “brain upload.” Twenty-four hours a day, Posthumans will give their power away to a super brain, controlled by a Wizard of Oz behind the curtain.

On the other hand, could it just be me and others, advocating against the Movement, being paranoid, and this is all for the best of mankind? Are we just “conspiracy nuts, after all?” 

Let’s first see if Kurzweil has an answer to the important question, “when do humans cease to be human?”

If we regard a human modified with technology as no longer human, where would we draw the defining line? Is a human with a bionic heart still human? How about someone with a neurological implant? What about two neurological implants? How about someone with ten nanobots in his brain? How about 500 million nanobots? Should we establish a boundary at 650 million nanobots: under that, you're still human and over that, you're posthuman?[32]

When someone is using rhetoric logic, such as in the above quote, to indirectly promote his or her agenda, we should automatically question the motives. It is not a question of whether we should transplant an artificial heart in order to save a human being; it’s about creating an entirely new slave race, based on technology funded by a Black Budget, which is secret to the public, as well as to most politicians. We have no real idea how much Black Budget money is funneled into these projects, but it is a substantial amount. The real motive is not to save a person in need, but to create cyborgs out of an entire species. Hence, his logic goes out the window. Moreover, a species, Homo sapiens sapiens, is taken off its path of freeing themselves from a locked-in frequency band, which we call 3-D, doing so by using spiritual powers, not brain powers, and put under the overpowering influence of a super-computer that will do its data collection and its thinking for them. The information shared will be whatever is programmed into this computer, and how and what is being shared can still be controlled, and propaganda can be even more effective.

This is not, contrary to Kurzweil’s statement, rhetoric logic; it’s just common sense. It’s not enough to be “optimistic,” Mr. Kurzweil; it’s a matter of seeing the future from a holistic viewpoint and not with tunnel vision. It’s elementary logic, once we open our eyes, that we see not only potential dangers, but a new kind of slave species emerging, which will be under total, collective control by whomever sits behind the curtain in Oz. To be optimistic about it does not change the fact that power-hungry, warlike beings are behind this agenda. Even if we would be totally unaware of who is operating behind the scenes, it’s easy to see that the Movement is the most dangerous threat to our spiritual freedom that has ever been developed on this planet. We don’t even need to add the alien influence to see that.

I can’t help quoting from Kurzweil repeatedly because what he is saying and writing is absolutely stunning and revealing. Here he is again, writing more about Transhumanism in a very blunt manner:

Some observers refer to this merger as creating a new "species." But the whole idea of a species is a biological concept, and what we are doing is transcending biology. The transformation underlying the Singularity is not just another in a long line of steps in biological evolution. We are upending biological evolution altogether.[33]

It can hardly be blacker on white than the above statement, taken from his book. He wants to change the entire concept of what a species is; he wants us to forget the concept of a species necessarily being biological at all. It is true that our biological bodies are, in a sense, robots or machines as well, reengineered by En.ki and his team to be trapped in the material universe, but in biological bodies we have the capacity of some free thinking—not so when humanity has transformed into cyborgs.

The Pleiadians have always said that because this is a Living Library, genetic experimentation has been done, and is being done, on a regular basis, in one form or another, and by that, genetic engineering is to some degree acceptable. I disagree with this because such argument only applies to En.ki’s logic. This is not his planet to begin with, so he has no right to remodel or transform anything. If it were not for us humans, continuously giving him our direct or indirect consent, En.ki and his cohorts would have long since been out of here and put on trial.

This means, in spite of what En.ki did, it was, and still is, our responsibility to make our own decisions, and we chose (albeit under manipulation) to be part of En.ki’s Experiment, setup by a conquering species who needed us for their own selfish purposes. However, I also strongly advocate for total disclosure—not from our governments, but from the Overlords themselves—of what their real Agenda is, and what happened in the past, so many eons ago. If they won’t give us full disclosure (and they won’t), we will not be able to examine all the options we have as a human soul group. On the other hand, if we would be allowed to look at all the potentials and possibilities, and the majority of the human population still would choose to go for the Singularity alternative, I’ll rest my case—humanity would have made their choice and would have to take full responsibility and face the consequences of their actions.

As it is now, the debate is biased, and the information shared is not complete; thus, there is a need for books such as this one.

