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"Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
--A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond"

-by Wes Penre, 2016


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Chapter 15:
Bring in the Universal Soldier!


The Future is not Peace—it’s War!

When we discuss cyborg soldiers, our minds probably go to Roddenberry’s Borgs in Star Trek. These beings would, in today’s world, be called cyborgs, AI, and super soldiers. The Borgs don’t know fear, don’t stop for anything, and their society is completely robotic. If you haven’t followed the Star Trek series on and off over the years, you might have missed some “prophetic” tidbits, and these prophecies, embedded here and there in the programs, are profoundly describing the time we live in today, a few decades after the programs were broadcast. We need to remember that nothing that is released to the public by the Film Industry is merely to entertain us—the main purpose must always be to prepare us for the future or to trigger our subconscious mind to react to something that is happening in the now.

A typical example of the latter is all the war movies, in which famous actors commit marvelous and very-heroic violent acts to save their fellow man or all humankind. After a series of such movies and TV shows, young people’s subconscious minds are so triggered that they join the military—they want to be the larger-than-life hero that they saw on the screen. If you are of my generation, you probably wanted to be a gun-slinging Western hero when you were little, and you went out and shot your friends with toy guns. The principle is the same.

This is how the subconscious mind works when watching TV series and movies.

Another wonderful example are the new episodes of the X-Files. The Controllers get a little sweaty sometimes when they notice that there are people who are actually figuring things out. Hence, they need to recondition their minds and prevent people from coming up with workable solutions. Hence, the Film Industry produces something such as the X-Files, and the top-controlled film producers include all these things that people have figured out in the series. It’s the Revelation of the Method again, but the puppet producers also tell those of us who have figured things out that some of what we’ve learned is true, and they basically say, yes, this is how it is, but what are you going to do about it? Arrogantly, the Controllers then sit back in their chairs and smoke their cigars with a devious smile. Let the public have their truth, but also show them how powerless they are.

Fig. 15-1: Borg from Star Trek.

This concept is embodied and portrayed perfectly by the arrogant Cigarette Smoking Man in the X-Files, who gives the impression that he knows the answers, but he will bring the secrets to his grave, and nothing is going to change that. Those who watch the series hope that the Smoking Man will reveal everything in the end, but deep down they know he won’t. His role is just to keep us in suspense and tell us how hopeless it is to try to solve anything. He despises Mulder and Scully for even trying; he seems to be thinking, “what can you little mice do?” That is exactly the message these programs want us to receive! We are the mice, running nowhere on a treadmill. 

The X-Files also always includes the following slogan; The Truth is Out There. This is a hypnotic phrase, and if repeated over and over (which it is), it sticks in the subconscious, and it gives us the feeling of being the donkey behind the carrot. We are never given the solutions, only problems that the Film Industry presents in a way that they seem unresolvable; “we will never know” is the empty, hopeless feeling we are left with.

The Borgs are a blueprint for the Posthuman. We will of course become cyborgs, we will be controlled by AI, and we will be super soldiers.

At this time, people find it difficult to comprehend that future space wars will not be fought in 3-D but in other dimensions! It might be easier to comprehend if we understand the following: as we have discussed many times: the goal that the AIF has set for Posthumans is to invade and defeat the Orion Empire. I’ve also mentioned previously, in this book and in the WPP, that the Overlords want our spiritual bodies! Our spiritual bodies are the keys that unlock the Gates of Orion. The AIF separated our spiritual bodies from our spirit/mind in order to trap us in 3-D, but now they want to release this same spiritual body from our physical body, without us understanding that this is what is happening. The Overlords seduce us into living in their new virtual realities of video games, the Internet, and smartphones in general, until most people spend more time on their devices than they do here in 3-D (which is already about to happen). Then, with the Singularity, the AIF will trap us in a very similar way that they trapped the Namlú’u once! Are we going to be fooled the same way again? We already are! Just look at the people around you in public—the great majority can’t sit in a waiting room without being fixated on their smartphone. They get withdrawals after half a minute if they don’t pick up their smartphones! I actually was in a waiting room the other day and saw this phenomenon played out over and over as new people arrived. When I looked around, everybody, without exception, was on their smartphones, save one—me! Most people are already trapped to some degree in virtual realities created by the AIF.

