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"Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind
--A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond"

-by Wes Penre, 2016


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Is Artificial Intelligence a Concern?


Different Terms used in this Book

Before we begin the real discussions, it’s a good idea to get a general concept of what we will be discussing in this e-book.

First, I need to explain who is behind Artificial Intelligence. You are probably checking this book out because you have read about this subject somewhere else and are curious to know more or because you already know a thing or two about it and you’re curious to see if there might be something more to learn from this book. You might also belong to a third category of readers: those who are familiar with my previous material. If you are in this third category, you will have no problems with the terms and the topics I’ll be discussing here.

If you are fairly new to this, you might not know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has extraterrestrial origins. This needs to be discussed in detail and understood or it will be impossible to comprehend the real objectives behind the AI Movement. In addition, and preferably before you read this book, I would suggest that you review my earlier work, The Wes Penre Papers—The Multiverse Series (WPP), if you haven’t done so already, because that series of papers discussed, at length, the extraterrestrial concerns we are facing here on Earth. In the WPP, I named the most prominent and controlling group of ETs the Alien Invader Force (AIF);[1] a group that can be directly compared with Lucifer and the Fallen Angels of the Bible and those of the Urantia Book. In this book, we will discuss the AIF and the problems it causes.

To avoid confusion, I’d like to list the terms that I will use for humans and ETs working together behind the scenes against our freedom and our sovereignty as spiritual beings. By listing these terms here, you can go back to see who is whom and what is what, when needed. However, after some further reading, it will soon become quite obvious. All these terms will always begin with a capital letter, except for the term in Number 4 below.

These are the terms I will use:

1)      ETs who Run the Show: The Alien Invader Force (AIF); the Overlords; the Cosmic Outlaws; the Outlaws, the gods (with a small “g”), the Fallen Angels, and the Warlords. Their cosmic military force I will call Lucifer’s Legions. I sometimes also refer to them as the Anunnaki because this is the most common name for this ET group for those who have read Zecharia Sitchin and similar works by other authors and researchers.

2)     ET/Human Hybrids of the First Generation—the Power Above the Rothschild’s , the Rockefellers, and the Bush’s, etc.: The Administrators (for the gods); the Controllers, and the Emissaries (of the gods).

3)     The International Bankers, CEOs of Industry and Trade, and top Politicians (e.g. the Rothschild’s, the Rockefellers, the Bush’s, etc.: The Minions (note: spelled with a capital “M”). These people are often as human as you and I, but could be ET hybrids as well.

4)    Regular Corrupt Politicians and Others “Not in the Know” or “Partially in the Know:” the minions (note: spelled with a small “m”); puppets. These people are almost always human. Even some heads of the CIA fall into this category, being kept totally in the dark about the real agendas.

Interestingly enough, the word controllers includes both the word “con,” which means “to swindle [a victim] by first winning his or her confidence; dupe,”[2] and the word troll, which could denote someone who infiltrates—a typical example is so-called trolls infiltrating forums and comment sections on the Internet.

The Emissaries have managed to misinform and disinform us on a number of different subjects, and the truth is often more or less the opposite from what we’ve learned in grade school, college, and universities. This makes it hard to let go of old programming, beliefs, and paradigms that we are holding onto, and often we are not even consciously aware that we are holding onto old beliefs that don’t serve us well. The test is to let go of them all, one by one, until we shed them almost automatically, such as peeling an onion, and our real, free-thinking self comes to the surface. When we reach this state, we become quite difficult to manipulate.

How References are used in this Book


he majority of references in this book come directly from mainstream media or from the horse’s mouth. What can’t be backed up by existing sources will be my own speculations, conclusions, and knowledge that I might have gained from anonymous sources. As far as my anonymous sources are concerned, they need to be protected, but when I use them on occasions where the information can’t be solidly backed up, you can make your own decisions, or use the information as food for thought. The majority of information that I’ve received from anonymous sources not only fits into the picture but also can usually be backed up by checking ancient documents and cuneiform, which I did in the WPP. Hence, for those who want more solid references on certain issues that are not clearly referenced here, I also want to refer back to the WPP and ancient texts. 

Interestingly enough, the existing sources and references are mainly from 2015-2016. This shows how rapidly the AI Movement has progressed over a short time period![3] It will be obvious even for the skeptic that the first part of the Machine Kingdom is already here, and we are living in the midst of it!

