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"Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
--A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond"

-by Wes Penre, 2016


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Chapter 3:


Introduction to Transhumanism and the Singularity

The two concepts, Transhumanism and the Singularity, are sometimes intertwined, but in this book,  I will look at Transhumanism as a bridge toward the Singularity. The term “Transhumanism, simply put, means “transformation of humanism into something else,” which in this case is the Singularity. In this chapter, I provide examples of how the bridge is being created.

I want to begin this chapter by showing something quite disturbing. In order to understand the background to the following, I want to direct the reader’s attention to a quote from a report called Human Performance, written by E. Williams for The MITRE Corporation in 2008.[1] This is a non-profit company, sponsored by the federal government, and it works in symbiosis with defense and intelligence, aviation, civil systems, homeland security, the judiciary, healthcare, and cybersecurity. The entire report is therefore a quite revealing exposé of the future AI agenda. Here is an excerpt:

Invasive interfaces involve direct surgical connections to the nervous system, to allow sensing of neural signals, input of sensory stimuli, or to regulate neural activity. In the case of invasive interfaces, the parallelism of output or inputs is limited by the limited knowledge of the nature of the neural network and by the complexity of making multiple connections surgically. In both cases, significant improvements are possible for medically impaired subjects. However, the ultimate performance now achievable with such interventions falls far below average normal human performance.[2]

This was in 2008, though. Today, it seems as if science has unblocked the barriers, and a device has been successfully implanted in a young man, who says he is greatly enhanced by this implant. This person is being used in an AI experiment, most probably against his knowledge.

I mean no offense to this young man, who says he benefits from this implant, but I want to look at it from a bigger perspective. The device put into the back of the artist Neil Harbisson’s brain is being justified by declaring that it helps him cope with a condition he was born with: total color blindness. Since birth Neil has been living in a grayscale world, and although this device does not give him back the ability to see colors, it helps him hear colors: a synthetic synesthesia. CNN is telling us that he is actually the first certified cyborg![3]  Look at the following two pictures:

Fig3-1: Neil Harbisson, the world’s first certified cyborg.

We can all understand that Neil wants to experience color the same way that you and I do. Neil, being an artist, makes it even more understandable that he wants to be able to experience colors, but what he doesn’t realize is that he is being used in a rather cruel way by scientists, who by using a prospect in need can manipulate him into having such a device implanted. It’s getting even more extreme when we read Neil’s own comments:

It just feels like touching an extension of my body. It feels like a new body part, like a nose or a finger.[4]

I don’t want to invalidate him in case this is how he really feels, but to me it sounds as if he is finding a way to justify this device implant so he can feel better about it.

In January 2016, CNN reporter Madeleine Stix wrote the following on CNN’s website,

Cyborgism, of which Harbisson is one of the foremost pioneers, is a slowly growing trend. The development of Google Glass has brought more attention to the concept of wearing technology for extended periods of time. Magnetic implants that allow individuals to feel the attraction of magnetic fields, like microwaves or power cord transformers, have become a popular piece of equipment among self-described "bio-hackers." And more recently, a Canadian filmmaker developed and implanted his own kind of eyeborg, a prosthetic eye embedded with a video camera.[5]

You are going to see very soon that these things are being more and more common, although much more sophisticated implants will replace these clumsy, inconvenient devices.

However, it doesn’t end here. Neil Harbisson is also being used (without fully comprehending what he is getting involved in) as a propagandist for cyborgism. He is holding lectures on the subject, and he promotes it passionately:

It will become normal to have tech inside our bodies or have it implanted. I think it just needs time.[6]

Also, we need to remember that some young people today were born to willingly experience the Machine Kingdom, exactly as I described it in The Wes Penre Papers—The Multiverse Series (WPP); these young people came here with the intention to dig deeply into technology already in their childhood and to be part of the new cyborg society—they are the children who are here to experience immortality. Some of these children are brilliant, by the age of two or three, at maneuvering electronic devices, such as smartphones and computers, with ease. This is not a coincidence. Souls from ancient Atlantis are now reincarnating to our time in large numbers—they are the so-called “technology geeks.”

For those who want to hear Neil speak and see how he copes, there are several YouTube videos where he talks about his implant. See, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=neil+harbisson.

Here is more on the importance of what’s going on. It’s also from the Human Performance Report [my emphasis]:

Although the present technical capabilities are not impressive, one can consider the potential that an adversary might use invasive interfaces in military applications. An extreme example would be remote guidance or control of a human being.[7]

The report doesn’t suggest that the remote control of a human being should be done, but just by mentioning this potential in this context shows that this is absolutely possible, and if it’s possible, it will be done! Still, people are willingly going to take implants, often to be able to experience something the average person can’t, or just to be cool. It’s not a pretty world when George Orwell’s 1984 almost seems like a kindergarten book.

In another report called Frontier Missions: Peacespace Dominance that was presented to the Air Force 2025 back in 1996 by the Department of Defense:

While this is a reasonable portability rationale for the use of [a] chip, some may wonder, “Why not use special sunglasses or helmets?” The answer is simple. An implanted microscopic chip does not require security measures to verify whether the right person is connected to the IIC, whereas a room, helmet, or sunglasses requires additional time-consuming access control mechanisms to verify an individual’s identity and level of control within the Cyber Situation.[8]

This is an older report, but the intention to totally control us was there already. Ray Kurzweil may assure us as much as he wants that the movement he is part of is benevolent, but the evidence points to a different agenda altogether. Overwhelming evidence is going to be presented in this book to an extent that I doubt no one who is reading it in its entirety will doubt the real intention behind the Movement.