In the post-Singularity world, people will leave their bodies to live in virtual reality, but they will still be grounded in their 3-D cyborg bodies and vanish into a virtual reality, controlled by AI, and ultimately, the AIF. In this virtual reality world, which is fluid and ever-changing (a mirror of the KHAA), people will be operating in their spirit/mind/body complex again, just as they do in the astral after their 3-D body has expired. People’s astral body is their spiritual body, but people don’t understand this concept and, therefore, they are trapped. They think they still need a physical body to be “alive.” Without the physical body, they think they’re “dead.” What a scam, when the truth is just the opposite! 

By creating these virtual realities, where the 3-D bodies are not necessary in order to be able to operate, the Overlords can have our composite spirit/mind/body to travel through multiple dimensions, using technology. Having their minds controlled by AI, there is no chance for Posthumans to rebel even when they have been temporarily freed from their physical bodies, and they will be at the mercy of the Warlords.

Using the Posthumans’ spirit/mind/body, run by AI from the cyborg body connected to the SBC, the Warlords have complete control. Now they can program their interdimensional super soldiers (the Posthumans) into a war mode. They might try our capabilities first, by invading a star system somewhere to see how we’re doing, but once they see how well we perform, they will have us prepare for the war of wars—the invasion of the Orion Empire and the ultimate coup d’état. This war will of course be fought in the KHAA—not in 3-D.

Thus, what was once a promising species in a promising Experiment, initiated by the Queen of the Stars, Posthumans will now turn against their own Creatrix, trying to defeat Her. That will be the end of the human soul group once and for all. I don’t think the Posthumans will ever be able to defeat Orion’s MAKH warriors—the Defenders of the Queendom of Orion.

What does this scenario remind you of? Isn’t this a mirror of what happened eons ago, when Lucifer rebelled against his own mother; his Creatrix? Everything comes full circle, and what once was the Primordial Womankind will perish, but the Warlords couldn’t care less. The Queen would care, but what choice will She have other than to destroy the Posthumans in the process? By then, we are Lucifer’s warriors—Lucifer’s Legion—and we are expendable! This is how serious the Singularity is and how imperative it is to avoid it with all our might.

New War Strategies

Dr. Ray Kurzweil is not only an AI Prophet and a researcher of Artificial Intelligence, he also sits on the Board of the Army Science Advisory Group (ASAG), as one of five members.[1] This means that he is advising the U.S. Military Industrial Complex (MIC) how to approach warfare from a scientific viewpoint.

A researcher for the U.S. Army, Dr. Parmentola, who is affiliated with ASAG, says that future wars will be much different from all the wars thus far, and during the second decade of this century (which is now), the combat system will be “smaller, lighter, faster, more lethal, and smarter.”[2] AI will be used to lead the soldiers to the target of the General’s choice, now using something called retinal display on the soldiers, and when technology is more developed, they will be able to have a direct neural connection between man and AI. As the reader notices, humans are no longer in control, but AI is. The soldiers need to trust AI to make the correct decisions and all that they can do is follow orders, hoping these orders won’t lead them into an ambush. Of course, there are still human Generals and other high ranking officers in charge of decision making, and they are for now only using AI to communicate with the solders on the battlefield, but it’s already being tested to see if the same high ranking officers can be replaced by AI—the Pleiadians tell us that some Generals and Admirals are already AI.[3] When AI Generals and Admirals take over the chain of command, the soldiers will be at the mercy of AI. In addition, when a soldier gets wounded—regardless of how badly the wound is—there will be nanobot-infested body parts to replace the damaged ones, and it will be done quickly and with great skill. Some of these body parts will be taken, not from humans, but from pigs, wolves, bears, and other animals. We know for a fact that this has been experimented with for a long time in underground facilities, and the reason for doing this is because the MIC wants their soldiers to inhabit animal traits; particularly from violent animals or animals that are close to humans in their DNA structure (such as pigs), but not really human. For the MIC, the mix creates certain desirable traits in their soldiers, such as fury and a strong killer instinct that can be easily triggered and pulled up to the surface.[4]

According to Kurzweil, the soldiers, instead of carrying around let’s say 100 lbs. of equipment, the equipment will be reduced to approximately 40 lbs. with robotic mules carrying some of it.