The problem with using mainstream media on the Internet as references is that after a while, some of the online newspapers and news broadcasts take their information off the Internet, or after a few weeks they just make the first few paragraphs of their articles available online. If the reader wants to know more, he or she needs to subscribe. If you find such articles or videos in the footnotes or in the reference section at the end of the book, you can do a simple Google search on the same title as the original article in the footnote or reference section, and there will be a good chance that someone else has copied the article to a website, where it then can be studied.

How to use Discernment


ecause of the wealth of data and information flooding the Internet, it can be extremely difficult to discern truth from fiction. What is definitely true, however, is that we can’t use only our intellect, believing that this is enough. At times, even more important than the left-brain intellect is intuition and what I sometimes call inner discernment. When evaluating data and information, most people only use their logical/analytical mind and forget that they need to add intuition and body reactions into the equation. Only if we do all of this and become good at it and sensitive enough to it can we more easily discern good information from disinformation. The disinformation campaigns these days are so cleverly done that using our intellect is definitely not enough. This is why some highly intelligent people still can’t see beyond what’s in front of their eyes—they evaluate data only from a physical perspective; if it can’t be proven with the five senses, it’s not valid. These people miss out on the entire metaphysical spectrum.

However, as a rule of thumb, be critical of everything you hear and read from mainstream society and media. Then be even more critical of anyone who is exposing mainstream society and media. Always look for potential hidden agendas, such as gaining trust amongst alternative researchers and truth-seekers, only to later add disinformation to the soup. Finally, be most critical of yourself and do not believe something because you want to believe. Look for motives in everything. When these criteria are met, there might be some new insights to gain.

There is nothing wrong with gathering information from mainstream media, but we need to be able to use discernment and always look for hidden motives, messages, and manipulation—it’s almost always there, if we really look. We can also, as I have done in this book, use mainstream media to expose the media. Always be aware, however, that mainstream media is never independent and in public service; they are always running someone else’s errands, and much of the news we hear is encoded and only understood to its full extent by Insiders. These Insiders are often using media to communicate hidden messages.

What is Intuition?


ome schools of thought teach that you are a soul/spirit in a body, and that’s all there is to it. The soul, supposedly, is the part of you who thinks, solves problems, and is in charge of things in your own universe. After you’re dead, the soul moves on, and only the body succumbs. Because the body is mortal, it’s not of any greater significance—at least this is what we are taught.

To believe this is a mistake, however. Your body is phenomenal in more than a few ways. You can talk to your body, you can think to, and with, your body, and you can give your body compliments and love. If you do so, you’re going to have a wonderful relationship with it, and you and your body will work together to learn about new things and to raise your vibrations into higher states of consciousness. Look yourself in the mirror and, regardless what your body looks like according to the norm, tell it that you love it and that it is a wonderful companion. If you’ve never done this before and continue doing this for a while, your body will not only become healthier, but it will also connect with you on an emotional level. There’s also going to be a telepathic communication between the two of you (if you train yourself to be sensitive and open enough to recognize it).

This is going to help you in your discernment when it comes to deciding what is real and what is not; you will be able to better distinguish between what will work for you in the long run and what will not. For example, if you read something that sounds as if it could be true, and then you read something else on the same subject that is very different from the former but also sounds true, you’ll probably get confused. Someone is apparently seeding disinformation or is misinformed, or perhaps both sources are. Therefore, how can you discern what is what, when in theory both pieces of information could potentially be true? This is when you consult your body. You can use the following formula; think, feel, and act. First, you are evidently going to think about what you’re reading, watching, and hearing. The feeling part has to do with the body, which is also a connection with your inner self; a gateway to the different inner dimensions. In the WPP, I called these dimensions the VOID or the KHAA.[4] When you turn inward, you will discover where the real Multiverse is located. The society calls a person who does this introverted and often considers this to be a weakness or even brands it escapism. However, many turn inward because they feel that this is a more natural state of existence than having to follow the strict norms; most of them having in common that we are not supposed to look inside, but instead focus on what is outside, i.e. in the physical realm.

The body is like an intermediary between your spiritual world and the third dimensional (3-D) personality. If you acknowledge your body as something more than a piece of meat and bones, you will get a response when you ask or tell it something. Sometimes you might get an instant reaction from your body, and other times it will take a while; you just need to be patient. Often, it will take some practice to build a good relationship with your body, but once it is established, it will be very rewarding.