Kurzweil is also writing that “we need a new religion.”[34] What he means by this is that we must reach a point where the best in our current religions, such as the Golden Rule, will integrate with contemporary science; i.e. a merger of science and religion should take place. An interesting point is that this is precisely what the WingMakers’ spokesperson, James Mahu, is discussing on his website, Wingmakers.com; in order to find the Grand Portal—a metaphor for when we can become sovereign beings—we need to merge science and religion. I wrote extensively about the WingMakers in WPP, The First Level of Learning

The following dialogue between Bill Gates (BILL) and Ray Kurzweil (RAY) contain some very disturbing ideas, such as the following,

BILL: Ten computers—or one million computers—can become one faster, bigger computer. As humans, we can't do that. We each have a distinct individuality that cannot be bridged.

RAY: That's just a limitation of biological intelligence. The unbridgeable distinctness of biological intelligence is not a plus. "Silicon" intelligence can have it both ways. Computers don't have to pool their intelligence and resources.

They can remain "individuals" if they wish. Silicon intelligence can even have it both ways by merging and retaining individuality—at the same time. As humans, we try to merge with others also, but our ability to accomplish this is fleeting.[35]

This is exactly what will tip many humans over toward Kurzweil’s goal; a promise of individuality in the midst of the Singularity. In the beginning, Posthumans may very well be allowed to keep their individuality, but this is why it’s so important for us humans to be aware of our real history and not the false history we learn in school. If we don’t know our past, it’s bound to reoccur, which is exactly what’s about to happen. Even if some individual thinking may be allowed, it will be very limited, and soon enough, only objective, calculative thinking will be possible, with AI infested in their brain and the rest of their body; the ability to experience real emotions will be very restricted.

The Primordial Womankind (the Namlú’u) were trusting toward others and did not expect being deceived by the Overlords, and over the eons, we haven’t learned much—we still generally trust “authorities” who don’t have any of our interests in mind.

You may have asked yourself how the Namlú’u could be trapped in human bodies that were created by their oppressors, who had chased Namlú’u’s creators away and trapped the Primordial Womankind in a locked-in dimension. Although a long time had passed between the War of the Titans and the moment the Namlú’u were trapped in En.ki’s bodies, shouldn’t the Namlú’u still have been suspicious enough not to trust the Overlords?

I don’t have the information about what exactly made the Namlú’u cooperate with the Overlords, but I can imagine that En.ki disguised himself as somebody else. Those who have read the WPP know that En.ki is an expert in shapeshifting. He might even have disguised himself as Queen Nin, deceiving womankind by presenting a way out of the trap if they took these new bodies. We know En.ki can be very convincing, even to an extent that he can deceive his own people. Something as drastic as that must have happened for the Namlú’u to fall into this trap that we’re still sitting in.

Machines and Intelligence

While discussing consciousness, Kurzweil makes the following comment in his book:

… We will then be cyborgs, and from that foothold in our brains, the nonbiological portion of our intelligence will expand its powers exponentially.[36]

For him, intelligence is consciousness; they are one, and we are as conscious as we are intelligent. However, the intention is to merge all religions with science and acknowledge a God consciousness that’s the same for every religion—even if God is science. Humanity’s task is then to become as God. As we’ve concluded, he wants us to spread our superior intelligence into the entire Universe, after the Singularity, and fill the Universe with our “brilliance.” However, Posthumans’ journey doesn’t end there. Now, ponder this:

…while being a Singularitarian is not a matter of faith but one of understanding, pondering the scientific trends I've discussed in this book inescapably engenders new perspectives on the issues that traditional religions have attempted to address: the nature of mortality and immortality, the purpose of our lives, and intelligence in the universe.[37]

Because Kurzweil argues that we most likely are the only intelligent species in the Universe, we are of course the ones who are entitled to the entire cosmos. This is “God’s Plan” for humanity. Hence, he believes that we are the species that more than likely will seed the Universe with our intelligence. He bases this conclusion on that if there were others out there, they would already be here, and if there were one more species, there would probably be more than one; perhaps billions. This, according to Kurzweil, is highly unlikely because if this were the case, we would certainly have been visited. Even if some of them would prefer to be in an “observation mode,” at least some of these species would have come forward. Again, he does not take into consideration that Earth and this solar system is under quarantine, and that the star races that are here are mostly of the controlling kind, doing their dirty business in the background.

However, Kurzweil does speculate that there could be others out there, who are much more advanced than we are, but if this were the case, they would already have developed artificial intelligence. Thus, if we stumble upon another advanced civilization out in space, they would be AI, not biological creatures. He argues,

Incidentally, I have always considered the science-fiction notion of large spaceships piloted by huge, squishy creatures similar to us to be very unlikely. Seth Shostak comments that "the reasonable probability is that any extraterrestrial intelligence we will detect will be machine intelligence, not biological intelligence like us."