The drones used in warfare (but also to spy on citizens) will also become more sophisticated, and again, research is drawing from the Animal Kingdom. Kurzweil explains:

The trend toward unmanned aerial vehicles (DAVs), which started with the armed Predator in the recent Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns, will accelerate. Army research includes the development of micro-DAVs the size of birds that will be fast, accurate, and capable of performing both reconnaissance and combat missions. Even smaller DAVs the size of bumblebees are envisioned. The navigational ability of an actual bumblebee, which is based on a complex interaction between its left and right vision systems, has recently been reverse engineered and will be applied to these tiny flying machines.[5] 

As a side note, I find it quite interesting when a person in Kurzweil’s position doesn’t think twice about putting himself in charge of military research and advice for future wars instead of concentrating on future peace, which he officially supports and works toward. This is the controversy and the hypocrisy we can see in all these propaganda gurus. First, they say humans are alone in the Universe, and second, they are atheists. In their actions, however, they are preparing for cyber wars, and then they openly say that we will become as God, and that we are the fulfillment of God’s Plan. Doesn’t that imply that they believe there is a God after all, besides ourselves? So much for being atheists. You see how it’s all a dog and pony show.

Here is more from the horse’s mouth, i.e. Kurzweil, on what future war scenarios will be like:

The FCS is not a one-shot program; it represents a pervasive focus of military systems toward remotely guided, autonomous, miniaturized, and robotic systems, combined with robust, self-organizing, distributed, and secure communications.[6]

The future, in other words, just as we have discussed, is going to be dominated by AI, and AI is going to outsmart soldiers and high ranking military alike. What about Presidential elections? Do we want to vote for this AI program or that AI program? In reality, after the Singularity is well-established, we probably won’t need any elections; the Office of the President will be obsolete. We will have a One World Government, run by AI, AIF Minions, and the AIF themselves—no more elections will be necessary.

Here is another significant quote from The Singularity is Near:

The U.S. Joint Forces Command's Project Alpha (responsible for accelerating transformative ideas throughout the armed services) envisions a 2025 fighting force that "is largely robotic," incorporating tactical autonomous combatants (TACs) that "have some level of autonomy-adjustable autonomy or supervised autonomy or full autonomy within . . . mission bounds."48 The TACs will be available in a wide range of sizes, ranging from nanobots and microbots up to large UAVs and other vehicles, as well as automated systems that can walk through complex terrains. One innovative design being developed by NASA with military applications envisioned is in the form of a snake.49

One of the programs contributing to the 2020s concept of self-organizing swarms of small robots is the Autonomous Intelligent Network and Systems (AINS) program of the Office of Naval Research, which envisions a drone army of unmanned, autonomous robots in the water, on the ground, and in the air. The swarms will have human commanders with decentralized command and control and what project head Allen Moshfegh calls an "impregnable Internet in the sky."[7]

Kurzweil mentions at the end of the first paragraph that one of the designs being developed by NASA has the form of a snake, and by now we know who the Snake is—En.ki, aka Lucifer![8]

By now, many people have seen in movies and TV series how drones are spying on citizens; particularly citizens who are in resistance groups, working against an oppressive government. These drones seem to be everywhere, and it’s very difficult to hide from them. Moreover, these drones are capable of firing weapons and killing their intended victims with great precision. Those watching these movies, videos, and programs probably think that it’s a relief that it’s just a sci-fi film, and therefore, it’s not real. Well, reality will be at least this gruesome, if we are to believe Dr. Kurzweil, which I suggest we should. In the quote above, he says that the drones they are now developing will have human commanders, and maybe so—but for how long? More and more things are being controlled by AI. The world we now see around us will look very, very different in a decade or two. Eventually, humans who refuse to be part of the New World Order will be treated as outcasts and will not fit into the new system and the new cities that are about to be built and sometimes rebuilt by modifying existing metropolitans. However, even “smaller cities” (which will still be bigger than the cities we call small today) will be totally dominated by cyborgs, and there will be no place for people like you and me.