Your body is also your antenna to other dimensions. It filters what comes in, and when a good relationship is established, after you’ve learned to trust your body instead of fearing it, it will give you good information. 

The more we pay attention to our inner selves, the faster we will be able to break down the prison walls and let our fire[5] free. In the spiritual world, our bodies are part of the ticket to get there, contrary to what many claim.

You can, by now, probably see how important the body is for us in order to connect with the Spirit Universe whence we came from.

In summary, love your body unconditionally and start listening to it—it’s cleverer than you and I with our egos getting in the way. You can’t reach above a certain state of consciousness on this planet unless you use the psychic abilities that exist inside of you; inside your body. “Go inside for answers” is an excellent idiom.[6]

Fire, Avatar, and our Place in the Universe


lthough there are beings living on planets throughout the Universe, this is not always the norm; many beings live in what we call space or in the stars (hence star beings). The KHAA is teaming with life, and beings living there are creating their reality by using the formula, thought-imagination-manifestation—in that order. When we’re in our natural state, things manifest instantly (think “Q” in Star Trek; he could create anything by using this formula—one could say he was creating something out of nothing).

When we are free from manipulation, we will see the Universe as it really is, whereas we are manipulated into only perceiving 4% of it, and even that 4% is compromised. The communication between star beings is done by exchanging thoughts. This means that everything that’s manifested and shared by others will be observable and can be experienced by us, too; once we are free from our boundaries and we decide to see it. It’s up to each being to block and unblock frequencies—we humans do this all the time without being aware of what we’re doing (albeit we are more often unblocking than we are blocking under current circumstances).

During the creation of our Milky Way galaxy, stars were created to form the galaxy. Stars are known to have their own consciousness, and a galaxy would function as the mass consciousness of the stars contained within it. The stars/suns give birth to souls/star beings—thus the term fire—which is a large group of fires gathering together to create a composite of fires, which we call the soul. The soul can then split itself in even smaller groups of fires, which can be “sent out” in the Universe to explore and learn on behalf of the Creatrix—the feminine force of the Universe. These splinters are the minds of the soul, but they are all connected and share experiences with each other throughout the different dimensions. All these experiences are then absorbed by the soul (some schools of thought call this the Oversoul, by the way, which can be confusing), who, in turn, adds to the learning experiences of the Creatrix.

The group of fires that make up the mind make up an etheric body, which we have many names for; one such name being the spiritual body, which is the body that leaves the physical body when the physical body expires. In the WPP, I call this spiritual body the avatar. The avatar can shapeshift into anything on a spiritual level by rearranging the fires at will if the fires (mind) that form the avatar wish to do so. We humans usually form our avatar after the shape of the physical body we currently possess, and we also reshape our physical body to a certain extent to mirror how we feel “inside.” After death of the physical body, the avatar usually keeps the shape and form from the last incarnation, although some minds shape their avatars to look the way they did when their physical body was in its prime rather than when it was old and sick—mainly to impress on other avatars or to feel better about themselves in general.

Before the soul was created, we were pure consciousness, being One with the Universal consciousness—the Divine Feminine, as I call it in the WPP. Being born from star dust made us individually aware, and from there we could create minds by splitting our soul fires and go out and create. A number of avatars can be created from the same composite of fires (the soul). Thus, the soul can be in many places at the same time. As in a hologram, each fire contains a picture of the whole.

This is how star beings operate, and this is how we humans have the potential to operate as well. Our problem, however, is not that we can’t split our fires (we actually are split already), but when a small group of fires (minds) are getting disconnected from our fire composite (the soul), the new unit (mind/body or fires/avatar) is being manipulated into incarnating into another space/time here on Earth, different from where a previous unit is located. Add amnesia to this, and one unit no longer knows about the other, separated as they are in space and time. Thus, each of us lives several lifetimes simultaneously on Earth. Then augment death as well with yet another incarnation following upon that, and you will have the human condition. Each of us is unaware of our other-selves, living in other times and places on the planet. These other-selves have had totally different experiences than you have had, and therefore they have developed different personae. You wouldn’t even recognize your other-selves as being parts of you even if you met them.