Microchips have been used, are used, and will be used in the near future, but in general, more sophisticated ways of controlling our brains and minds will be developed. Brainwaves from the future Super Brain Computer (SBC) will ultimately put the population under surveillance and control.

Moreover, the same 1996 report explains how humans will accept the plan to control the mind, and even liken it to a video game experience:

The civilian populace will likely accept implanted microscopic chips that allow military members to defend vital national interests.[9]

It is an electronic interface for individual nerve cells to communicate with a computer. This human-machine linkage will. . . enhance human capability in many ways. If artificial eyes can convert video to nerve signals, won’t it be possible to use the same technique to superimpose computer-generated information in front of one’s field of view?...

This capability will have extraordinary commercial applications from medical advances. These advances will help restore patients with damaged neural, audio, and visual systems as well as enable individuals to achieve the "ultimate virtual reality trip”.[10]

In the last paragraph, we can see the parallel to Neil Harbisson’s case, perhaps with the “ultimate virtual reality trip” excluded.

An interesting aspect of these reports is that they are both non-classified and are in public domain. They want us to read them and think they are taking an approach that this is a benevolent process. The above quotes show that there is an underlying agenda here that they want to hide in plain sight.

Patented Mind Control Technique

Something really interesting to look into is patents. When spending time researching them, astonishing patents can be found on the U.S. Government Internet patent site. The following is just one example among many. I urge the reader to go through the patent site to find more; they will be there.

The following patent, which I will choose excerpts from, is Patent no. 6,011,991, dated January 4, 2000. In the abstract section, it says,

A system and method for enabling human beings to communicate by way of their monitored brain activity. The brain activity of an individual is monitored and transmitted to a remote location (e.g. by satellite).

At the remote location, the monitored brain activity is compared with pre-recorded normalized brain activity curves, waveforms, or patterns to determine if a match or substantial match is found.

If such a match is found, then the computer at the remote location determines that the individual was attempting to communicate the word, phrase, or thought corresponding to the matched stored normalized signal.[11]

Here we have evidence that the MIC and the rest of the 3-letter agencies had the abilities already in 2000 to monitor our brain frequencies. However, here is more from the same patent,

It is another objective of this invention to provide a system capable of identifying particular nodes in an individual's brain, the firings of which affect characteristics such as appetite, hunger, thirst, communication skills (e.g. which nodes are utilized to communicate certain words such as 'yes', 'no', or phrases such as 'I don't know', 'I'm not sure', or numbers such as 'one', 'two', 'ten', 'one hundred' and the like, thought processes, depression, and the like).

When such nodes are identified, they may be specifically monitored by one or more sensors to analyze behavior or communication or words, phrases, or thoughts.

In other embodiments, devices mounted to the person (e.g. underneath the scalp) may be energized in a predetermined manner or sequence to remotely cause particular identified brain node(s) to be fired in order to cause a predetermined feeling or reaction in the individual, such as lack of hunger, lack of depression, lack of thirst, lack of aggression, lack of Alzheimer's disease effects, or the like.[12]

It becomes evident that the MIC, and others, are using technology to monitor and then control our brainwave patterns, i.e. our thoughts and behavior. In line with what we’ve discussed in previous chapters, we can see how this patent fits into the agenda of building the SBC that can monitor and control our brain waves![13] There is really no way to dispute what is said in this patent (and as mentioned above, there is more of a similar sort). It is crucial that the AI agenda is exposed for what it is, before it’s too late, because we’re running out of time. We need to stop listening to talking heads on the news and AI prophets, such as Ray Kurzweil. There is nothing benevolent in this movement, and Kurzweil is lying when he’s writing and saying that the Singularity is a natural step in our evolution, and that we will, because of the Singularity, take a super-leap in intelligence and unity as a new kind of human—super-enhanced that becomes immortal through technology.

However, at the same time, they are actually dividing us by taking control of our thoughts and our minds; thus being able to decide what the mass consciousness should think and experience. Therefore, regardless of how we look at it, it’s the end of both individuality and unity. Instead, we are getting a unified hive mentality and a hive community that is manipulated from the top. I am aware that the enthusiasts disagree with this; they are saying that the purpose is to strengthen the individual in a unified society. This sounds like a great utopia coming true, but let us rewind and take a look at history.

The Breakdown of the Family Unit

The family unit has been a threat to the Cosmic Outlaws for centuries because it creates a strong bond between people. In the middle ages, the family unit was kept under control by having people live in poverty, filth, and starvation, while the rich were wallowing in money, luxury, and delicious food. Families stuck together but had little time to do anything, except trying to cope with a situation where they lived from day to day struggling to survive.

With the Industrial Revolution and the new technological era, things changed. Regular people eventually received higher education, in order to be able to understand and work with technology and the society that emerged from it. Also, the living standard slowly increased in the Western World, and real poverty became rarer. The backside of this, viewed from the Outlaws’ perspective, was that the family unit also became stronger and healthier. People had more time to talk about things of concern, and it became harder for the manipulators to control families. The Controllers had no idea what was happening behind locked doors. Consequently, something had to be done.