…any civilization sophisticated enough to make the trip here would have long since passed the point of merging with its technology and would not need to send physically bulky organisms and equipment.[38] 

As a matter of fact, I partly agree with him. Here he brings up an issue that I also brought up in the WPP. ETs normally don’t travel in spaceships, transporting their physical bodies and heavy equipment between star systems. Instead they travel by thought. However, Kurzweil, via Shostak, is probably correct; the alien civilizations that Posthumans might stumble upon will be AI because they would be part of the Luciferian Empire. Therefore, it is logical to assume that all these civilizations, if they are spacefaring, will be AI. There is no other way for them to travel across the 4% Universe than with cyborg bodies.

It’s important, however, not to discard Kurzweil’s predictions as science fiction; if he, and the AIF, can work on this project relatively undistracted, it will happen just the way Kurzweil predicts. As I mentioned in the WPP, it seems as if not all of the different races that joined Lucifer (Lord En.ki) in his rebellion could nano-travel. Some of them might still not be able to. These races use advanced technology to travel between stars. An example of this would be those who are the original inhabitants of the planet Nibiru. In that sense, Sitchin was correct. Although, at the time En.ki and some of his people started rubbing shoulders with those from Nibiru, it became a blend betwixt technological space travel and nano-travel amongst the Rebels; the latter is something that En.ki can accomplish effortlessly. AI has long since been integrated in the Luciferian Empire and is already well established in some asterisms that the AIF is in control of. Despite what Kurzweil might think (or want us to think), we are not alone—not even close!

Then, Kurzweil makes the following stunning statement: “It appears that our solar system has not yet been turned into someone else's computer.”[39] He comes to this conclusion based on the “fact” that we have not been visited by any other civilization out there yet. It’s obvious that there are things the AIF still want to hide from us—their own presence, to begin with, at least until they might decide to show up. They know that the speculations are out there regarding the solar system, as we know it, being a hologram within holograms. However, the solar system we learn about from NASA and other dubious organizations is little more than a hologram that is to some degree holographically superimposed on us humans and is not the way the real Universe is. Moreover; what we see when we look through telescopes and observe from space shuttles, etc., is the interpretation of the solar system and the Universe from our five senses perspective. If we were to access other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum at the same time, the Universe would look very different.

In other words, Kurzweil is incorrect when he suggests that our solar system has not been turned into someone else’s computer.[40]  

Following Kurzweil’s line of logic, we will have the human brain entirely cloned and ready to go by the late 2020s,[41] and we will be able to merge with it by 2045. These are his predictions and not set in stone, but as others have mentioned, Kurzweil has been correct thus far in his predictions. Now, if we expand on this, with the understanding that conquering the entire Universe is the ultimate goal of the Singularity, what can we expect will happen during the twenty-first century?

Of course, Kurzweil has the answer:

Having reached a tipping point, we will within this century be ready to infuse our solar system with our intelligence through self-replicating nonbiological intelligence. It will then spread out to the rest of the universe.[42]

Perhaps, by now, the reader can see the importance of creating our own, local universes, unless we want to be part of Kurzweil’s singular future. If we don’t want to participate in the Singularity, we’d better create what we want rather than resisting what we don’t want (AI and the Singularity).

Everybody who is reading this is still here in 3-D reality, and so long as we are here, we’d better make the best out of it. Many readers, who are still young or middle-aged, might be alive when the Singularity happens, and therefore, it is important to create your own local universe, which is the universe you have access to at the moment, such as your hometown and other places you might travel to. You might want to embrace this local universe and create your future in it by using your thoughts, imagination, and intention. Then, you build your local universe around this spiritual sequence.

This does not just apply to young and middle-aged people; we all need to do this in order not to be sucked into Kurzweil’s horrific future.

[4] “…but I’m an optimist, not a pessimist” has become something of a propaganda phrase amongst AI Prophets. As we shall see in a later chapter, physicist Michio Kaku, also an AI Prophet, uses the same kind of expression.

[5] Raymond Kurzweil, The Singularity is Near, Chapter 8.

[8] The “Machine Kingdom” is a term I adopted from the Pleiadians. I like this term because it contains “machine,” as in robot, and “kingdom,” as in the Patriarchal AIF Empire, based on male dominance.

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