Kurzweil continues, “DARPA announced in 2003 that a battalion of 120 military robots (built by I-Robot, a company cofounded by robotics pioneer Rodney Brooks) was to be fitted with swarm-intelligence software to enable it to mimic the organized behavior of insects.53 As robotic systems become physically smaller and larger in number, the principles of self-organizing swarm intelligence will play an increasingly important role.”[9]

What the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to do, and use as a major military strategy in future wars, is to create a hive-mind community that is easy to control. The entire idea of the SBC is based to a certain degree on studying insects, such as bees, bumblebees, and ants. The idea is that a thousand troops who can share their thoughts instantaneously with each other through a central system can outsmart the enemy. Of course, this only works until the enemy has found an equal system, or better, or has employed more intelligent soldiers. Nonetheless, war in the future is going to be much more sophisticated, deadly, and devastating.

Smart Dust

The next strategy is quite alarming—even more so for US civilians than for foreign enemies of war. It’s called smart dust. Here is Kurzweil again:

Smart Dust. DARPA is developing devices even tinier than birds and bumblebees called "smart dust"complex sensor systems not much bigger than a pinhead. Once fully developed, swarms of millions of these devices could be dropped into enemy territory to provide highly detailed surveillance and ultimately support offensive warfare missions (for example, releasing nanoweapons). Power for smart-dust systems will be provided by nanoengineered fuel cells, as well as by conversion of mechanical energy from their own movement, wind, and thermal currents.

Want to find a key enemy? Need to locate hidden weapons? Massive numbers of essentially invisible spies could monitor every square inch of enemy territory, identify every person (through thermal and electromagnetic imaging, eventually DNA tests, and other means) and every weapon and even carry out missions to destroy enemy targets.[10]  

How are they going to dump this over the enemy lines? How about dumping it from chemtrails? This is nothing new (not even back in 2005, when Kurzweil’s book was written), and smart dust is sprayed over our own cities today to “provide highly detailed surveillance” to quote Kurzweil. Because these nanoparticles are so spread out by the time they hit the ground, few will notice them. Albeit, there are some people in rural areas, living in forest environments, who have noticed layers of smart dust covering the ground in certain areas. These areas, however, are not “enemy territory,” unless some include their own citizens as potential enemies (which they do). The “ingenious” part of the smart dust technology is that smart dust can self-replicate![11] It’s all very evil. Stop promoting yourself as a messenger of peace, Dr. Kurzweil. It’s very obvious that you are one of the worst war lords in today’s world, and you don’t have humanity’s best interests in mind at any time! You help invent very evil technology and let AI high ranking officers kill our soldiers, having no concern about anybody’s safety. This cannot be considered to be anything but evil to the extreme!

Naturally, when we discuss smart dust in warfare, the enemy (whoever the enemy might be) has developed the same kind of strategy, with a similar technology, where smart dust will be sprayed over our country (the U.S.), and the enemy’s smart dust will of course self-replicate as well. Thus, what is so “smart” about it? This is gravely dangerous regardless of how it’s justified. It’s not enough to say that they’ve changed their minds, and it’s not going to be used—if something’s developed, it will be used, regardless of guarantees that it will not be used.

Smart Weapons and Nano Weapons

Nano weapons for multiple uses are already in place within the military. Everything of significance is tested in the military before it’s put on the market. That includes “smart materials” that can “self-heal” to smart material that is put in soldiers’ clothes that will help the soldiers heal automatically from battle wounds. This is another way to help create a cyborg.