One of the ideas was to introduce television. The goal became one TV in every home. This was the fourth of many future steps to seduce the population with nonsense, so that they, instead of sitting around the table discussing subjects that could challenge the status quo, would be distracted and separated by watching TV (the first step to distract people was silent movies, the second step was radio and the third step was movies that included audio). As a result, people who did not go to the theater or listen to the radio could bring the theater into their own homes. By distracting people, often with nonsense programs, such as dubious western movies that distorted the actual history of the Wild West, TV series, subtle propaganda films, and biased and controlled news programs, they could more easily dumb down both the individual and the family unit.

This worked like a charm for many years (and still does to an extent), but the AIF still felt threatened. Therefore, they wanted to create an experiment to see how solid their manipulation and mind control of the masses really was. Hence, they created the counter-culture movement, which originated at the Tavistock Institute in the U.K.[14] The Vietnam War had started, and now the Controllers and their Minions thought it might be a good idea to target the kids. Hence, the hippie movement was created. It all started with Elvis Presley, who was succeeded by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, upon whom a large number of other pop and rock groups, as well as individual singers and songwriters, followed. The entire purpose with pop and rock music was (and still is) to manipulate the teenagers.[15] Part of the agenda, in the 1960s, was to alienate the children from their families, by indoctrinating them and introducing them to drugs. Woodstock and other huge rock concerts had one major purpose—to drug down the hippie generation. At Woodstock, drugs were used openly, and the police were instructed not to intervene.

What a stunningly great number of the musicians of the hippie generation had in common was that they were children of high ranking military families. Many of these young musicians had been subjected to trauma-based mind control and had developed multiple personalities. Jim Morrison of The Doors is just one of many examples.[16]

Charles Manson, another mind-controlled puppet, together with his equally mind-controlled gang of fanatic murderers, put a nail in the coffin of the hippie movement, and from then on society became more violent and unstable, while heavy metal bands, such as Alice Cooper and Black Sabbath with their tuned down guitar music, being examples of forerunners of music groups who are spreading music with dark and often violent messages. These new bands now became the role models for a new generation. Alice Cooper (his real name is Vincent Furnier) said in an interview that he and his band were those who actually put the final nail in the coffin of the hippie movement. Most hippies were now in their late twenties or early thirties, and some of them succumbed to drugs while others cut their hair, married and got a job.

The Tavistock/Woodstock experiment had been successful, and the previous stability of the family unit began to show some serious instability, after having lost almost an entire generation to war, rock music, drugs, and promiscuous sex. Nonetheless, something more had to be done to once and for all break families apart, and the Rockefeller Foundation was put in charge to accomplish this.

They came up with a brilliant solution that also looked humane and fair on the surface, but its real purpose was to split the “dangerous” family unit and to more or less pull it up by its roots. The Rockefellers instigated and sponsored the Women’s Liberation Movement (Women’s Lib) in the early 1970s. They planted some mind-controlled charismatic women on the stage, and these puppets were proponents for women to have equal rights to men. This, of course, was a new concept in this male-dominate world and could have been a good thing, if it wasn’t for the real purpose behind the movement. The idea was that women should have an equal right to fulltime jobs as men and to have equal opportunities to advance within the societal structure.

This agenda was a success! Women entered the job market in much larger numbers than ever before, and they now had their own careers to think about. Then, of course, they also wanted to marry and have children. This became a problem to a certain degree because how would they be able to combine their careers with raising children?

The answer was simple: Daycare! These Daycare Centers took care of (and raised) the children, while both their parents were busy working long hours. Also, society now had the opportunity to indoctrinate the children at an early age by taking charge of their early “education” (read indoctrination). Now, finally, the family unit was split up. The societal structure the Rockefeller Foundation created and sponsored has now become the norm. Before Women’s Lib, parents usually raised children who were happy and who, because their childhood was peaceful, had a stable ground on which they could go out and face the world as young adults. This was entirely based on the father who could support his entire family with his income, while the mother could be a stay-at-home mom, taking care of the children and working around the house. This is the best environment for children to grow up in. This became next to impossible after the breakdown of the family unit. Suddenly, the father (in general) couldn’t financially support his family anymore, when inflation made commodities much more expensive and income did not increase to match this upsurge in costs. Hence, regardless whether the mother wanted to work or not, she was forced to, in order to be able to contribute to the overall finances of the family.

In summary, the Administrators and the Overlords do not want us to unify on a spiritual level by our own means: a process that otherwise happens quite automatically when two or more people are able to connect on a deeper level, such as within solid and stable families. Since time immemorial, the Outlaws have worked hard to keep us separated from each other on a spiritual level. Today, it is worse than ever; both parents work, the children are brought up by strangers, when what they actually need are their real parents, who can give them solid guidelines on how to behave as children and how to best succeed as adults. Instead, the children are being purposely indoctrinated by society from a very early age. Then, when the real parents pick up their children from Daycare after work, they are usually so exhausted after a stressful work day that they have little energy left to take care of their children’s needs. What this creates are unstable children with anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. When these children grow up, they are easily further manipulated by society, and they often become obedient workers for the system. It’s utterly important to have a stable and loving childhood to fall back upon, when challenges in life are getting the best of us.