This is how spirit/mind/body work in coordination with each other—all three being part of the same spiritual structure. In summary, the composite of fires is the soul, who gathers experiences from the fragments or fire splinters that the soul is sending out; similar to how we usually perceive the Sun sending out different beams of light in all directions; the Sun being the soul in this allegory and the beams being the soul splinters. The small fires, grouping together, become one mind, and the shape that this group of fires makes up becomes the avatar—the spiritual body. Thus, one soul can have a number of different minds (fire splinters) living different lives.

Each person is a splinter of his or her soul, and depending on how many splinters of that soul were trapped by En.ki (a.k.a. Lucifer) long ago, the same number of minds are not “retrievable” by the soul so long as they’re trapped here. All these minds, including other souls’ minds, together become the human soul group, although it could just as well be called the human mind group. These minds are captured in this 3-D reality until they are able to release themselves. There is a way to do this, fortunately, and I will bring that up in the end part of this book.   

This might be an entirely new concept to most readers and might seem difficult to grasp at first, and if so, a second and third review of this section is advisable, until this important model is totally grasped. Once it “clicks,” it should create an “aha” moment.

 Because time technically does not exist, every present moment has to be recreated constantly on a level of existence that some quantum physicists call the subquantum. Unlike here on Earth, where the illusion of time creates a linear timeline concept, it’s different for other star beings. They too can create a chain of events that might seem linear while they are happening, but when an event is over, it’s a present time memory, happening in parallel with any new event that’s occurring—we locate ourselves where we have our focus. The past and the future, however, can always be recreated in the present by a soul who can focus enough to do so. In a way, animals are much better at this than humans are; animals are more in the present, where it’s the moment that counts. They are not as stuck in linear time as we are. Hence, we can see a dog recreating the same excitement every time mom or dad comes home, as if it was the first time it happened.

The Rapid Expansion of the AI Movement


n the WPP I gave some predictions of what is going to happen in the near future concerning the Machine Kingdom, i.e. the new world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Unfortunately, a majority of these predictions have already been fulfilled since I finished the papers in April-May of 2015, and there are now open discussions about Artificial Intelligence all over the media. The Controllers want us to get used to the idea that AI is the new reality for mankind. In the WPP, I wrote that in the very near future, people will have sex with robots instead of having sex with human partners because with robots people can drop the responsibility part that goes with having sex with a human. Robots have no demands or feelings. I wrote that people will even marry their robots (more about that later in this book). Little did I know at the time that I was writing about something that would be discussed in the open just a few months later.

The last part of 2015 was the time when a wide exposure of the Artificial Intelligence agenda was being made in the media. The idea is to prepare people for what is to come. In the first few chapters of this book we will put Dr. Raymond Kurzweil under scrutiny. He has been a spokesman for Artificial Intelligence since he was a teenager, and he is now in his sixties; he has held innumerous lectures, possibly been giving just as many interviews, and written a number of books on the subject, overtly discussing all the details about the plans for a united humanity in what he calls the Singularity. His most detailed and bestselling book is his latest, The Singularity is Near, which was released in 2005. In one of his video presentations he says, and I quote him directly from one of his video monologues,

The term, Singularity, is a metaphor borrowed from physics. Physics dictates that in a [sic] the gravity of a black hole, which also increases exponentially as it is approached, there is a threshold distance away from the center, the Event Horizon, past which nothing can return.[7] 

As if this doesn’t sound eerie enough, he further says that the goal of Artificial Intelligence is the Singularity, and he expands on this term by saying that it means, in layman’s term that, by 2045, we will have cloned the human brain into its smallest details.[8] This brain template will then be used as an artificial computer system that will connect all other human brains on this planet (including yours and mine, if he gets his way). From there, we will all be as one mind in many bodies (which by the way will become part machine and part biological), centrally controlled from this Super Brain. Kurzweil is quick to add that we all will have our own personality intact, but we will also be telepathically connected in this global, electronic network.

After that (and this will be stunning for the readers of the WPP, as it is mentioned there over and over), the intention is to let this new cyborg hybrid race travel out in space. Although Kurzweil says that he does not believe that there are any aliens out there, he for some reason uses the word “conquer” in this context; he says that the new human hybrids will go out and “conquer space.” Note that in his circles, the choice of words is crucial, and it’s very rare that mistakes are made by this level of Insiders. The word conquer is most certainly consciously chosen in order to hide the real agenda in plain sight. The cyborg human conquering space is exactly what I wrote about in the WPP.