Smart weapons is the Singularitists’ term for weapons that get smaller and smaller in size and larger and larger in numbers. Soon, these weapons are going to be so small, so many, and so deadly that humans can no longer control them; it has to be done by AI, and they have to be automated. Again, humans will be more and more obsolete even in (3-D) warfare. It seems that they want fewer and fewer soldiers (future cyborgs) to be able to do more and more on and behind the battlefields and instead let AI do the job. Even when it comes to super soldiers (why don’t they call them smart soldiers?), it’s not the quantity or numbers of soldiers that count—it’s what each one is capable of doing. 

Kurzweil concludes the section about warfare in his book with introducing Human 3.0, who will be a human totally integrated with the SBC, working toward common goals—at and beyond the point of the Singularity:

By the late 2030s and 2040s, as we approach human body version 3.0 and the predominance of non-biological intelligence, the issue of cyberwarfare will move to center stage. When everything is information, the ability to control your own information and disrupt your enemy's communication, command, and control will be a primary determinant of military success.[12]

Again, it makes you wonder why they have to spend so much effort on developing nanotechnology for warfare when Kurzweil writes in other sections of his book, and is proclaiming in interviews, that we are going toward a New Era of Peace, after having integrated our common brain capacity with the SBC. When humanity is all “connected,” who then are we fighting? Kurzweil talks about conquering the Universe, but in the same breath he says that he is almost certain that we are alone in the cosmos, and whatever is out there, it’s meant for us to explore and exploit (it’s God’s will, according to Kurzweil). However, if there are no intelligent life forms out there, why do we need a future military force? The equation doesn’t add up, does it? Is this what Kurzweil and Kaku in unison call “being optimists?”

The answers, of course, to the above questions are that they are developing nano technology in warfare to use in future, interdimensional warfare, in which Posthumans will play Ender’s Game.

DARPA, War Strategies, and Super Soldiers

It is foremost DARPA that has dominated technological and strategic advancements. DARPA is also testing new technologies inside the MIC before they are released to (and on) the public. This is how it’s been done for quite a while. Now, DARPA has more challenges than ever before, and it is rapidly changing its strategies in order to be ahead of the game. With the AIF turning one country against another with some great assistance from prominent AIF hybrids, such as Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, and Zbigniew Brzezinski (the men who never seem to die) traveling between countries, creating conflicts wherever they go, new defense and offense strategies are urgently necessary in order to meet new MIC demands and challenges.

The new focus of DARPA is now within neuroscience, immunology, genetics, and fields related to these. Example of goals DARPA wants to accomplish can, in very general terms, be summarized by mentioning three targets that will lead toward a certain goal, and here are three major bullet points:

-       Accelerating progress in synthetic biology

-       Outpacing the spread of infectious diseases

-       Mastering new neurotechnologies[13]

In order to accomplish DARPA’s goals, it has created the new Biological Technologies Office (BTO),[14] which will focus on blending man with machine “for the defense of National Security.”[15] What they want is to build synthetic soldiers (super soldiers) and thus make humans more advanced through robotics. Of course, making this public, BTO says it is only focusing on military advancements. However, and I repeat, all experimentation when going from theory to practice is first implemented within the military on soldiers and military personnel—then, whatever works, is released to (and on) the public.

Fig. 15-2: DARPA Director, Arati Prabhakar.

Arati Prabhakar is the Director for DARPA, and she told Congress the following regarding super soldiers:

We had quadriplegic volunteers who agreed to have brain surgery, essentially have a small array placed on the surface of their brains, to pick up these neural signals for motor control, and then to use those to control these new, very sophisticated, robotic, prosthetic arms. In a sense we’ve opened a door — a connection between the human brain and the rest of the world. You can let your imagination go wild about where that’s going to take us.”[16] [17]

It’s mostly the last sentence that tells us where this is heading. They are building the Universal Soldier, a term that might first have been coined (at least in public) by the Native Canadian Indian, Buffy St. Marie, in her song, Universal Soldier, from the 1960s.