Note also that I don’t imply that women should be exempted from having a career if they want to, but I think the setup of the original family unit is the ideal. Moreover, I think it’s important that a couple contemplate this important issue with the above in mind, before they dedicate themselves mindlessly to a very stressful job market, leaving the main responsibility of childcare to others, who have no connection to the family. I know it’s hard to manage on one person’s wages these days, but we don’t need fancy houses, expensive cars, and increasing credit card debt in order to have a good life; less can sometimes be sufficient to survive and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

It’s important for the Overlords to program us from our early childhood because that will format our way of thinking later in life. Instead, if sound and intuitive parents educate their children from the beginning, by giving them their love and their time, great moral and ethical values, and teach them how to survive on their own, but also teach them how to problem solve, to help out at home in order for them to learn how to function in a family, and have them learn different skills—based on the parents’ experience and common sense—the children will become much more stable as adults. They will also be capable of critical thinking, rather than being subjected to the indoctrination given in Daycare Centers and elsewhere, which only creates obedient slaves. Of course, there is always a chance that the parents are flawed and will teach their children destructive behaviors that they are passing forward from their parents, or they might abuse their children in different ways, but in general, the old way of raising children creates more capable and compassionate individuals.

Separation makes people unhappy; we are a social species, and the Controllers know this, of course. It’s imperative for the Controllers to separate us in order to unite us. The unification that the Controllers want is unification through technology, and to make that happen they must make humanity feel that it is in need of change. If a need for change is not created, no one wants to change. Having a sound family unit in place, few people would like the changes proposed by those in charge. However, after having separated us from each other and made us overstressed and unhappy, we are crying out for a change that offers protection and guidance. It’s the Controllers’ formula all over again, problem-reaction-solution.

Transhumanism is a way to further tighten the ropes around our necks, while presenting it as something positive by pointing out key things that are desirable to people, such as immortality, because most people are afraid to die. They are afraid of the unknown, and they don’t want to leave their loved ones behind. With the Singularity in place, that won’t happen; or deaths will at least be very rare and far between.

People get what they want (unity) and the Overlords get what they want (synthetic/artificial unity, created with technology). Then the new trap closes around people, who are turning into immortal cyborgs who can’t escape. They are stuck with rejuvenating artificial bodies that never die or deteriorate because everything in their bodies can be replaced and eventually be self-healing; it’s just a matter of reorganizing the manufactured cells/nanobots in the body, and new limbs and organs can easily heal, or rather self-rejuvenate. People will be stuck for an eternity, figuratively speaking, in cyborg bodies, in service to, and as part of, Lucifer’s Legions. If this is not threating to us, I don’t know what is. It is the same as the definition of “nightmare” or “Hell” to me. Fortunately, there is a “soulution”, which I will come to later.

The United Nations’ Role in Transhumanism

Only by looking at the name, United Nations, it’s easy to see that at least one of the goals for this organization is to unify all countries in the world into becoming one single Nation under “God;” a One World Government. This is not a secret; the UN freely admits to this. More specifically, they are the linking and negotiating body between countries, in order to unite them—they are the intermediary. However, what they don’t tell us, but is known to many who work there,[17] is that they are also involved in preparing for the Second Coming; a religious leader who will sit upon the World Throne.[18] The UN supports the AI movement, as well.

The Second Coming from a New Perspective

Before we move on, I want to make a correction. In the WPP I argued that the returning Messiah would be an AIF leader, who will take on that role of becoming the World Leader. Aside from the fact that evidence of this was discussed in the WPP, it is also supported by a number of channeled entities, such as the Ashtar Command, the entities behind the Great White Brotherhood. This is going back to the Theosophical Society from the 19th century, founded by Madame Helena Blavatsky. She was channeling what she called Ascended Masters, and their message had everything to do with the Ashtar Command descending to Earth to help save us from ourselves.

Alice Bailey, one of Mdm. Blavatsky’s successors, continued to spread her mentor’s teachings, even more extensively emphasizing the Messianic message. She had deep ties to the United Nations[19] through something she called Lucis Trust, which is still part of the United Nations. The term “Lucis Trust” is actually a play on Lucifer’s Trust and Lucifer Publishing Company, something that was discussed in detail in the WPP.[20] In the 1980s, a man who supposedly possessed unnatural powers, was a frequent visitor in the United Nations Building, and even met regularly with U.S. Presidents, such as George H.W. Bush. He is believed by many officials in the United Nations to be the new Messiah (as a matter of fact, many who hold positions in the U.N. are Theosophists, i.e. they follow Mdm. Blavatsky’s doctrines, while many others are Fundamental Christians and/or Born Again Christians and thus believe in the Second Coming).[21]

I wrote in my papers that the Second Coming would most likely be En.ki. This might or might not be the case, but I could have made a mistake when I concluded that. If we ponder the triad of Osiris, Isis, and Horus from old Egyptian mythology, Osiris is the equivalent to En.ki; Isis is his niece, being Prince En.lil’s (Ninurta’s) daughter and Horus is Marduk, En.ki’s and Isis’ son. Horus became the Messiah figure of his time, and there are similar Messiah scenarios earlier and later on in history. The savior figure who is most renowned in the Western World is, of course, Jesus Christ or Jeshua Ben Josef (there are other versions of this name). I also attached En.ki to Jesus; this is most likely false. The Jesus figure was most likely Marduk and not En.ki. The Messiah must be, as earlier mythology and history suggest, the son and not the father. Therefore, the future Messiah should be Marduk returning as Christ, not En.ki (if we go on what was written in the New Testament); thus, the correction. The “divine” figure different religions are waiting for, from what I can see, is Marduk. The Anti-Christ, seen from one perspective, is you and I and everybody else who does not support or believe in the Christ, i.e. Marduk, as our savior.