Those who don’t want to mentally face this subject might call it impossible, or they will call it science-fiction, although it’s evidently anything but. Some might even say that this is Kurzweil’s delusional agenda, which has nothing to do with the real world. This is incorrect. Kurzweil is, as mentioned above, only one spokesman of many on this subject (as we will see). Moreover, mainstream media, in all their different formats, are all over this right now, and the topic is being openly discussed; we can even see it happening around us. Kurzweil writes in The Singularity is Near that they can’t do this without our consent, so they need to inform us about both the advantages and disadvantages (which he admits exist) for humanity to make an informed decision. Hence, he welcomes an open discussion on the subject. This, however, is a contradiction to what is actually being played out. Kurzweil is playing the role of a scientist of great integrity, who only wants to inform us so we can make a balanced decision, but in the next breath he boasts about how quickly this whole scientific movement is progressing. Why do they let the movement progress if people haven’t yet made up their minds about it yet?  If he wants our consent, shouldn’t it all be kept on hold until everybody is informed and have made a democratic decision? No, they don’t care (and besides, we don’t live in a democracy); it’s just a dog-and-pony show, and they think we won’t notice that we basically have no vote on the matter.

In fact, our silence is our consent; we let it happen, and therefore, we indirectly agree to the agenda.

We humans are responsible for our own evolution and should be left alone while evolving and not be interfered with by other star races. However, we all know how it is here on Earth; if we create a law, the intelligent criminal finds ways to bypass the law and sometimes get away with it. This can be exemplified by looking back at the Old West (and the same thing would apply today). If someone was on trial for a serious crime, such as murder, and the same defendant made sure the witness or witnesses to the crime were killed, there would be nobody who could testify against him or her, and the case would be dismissed. This happened quite often back then. When there were no eyewitnesses left to the murder, nothing could be proven, and the criminals were acquitted, although it was commonly understood that they were guilty.

In a similar way, the Law of Free Will can be bypassed by cosmic criminals, such as the Alien Invader Force (AIF). They don’t need us to say “yes, we want what you offer us;” all they need is our indirect consent.

There are three basic ways to react to a crime; one can either openly participate in it, fully aware of what one is doing; one can indirectly participate by not objecting or by being blissfully or conveniently ignorant about the crime; or one can openly speak up against it, or silently decide not to participate.

In humanity’s case, the second way is most common. It has gone so far that most people are not even aware of that they are manipulated into an agreement with the criminals. Still, the effect would be the same; we are adjusting to whatever the Administrators and the AIF are manipulating us into. The Cosmic Outlaws and their Emissaries are well aware of this but continue to proceed with their agenda anyway, knowing they will get our indirect consent on a continuing basis because the game is rigged. On the other hand, they have already informed us—again indirectly—by creating all these new movies about AI and killer robots. Thus far, very few people have protested, thinking it is all science-fiction because it’s presented as such. However, indirectly the Minions have properly informed us about the danger of AI, and for all they care; we gave our consent by not protesting against their propaganda in any large numbers. Those who protest are just “conspiracy nuts” anyway. This is how it is being done. Their defense before a higher Galactic Court would be for them to say, “No one can seriously propose that we didn’t warn them,” speaking in terms of humanity.

The Nazis and AI


s mentioned earlier in this prologue, 2015 was the year of AI exposure of great magnitude in the mainstream media. Dr. Ray Kurzweil’s books have been out for decades now, but the general public hasn’t paid too much attention to them, being one thing too many to deal with, and TV Reality Shows have been more important for most people than learning about what the Controllers have planned for us. Hence, the population has had little knowledge about what is really coming down the pike, although it’s been revealed to us for many years in one form or another. Of course, Kurzweil and his ilk knew this would happen, and it’s been part of the plan to let us know what they are planning, without having us interfering.