Much of what Kurzweil is saying about improving human abilities is, and will be, implemented by DARPA. In order to create super soldiers, the following goals must be reached, according to DARPA,

-       For humans to create the ability to survive blood loss

-       To make the human brain capable of accessing and recalling accurate memories

-       To develop technology to enhance the human metabolic system to obtain super-human resilience and immediate recovery from physical injury and disease

-       To enhance human vision with cat-like upgrades for seeing in infrared

-       To enhance soldiers with robotic limbs that are controlled via thought[18]

Thus, we have the beginning of creating a Universal Soldier. However, we need to always keep in mind that the MIC and the huge corporations are not controlled by any Board of Directors on this world—they are all controlled by the AIF. Lockheed Martin is a typical example of this. Lockheed Martin’s CEO in 1995, Ben Rich, said that “we now have the technology to take ET home.”[19] I don’t think that people who heard him say this really understood the meaning of these words and that he meant it literally. Lockheed Martin/Lockheed Skunkworks and Northrop Grumman are perhaps the number-one and number-two inventors of new war missiles, warplanes, and space technology.

It’s difficult to be an optimist in the AI field when we hear and read that DARPA is playing catch-up with “enemy nations” when it comes to robotizing the battlefield. The Deputy Defense Secretary says that there is no way for a soldier with human speed limits and reaction speed to defend himself against AI robots attacking him. The field has to be robotized. This is, of course, very alarming because it will escalate when opposing nations try to outsmart each other’s weapon systems. We already have the technology to blow this world to pieces—what more do we need? However, that’s not what they want; it’s quite the contrary. The Military—in the US and elsewhere—wants to focus on a predetermined target and hit it precisely; right to the nanometer! Will this prevent mass destruction? Of course not! Focusing on a specific target is only the beginning. After that comes retaliation. Next move is the enemy’s move, and in a war-type revenge situation, the enemy will strike back a little harder than it was hit, and so the escalation begins.

The developing of AI in the War Industry is rapidly advancing, contrary to any (non-existing) peace programs. The US is now “nano-minutes” from having, in all fields of warfare, developed technologies that can detect any enemy weapon, vessel, or sentient being from a long distance and create a direct hit on the target. Warfare is going to become nothing similar to what we’ve been used to the last 150 years; the different technologies will wipe out whatever the controllers of such technologies want. In the meantime, huge resources are being used in order to create the perfect cyborgic super soldier, who ultimately can be resilient to space radiation and can travel the dimensions in order to quickly go from our solar system to another with the purpose to kill and conquer. But wait! There are no other beings “out there,” according to Kurzweil.

One of the latest developments for creating super soldiers is something called E-skin. It aims at merging the human skin with that of a chameleon, so that the super soldier can easily blend in with more or less any environment in order to confuse and surprise the enemy.[20]

The Ban on “Killer Robots”

“The other AI concern is one that Hollywood has been using for years as a theme and that is the rise of the ‘Terminator’ type being and the struggle to survive against an army of hostile shape-shifting robots being run by a self-aware AI called Skynet.” – Dr. Amnon Eden.[21]

Fig. 15-3: Dr. Amnon Eden.

There is at least one timeline here on Earth on which mankind is going to experience AI in full, and with that I mean AI that is fully sentient, self-calculating, and murderous. I don’t know how many times I have stressed it in this book, but make sure you are not on that timeline, unless you want to be a bee-hive cyborg. Always create your own space around you, have your own dreams and goals, and let these energies simmer out in your immediate environment (Universe), e.g. your home town and whatever other places you might travel to on a fairly regular basis. Include the environment you can be in control of and have some influence in.

Fig. 15-4: Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator from 1984.