Then, what role does his father, En.ki, play in all this? Isn’t he supposed to come back and rule in the upcoming Age of Aquarius? Isn’t he the water carrier in the old Sumerian texts, whose sign is Aquarius, the water sign? Yes, he is! Lord Marduk is already here and has been here, on and off, for millennia. As much as he is Satan and the Lord of this World, he is also the Christ—something I’m sure Christians don’t want to hear or believe. However, now it’s soon time for Marduk’s new glorious days, in which he can rule mankind openly. His father has already returned from what I have concluded, and albeit the Age of Aquarius is En.ki’s sign, he will most possibly not rule openly—he is still playing the father role. En.ki will be the one pulling the strings in the background—if Marduk lets him. En.ki’s and Marduk’s roles in the AI movement will be further discussed in an upcoming chapter.

Population Control and Transhumanism

At the time of this writing, there are more than seven billion people on this planet, and the Western governments are not willing to pay the cost to feed all the people who are sick and starving in the Third World countries. Also, seven billion individuals are far more than it’s possible to control; the Singularity goal would probably have to be postponed to another time if all these people had to be kept in the fold, but the Administrators are receiving pressure from the Overlords to have the Singularity in place approximately by 2045.

The best, and perhaps only way, to accomplish this is to reduce the population drastically; some researchers say that the goal is to reduce the world population to 500 million people, and others have suggested that the reduction will be even more drastic. In Chapter 8, we will discuss what is being done to accomplish a population reduction, and it’s not a matter of dropping bombs over our cities to kill us off (although this happens, as well); it’s more sophisticated than that. By poisoning our food with GMO, destroying our environment, spraying chemtrails, giving people vaccines, giving us poisonous “medications”, and so on, they weaken our immune system, and even make us infertile. We also get prone to heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, and other potentially fatal illnesses that will both control population growth and reduce the number of people in the next generation. There are many other measures taken as well; many of them are unknown to the general public, and also to those of us who are working on exposing the agenda. More details will most certainly emerge in the near future by those digging into the population reduction issue. The above measures are only the tip of the iceberg; those behind the scenes have it well planned out, and they hope to accomplish this in quite a covert way, so that people in general won’t notice. Besides, very few people think that their Government would do all this to them.

Then, when the population is reduced to a more manageable number, the next preset target, leading to the Singularity, can be set into motion.

Part of the agenda is to purposely make people sick and dysfunctional. When people don’t feel well, and very little seems to be done about it, it’s convenient to introduce AI and the Singularity as a solution. Once again, it will be emphasized that with the Singularity in place, there will be no more death and diseases—in fact, this is what Dr. Kurzweil was discussing in his books.

After the Singularity, the population, by then heavily infested with Artificial Intelligence in the form of nanobots, can be increased to a new, desired number. Lucifer’s Legions need human cyborg soldiers (so-called super soldiers) to assist them in their quest, and they probably need more than half a million soldiers, one would think. Eventually, the Outlaws might want to create a massive military base, covering most of Planet Earth. Hence, in order to have total control over population growth, the puppet scientists are well on their way to making robots that are capable of reproducing. This is not science-fiction. It is being exposed in mainstream media, which we will look into in a future chapter. Then, I can imagine, when the AIF decides that they have just the right number of cyborgs, controlled by a Super Brain Computer (SBC), they can stop the cyborg bodies from being able to reproduce. No one will probably protest because a little change in the “chemistry” of the SBC will affect and transform the neurological pathways in the world population, and everybody will think that whatever idea the Overlords come up with is brilliant. Also, by controlling our neurological system via nanobots (antennas), they can easily manipulate us into thinking that we came up with the idea ourselves. When the population ceiling is reached, very few new souls will probably be able to incarnate in this 3-D reality (who would want to incarnate under these circumstances, anyway?).

Now I would like to show you an interesting dialogue on the subject of life and death, quoted from Ray Kurzweil’s website,

Questioner: If people stop dying, isn’t that going to lead to overpopulation?

Ray Kurzweil: A common mistake that people make when considering the future is to envision a major change to today’s world, such as radical life extension, as if nothing else were going to change. The GNR revolutions will result in other transformations that address this issue. For example, nanotechnology will enable us to create virtually any physical product from information and very inexpensive raw materials, leading to radical wealth creation. We’ll have the means to meet the material needs of any conceivable size population of biological humans. Nanotechnology will also provide the means of cleaning up environmental damage from earlier stages of industrialization.[22]

Kurzweil is absolutely right; there is technology that can clean up our environment. The oceans that have been destroyed by litter and oil, the atmosphere, the forests and cities, radiation, and virtually everything else can be cleaned up. It’s not human technology that can do this, but ET technology in the hands of humans. The Controllers and the Minions rely on this, and therefore they believe that they can create any disaster they want because it’s reversible.

According to Kurzweil, in the above excerpt, no population reduction is needed. We can create offspring around the planet more or less unhindered, he claims—even as biological beings—and will still have enough resources to spread them out equally to everybody.

This, of course, contradicts Bill Gates’ agenda to reduce the population with vaccines and by other means, but that’s just how the game is played; Gates is pretending to sit on the fence because that’s what he’s supposed to do. He represents the indecisive population that can see both the pros and cons of the AI Movement and the Singularity.

In perspective; what are we actually dealing with? Are we dealing with designed population control or won’t there be any population control at all? We need to understand that there are agendas within agendas within agendas and that the AIF’s (Alien Invading Force’s) propaganda is full of oxymorons and doublespeak, but population control is already being implemented. The overall population is still growing, but the next generation will be less in numbers because of all the anti-fertility programs that are being run in the background.