However, not until this year has the media got a go-ahead by those in charge to expose the plans in public on Internet sites, such as CNN, ABC, NBC, and other channels with a large number of international viewers. Online newspapers around the world are also bringing this up on a large scale, as we shall see. Also, most of us have noticed that there is a huge increase in Hollywood movies on this theme. None of this is by chance, of course, and they are eager to prepare us for the future; they do not want any shock reactions, but want to introduce this successively. After all, the plan is to have most of the Machine Kingdom established by 2045. People who are young today will still be alive when the time comes. Ray Kurzweil makes a good case when he says that this goal is attainable. Those who will not live to see the Singularity might have children and grandchildren who will experience this upcoming event.  Finally, those who don’t have any children and therefore think this does not apply to them are incorrect. Much of it is happening right now, before our eyes, and the majority of people don’t notice. This is how powerful the propaganda is, and it works in at least two ways: it manipulates us into accepting the Singularity by making it interesting and exciting, and it shows us the agenda in plain sight, so we can’t say we weren’t told beforehand.

Some might wonder how the ones in control know so much about us and how we think, but it’s actually quite obvious if we know our history. The intense research into the human mind began on a large scale during World War II when Nazi scientists, such as Dr. Josef Mengele, looked into the human psyche and the human brain on deeper levels. These criminal scientists experimented on twins, war prisoners, Jews, Gypsies, and other, for them, unwanted minorities, and the experiments were often unimaginably cruel. They started compartmentalizing the brain by using trauma-based mind control. They could then program these traumatized parts of the brain with new personalities that could be triggered by words, certain hand signals, a phone call, or otherwise. This research was then brought to America after the war in something called Project Paperclip.[9] Nazi scientists were smuggled to the U.S. to start working for what was later to become the CIA, NSA, FBI, NASA, and other key organizations within and above U.S. Government levels. The experiments on the human brain and mind then became known in the U.S. as MK-ULTRA (MK stands for Mind Kontrolle, where Kontrolle is the German word for “control.” The CIA cryptonym MK probably originates from the joint efforts between the U.S. and Germany to create a totally mind-controlled, easy-to-manage population).

However, this is not the only reason they started researching the depth of the brain and the mind; it had everything to do with AI and the Singularity. I want to make it totally clear; what people call the New World Order and the One World Government is nothing but the Singularity; i.e. the goal to create a super brain that will control all other brains (and minds) on this planet. Other branches of MK-ULTRA were later established, such as the infamous Project Monarch[10] and more. All these branches of mind control had one thing in common, which was to learn everything about the human brain and mind in order to later create the Super Brain Computer (SBC), which is a term for a super-controlled collective consciousness.

The astute reader might now wonder why the Overlords would need to study the human brain when, after all, they were the ones who manipulated our DNA in the first place. Wouldn’t they already know how it works? Yes, they knew how the human brain worked when they created it many millennia ago, but human consciousness constantly changes the neuro pathways in the brain by creating new neuro-pathways as we learn new things, and the pathways in the brain get rearranged into new patterns to adapt to new versions of reality. For the Overlords, it’s not just a matter of cloning the human brain; it also has to be compatible with the human soul, the way the soul is interacting with the brain in present time; not in some distant past. The mass consciousness is not vibrating within the exact same frequency band as it did when Homo sapiens were first created. Nevertheless, the complete cloning of the brain I suspect was achieved already decades ago. The only job left is to convince the majority of mankind that what is to come is “good for us.” This is where puppets such as Ray Kurzweil come into the picture; Kurzweil sees himself as a visionary.  

Fig x-1: Lineup of 104 rocket scientists of Operation Paperclip at Ft. Bliss. Wernher von Braun, the famous NASA rocket scientist, involved in developing the Apollo Project, stands in the first row, seventh person from the right. These scientists, in conjunction with other researchers/scientists, such as the child torturer Dr. Josef Mengele (standing, face half covered, in the middle of the second row, having raven-dark hair), were smuggled out of Nazi Germany to the U.S. after WW II—some of them thus avoiding prosecution in the Nuremburg Tribunal for crimes against humanity, and if convicted they would have been executed. A number of these war criminals were now getting leading positions in the American Government and in various Black Budget projects, living long lives under U.S. Government protection. Many of these people operated from secret bases in Argentina, which up to this date is a haven for Nazis and war criminals. Pope Francis, the current Pope, being the first Jesuit in that position, was born in Argentina.[11] (Photo: Wikipedia). Click on photo to enlarge.