Dr. Amnon Eden is principal of the Sapience Project, a think-tank that has been formed to look at the potential disruptive impact of AI, and he is mighty concerned about its development. He asserts that we must think about the consequences of what we’re doing. If we let AI develop freely and let their intellectual influence develop side by side, there will, sooner or later, come a time when “killer robots” will attack mankind; not only on the battlefield, but everyday civilians, too. He says we’re close to a point of no return.[22] He thereby supports Oxford Professor Nick Bostrom, who has said that “nothing has been done to control the advance of AI.”[23] The other concern, says Bostrom is that “the other AI concern is one that Hollywood has been using for years as a theme and that is the rise of the ‘Terminator’ type being and the struggle to survive against an army of hostile shape-shifting robots being run by a self-aware AI called Skynet.”[24] While Stephen Hawking predicts that robots will be more intelligent than humans in 100 years, Bostrom goes even further, saying that “robots will define the forms of human existence.”[25]

Fig. 15-5: DARPA’s army of robots, aka “LAWS.”

Killer robots in wars already have a specific term attached to them. They are called LAWS, which stands for Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems. These robots are designed by DARPA to kill without being controlled by humans. This leaves humans totally defenseless.[26] Moreover, these killer robots, of course, feel no empathy and will kill everything in their way that they compute to be an enemy. However, will they really be able to always determine who is “friend” and who is “foe?” The good news (for now) is that great concerns were raised over this new invention, and the United Nations called for a global ban on such killer robots.[27] However, we know how the song goes; if something such as LAWS has already been developed, it will be used, sooner or later, regardless of current bans. The MIC will find ways around it.

Although public opinion on the subject has been surveyed, and 8 out of 1o people want to ban robots used for aggressive purposes,[28] little of this will be taken into consideration in the long term, if we look at the history of the MIC.

I am aware of that I am mostly addressing the development of AI in the US Military, but I want to stress that the US is only one of multiple countries that are working on the same, and similar, projects.

Consciousness can never be Duplicated, says Scientist

Apparently, there are only a few, quantum physicists who have come to the insight that human consciousness can never be duplicated into a machine brain.

Professor Daegene Song is a young Korean quantum scientist who recently published a paper where he wrote that there is something special with human consciousness that can never be transferred over to a machine.[29] What he is talking about is of course the human soul. Memories stored in the brain of 7 billion people can, with technology, be stored in a computer brain, but not our consciousness because it exists outside of this holographic physical universe. Albeit, this is obvious for many readers, this is not necessarily obvious to scientists, and therefore, it’s an important point that Song makes.

The AI scientists, in general, are not interested in trapping the soul directly into the SBC, anyway. They want us to keep our own cyborg bodies and have the souls stuck in those instead, so that everybody can draw individually from the common database, and as each person computes and learns, more information gets stored into the SBC database.

Many people have wondered why the Overlords allowed the human population to increase to such an “unmanageable” number as 7+ billion people, and we discussed a few reasons already. Although there are many casualties of war and manmade diseases, poisonous foods, chemtrails, and medicine, the population continues to grow. Some readers may have guessed another possible reason why they let us reproduce on this level. The reason is the more people who can connect to the SBC, the more information that can be uploaded to the SBC. Hence, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the world population is still at a high number by the time humanity plugs into the SBC. What will happen after that is uncertain; will they keep the population on a leveled-out high, or will they go ahead and reduce the population significantly after the Singularity? It is highly doubtful, in my opinion, that the AIF will kill people off after humanity has been “connected.” It seems to me that the GMO and everything else that is bound to make us sick and die is just a temporary solution to keep the population from expanding irrepressibly. The measures being taken are still too lame and are probably not meant to reduce the population, but to maintain a certain increase until a desired number of people are on the planet when the Singularity starts. After that, there will be strict birth control measures as we discussed earlier in this book.

Jade Helm ’15 an AI Drill

On July 15, 2015, a military exercise that has been named Jade Helm ‘15 took place. It ended on September 15 and had run for eight weeks straight. It was a joint military operation across the States of Texas, Arizona, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, and Utah. The official purpose was “to improve the Special Operations Forces' capability as part of the National Security Strategy."[30] The operation was led and coordinated from Eglin Air Force Base in the northwest of Florida.