How Transhumanism will Affect the Human Soul Group

James Mahu of the WingMakers[23] made a very distinct statement in the essay, The Fifth Interview of Dr. Neruda, where Dr. Neruda says,

Technology will evolve from external-impersonal, to external-personal, to integrated-personal, to internal-personal. Transhumanism is the last phase, and it is the phase that the elite are moving to.[24]

This is the agenda in two sentences. The Administrators are indeed merging technology with biology and are then transforming technology to become internal and part of the personal; the inner self. These cyborg bodies will become just as natural to people as our current biological bodies; the technology is going to be impeccable in that sense.

Nothing will be released to the public without first having been tested in the military; soldiers are the guinea pigs for all major projects, as they have always been. If you sign up for the military, they own you; once you put your signature on the line you become military property and you need to follow orders. You cease being treated as a soverign human being and can be legally experimented on. This is obvious even to those who have never been in the military when we look at how war veterans with PTSD are mistreated, if treated at all. The great majority of homeless males are veterans. Some of them are so compartmentalized that they only have vague memories from their military service. Their trauma does not always develop in war situations; it can also come from cruel experiments. When the experiments are over, the victim is given amnesia and will not remember anything, until perhaps several decades later, when horrific memory flashes surface.

Once the tests have passed the military criteria, it’s time to release the new technology to the public. Although the technology has been there all the time within the Luciferian Empire, not all of it has been tested satisfactorily on humans.

Before and after the Singularity, robots and humans will be living side by side, as we already are. However, there’s going to be much more of that in the very near future. I know that many readers are quite concerned about the robots taking over the job market, and that’s a valid concern. Robots will take over most of the job market, and they are successively doing so already now, as we will see. This, too, is part of the plan to instigate more fear in humanity. The machines are cost-effective, and therefore, the industries feel justified having humans replaced. Humans We need restbreaks and lunchbreaks, which is time consuming and costly for corporations. Also, humans make errors and are slow, in comparison to their robotic partners, and people get sick, need time off, need sleep, have a family life, private time, a forty hour workweek, vacations, and often expect free weekends. They also need to be paid. A robot can work twenty hours of the day with few needs, besides occasional repairs and tune-ups. However, this is only temporary because self-repairing robots are now being tested on the market.

Of course, there needs to be some kind of equilibrium in the world of business. If most of the population is unemployed, they can’t feed the corporations with money to buy their products, so the constant money flow will stop, and everything will crash.

The Administrators have thought of that, too. The robots, with their artificial intelligence, will not totally take over the market; there will still be workers, although they will be forced to work more and more, side-by-side with robots. However, the fear of having a totally robot-controlled market is a part of the initiation into the AI agenda. When Kurzweil was asked about robots taking over the job market, he admitted that this might be a problem in the beginning, but as soon as the world is under serious reconstruction to serve the Singularity, there will be work for everybody. In the meantime, to hold us over, we might need Government aid, he says. Well, with all the current and future financial crises, this does not seem feasible, but then again, the Administrators are busy working on crashing the world economy so they can create a new form of world currency that will supposedly work in the post Singularity world. Whatever happens in this regard, I sense tough times ahead.

Fig 3-2: Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO.

The big corporations are important players when it comes to making the Singularity a reality. They are also blatantly telling us about their agenda in the media. No one can say they didn’t warn us. A typical example of this type of arrogant behavior is Google’s former CEO, Eric Schmidt. Google is one of a number of mammoth corporations that is in partnership with the government. In a two-minute YouTube video that the reader can watch here, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYA8xfyzEYk, he reveals that Google is currently gathering all the information it can on each individual on the planet who is using Google’s search engine. He adds that a person does not have to type something in; the company still knows what we’re doing. He is also quick to add that it is done with our permission, of course.

As I’ve mentioned previously, it’s very important that they have our consent; even if we are not aware that we are giving it and what we are giving our consent to. Well, in this interview Schmidt gives it all away. Not only does he tell us that Google is learning everything about our habits. It’s also been publically announced that Google has been caught and fined for hacking the passwords of its users.

Fig 3-3: Google hacking passwords from Google users.

As if this wasn’t enough, Schmidt gladly gives away another secret. The interviewer gets into the subject of implanting our brain, and the CEO laughs and says that there is something he calls “the creepy line” that Google is not crossing; therefore, he wouldn’t consider implants, at least not until they have the technology to do so![25] That’s quite an amazing statement, in my opinion. He can’t commit to not having plans to implanting people because he would be lying on record. By adding this disclaimer, he thinks that he has protected himself. I advise you to listen to him at the above link. The Controllers are getting much more arrogant about their agendas now.

These days, the Controllers don’t mind being much more open with their plans. It is part of the partial disclosure I wrote about earlier. These people know that even if a certain number of people get the message and understand the agenda behind it, most will still remain in denial, afraid to take action, because if they do, their lives might change, and their current material status will be threatened. At the time of this writing, the YouTube video with Eric Schmidt has more than 24,000 visitors, not including all those who actually saw the interview on television, and life still goes on as usual. The arrogant Administrators and their Minions have very little to fear from the general public at this time, and they know it. The only real threat against them would be a mass awakening. One way to counteract such an awakening would be to increase their level of manipulation, in order to keep the lid on as tight as possible until the Singularity takes care of the control issue once and for all. Also, with the afterlife recycling center making sure that deceased humans are properly “taken care of,” they don’t believe that anyone can really escape or do any real harm to them.

