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Article #3:

The Way Through Is The Way In
[my last article?]

by Wes Penre, Sunday, Dec. 24, 2017

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Figure 1: The Inner Journey



 t’s been almost one and a half years since I wrote my previous article, and I know that readers and followers on social media have been wondering if something bad has happened to me, and some readers have even asked me if I have been silenced by the Powers That Be or the Alien Invader Force (AIF). I can reassure everybody that I am absolutely fine, and everything is very good in my life right now.

I have recently gone through some personal challenges in my life, like all people do at times, and these challenges have kept me distracted for a while. However, nothing of this is important now, and it is all taken care of.

Since I wrote my last article, I have spent some time on the Wes Penre Productions Forum, and this has been very rewarding; I highly recommend people to go there and sign up. The discussions circle around the Wes Penre Papers, the rest of my work, and subjects outside of these topics, as well. I believe anyone who goes there will benefit from the information, and I know that everyone, who is already signed up, will appreciate any insights you, the reader, might have. It’s a very friendly forum, with highly evolved members.

Moreover, I have gone to the next level of my journey, which is something I experience both in solitude and together with others. I spent seven years, on an everyday basis, writing the extensive Wes Penre Papers, and little time and effort was spent on my own Inner Journey. I neglected that on purpose because there was not time enough to do both research for the papers and at the same time practice inner work. I also had a fulltime regular job.

However, now the papers are complete, and I have written two books and two articles (previous to this one), and I feel that my public work is completed. The entire history of the Universe, where humankind is concerned, is told in my work—at least in the way I’ve come to conclude it in my research. Moreover, I am also presenting a soulution to the problem we are all experiencing as human beings, all of us being highly manipulated and exploited in this 3-D simulation of the actual universe, which is existing on a subquantum level.

There are many researchers, who have contributed much extraordinary good information to us all over the years, and there are spiritual teachers, who teach us, or suggest to us, how to take the next step on our spiritual journey, and all these things put together and considered with great discernment, can be very helpful. Although, our own intuition and inner guidance is the most important teacher, we sometimes can use advice and a kick-start from someone who knows and has learned something we haven’t considered yet.

There are many such very good teachers worth listening to, but I have yet to see somebody present the soulution to the trap we have been manipulated into accepting by the Alien Invader Force (AIF). Most teachers tell you that reincarnation, i.e. being recycled back here again, is the way to go. I beg to differ. Instead, I have presented a way to leave this simulation after this lifetime is over and return to the actual universe, which is nothing like this one. In the actual universe, you have freedom, and you are not bound to strict rules, set by an Elite of humans and non-humans, whose intention to control you and make you feel powerless. I write about how to exit this Matrix in the Wes Penre Papers (WPP), but also particularly in Article #2: The Death Trap and How to Avoid It[1]. I highly recommend the reader to look into this matter, if you haven’t alreay; it’s crucial, unless you want to continue coming back over and over to this planet, which is not even the original planet, but a “copy” and hijack of the Experiment that was originated and planned by the Queen of Orion, our Cosmic Mother.

This, dear reader, will probably be my last article because I see my mission fulfilled, when it comes to public writing. I am now dedicating myself to my continuing spiritual journey, which will be totally my own. It will be an inner journey, as mentioned above, and this journey is very different for different people. It is my conviction that by having read the WPP, my books, and my articles, the reader is now ready to start looking into his or her further inner development. If you can find somebody, or a group, to work together with, I would highly recommend it. At one point on your journey, you might need to find likeminded souls to work with; if nothing else, it will probably speed up the process.

Remember the importance to disagree with everything you’ve been taught on this planet from mainstream media, education, religion, authorities, politicians, and everything else. Let go of old belief systems that no longer serve you! Nothing here on Earth is what it seems to be; in fact, the truth that will set you free from this trap is basically the opposite from what you’ve learned and come to believe. We have been trapped in opposites; this is a big part of why we are stuck here. On top of this manipulation, we are trapped in our own fears, residing in the subconscious mind. Almost all information we get from society is fear based, in order to lure us into different belief systems that will bring us even deeper into the rabbit hole and under the AIF’s control.

I also suggest that you look into the subject on narcissism, which is a global “disease,” instigated by the arch-narcissists, En.ki and Marduk. I would say that the majority of people on this planet are subjected to narcissistic abuse. Start with looking into excellent teachers on the subject, such as Richard Grannon, Dr. Ross Rosenberg, Lisa Romano, Meredith Miller, Sam Vaknin, Melanie Evans, and many others of choice (in no particular order, although I would probably suggest looking into Richard Grannon first). These wonderful teachers and life couches know what they are talking about, and they can all be found on YouTube. Then, put what they are telling us in a cosmic perspective, starting with En.ki and Marduk. You will be able to put the pieces together, and you will know what to do. If you find yourself in a narcissistic relationship, or have had a narcissistic parent or caregiver, there is help you can get from listening to these life couches, and they offer soulutions to the problem. And if it is a problem, it needs to be addressed—unconditionally and once for all—the wounds from the past need to be healed. It’s very important. I have been subjected to childhood narcissistic abuse, too, at a very early age, and I have learned that the majority of people who are searching for truth have been subjected to some major trauma from narcissism in the past. I have no statistics to back that up at the moment, but I have learned from observation.

I personally recommend looking into Out of Body Experiences (OBE or OOBE) and perhaps practice it. It is not crucial for you evolution, but it has assisted me to learn about this. Yes, it’s safe. The “scary things” people have experiences are manifestations of their own fears, and it’s harmless if such an encounter happens, and we just need to override these fears. I good teacher is William Buhlman, who has written books and has an excellent YouTube channel on the subject. He has been practicing this for many decades, and he is well known and respected in the OBE community.

One of the most important things, as I see it, is meditation. There are many good videos out there on YouTube about “Mindful Meditation.” Here you learn to really connect with your Higher Self, who can give you guidance, support, and answers. It’s important that we connect to our Higher Selves, aka the Oversoul. By practicing Mindful Meditation for some time, you might even, as Buhlman and others explain, connect with Source (the Divine Feminine)—the ONENESS, which is your ultimate Self, who exists beyond space and time, and even beyond thought. It’s the stillness where you just exist—it’s pure love.

The soulution in the end, when this lifetime is over, is the exit this Matrix, as I see it, for those who feel ready, and how to do that is described in my writings, mentioned above. With all this information under your belt, I consider the reader having the tools necessary to be able to return to the actual universe, once this current body is expired.

I wish you all the best of luck on your own, personal journey, and perhaps we’ll meet again “on the other side.” I have enjoyed all these years in your company, and I have enjoyed all the encouragement, love and support from my readers, forum members, and other people in my life, who relentlessly have cheered me on! I love you all!

I will still perhaps post something on my forum on occasion, and the reader is of course free to check my website for updates, in case I decide to add something in the future, but at the moment, I have no such plans.

Happy Journey!!
Wes Penre, Dec. 24, 2017

[1] Wes Penre, Sept. 15, 2016



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