Although the exercise was made public before the fact, many people got upset because certain States were designated “enemy States” in the drill. There were many theories in circulation at the time as to why this operation happened in the first place, with soldiers marching in the streets in US cities. Still, almost everybody missed the point.

The real reason for Jade Helm ’15 was to have soldiers operating in a planned maneuver without having any humans in charge! There were no Generals and high ranking military officers leading the operation; it was all done by AI! This was the entire purpose for the drill! The MIC wanted to see how well an operation such as this would turn out and how soon it can be used in real warfare (domestically and abroad).

A courageous female network/software engineer and whistleblower came out and explained what she knew about Jade Helm:

“JADE” is an AI quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations that has the ability to use vast amounts of data being collected on the human domain to generate human terrain systems in geographic population centric locations to identify and eliminate targets, insurgents, rebels or whatever labels that can be flagged as targets on a Global Information Grid in Network Centric Warfare environments. In short, JADE HELM is not battles directed by Generals and Military Commanders, but by a computer. It is a cognitive software based Network Centric Warfare System at the HELM.[31]

There has been much discussion about whether Jade Helm was setup as a hypothetical takeover of the United States in a situation where Martial Law is declared because of public revolt, and to see if AI can lead such an operation against angry citizens. Personally, I don’t think this is the primary reason. Although that could be a part of it, it makes more sense to me that the Military needed a real playground in a real situation to test whether military troops could be led and commanded by AI. It all has to do with preparing for the Singularity. In a realistic scenario, they also wanted to test human reactions and “collect” the emotions the announced exercise created. These emotions will then help build the human database, which will become the final SBC. The Military knew that people would react negatively toward the drill, and that was what they wanted.

 “Jade Helm” is “an acronym for a DARPA-developed AI quantum computing technology that produces holographic battlefield simulations and will be in charge of the drill in order to ‘master the human’ domain and predict human response.”[32] The acronym Jade stands for "Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution,”[33] and Helm is an acronym for “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants.”[34] These are the keywords for the operation—at least on a superficial level—but as I suggested, the real agenda with Jade Helm ’15 goes deeper. Jade Helm is basically a software program, run by AI that can compute and make superfast “correct” decisions in critical situations and instantaneously relay those to the soldier at a target.

There are subtler purposes with Jade Helm, as well, because there are many things the military can analyze from a drill such as this, and they will certainly extract all the data they can from the results of the operation.

Future Warfare in Summary

Within the next decade, warfare will look very different from what it is now. In fact, it will be much more devastating, even though there will be more robots and less soldiers on the battlefield. New threats are developing, where waring countries are using genetic and geophysical weapons on each other.

The Russian news media, Sputnik News, wrote,

Future weapons will be based on energy, electromagnetic, radiological, geophysical and genetic principles. There will also be special information weapons to change people's perception, completely changing their mind, the Ministry said.

Geophysical weapons that can alter the weather were already talked about in the past. People even wondered whether some hurricanes and earthquakes were "natural" disasters, speculating that it was possible to alter the climate and set off earthquakes using electromagnetic fields.

These deadly weapons of the future will target main control centers, essential facilities, technology, infrastructure and population.[35]

The question is how much of all the warfare technology we have is going to be utilized. From an average person’s way of thinking, those who make the big decisions in our society may seem sick and insane, but from the decision makers’ point of view it all makes sense. No one basically wants to destroy the world or wipe out humanity at this point—not with the Singularity in sight. What they do want, however, is to spread rumors of war to keep people in check and in a continual state of fear and terror. On occasion, something bigger than usual will be played out in order to keep the majority of the population on the same timeline, and they do that by traumatizing us. 911 was a typical example of this. Since then, people have been constantly reminded of terrorist attacks that can strike anytime and anywhere. To control us, they don’t need to reduce a big part of humanity— the fear of being killed is enough!

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