Smart Cities and the Venus Project

What will the future, post Singularity cities, look like? At this point, do we have a clue? Yes, we do have a clue because this is already in the planning, and as is the norm for the moment, the Controllers keep us informed, if we only know where to look and how to interpret the information that we are given.

One of the prospects out there, showing how they might want to set up these cities, is the Venus Project.[26] The following is a brief summary of what this project allegedly stands for (my emphasis in italic),

What is the Venus Project?


Very briefly, The Venus Project is an organization that proposes a feasible plan of action for social change, a holistic global socio-economic system called a Resource Based Economy; that works towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. It outlines an alternative to strive towards where human rights are not only paper proclamations but also way of life. The Venus Project presents a vision not of what the future will be, but what it can be if we apply what we already know in order to achieve a sustainable new world civilization. It calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture in which the age-old problems of war, poverty, hunger, debt, and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as unavoidable, but as totally unacceptable. Anything less will result in a continuation of the same catalog of problems found in today’s world. The Venus Project presents an alternative vision for a sustainable world civilization unlike any political, economic or social system that has gone before. It envisions a time in the near future when money, politics, self and national interest have been phased out. Although this vision may seem idealistic, it is based upon years of study and experimental research. It spans the gamut from education, transportation, clean sources of energy to total city systems.[27]

The way this is written, it probably sounds pretty good to many people, but contemplating what we’ve learned thus far, the Venus Project fits right into the Agenda. This project has attracted significant media attention since it started, and I have little doubt that the architect, who designed this project, is working on behalf of the Administrators and the Overlords. There is a reason why I believe this to be the case, and I will show you soon. The visionary and the architect of the Venus Project is Jacque Fresco, who had his 100th birthday on March 13, 2016.

Fresco argued that it would be too costly to remodel the old cities we already have, so instead they want to build something entirely new and futuristic to emphasize the new beginning of this new world civilization.

The Venus Project is a model of a Smart City; something I also wrote about in the WPP. Ideally having a new monetary system in place (the Venus Project website refers to Resource Based Economy), the entire project seems like a utopia come true. However, the resources must come from somewhere in order to be able to build Smart Cities around the world. The solution is, according to this project, a One World Governance of a One World Economy, where all parts of the world contribute to pay for these Smart Cities; e.g. if a certain country needs a Smart City, the entire world will contribute financially to build it. Countries will probably still exist, but they may become more as provinces in a global Super State.

Fig 3-4: Smart City of Venus Project design. (Source: The Venus Project).
It looks very similar to certain drawings of an ancient city from Atlantis.

These Smart Cities, as the plans go, will be populated with a new human species that are cyborgs—half human and half machine and infested with AI. The remaining fully biological humans, who refuse to be part of the Singularity, can’t live in these cities by default—they will be outcasts. Life in those cities will be so different from life outside the cities that based on our human standards of ethics and morals, you and I would find ourselves in a nightmare if we lived in them, side by side with a great number of super-intelligent hive-minded cyborgs. We wouldn’t be able to intellectually function there. The goal is to make cyborgs a billion times more intelligent than the most intelligent human who has ever lived (more about this later). There is no place for biological humans in this synthetic environment.

The Venus Project is heavily sugar-coating its vision; particularly mentioning George Orwell’s 1984 and the Terminator movies as fearful propaganda, but the Venus Project is, on the other hand, promoting what it calls a Cybernetic Government, where everything is computerized and highly technological. Remember, this is the foundation for the cyborg society, and it’s planned in a manner that will be more or less self-sufficient, overseen by a highly advanced computer network.

We have all seen the science-fiction movies, usually set far out in the future, and having futuristic city models. The new Smart Cities will look very similar to the ones we’re already used to seeing in these kind of movies; we have been well-prepared and programmed, so that nothing seems to stand out as being entirely new; instead people will have an inner recognition when they see pictures of those Smart Cities, and they will have an epiphany, where they might say, “Ah, I’ve seen similar cities before. They were in (so and so) movie!” The architecture will already be familiar to the population in general.

Moreover, the Venus Project suggests that people in desert areas will be living underground. There will even be cities in the sea; something that’s also presented by the Venus Project, and it shows pictures of these cities on their website, https://www.tvpmagazine.com/2015/04/the-venus-project-technologies).

The presentation of the Venus Project is, in my opinion, also a test of how well we can use our discernment. Many of those who go through the Venus Project’s website look at all these futuristic pictures, absorb the same vision as those in charge of the project, and might find it rather exciting and attractive. However, if we look behind the curtain, we find the Wizard of Oz lurking and manipulating.

Fig 3-5: Smart City architecture (Source: The Venus Project).

The Venus Project is the brain-child of Jacque Fresco, who is sharing his vision with the world. However, can we say for sure whether this a unique project by a true visionary, or whether it’s something that is originating from intelligent, manipulative beings not-from-here? A little research might give the answer (my emphasis),

In the “sustainable new world civilization,” Fresco notes in an online video that “there will be no families.” Plus, “children are a pain in the [rear end]” anyway, he said. Overpopulation and global warming, among other things, “threaten each of us,” the organization claims on its website.