Other ways in which we have been tricked are the Internet and other electronic devices, such as smartphones and Plasma TVs, which all have spy devices embedded in them, so that certain organizations can spy on the viewer even when the device is off. TV, in fact, was a forerunner to the computer and the Internet. The letter agencies and the Overlords wanted to observe human behavior and which choices we are most likely to make in any given situation. The motto was: one TV in every home. That turned into a similar motto a few decades later; the goal is at least one PC in every home.[12] Then the Internet came down upon us. Most people think this was an enormous achievement; so much more could be studied and learned so much quicker. The Administrators and the AIF don’t care what you put out on the Internet or what you learn from there, as long as you don’t step on the toes of their most current secret programs that they don’t want to be exposed for any given reason. As long as you don’t do that, you’re relatively safe to say whatever you want on the Net without any serious retribution. After all, the Internet is there to study human behavior in present time and to monitor and store all data we so voluntarily put out on the Net.

The Internet was released as the World Wide Web from having been a military network, before it was implemented for the public. Virtually everything is tested in the military before we get to see it. The Internet is, on a grander scale, an attempt to understand human unpredictability and to determine how to get people on the same page. I would imagine that the Controllers have asked themselves; how much do the humans know? How much do they care about important issues, and how much do they care about trivial things? How social are they? How alike are they in all their uniqueness? The AIF wants these questions answered. Some of these beings are quite psychic and can read the mass consciousness without machines, but the Internet was still important because they wanted to see how easily we are distracted from a focus point. The fact that humans are easily distracted becomes embarrassingly apparent in the different discussion forums, where someone starts a topic of relevance and others comment on it. By so-called trolling, the letter agencies then make comments on the forum thread that have nothing to do with the original subject, and almost immediately people’s attention goes from the focal point to the distraction; thus, the discussion of the original topic is lost. This is specifically true when the troll begins to insult one or more people responding to a thread; people become easily reactive and divert from the topic in order to defend themselves. Others then fill in to defend the person who is attacked.

Those in charge must have learned much about us from the Internet over the years. We are telling the entire world about ourselves and our intimate thoughts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, in other social media, and on personal websites and blogs. The Controllers couldn’t be more pleased. We are helping them to create our own destruction as a human species by falling right into their hands! 

The smartphones are even worse than computers. At least people know that they are exposing themselves on the Internet, but many who use smartphones think that it’s relatively private when it’s anything but. Just as with the Internet, every keystroke is traceable. As if this wasn’t enough, people are bringing their smartphones with them wherever they go, text from them continuously, and browse the highly monitored Internet. Landlines have become almost obsolete, and when did you see a phone booth last? Now the agencies can collect information on almost everybody twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Wi-Fi makes it possible to spy on people through the phone even when it is turned off. George Orwell’s classic book, 1984, is since long surpassed in many ways. We don’t have big cameras set up by the Government in our houses and apartments, but instead we have much more sophisticated surveillance systems via the Internet and the smart products. I wrote about Smart Cities in the WPP (another thing that mainstream media began to discuss in the open after the papers were released), but why do you think they name them Smart Cities? If smart stands for control and surveillance, you have the answer right there; they are cities where surveillance of their citizens is going on day and night. We are almost there already. Via satellites, any person walking down the street—even in the big cities—can be zoomed in on, and Big Brother will know exactly where you are, where you’re going, with whom you’re talking, and what you’re doing. It’s a piece of cake.

It is obvious to me that the Overlords, who are the equivalent to the old Sumerian gods, are already here in great numbers. I also believe that Lord En.ki is back already as well; and of course, his son Marduk, the “Lord of this World,” has been here for centuries, after he supposedly had left the planet for a while before then. It is soon time for En.ki to regain his leading position here on Earth, but the question is whether Marduk will let him; more about this later.

What the AIF is waiting for is the Singularity, i.e. when the biological human body is fully integrated with the machine, and the Super Brain Computer (SBC) is in an operating mode. CERN in Switzerland is playing a role in accomplishing this goal as we will discuss in this book.

Disclosure of the ET phenomenon


or long, many people in the UFO community have anticipated that there will soon be a disclosure of the ET presence on our planet. It is believed, generally speaking, that the governments of the world (with the U.S. government being the forerunner) will come clean on the subject.