 [The Venus Project] calls for a straightforward redesign of our culture,” the site notes in its frequently-asked-questions section. “It envisions a time in the near future when money, politics, self- and national-interest have been phased out.” To solve the problems, “we must declare Earth and all of its resources the common heritage of all of the world’s people,” it concludes, echoing the terminology of internationalists the world over, especially those at the United Nations, about how to redistribute the world’s wealth in areas such as the law of the sea, outer space law, environmental law, human rights, and humanitarian law.[28]

Fig 3-6: Jacque Fresco, Founder of the Venus Project.

By simply excluding children from the equation, Fresco is taking population reduction and the splitting of the family unit to a new level. Everybody understands that humanity can’t survive without children, so a super-controlled cyborg society would be the only other option. After all, Fresco does mention the term Cybernetic Government, as I revealed earlier.

Also, Fresco is not shy to express his views, which are not short of hinting at a totalitarian society on a global level (again, my emphasis in italics. Fresco’s statements here are quite stunning and remarkable).

At his lecture in Sweden, in response to a question from this correspondent about what would guide production in the absence of prices, Fresco said it again, referring to the act of thinking as a privilege. “If you give everybody a right to their own opinion, you damage society,” he claimed. In the interview with The New American, he emphasized the point yet again. “Giving everybody a right to their own opinion is dangerous,” he said, adding that in the future, people could access all sorts of information, but not opinions.[29]

It should be sufficient to end the Venus Project discussion here because there is little doubt whose errand Fresco is running. There is much more to say about this project, but the reason I am bringing it up at all is because it’s a typical example of how we need to use our intuition and discernment. Something that is presented as exciting and benevolent on the surface might have a much darker side to it, and it’s up to us to become clever enough (I don’t want to use the word smart here for obvious reasons) to see through this on a regular basis—indeed, it’s crucial for our survival as a human species and as free-thinking spirits. This becomes even more important when we read that the Venus Project is getting a very positive response from people who have listened to Fresco’s lectures, as well as others who have come in contact with his ideas. It is on its way to potentially becoming a grassroots movement. This is rather discouraging because with a positive response to such an obviously dangerous project, we notice how the human tendency to filter out what we don’t want to hear is something the Controllers are well aware of and are playing on when Fresco boldly is revealing the entire Overlord agenda in public—here is the truth in plain sight, and people are getting positively excited over their own extinction.

From Transhumanism to the Singularity

As I wrote earlier, Transhumanism can be seen as the process necessary to achieve what scientists call the Singularity. In fact, we are in the middle of the Transhumanism process right now.

Thus far, we haven’t discussed in depth how the establishment is going to create this bridge, but we will. However, it’s too much for one chapter, so I’m going to break it down, after I have presented the basics of the Artificial Intelligence idea.

Chemtrails and Nanobots

There are many small steps that need to be taken in order for the agenda to progress. One important step is to make certain that we all have nanobots in our blood stream. Unfortunatley, it seems that everyone who’s been subjected to chemtrails has them in their system[30]—including me. The city, in which I live, is being heavily sprayed on a regular basis. There is not much we can do to avoid this; after all, we need to breathe, and when we do, we are likely to breathe them in.

I know this might come as a big shock to people, and many will doubt that it’s true. This is understandable, but the Controllers will see to it that everybody on the planet gets these nanobots in their blood, one way or another, and the proof of this is coming from the horse’s mouth, which I will show the reader in the next chapter. After all, if you were to decide how to best infest as many people as possible with these nanobots, without their knowledge, wouldn’t it be a good idea to include them in chemtrails? Also, as I wrote in the Prologue, nanobots are supposedly embedded in many medications.[31] It’s been suggested[32] that it all started with pain medications (opiates), such as Vicodin/Norco, Oxycodone/Percocet, MS Contin (long acting morphine), and OxyContin (long acting Oxycodone/Percocet). Since then, it’s allegedly been added to most medications on the market.

What effect will these nanobots have on the individual? Are we now doomed to turn into machines? At the moment, nothing drastic will happen, and what will occur in the near future depends on the individual and the person’s level of consciousness, i.e. vibration. Those, who are totally ignorant, will respond exactly the way the Controllers anticipate, and the nanobots will, when activated, with time, replace the human immune system. The nanobots contain artificial intelligence on the nano-level that will respond to outside stimuli. The idea is that by replacing the human immune system, diseases can be cured remotely, by stimulating the bots in a desired way, in order to cure an illness.

This potentially paves the road to immortality, induced by technology, the ultimate question would be, why do we want immortality in the physical world when we all are entirely spiritual and could have full access to the eternal spiritual realm instead? No one needs technology to live forever; we are all immortal by default. When we realize this to the fullest, we no longer have any doubt that we are in a prison, and our sentence, in spite of the fact that we didn’t commit any crime, is to live in it for an eternity, in service to the prison guards and their Masters.

Nanobots work in such a way that once we have them activated, those in control can stimulate any of these nanobots in the entire population simultaneously, or each individual can be stimulated in isolation without affecting those around them; all in the name of health, security and immortality, of course.

However, what we are not being told is that the Controllers can change our personalities remotely, as well, by manipulating the nanobots any way they want. In an instant, they will be able to program us all at once, and no one will protest because protests will not be an option when we’re connected to the SBC. Exactly the same way it’s done with robots, cyborgs can be reprogrammed, too, until they respond in accordance to the overall unified system. Many researchers have exposed how the Controllers are using Extra Low Frequency (ELF) to affect the human mind, and this has been done for quite a while. It is one way to keep us within the frequency band that is our mental and physical prison.

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the profoundly negative implications of this nanotechnology, which is something we will discuss in the last chapter.

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