I believe this is naïve thinking; the governments have too much to lose because of all the crimes that must be revealed in the same breath. The spokespersons for Disclosure emphasize that we need to give the criminals in the Government amnesty because for certain individuals in power who believe they have much more to lose than to gain from a disclosure; a drastic thing such as disclosure would otherwise be out of the question. Many people would probably agree to give them amnesty in exchange for disclosure, but when everything is said and done, there would be so many angry people who would go berserk when they figure out that they have been deceived and lied to through their entire lives, and how children have been tortured under the umbrella of “National Security.” A large number of citizens would probably make use of the weapons that are normally locked into their gun cabinets, and people would go out and buy ropes to hang the criminals with. This is exactly what those in the government fear will happen. Also, those in power would lose their wealth when alternative technologies would be exposed; technologies that have been suppressed for decades—all in the name of greed and power. One such technology would be free energy to everybody on the planet.

The fact is that none of the above is the real reason why a full disclosure will not happen. The real reason is because it’s not up to the Government to decide when or if a disclosure will take place—it’s up to the Overlords who control the Government and the rest of the world. Those familiar with my previous work know quite well that the Overlords only want partial incremental disclosure, which will probably eventually culminate in their appearance before us. However, even when the gods reappear in the open, we will not be told the truth about them—only the cover story.

The cover story, and a part of the partial disclosure, is the propaganda about the good ETs, who want to make contact. The cover story tells us there are only good ETs in Earth’s vicinity at this time; the bad ETs have all left our planet and our solar system, or so it is claimed. This is promoted by different UFO researchers and is, of course, a very dangerous message, and taking into consideration that these spokespersons reach millions of people, they have a huge responsibility not to be gullible or to give information they guarantee is true when it’s actually not. Some of the spokespersons are just that—gullible—and just parrot more prominent spokespersons who seem to intentionally give the wrong information, and these spokespersons might not at all be who people think they are. Some of them might be on the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the Intelligence Community payroll.

Convincing us that the ETs who want to make themselves known are all benevolent and that we should embrace all of them without discernment is what disclosure, or partial disclosure, involves. Of course, free energy and other benefits that come with partial disclosure are on the Overlords’ agenda anyway—it’s all needed for the Singularity to take effect. What these Disclosure and Free Energy Projects won’t say, or don’t know in certain cases perhaps, is that when it’s commonly believed that these “grass root projects” are gaining results, it’s not because of their genuine involvement of freeing mankind; it’s because such a “disclosure” was already planned by the AIF. I think this is quite obvious. We humans are easily duped because that’s how it’s always been and always will be so long as the Overlords are in charge.

This book will build up to a quite disturbing “climax,” and this information is not for everybody, but it is for those who are brave enough to confront the ultimate purpose with AI and the Singularity.

However, we will start out lightly by getting familiar with one of the AI Movement’s greatest spokespersons—Dr. Raymond Kurzweil.

[1] For more information about the AIF, see “The Wes Penre Papers—the Multiverse Series,” “The Fourth Level of Learning” through “The Fifth Level of Learning.” This is an alien group that invaded Earth about 450,000 years ago and created hybrids out of an existing human race in order to use them as slaves. We are still under this alien control.

[2] “The Free Dictionary by Farley,” http://www.thefreedictionary.com/con

[3] This Prologue was written in January 2016.

[4] The word KHAA is an Orion term, denoting an “outbreath.” In the Orion version of the creation of this universe, the Creatrix—the Great Dragon—is said to have breathed out in order to create the Universe.

[5] Fire in this case refers to the “Real Self,” which is different from how we are used to perceiving the soul. We will discuss the fire more extensively in this book, but you can also learn much more about the fire in “The Wes Penre Papers—The Multiverse Series.” For the sake of convenience, occasionally I might use fire and soul interchangeably. 

[6] In order to learn more about that the physical body is one with the spirit and the mind—being part of the Spiritual Universe (the KHAA) rather than the physical universe, and that there was no separation before the AIF came, please read the following very important sections of The WPP, the Fourth Level of Learning: http://wespenre.com/4/paper16-ongoing-battle-between-spiritual-and-material-realms-what-is-matter-and-what-is-spirit.htm#vi.i, and http://wespenre.com/4/paper16-ongoing-battle-between-spiritual-and-material-realms-what-is-matter-and-what-is-spirit.htm#vi.i.

[7]Ray Kurzweil: The Coming Singularity,” (scroll down until you get to the video).

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[12] Freely quoted from Microsoft’s founder, Bill Gates.


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